Author's Notes: Hi everyone! If you've found this story by chance, then welcome! This is actually a sequel to another MMPR Rocky/Adam piece I wrote called "Switch Hit". Now, for the most part, this piece could stand alone. However, there a few references here and there about what happened in the previous story. If you're an MMPR slash fan I would check it out :)

This story takes place during the Zeo timeline, right around episode 4 or so. It could be considered AU after a certain point, but since all the MMPR episodes are basically standalones (with the exception of a few), it could really happen any point after then.

For my readers from Switch-Hit, hi! Welcome to the new tale! This one will be much longer than the previous story; in fact, it is significantly longer than I thought it would be. But that's always a great thing, right? We like more Rocky/Adam.

This chapter's just a lot of fun humor and fluff. I love that kind of stuff every now and again ;)

This story is going to be all over the board for genres. The description says all! Please enjoy the ride!

Adam was trying very hard to keep a straight face.

However, it was incredibly difficult when Rocky was holding on to a fake, electronic baby. Just the sight of him looking so confused and unsure—it was begging for a smile, a laugh. Anything.

And yet, he kept his composure.

Until Rocky let out a whine.

"Adam, it's not funny," he said quickly.

Holding his stomach with his arms, Adam laughed, until he saw the frustration on Rocky's face. He stood up straight, cleared his throat and shook out the sillies.

"What are you so worried about?" the dark haired one asked. "You have a younger brother and two younger sisters. You should know how to take care of a baby by now, right?"

Rocky shifted. "You're lucky you're not in our class, otherwise you'd have one of these to take care of, too."

"So, who's your partner?"

"Tanya. At least I got someone level-headed."

Adam's hold over himself began to crack. The corners of his mouth pulled into a restrained smile.

"So, how long are you gonna be a dad?"

"For the rest of the week."

"Am I gonna be the step-dad? You know, since we're actually together?"

Rocky furrowed his brow. "If you're not careful, yes. I'll make you watch this thing with me until you're blue in the face, too." He shook his head. "I've only had it for a few hours and I've already managed to make it cry nonstop for twenty minutes straight. I realized it needed to be changed, but since then, it hasn't made a noise. I hope I didn't turn it off by accident. I'm being graded on this…"

Adam moved closer to his boyfriend, taking the baby from his arms. He was surprised just how much it looked and felt like a real child. Suddenly he had a very real fear that it would begin crying in his grasp.

Adam didn't do babies. They were way too much work.

"So are you and Tanya taking turns? You know, taking care of the baby?"

"I have him tonight. She's taking him tomorrow. And," Rocky grinned deviously, "I managed to convince my mom to watch him on Friday night."

"What's Friday—oh."

Adam sighed. This was the umpteenth time since they'd found out about the winter formal over a month ago that Rocky had brought it up. Though each time Adam turned him down, Rocky seemed to get right back up again. In truth, Adam knew the very real reason he was hesitating was because he didn't want to go public with their relationship. He would feel weird knowing that everyone's eyes were on them. Having never been a very open person to begin with, it seemed like a lot of extra, unwelcomed energy and focus. For someone like Rocky, however, who was sociable, personable and energetic, it was likely just another step in the process of their relationship.

"Come on, Adam," Rocky urged, moving in close. He nearly touched Adam but stopped himself—they were in the halls of Angel Grove High, and their classmates surrounded them. "It's been a long time. We're doing great. We deserve to be happy, too, and share that with people. I want to take you to the dance and I want to have fun. Don't you?"

The Green Ranger said nothing at first. He stared down at the baby in his arms—why was he still holding it, anyway?—and then returned his gaze to Rocky. If he took the time to think about it, a simple gesture such as saying yes would probably elate the other ranger for months on end. Not to mention, he would get major brownie points.

He could even hear his mother now: You only get a few chances for a high school dance, take them!

"I guess," Adam conceded, carefully.

Rocky paused. He tilted his head to the side. "Wait. Was that a yes?"

"You sure you're ready for everything that's gonna come with it?"

"Of course! Aren't you?"

Rocky's complete lack of hesitation was enough make Adam snort. He typically was the thoughtful one, the careful one, whereas Rocky was the total opposite. It wasn't surprising to hear him say that with complete and utter conviction. It lay on Adam to go along or not.

As he handed the baby back to Rocky, he said quietly, "All right, let's go."

In truth, deep down inside, he was somewhat excited at the prospect of going to the winter formal with Rocky. Adam had always been rather shy and had difficulty opening up. What he needed was something to bring him out of his comfort zone. There would be no better time than the dance.

Still, he was nervous. Rumors would spread, people would talk, and ultimately, their secret would no longer be just that—a secret.

Despite all that, the look of sheer, unadulterated happiness in his boyfriend's expression helped assuage the concern.

"It's gonna be a blast," Rocky said cheerfully. "You're gonna love it, Adam, promise!"

. . . . .

Adam wondered if Rocky knew just how difficult it was to rent a tuxedo.

Why was formal wear always a requirement? He hated the way tuxedos looked and felt—they were far too ceremonial, and they reminded him of weddings, something he was far from ready to consider. Not to mention, they always made him look so shapeless.

His mother, of course, was overjoyed that he'd decided to go to the formal. Her barrage of questions barely cracked the surface of Adam's special event, as he had no intention of telling her who he was going with or why truthfully he was even going in the first place. He'd told her it was a group thing,

Despite his mother's vehement proposals to drive him—she was trying to get a glimpse of his date, he was sure of it—Adam decided that evening to walk the few blocks to Rocky's house and get dressed there.

When he arrived at the DeSantos residence, he was greeted by Rocky's father.

"Adam! So, you're going to the dance too, huh? Who are the lucky girls our boys are escorting?"

Adam smiled politely as he stepped inside the busy home. He waited to speak while Rocky's two younger sisters ran through the living room and down the stairs to their bedroom.

"Oh, we're not taking any girls, Mr. DeSantos. Just a group thing with our friends."

"Ah, well…you sure? I guess that's what happens when it's last minute. I'm sure you boys will have fun, anyway. Rocky's downstairs getting ready. Feel free to head down there, yourself."

"Thanks, Mr. DeSantos!"

Suit in hand, Adam headed downstairs to Rocky's room. He heard his sisters laughing and squealing in their room, and as he passed, he offered them a wave in greeting.

At the very end of the hallway, the door to Rocky's room was cracked just slightly. Through the sliver Adam glimpsed the back of Rocky's figure, clad only in a white tank-top and a pair of blue boxer briefs. With a wicked grin the Green Ranger slinked into the room, shutting and locking the door behind him. He placed his tuxedo on the hook that hung upon the back.

With the other's attention focused upon mostly upon himself and his outfit, Adam had no trouble sneaking up behind him. He put his hands over Rocky's eyes and said, "Hands up where I can see 'em!"

Rocky let out an obviously fake surprised gasp as he held up his hands, which in turn made Adam smirk. He brought himself closer to his boyfriend's body, pressing his groin against the other's backside.

"Shouldn't you be dressed already?" he asked, mouth very close to Rocky's ear.

The other shivered. "I was about to put on my shirt when some stranger came into my room…not sure who he is, but he sure has a nice voice."

Rocky pressed himself back against his lover, reaching up to slowly remove the hands from over his eyes. Adam tensed in anticipation as those hands guided his own over Rocky's fit, firm chest and down his stomach. He stopped just shy of his groin, slowly moving the hands back up toward his face so that he could give each of them a kiss.

He looked at Adam's reflection in the mirror. "You excited?"

Adam's face contorted into a mildly worried expression. "Excited as I can be. I just can't help but—"

"No, no," Rocky began. "Positive thoughts only from here on out, remember? No worrying."

Adam smiled. Rocky was always so positive, so upbeat. It was hard not to think or feel the same way when he was around.

After giving the other a kiss on the neck, Adam pulled back and went to grab his tuxedo. He hadn't yet seen Rocky's, nor had Rocky seen his, but he knew the two would likely complement one another. After all, black was the standard fare, and for the cummerbund, they were sure to choose their ranger colors, as they did with the majority of their outfits.

Sure enough, when Adam saw Rocky pull his out to compare, they had done just that. The two boys shared a laugh.

"We're gonna look so snazzy," Adam said. He began to remove his clothes, easing them onto the bed so as to not wrinkle them.

Both rangers changed in relative silence. Dressing properly in a tuxedo required a lot of attention and care, especially since this was the first time either of them had dressed up in years. Prior to the winter formal, the last event had been Aisha's brother's wedding some six odd years ago. And back then, they'd had their mothers to help dress them properly.

"Your dad seemed surprised we weren't taking dates," Adam commented, slipping on his socks.

"He's old school," Rocky explained. He buttoned his pants, eying the belt that hung in his closet. "He thinks you can't go stag to a formal."

"Well, you know, technically, we're not."

"True, but he doesn't know that yet."


Adam wondered if going public at the dance was going to get back to their parents. The answer his mind came up with was a resounding yes. After all, other students in the school would be there, who would surely tell their parents. Given that his dad worked in one of the biggest businesses in Angel Grove and his mother, at the dentist, the rumors would circulate faster than one of Rita's spells gone awry.

Almost as if he'd read his mind, Rocky said to Adam while slipping on his jacket, "Stop worrying, babe. It'll be fine."

He wanted to believe that. He really did. Maybe it would be best if they told their parents up front?

"Stop ruining your night," Rocky persisted.

"All right, all right," Adam groaned. He ran a hand through his curly hair, finishing his ensemble by slipping on his cummerbund and his jacket.

The suit was designed to fit as best as it could, he reminded himself. It wasn't specially sized just for him, but Adam was once again reminded that he had an awkward body shape among men: narrow shoulders, a relatively flat chest and an average waistline. Boxy was a good way to describe it; the tuxedo only seemed to accentuate it.

Still, he had to admit, the dark color of the tuxedo helped lighten the deep brown shade of his eyes, making them stand out more. His pale skin also seemed even more noticeable against the black jacket.

Rocky straightened out a few minor details on his suit before turning to give Adam a quick kiss. "All right, I just need to grab my wallet and my keys and we are out of here!"

Donning their new tuxedos, Rocky and Adam headed back upstairs and were greeted by the whole DeSantos family. Rocky's mother, Maria, had a camera in her hand. She took several pictures of the two boys—some together, some apart, some with the family—and promised that she would send some to Mrs. Park, Adam's mother.

Embarrassment now sufficiently out of the way, the two hurried as quickly as they could out the door and into the safety of Rocky's car sitting in the driveway. Adam never ceased to be amazed by how it always smelled like dirty laundry.

"Do you ever clean out your car?" he commented offhandedly.

Rocky grinned bashfully. "When my mom yells at me, yeah."

He seemed more fidgety than usual, Adam noticed. He watched the other curiously as he ran his hands over his legs, over the wheel, and finally put the keys in the ignition, though he didn't turn it.

Rocky looked at his boyfriend and said, "Close your eyes, Adam, okay?"

"Huh? Okay, if you say so."

Adam closed his eyes as requested, wondering what Rocky was doing. He could hear the other boy fidgeting around inside his car—even felt Rocky's arm slink past him and into the glove compartment—which piqued his interest. Unable to hold them closed any longer, he asked, "Can I open them now?"

"Sure, go ahead."

When he did, Adam glanced back at Rocky, who was holding a set of boutonnieres. They were simple white flowers that Adam couldn't recognize. The gesture, however, he understood perfectly.

"They're white carnations," Rocky explained, almost demurely. "Symbol of pure love and faithfulness. It's only fitting for us to have them for the winter formal, right?"

"Right," Adam said, unable to keep from smiling. He gestured to the flowers. "You learn that in your botany group?"

"You could say that."

Rocky held up the flower with an expression of May I? upon his face. When Adam consented, he reached forward and carefully pinned the carnation to the lapel of his boyfriend's jacket. His brow knit from such intense focus. As he pulled back to admire his work, the Blue Ranger beamed.

"Looks great."

He reached for the other flower, about to pin it on himself, before Adam reached forward and stopped him. "Only fair," he reasoned, to which Rocky ceded. Adam fidgeted with the boutonniere for a few moments, wanting to make sure it stayed, since the carnation was blocking his view of the safety pin. He eventually felt it click into place, at which point he also pulled back to admire his handiwork.

The sight of Rocky dressed up so dashingly, with the flower representing their feelings for each other, and the wide smile on his face was enough to make Adam's heart fill with joy. Maybe it was just stupid teenage puppy love, or maybe it was something more—what did it matter? He was head over heels for his best friend, who felt the same way about him. How many people could say that?

As much as he wanted to lean in and kiss Rocky right then and there, he knew it wouldn't be safe to do it right outside the house. They'd taken too much of a chance in doing their boutonnieres. Rocky's parents surely would wonder why they hadn't heard the rumbling of their son's car leave the driveway yet.

"Come on, we're gonna be late. We don't wanna miss it, right?"

Adam's comment alone sparked another happy smile on Rocky's face. It was infectious; soon he, too, wore a similar expression.

Rocky turned the engine over and buckled up his seatbelt. Afterward, he began to pull out of the driveway and started for the Angel Grove Exposition Center, where the winter formal was being held.