Bella's POV

The closer the wedding got the more nervous I got. I was afraid of tripping down the aisle or saying the wrong thing at the wrong time. Alice and Edward were a big help with my nerves. They consoled me whenever I got close to having a nervous break-down while we got closer to finishing planning the wedding. My dad was adjusting to the idea nicely. He was actually quite nice to Edward whenever he came over to hang out.

Right now Alice and I are in my room with a lot of outfits we just bought at the mall. She drug me on another shopping trip and bought me an insane amount of clothes. Now, she's trying to get me to try on all of the outfits she bought me. "Please, Bella, I'm begging you. I just want to see what they look like on." She begged with her big puppy dog eyes.

I sighed, "Alice, can't you just look into the future and see what they look like?" I asked in exasperation.

She sighed too, "Bella, I want to see them in real life." She argued with her hands on her hips.

I shook my head, "Fine, but will you please check my e-mail while I do this?" I asked her as I grabbed the first outfit and headed toward the bathroom.

She smiled brightly at me shortly as I looked at her with a frown. I shook my head again as I walked into my bathroom.

Alice's POV

I logged into Bella's e-mail as I heard her shut the bathroom door. There were 5 junk e-mails but other than that all of them had been read so I decided to snoop around a little bit. I opened up the send file and found something that shocked me. I saw a whole bunch of e-mails that had been unable to send because there was no real address to the receiver. I opened the first one to see what it said and the first word caught my attention. My name was at the very top and it continued on to talk about us leaving and the pain that Bella felt.

This seemed to be the first one she wrote but there seemed to be at least 50 more. It pained me to see how she dealt with the pain of us leaving her. She wrote to me the whole time we were gone and told me about everything that she went through.

I was so into my thoughts that I didn't even notice when Bella walked back into her room. I looked at her with sad eyes while she starred in between me and the computer screen I still had pulled up.

"Alice," she whispered softly, "why are you snooping through my e-mail?" she asked quietly.

I stood up slowly, "I checked your e-mail and it was all junk mail so I wanted to look at your sent file and found all of these. Bella, I'm so sorry. I only read the first one I promise." I told her softly as I looked up at her.

Her eyes filled with tears, "Please don't tell Edward, Alice, please. He would be broken if he found out about those, I don't want him to read them either." She pleaded softly as she starred with tear filled eyes at the computer screen.

I sighed, "Bella, he deserves to know about them." I told her gently as I led her to sit down.

She nodded, "I know, but I've hurt him so much lately and him finding out about this will hurt him again. He will just blame himself if he saw them and I can't deal with him hurting about this again. He is just getting over his self-hatred." She told me strongly.

I nodded thoughtfully, "True," I said softly, "but you can't hide this kind of stuff from him, Bella. Your getting married in two weeks, if you don't tell him I will." I threatened seriously.

She nodded slightly, "Alice, I'll tell him but I don't want him to read them." She said softly.

I nodded, "I can agree to that, but can I read them?" I requested with a puppy dog pout.

She giggled quietly, "Yes, but please don't get mad or upset about what any of them say because it's all in the past." She told me strongly.

I nodded, "I won't I promise. Now, go try everything else on because that looks amazing on you. I will read these while you do that." I told her softly.

We both stood up and before she turned to walk away she grabbed me in a sisterly hug, "Thank you, Sis, I love you." She whispered into my spiky hair.

I smiled widely, "Love you too, Sis," I murmured back.

She released me after a moment and we went back to what we were doing. I was slightly worried about how Edward would react to finding out about these e-mails but I knew that it would all be okay. And I didn't even need my gift for that.

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