Chapter 1: Len-niichan

Rin POV:

Hey! I'm Kagamine Rin! I'm fourteen years old and guess what? I have a crush! Yeah, I bet you're like " So? I have a crush too." Well, my crush is real. And totally taboo. But you know, who said you can't fall in love with your siblings? Who's my sibling? The one and only Len Kagamine of course! And you're probably either thinking, " Awesome! You have amazing taste!" or " That guy?" I have only one thing to say. You had better be thinking the first one.

So here's how it started, it was at the beginning of seventh grade. When I was a nervous wreck, and Miku, my ex-bestfriend, wasn't there to, you know, comfort me. So Len's all, " Rin, chill. It's just first year of junior high. You'll survive." Insert-older-brother-kissing-little-sister's-forehead here. THE END. Best story ever right?

But to be serious, I love Len with like all my heart. He's amazing. He could be the next Jesus. He's got the looks, the brains, the stupidity, the heart, he's just...perfect.

" Rin?" Speak of the devil. " Why are you talking to yourself?"

I rolled my eyes at my brother. Now here's the stupid part I was talking about. Ask him a question about trigonometry and he'll get it right on the first try, yet when it comes to important stuff like this...

" I was not talking to myself!" I snapped. " I was voicing my thoughts!"

" And I didn't just wash my hair," Len said sarcastically. " I just went outside and it rained for five minutes before going back to a sunny day."

Damn, how can someone make being a smartass so annoying and so sexy at the same time?

" Shutup," I snapped. " And let me finish Facebooking."

Len looked at my computer screen and smirked.

" You're on Youtube."

" I knew that! Get out!" I yelled throwing a pillow at him. He quickly ran out the room laughing.

Now you see my pain. As much as I wanted to punch him in the face, I also wanted to say " Len, this is why you love me. Because without me, your life would be boring as hell." And I probably could've said that, but me and my mouth ya know? I could end up saying how I didn't mean it like that and junk.

Pantsu Nugeru Mon!

Pantsu Nugeru Mon!

Pantsu Negeru-

I quickly answered my phone before Len came back in to make fun of me. Yes, he makes fun of me for having that ringtone. It's freaking catchy right?

" Hello?"

" Rinnian!" Teto yelled in my ear.

" Teto!" I screamed back. " Why are we yelling?"

" I'm in the library!" she yelled. " And I'm yelling! Cuz I'm awesome!"

" Am I on speaker phone?" I cried.

" Yeah! And some guys that seem to be studying are giving me some really dirty looks so we can't yell anymore kay?"

" Kay!"

" Alright," she said lowering her voice. " You know that test we have in Algebra?"

" Yeah?" I did not study for that by the way.

" Does Len have the notes?" she asked. " Since he's like a super genious and all."

" Um, I'll go check and text you, okay?"

" Thanks Rinny! The Kagamines are life savers!" she cried. A loud 'Shhh!' could be heard in the back ground and I laughed.

" By Teto," I said. She whispered a quick bye and hung up. I walked out of my room and knocked on Len's door, keeping my hands in the pockets of my orange hoodie. He opened the door, a towel on his head as he scanned me.

" Yeah?"

" Do you have the notes for Algebra?" I asked tapping my foot.

" You can't have them. Be more respons-"

" They're for Teto! Please?"

" Tell Teto to be more responsible!" he said clearly annoyed.

I pouted and forced tears to my eyes, which caught Len's attention.

" Onii-chan," I whimpered. " Teto-chan and I...we...w-we really want to do good for everyone. P-please.."

By now, I was hiccuping. Yeah. I'm an amazing actress. Len groaned and facepalmed, quickly closing his door and reopening it again to hand me the notes.

" Thank you Onii-chan!" I exclaimed.

I jumped at him with a hug, knocking him to the ground and putting us in an awkward position. He stared up at me with wide blue eyes, dark red dusting his cheeks.

" Uh...thanks," I said quickly getting off him. I stood up and pratically ran to the door, quickly throwing on my blue Converse and slamming the door.

" Thanks Rin!" Teto cried throwing her arms around me. " You're a miracle worker!"

" Of course I am!" I said striking a pose. " Now hurry up and copy those, Len won't be happy if he can't study the night before."

" Len doesn't even need to study," Teto snorted. " He's like, the next Albert Einstein! I bet he could discover a way to travel between alternate dimensions if he wanted to."

Oh boy, here comes the science freak part of Teto.

" Well, we don't want that to happen, otherwise, you'd be all over him," I said quickly.

And now, as special guest performers, we have with us today, Vocaloid 01!

I looked in the direction of the huge monitor above us showing the super famous singers of Crypton. God, I wanted to be like them so bad. Well, an awesomer version of them. But they were slowly losing popularity. In seventh grade, they were awesome. Cool. The best of the best and totally popular. Everywhere you went, you either heard their voices, saw their face, or they were being talked about. Two years later in the ninth grade, you said, " Eh, Kaito? He's okay I guess."

" Man, Vocaloid 01?" Teto sighed. " I was hoping they'd have someone a little more cooler these days."

" I know," I agreed. " Like, me and you. We be like Vocaloid 02, or something."

" Or, we could be more original!" Teto exclaimed. " And be called...UTAUloid!"

I bust out laughing at Teto's suggestion and our wierd fantasy. Us? Singers? That's so not happening. Passers-by looked at us with wierd expressions, wonder what could be so funny. It didn't make a difference to us though. It'd be the same if we were in an indoor cafe instead of an outdoor right?

" Oh Rin!"

I groaned internally at the sound of Akita Nero's voice. Why'd he have to work at me and Teto's favorite place.

" What Akita?" I muttered as he approached.

" I just wanted to say hey," he said shrugging. " And to get your order. And possibly your number."

" I want an orange parfait," I said drowning him out.

Nero smiled and nodded. " You'll come around. They always do."

I rolled my eyes at him and watched Teto complete the final sentences on the notes.

" You done?" I asked.

" Yeah, wanna get outta here?" she asked.

" First I want my orange parfait," I said quickly. " Eve if it means having to see Nero again, I still want it!"

Teto laughed and handed me the papers, which I folded neatly and put it my pocket. I might as well stay at Teto's house tonight, since we're gonna need to cram and stuff.

Len POV:

Finally. That girl was out of the house. Don't get me wrong, every minute spent with Rin was great, but when I'm doing my hair, I do not expect to be bothered. I took the blow dryer and switched it on, feeling the heat waves beat me in the face.

Nigakute HOT na SPICE!

Kimi dake ni ima ageru yo

Muchu ni saseru boku no TASTE-

What? You act like it's wierd my ringtone's Spice! I wrote it myself too. Why? Cuz I'm a sexy beast!


I'm gonna stay at tetos house to stdy 4 the test 2morrow =3 And b4 u freak I'm comin back 2 giv u the notes ok? Plus i need my stuff anyway 3 you ;D


I rolled my eyes at the text and sent one back.

Kay, whatever, just get back here NOW. If you got some type of orange stain on my notes...

A few minutes later, my phone went off.

stupid, i told u not to freak rite? your notes r okay, they survived the surgery :P

I rolled my eyes and went downstairs, waiting for Rin told barrel through the door. My hair was completely dry and awsome, so I'm in a good mood. I glanced at the clock. 7:30. Immediately, I started to grow anxious. And before you ask, NO. I DON'T HAVE A CRUSH ON RIN. She's my little sister, and it's my job as her brother to make sure she's safe. And safe is not out of the house at 7:30 when perverts and pedophiles could be lurking about! She could have been raped!

" Lennn!"

Disregard all that.

" Hey Len!" Teto waved at me in the doorway, sending me a friendly smile. I gave her a half nod and turned to face Rin. Stay cool...

" Where have you been?" I snapped. " Do you realize it's like freakin almost midnight?"

" It's 7:30..."

" Thrity minutes! Thirty minutes and you could've been raped!" So much for staying cool. Rin rolled her eyes and reached in her pocket, pulling out my notes. I took them and inspected the quickly, before sighing.

" Just go upstairs if you're gonna leave," I said. " And call me or someone once you get there."

" Okay!" she said.

" And I mean someone in this house Rin!" I yelled. I smiled at the groan from upstairs and went back to sit in the living room. I picked up the remote and clicked on the tv.

" And in other breaking news, the singing group Vocaloid 01 has disbanded."

...WHAT. I turned up the volume and leaned into the tv to listen.

" Due to the fall in popularity, the group has decided to disband, two of it's members, Shion Kaito and Sakine Meiko, transferring to Sanjou High School at the beginnging of the new school year."

Rin and Teto came downstairs, Rin holding a duffel bag over her shoulder.

" Why are you practically glued to the tv?" she asked.

" Vocaloid 01," I said slowly. " They broke up."

Rin and Teto's jaw dropped and they joined me in front of the tv.

" It has been confirmed by Crypton and Sanjou that one of Vocaloid 01's members will also be teaching the music class at Meiko and Kaito's school."

" Meiko and Kaito are going to go to school?" Rinexclaimed shaking my arm. " Where? Where?"

" Sanjou!" I exclaimed prying Rin off of me.

"That's our school! Or it will be next year!" she squealed. " Oh my gosh!"

Rin and Teto jumped up and down, talking about having two-no three- former idols at the school. I couldn't help but smile. How can you not smile at such a cute girl? I'M NOT TALKIN INCEST YOU FREAKS.

" Len! We're gonna leave now kay?" Rin said heading for the door. " I'll call you alright?"

I nodded and sighed as the door closed, the large house growing quiet. Well, now it's going to be really boring. I walked up the stairs, the only sound my feet on the marble and the air conditioner. I reached my room and closed the door,laying down on my back and staring at the ceiling.

Boy, I'm so glad that we have school tomorrow. Otherwise, I'd just about die without Rin here. My phone went off again and I answered it to hear Mikuo's voice.

" Hey dude! What's up?" he asked.

" You want the notes?" I sighed.

" Oh yeah," Mikuo said, his tone getting panicked. " If I do not pass this test, I will be repeating third year forever!"

I laughed. " I'll e-mail it to you."

" Thanks man."

This is the wonderful payment I get for being smart. Irresponsible friends. Oh well, I guess if they were like me, it'd be really boring. Besides, me being the oh-so-sexy person I am, the world would explode trying to contain the people like me. And I do not want to held responsible for the end of the world. I'll leave that to the people who believe in 2012.

Author's Note: So, I kinda rewrote this story since the first one seemed to be kinda rushed. You can read this one and that one and see which one you like better. Personally, I think this one's better. Review please!