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Chapter 5

In a dark filled room, sharp blue eyes focused intently on the figure emerging on the photo in the chemicals. The only source of light was the red bulb filtering down from overhead. Pictures of Tifa Lockhart hung along a clothes line above. A pleased smirk pulled at the admirer's lips.

"This is a great image of you my love." A deep soft whisper resounded in the dark room. He removed the chemical drenched photo from the pan and hung it with the rest of the images of Tifa. He wiped his hands on his apron and stood back gazing at the photos of her he collect on just this day. "You are perfection." He whispered in admiration to the woman in the photographs. He sighed as it took so much effort to pull himself away from her image. He left the room entering into another darkened room lined with television screens. A few of them were playing her movies, the others were video feeds he managed to sneak into her penthouse apartment, and one was on the news channel, all of the screens were playing simultaneously.

Blue eyes were glued to a screen of Tifa and her entourage preparing to leave the apartment. He smiled at Tifa as she rolled her eyes away from the one called Barret. She had a worried expression on her face.

"Do not worry, my beautiful one. I will be with you at the interview." His hand drug lazily against the screen. His thoughts traveled to Mr. Biggs horrible comments about her. "He doesn't know you the way I do. I will protect you. If he disrespects you in anyway. He will be dealt with . . . just like all the others." He leaned forward closing his eyes as he planted a kiss on the screen of a paused still of Tifa.

"We will be together soon, have no doubts."

Mr. Biggs sat across from Tifa on a stage practically salivating at her. She did all she could to not roll her eyes at him. What a creep! My face is up here! Tifa thought as she looked out at the audience. I wonder if the admirer is out there? I can't believe he was right in front of us the whole time. She scanned the audience wondering if she was looking at him and a chill ran down her back. He had enough time to draw a picture of me with the children! Cloud is right, I am being stalked. Tifa was jarred from her thoughts by Mr. Biggs.

"Are you ready?" Tifa looked at the horrible troll of a man and put on the kindest smile she could muster.

"I think so." Mr. Biggs chuckled as his eyes washed over her lingering a little longer on her full breast.

"I promise to be gentle." He cooed at her. Tifa bit the inside of her cheek to hold in a snarl.

"That is not necessary. All I ask is that you be fair." She retorted stiffly. Mr. Biggs scoffed at her.

"Oh, I'm always fair."

"That's good. Then we should have a great interview. " She said offhandedly. Her wine colored eyes found Aeris in the front row of the audience with Reeve and Scarlet beside her. She gave Tifa a supportive nod causing Tifa to smile back at her. Her eyes landed on a man standing to the right of bleachers where the audience was seated. Could that be him over there? Tifa looked up as an aid told her the show was about to start. The camera man signaled with his fingers a countdown.

"We're live in 5 . .4 . .3 . .2 . ."

"Welcome to Hanging out with Mr. Biggs. Tonight our guest is Miss Tifa Lockhart." The audience was cued to clap and they obeyed. "Hello Miss Lockhart." Mr. Biggs spoke jovially.

"Hello Mr. Biggs. Thanks for having me on the show."

"The pleasure is all mine. Let's get down to business shall we." Tifa nodded her head and smiled. Mr. Biggs grinned evilly at her. "How does it feel knowing that the only way you could get the most sought after part in all of Gaia is that the original cast member had to die?" Murmurs filled the room as the audience members instantly began to chat amongst themselves. Tifa's wine eyes fell on the audience then finally on a fuming Scarlet, a horrified Reeve, and Aeris, who was shaking her head. She mouthed the words "focus" to Tifa. The flabbergasted woman's face was crimson but she dug her nails into her closed fist causing a slight bit of pain to focus. Alright Tifa. FOCUS!

"I am not sure what you mean?" Tifa said looking the loathsome man in the eyes.

"Really?" He asked in disbelief. "Are you sure because I think you do."

"I'm not really sure where you are getting your information."

"I assure you my darling my sources are reliable. Maybe that was a tough question to kick things off with, humph?" Tifa narrowed her eyes at him. "Okay, okay, no need to get hostile. I mean I was just asking a question. That is what I do. So tell me this then . . . why is it that you can't get a man? Could it be that you're boring or maybe you don't like guys at all? Because all you are ever seen with is that young lady right there in the audience." The spotlight fell on Aeris and a gasp fell over the crowd. "And she's quite the looker too! Do you have a thing for green eyes?" Tifa without hesitation or thinking cocked back her fist and punched him in the nose. A loud crunch resounded around the room as Tifa shook out the pain in her hand.

"How did you like my response? I rather liked the sound of it, myself." Tifa asked as she stood up from her seat.

"You bitch! You broke my nose!"

"You tried to break me. I think that's fair, my lawyer will call you in the morning." Tifa said. She shook her hand once more before leaving the set, with Mr. Biggs moaning and holding his bloody nose. She could hear the audience clapping and cheering, which was more than a little surprising to her. Reeve, Aeris, and Scarlet hopped up chasing after her.

"Tifa!" Aeris called out to her grabbing her arm. "Wait a moment." Tifa rolled her eyes,

"I already know what you're going to say, Aeris, "You must control your emotions" I know already, but I couldn't let him disrespect you like that." Aeris shook her head.

"I wasn't going to say that. What I was trying to tell you was good job."

After the conclusion of the show, Mr. Biggs walked out of his dressing room with all of his belongings. Mr. Biggs had two pieces of tissue clogging his nose. He winced at the throb in his face as he hobbled down the long hallway.

"That bitch!" He hissed to the empty space. "I can't believe she would actually hit me!" He noticed that everyone was gone with a shrug. Good there isn't anyone to bother me. He continued hobbling down the hallway making it to the end where the glass doors were leading to the parking lot. Mr. Biggs reached into his pocket fishing around for his keys, when he was struck in the nose by a baseball bat.

"FUCK!" The man screamed as he dropped to the floor holding his nose. Mr. Biggs managed to look around his hands to see a blank mask staring down at him. "DO YOU KNOW WHO THE FUCK I AM?!"

"A dead man." The deep voice answered back. Mr. Biggs eyes widen as he shook his head no. The masked man began beating him with the baseball bat. Mr. Biggs begging and pleading fell on deaf ears. "Did you think I would let you treat her that way?" He asked hitting Mr. Biggs legs with such force they snapped on impact. Mr. Biggs arched his back as a mangled cry jerked from his lips. "She has me. We are in love and we will be together forever." The masked man notice Mr. Biggs reaching for his cell phone a few feet away, and he smashed his hand with the bat. "I don't think so." Pain filled wails escaped his lips and tears spilled from his eyes.

"Please, I'm sorry. I didn't know. I promise I won't say anything to anyone."

"I know." The masked man said as he straddled him. He pulled at his trusted dagger from the hoister on his hip. Mr. Biggs' brown eyes widened in terror.

"Please." He squeaked out pleading once more for his life.

"All she asked was that you be fair. So I have to make it fair for her. I have to protect her no matter what!" The masked man thrust the dagger through his chest the tip clacking against the floor. Mr. Biggs reached up with his one good hand attempting to push the masked man off of him but died before any progress could be made. The blood seeped out from under his cooling corpse. "Never hurt her. No one will ever hurt her!" He yelled into the dead face of Mr. Biggs.

The masked man stood to his feet removing a key from his pocket leaving it beside the head of Mr. Biggs' corpse. He dipped his gloved finger in the blood and wrote his message before leaving.

Nanaki's golden eyes took in the scene before him. He watched as Shalua spoke with an agent and shook his head. He could not get the killer's cryptic message out of his mind. "Only her." What does that mean? Could the her be Tifa? Could she have another stalker. Shalua walked up to Nanaki.

"We have to bring her in for questioning."

"I know she had nothing to do with this." Nanaki's golden eyes burned into Shalua, who shrugged.

"Even so we have to bring her in. We both know who "her" really is." Nanaki hated to admit it but Shalua was right. There was no other way.


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