Best Friend

By xxkoffeexx

Disclaimer: I don't own PoT.


Tomoka could only watch, horrified, as the sharpened point approached closer to her friend's vulnerable skin.

It had been Sakuno's idea. The girl insisted they go together, since they were of age and nothing was stopping them except for their own fear. That much was true, Tomoka thought in bafflement. Just a few years ago, Sakuno would have been absolutely terrified of the very idea. But time changed everything, even chronically-shy personalities, and for the young Ryuzaki that time had finally come.

Tomoka wasn't quite sure why she had refused. It wasn't like they were going to die or anything. In fact, she wasn't going to do anything at all, except go with her friend. And yet it had taken Sakuno a week of cajoling and begging, puppy eyes and everything, before she finally caved in and agreed to go.

The sharp weapon was tiny but Tomoka knew better than to underestimate it. Her reluctance to accompany Sakuno might have had something to do with her fear of needles. The metallic point fairly glinted under the fluorescent light, before piercing straight through Sakuno's skin.

She screamed quietly.

The other people in the room gave Tomoka odd looks, but she was too busy cringing, imagining her friend's inevitable pain. But the worst of it was over now, and as Sakuno stood up without so much as a peep, there was a noticeable sparkle on her earlobe.

"It didn't hurt that much," Sakuno assured, smiling at her friend. "You should do it too, Tomo-chan."

Tomoka didn't care how pretty it looked. Not after watching it real time.

"I'm never getting my ears pierced," she vowed.


Author's Note: This is based on a classmate's narrative of his girlfriend's ear-piercing experience. I don't know if he shared Tomo's opinion of needles, but his description of the ordeal was creative. And I stole it.

For some reason, I switched around the two girl's personalities. Thought it might be interesting. XD