Title: Rainbow Mood

Author: slery

Fandom: Criminal Minds

Rating: FRC gen

Characters: Reid, Seaver

Beta: Wingstar102, the vampire act

Disclaimer: Don't own, but wish I did. They would have so much more fun.

Summary: Spencer Reid's day may be colorful, but it isn't helping his mood.

NOTE: CCOAC challenge: All the Colors of the Rainbow. Required sentence provided by SlasherrGirl.

The sun rose in glorious shades of red and orange as Spencer Reid sat cross-legged on his window seat. He sipped carefully at his hot coffee and smiled sadly at the mug with the cheesy picture on it. The picture on the side of the mug was of a stick figure holding a gun pointed at another stick figure with the dialogue bubble that said, "FBI, Freeze!" Prentiss had given it to him for his first birthday where she had been a part of the team. He had been clean for one month and they were slowly mending their relationship into a friendship.

Yellow rays of light crossed his pajama pants and he sighed deeply. Carefully, Spencer pulled himself up and made his way down the hall. Just because he was feeling a little green didn't mean that he could skip out on work. Of course, the reason he felt so bad was because it was Seaver's last day. He hadn't really bonded with her but had made every attempt to make her feel welcome. Spencer didn't need a degree in psychology to know that he was over compensating for the way that he had treated Emily when she first started. However, none of that made him feel better about losing another team member.


[note: this is a scene break in case ff keeps stripping it out.]

Reid left the tunnel from the subway and took a moment to look up. Clouds drifted across the sky, replacing the cheerful blue with a depressing and dull grey that matched his current mood perfectly. It was only one block to the BAU building, but his feet had a mind of their own and simply dragged with each labored step. He kept his eyes focused on the sidewalk until he had to look up at the people whose feet were crowding him on all sides. Claustrophobia seemed to take over and he abruptly stopped.

"Reid, are you okay?"

He turned his head and stared at Seaver; quickly cataloging her dress flats, well-tailored pants, indigo long-sleeved shirt, and a smooth, brushed violet sweater vest. This was her going away outfit. Her 'I'm never going to see you' again outfit. Her good-bye outfit. "Good-bye," he choked.

She gave him a puzzled expression. "You just got here."

"I wanted to make sure that I got to tell you good-bye."

Ashley reached out and pulled him into a tight hug. Suddenly, it didn't matter that he had never allowed her to be a close friend like Emily. He knew that he had kept her out of his heart because he didn't want to hurt like he always did when people left him. None of it mattered. He was still hurting.