Harry Potter & the Star Forge

Chapter One: Planet of the Opples

Harry took a deep breath as he gazed out at space. Due to the space station's particular location in the galaxy the outside was bathed in an orange glow. If somebody had told him a week ago that he would be standing in a space station in another galaxy he'd have them committed to St. Mungos.

After the fall of Voldemort Harry had returned to Hogwarts to retake his final year, however nothing was working out right. Rich Death Eaters had once again wormed their way out of prison, including his old friends, the Malfoys. He had attempted to restart his relationship with Ginny but over the year he'd been hunting the Horcruxes, Ginny had fallen in love with Neville.

Harry's personal life was non existent, he was constantly hounded by reporters demanding answers and the Ministry was no better. Everyone wanted to know how they'd defeated Voldemort. Harry had talked Hermione and Ron into taking a magical oath to never talk about the Horcruxes with anybody who didn't already know about them. Harry also managed to get a similar oath from Professor Slughorn.

"What are you thinking about?" a voice broke Harry from his musings, he turned to face his best friend, Hermione Granger. She stood there looking beautiful, dressed in a long white gown.

"Everything that lead up to this moment," Harry said simply, he looked at Hermione only for a moment before he looked away painfully.

"Harry, it isn't your fault. Nobody could have predicted what Ron would do," Hermione said pleadingly.

"I saw that he was acting strange that morning, looking over his shoulder, snapping at people… I should have known something was wrong… I should have saved you," Harry spoke through his teeth getting angrier and angrier.

"Harry you-"

"I killed Voldemort, I saved the entire wizarding world, but you… the person I care for more than anybody else, I failed to protect!" Harry screamed the last part as he picked up the chair he'd been sitting on and threw it at the viewing port, it bounced hard of a blue energy field covering the 'window' and clattered across the floor.

Harry stood there for a few moments taking deep shuddering breaths trying to calm down, he turned back to Hermione with tears in his eyes.

"My Mum, Dad, Sirius, Remus, Tonks… I can save hundreds of complete strangers, but the ones I love are the ones I fail to save" Harry gasped out through the tears.

Hermione looked as Harry sadly but shed no tears.

"Harry, I'm not dead, not yet…" Hermione assured her brother in everything but blood.

It took a few more minutes for Harry to calm down, he took off his glasses and wiped his eyes.

"… I will save you Hermione. I promise," Harry said with a small smile "How long before the ship is finished?"

Hermione closed her eyes for a moment, her eyes snapped open and she answered.

"Still another week. Harry, you've used up the last of the food we brought with us. You'll need to go through the gate to find some more. I found a suitable planet, lots of vegetation, plenty of it edible, just, umm… stay away from the mushrooms that grow in that area, just touching them will give you a rash, eating them will kill you in five minutes" Hermione warned.

"Ok, I'll get geared up and leave in half an hour" Harry said with a nod, a moment later Hermione's body faded away.

Harry quickly reached the locker room and started changing his clothes.


Just over a week ago was when Harry's life changed drastically. One morning at Hogwarts Hermione has collapsed on the way to Transfiguration and rushed to the Medical Wing, it was there that Madame Pomfrey gave Harry the news that would be the catalyst for change. Hermione had been dosed with a love potion that had not been brewed properly, it was slowly killing her. At that point Harry had remembered the way Ron had been acting that morning, nervous, twitchy.

After a little investigating Ron was revealed to be responsible, Hermione had tried to break up with him a few days earlier. In an attempt to get her back he had stolen ingredients from Slughorn's cupboard and made a poor attempt at brewing.

For his troubles Harry beat the living hell out of him, it took five students and a couple of teachers to pull Harry off what was left of Ron.

Several days later Harry had wandered past the room of requirement while thinking of a way to help Hermione when the room appeared, Harry had entered to find something he didn't understand. A large ring covered with some sort of symbols. Before Harry could take a closer look an elderly man appeared who revealed himself to be Myrddin Emrys, it took a moment for the name to register in Harry mind before he remembered something Hermione had once quoted from a book. Myrddin Emrys was the original welsh name for Merlin.

Harry quickly noticed that what he was seeing was a recording, left behind by Merlin thousands of years ago, it explained that Merlin was a member of a race called the Alterrans, aliens who came to earth over ten thousand years ago with a device they created called the Stargate. Wizards and Witches are direct descendants of that race who have evolved to a point that they can manipulate energy they call 'Magic'.

When the old man finally stopped talking and faded away Harry had been standing and listening for hours.

The punchline of Merlin's message is that in another Galaxy a race called the Wraith had emerged and ravaged thousands of worlds, feeding of the life essence of humans to survive, a truly evil race so powerful that they had forced the Alterrans to abandon their home and retreat to earth. A decision that Merlin disagreed with, he believed that the Wraiths emergence was due to their own negligence. So he secretly built a base filled with a great amount of technology for somebody to one day take up the fight against the Wraith, a base he had named 'The Star Forge.' With those final words Merlin disappeared and left in his place were eight symbols, a Stargate address to the Star Forge.

Harry had debated with himself what to do next when a thought occurred to him, this Star Forge may have some technology that could save Hermione.

What happened next took maybe twenty minutes. Harry rushed down to the kitchens and filled his book bag with as much sealed food as possible for himself and Hermione, then he snuck back to the hospital Wing quickly to retrieve Hermione. At first Madame Pomfrey argued with Harry about moving her but he quickly swayed her… with a stunner.

Harry arrived back in the Room of Requirement holding her bridal style, he put her down on the cold ground for a moment while he approached the large panel with the same symbols on the Stargate.

Checking the address again he quickly typed it in, with each button pressed a different section of the gate lit up, finally he just needed to press the final button, a pyramid with a small circle above it. With the final symbol punched in the gate activated, a huge wave of what looked like water burst from the gate several meters before moving back and settling into what looked like a small vertical pond. Harry picked up Hermione and approached the gate, hesitating for a minute Harry took and deep breath and walked through the gate.

The next few hours were a blur, the Star Forge had turned out to be a shipyard which drew it's raw resources from many suns surrounding it, unfortunately the station had almost no information on healing. Hermione was almost dead when Harry stumbled on one kind of technology that he thought could help, a stasis chamber. If a person it put inside they are effectively frozen and aged at an incredibly slow pace. It wouldn't cure Hermione but it would keep her alive until Harry could find a way to heal her.

A few days later Harry had learned more and more and the station and the technology of the Alterrans. He was able to hook up Hermione's mind to the computers allowing him to interact with her, she was even able to use Holograms to talk to him, it still pained Harry to see a hologram of her though, knowing that her real body was in a stasis chamber deep in the station.

After explaining everything to a very sceptical Hermione they had gottong to work, with Hermione literally in the Station's computer systems everything went much more smoothly. A few days ago Hermione had commanded the Star Forge to build Harry a ship with schematics she found in the database. When Harry asked her why, her answer was simple.

"You have a saving people thing."

It was true that Harry had been thinking about the Wraith that Merlin had told him about. Hermione knew that Harry wouldn't let them hurt innocent people if he could help it.


Harry emerged from the locker room in a set of comfortable clothes and wearing an Alterran device on his left wrist and a silver bracer with a pointed crystal attached to it on his right wrist, at his side was a bag that held only two bottles of water, the rest of the space was for the food he hopefully would be bringing back.

"Ok Hermione, dial the planet" Harry said into the empty room, almost immediately the Stargate hummed to life and started lighting up, this gate was different from the one he'd seen in Hogwarts, that one's inner ring spun and the symbols looked something like hieroglyphs. This one's symbols looked more like star constellations and they lit up blue when dialling.

With the seventh symbol in place the Stargate activated.

"Ok Hermione, if I'm not back in three hours Dial the gate and contact me" Harry said again into the empty room.

"No problem Harry, good luck" Hermione's voice sounded from the speakers.

With a nod Harry walked through the Stargate, an instant later he emerged on a planet with a lot of greenery, the Stargate was in the centre of a clearing surrounded by trees on all sides.

The gate deactivated behind him as he moved forward to the tree line. It didn't take long to find trees filled with a blue fruit that resembled apples. Harry reached up and plucked one from a low branch, he polished the fruit on his shirt and took a small bite out of it, as he did the taste stunned him, it looked like a blue apple and had the texture of one as well but it tasted like an orange. Harry started to collect the fruit and fill his bag, after collecting half a dozen of them he saw something in the corner of his eye. On the other side of the tree was an overturned basket with the blue apples pouring out of it, Harry picked one up and squeezed it. The fruit was still fresh.

Tracks near the basket lead further away from the gate, his curiosity getting the better of him, Harry followed the tracks.

After five minutes the trees opened out into another clearing, Harry took one look and hid behind the nearest tree.

In the clearing were seven figures, five of them looked identical, long white hair and dark green skin. The other two seemed human, they were tied up and kneeling on the ground surrounded by the others.

Three of the green ones wore armour and masks over their faces, they each held a long rifle weapon. The other two wore black clothes and had small pistols at their sides.

The last two people were human, one man with long thick dreadlocks and one woman with tanned skin and light brown hair.

"Tell us human," one of the green men said as he kneeled down to the dreadlock man and held up and small silver device. "… what is the code?"

The deadlock man didn't answer, as soon as the green man was close enough the dreadlock man slammed his skull into the green man's nose.

In retaliation another one of the green men kicked dreadlock in the face knocking him to the ground with a bloody lip.

"Ronon!" the woman shouted in concern.

Harry reached down to the device strapped to his wrist, after hitting a few controls the display showed a keypad with the Stargate symbols, he quickly tapped in the Star-Forge address and hit the activation key, a moment later the device told him that the Stargate had activated. The device on his arm was one of Merlin's later inventions, a device that allowed him to control the Stargate remotely, the one has was wearing was the only one in existence, it didn't even have a name when Harry found it so he named it himself. The Speed-dial.

"Harry is that you?" Hermione's voice came from the Speed-dial.

"Yeah it me, listen can you send me a picture of what the Wraith look like?" Harry asked.

"I think so, why?" Hermione asked cautiously.

"I think I might have stumbled into a group of them," Harry answered with a pained grin, he knew what was coming.

"Harry! We've been in this galaxy less than a week! You're like a magnet for trouble," Hermione scolded.

"I know, I know. It's not my fault, just send me the picture quickly," Harry urged.

Harry waited for a moment as he watched the 'Wraith' continue to interrogate the humans. After a few seconds the Speed-dial received a message, the main screen showed an image of a creature identical to the ones in the clearing.

"Yeah they're definitely Wraith… I'll call you back soon Hermione," Harry urgently as he saw one of the Wraith raise it's hand to the woman's chest, having read a little about the Wraith he knew what was about to happen. It was how they fed.

"Wait Harry what's…" Hermione was cut off as Harry cut the connection to the Stargate.

Harry immediately hit a switch on the bottom of the bracer on his right wrist and pointed it at the back of the Wraith about to feed.

The bracer was the first thing Hermione had used the Star Forge to create. It was basically a replacement for a wand, an amplifier for Harry's magic.

"Incendio!" Harry said, a blot of orange energy flew from the crystal atop the bracer and impacted the Wraith's back, flames caused him to fall back screaming.

However the other Wraith must have seen him because they immediately turned and fired at him, blue blasts of energy struck the tree Harry was hiding behind.

After a minute the blasts let up, Harry took the change to snap out of cover.

"Reducto!" an explosion erupted from the chest plate of one of the armoured Wraith, it fell to the ground either dead or injured. The firing resumed.


"What's happening?" Ronon asked as he regained consciousness, Teyla laid beside him rubbing he ropes against a jagged rock. Two of the Wraith who had captured them were dead on the ground and the other three were shooting into the treeline.

"I do not know, somebody is attacking the Wraith from the trees," Teyla said as she continued struggling.

"Atlantis?" Ronon asked

"I doubt it, I have heard no gunshots and we're not due back for several hours so Atlantis has no reason to think we are in danger," Teyla answered.

The last un-armoured Wraith grabbed Teyla by the hair and pulled her to her feet.

"Let her go!" Ronon roared as he attempted to get up but was struck back down by a guard.

"Come out into the open!" the Wraith roared as he set Teyla in front of him and wrapped his clawed hands around her throat.

"Do not come out!" Teyla shouted into the trees before the Wraith tightened his grip.

There was a moment of almost silence, the only sound came from Ronon who continued to struggle against his bindings.

After almost a minute somebody emerged from the trees, a young man who looked to be in his late teens. He had black hair, green eyes and wore a strange device on his left wrist as well as a bracer on the right.

"Drop your weapons," the Wraith commanded.

The boy seemed to comply, he dropped his bag to the floor and held his arms open to show he was unarmed.

With a large grin the Wraith drew it's stunner and pointed it at the man.

"Who are you? Where did you come from?" the Wraith asked. The man didn't answer, after almost thirty seconds of silence the Wraith fired.

To the Wraith's shock the man raised his right hand and spoke. "Protego," The stun blast struck a blue barrier protecting the boy.

"What is this?" the Wraith shouted in rage.

"Stupify!" the man shouted as he pointed his right hand at Teyla and the Wraith, a red bolt of energy shot from a crystal atop the bracer , the bolt flew over Teyla's shoulder and struck the Wraith in the face. The Wraith fell back with a shout and Teyla dropped to the ground. The two guard Wraith started firing at the man again but once again he was protected by a blue energy field.

When Teyla hit the ground her weakened ropes snapped, acting quickly she drew a hidden knife from her boot just as the Wraith started firing at the one who helped them. With one swift slash Ronon's ropes went slack. The two freed humans got back to their feet and rushed behind the Wraith who were shooting.

Ronon gripped one Wraith's head on both sides and with as much strength as possible twisted until a sickening crack was heard. Teyla reached around to grip the Wraith's face and pulled it's head back while shoving her knife into it's back. With them dead the man was able to drop his shield and focus his attention on the last wraith.

At the same time Ronon dove to where his gun laid on the grass where the Wraith had thrown it after taking it from him and Teyla picked up a dropped Wraith stunner.

They both started firing at the last remaining Wraith who was running for the treeline, the one who saved them joined in, firing red blasts at the retreating Wraith. They all stopped firing when he disappeared through the foliage.

Teyla tucked the gun into her pants and turned to face the one who had helped them.

"Thank you… if you had not intervened when you did, I would be dead," Teyla said with a smile.

"I am Teyla Emmagan, this is Ronon Dex," Teyla introduced while Ronon was busy searching through their equipment.

"I'm Harry, nice to meet you," Harry introduced himself with a smile.

"We have a problem," Ronon said not acknowledging the newcomer, he held up the smouldering remains of the silver device the Wraith had been interrogating them about.

"You melted it with one of your attacks," Ronon said with a look at Harry.

"Sorry, the next time I attack a Wraith that's about to feed on you I'll ask it to drop anything of value first," Harry said condescendingly.

With one quick movement Ronon drew his gun and aimed it at Harry's head. With an equally as quick movement Harry pointed his bracer at Ronon, "Expelliarmus"

Ronon was confused when his gun flew out of his hand but quickly moved to draw the blade strapped to his back and Harry threw up his blue shield with a softly spoken, "Protego."

Before Ronon could move towards Harry Teyla stepped between them, "Ronon stop!" Teyla snapped.

"We do not have time to fight each other, that Wraith has no doubt gone retrieve reinforcements, we must hurry to the gate."

Reluctantly Ronon lowered his weapon and Harry lowered his shield. The three moved back into the trees heading back towards the gate.

"How was it you found us?" Teyla asked Harry.

"I just came here for some fruit, I found an overturned Basket and some tracks leading to where I found you," Harry explained.

"Yes, we came here to collect some fruit as well but we were ambushed by the Wraith, there must be a hive ship nearby. If we do not hurry we will be overrun"

The three reached the Stargate quickly but they were too late, the gate was active and surrounded by Wraith.

"I say we rush them and just keep shooting, we don't stop until we get through the gate or die," Ronon suggested while checking the battery pack on his gun.

"I say we strip naked, run out there and throw our blue fruit at them," Harry said in a semi serious tone making Ronon and Teyla look at him strangely, "What? It has about the same chance of working as your plan does," Harry said mockingly.

Ronon tempted to point his gun at Harry again until Teyla spoke.

"We cannot get through the gate anyway, without our IDC broadcaster we would be killed," Teyla explained to her friend.

"IDC?" Harry asked curiously.

"The Stargate where we came from has a barrier over it, if we do not send our IDC: Identification Code, then the barrier will remain up and we would be crushed as we arrive. The device that sends the code was…"

"Melted" Ronon cut in with a pointed smirk.

Harry winced, now he knew just how important the device was that he melted.

"Sorry. Can't you send a message to your people?" Harry asked.

"The first thing the wraith did when they caught us was destroy our radios," Ronon said.

"Ok… come with me," Harry said bluntly.

"What?" Ronon asked.

"My home, you can use the communication there to contact your people," Harry offered.

"No way!" Ronon answered quickly while Teyla actually considered it.

Before anything else could be said a small purple and blue coloured, pointed ship emerged from the Stargate emitting a strange buzzing sound.

"Look, you can either stay here or come with me, either way I'm leaving now," Harry said as he hit a few buttons on the Speed-dial.

"Do not be foolish!" Teyla snapped "The gate is surrounded and the incoming wormhole will not deactivate for some time, if you go out there now, you will die."

"Don't worry I know what I'm doing," Harry said as he established a connection with the Stargate on the opposite end of the wormhole.

"… aaaand," Harry hit one last key and the Stargate deactivated much to the shock of Teyla and Ronon.

"You can deactivate the Stargate with that device?" Teyla asked

Harry didn't answer, he simple continued working, he activated the keypad on the Speed-dial, he quickly tapped in six symbols and the two others watched as the Stargate lit up at the same time. Harry hesitated with the last symbol as he watched the Wraith looking at the gate in confusion.

"What're you waiting for?" Ronon asked

"Wait for it," Harry whispered with his finger hovering over the last symbol. Just as Harry predicted, when the Stargate didn't activate a couple of the Wraith who were too curious for their own good approached the gate to take a closer look. When they were almost inside the ring Harry smirked.

"Suckers…" Harry muttered and hit the last symbol. The Stargate activated, the Wraith had less than a second to panic before the wave of 'water' erupted from the gate and disintegrated them.

Ronon actually smiled at that, "Nice," he said approvingly.

"Harry is that you?" a female voice called from the Speed-dial.

"Yeah it's me Hermione, listen, when I say go I want you to lower the shield ok, I'm bringing company as well so raise the shield again after three of us come through," Harry said back.

"Understood, I'll be waiting," Hermione answered.

"There are still many Wraith remaining," Teyla warned.

"We need a distraction…" Harry thought for a moment before he had an idea. He raised his bracer and whispered "Expecto Patronum."

Teyla and Ronon watched in silence as a white mist poured from the his bracer and started taking shape, after a few seconds it formed some sort of four legged creature with horns.

"Distract them, draw them away from the gate," Harry ordered.

Immediately the creature turned and rushed towards the gate, before the Wraith could act, the creature crashed into them sending a few of them to the ground, it then turned and ran away causing the Wraith to chase it shooting.

With only a few Wraith now standing between them and the gate Harry rushed forward and started firing, Ronon and Teyla quickly followed, several Wraith went down to their shots, Harry raised his left arm and called into it.

"Now Hermione!" three seconds later Harry rushed through the gate followed by Ronon and Teyla.


The three stumbled into a large room and the shield and immediately a shield covered the gate behind them, Ronon turned around and pointed his gun at the shimmering surface but lowered it again as he saw something hitting the shield but not getting through. Harry hit a switch on his wrist and the gate deactivated.

"Harry!" a voice said scolding him.

Ronon acted on instinct, spinning around and firing a blast where the voice came from, his eyes widened as the blast flew towards a young woman wearing a long white gown. To his relief and confusion, the blast went straight through her and hit the wall.

"What the hell! Do you try to shoot everybody who helps you?" Harry asked angrily.

"Sorry…" Ronon said bluntly to the girl as he holstered his weapon but he honestly did look sorry.

"The shot went through you…" Teyla observed.

"I'm a Hologram, who're your new friends?" Hermione turned to face Harry.

Harry was still catching his breath "This is Teyla and Ronon, they were being interrogated by the Wraith when I found them."

"Harry you were just supposed to find some fruit, did you get any?" Hermione asked.

Harry reached into his bag and pulled out a small blue apple.

"Just half a dozen," Harry said as he took a bite out of the one he was holding

"That's not enough to last you more than a couple of days!"

"I know Hermione, but saving people form the Wraith is more important than picking Opples," Harry snapped back.

Hermione looked abashed, "I know Harry, it's just… wait, Opples?" Hermione asked with a quirked eyebrow.

"They look like Apples but taste like Oranges," Harry reasoned with a shrug. "Anyway, Teyla, Ronon, this is Hermione." Harry introduced.

"As nice as it is to meet you, we are eager to contact our people," Teyla said.

"Of course, follow me I'll show you the communication centre," Harry said and walked from the room.

"Teyla, that shield…" Ronon whispered to Teyla.

"I know, it is the same as the one on the Atlantis Stargate."

Harry reached the communication room to find Hermione already there, Teyla and Ronon followed them in a few seconds later.

"You figured out how this works yet?" Harry asked

"Yes, it's quite simple really," Hermione said as she looked at Teyla and Ronon, a moment later a holographic list of all the Stargate symbols appeared in front of them.

"Please show me the symbols and I'll dial your world," Hermione said.

"Can I not simply dial the symbols on a DHD?" Teyla asked cautiously, she was hesitant to show the combination that would lead to Atlantis.

"DHD?" Hermione asked curiously

"It stand for Dial-Home-Device, it is what we called the panel used to dial the gate," Teyla explained

"We don't have one of those, we can only use the main computers or this. Here use it," Harry said as he held out his Speed-dial and turned his head away so he wouldn't see the address, it was quite obvious that they didn't want to tell him the address.

Teyla looked to Ronon for his opinion.

"Looks like we don't have much choice," he said simply. Teyla noticed that Ronon kept sneaking glances at Hermione.

Teyla nodded and quickly tapped in the six symbols for Atlantis. On the monitor in front of them the Gate burst to life.

"The communications are on, you can speak," Hermione said.

"This is Teyla, can anybody hear me?" Teyla said aloud

A few moment past before a brief moment of static was followed by a woman's voice.

"Teyla this is Elizabeth, you're early is there something wrong?"

"We were attacked by the Wraith while collecting the fruit, somebody helped us to escape but our IDC transmitter was destroyed in the fight, we escaped through the gate to Harry's home," Teyla reported.

"Harry?" Elizabeth asked in a concerned tone.

"The one who saved us," Teyla explained.

"I see, is this Harry with you now?" Elizabeth asked

"I'm here Miss…" Harry trailed off not sure what to call her.

"Doctor Elizabeth Wier. Thank you for helping our people, if there's anything we can do to repay you," Elizabeth left the question hanging.

Hermione saw that Harry was about to brush it off as he usually does but stepped forward before he could speak. "Actually there is something,"

"May I ask who I'm talking to?" Elizabeth asked politely.

"My name is Hermione and yes there is something we could use some help with. We ran out of food yesterday. Harry went to that planet to collect some fruit but he was only able to collect half a dozen before he stopped to help Ronon and Teyla, that will only last a day," Hermione explained.

"I see, we would be happy to give you a supply of food, it's the least we could do, you all have permission to step through the gate," Elizabeth said.

With a nod between Ronon and Teyla they both left the room followed by Harry.

By the time they got to the gate room Hermione was once again already there.

"Will you be accompanying us?" Teyla asked Hermione.

"No, I can't leave the station, I'd say be careful Harry but we both know you won't be," Hermione said with a shake of her head.

"I'll be back soon, take care of the place," Harry said with a smile.

With a nod from Teyla all three of them stepped through the gate.


When Harry emerged he was in a large room, the control room elevated towards the back. The most noticeable thing though were the half dozen soldiers pointing their guns at him. Harry flexed his wrist ready to throw up a shield.

"Stand down," a familiar voice called from the top of the stairs.

A woman dressed in a dark grey outfit with some red sections on the chest walked down the stairs.

"Sorry about the welcoming but we had to be sure you were who you said you were," Elizabeth greeted them.

"You guy's ok?" a black-haired man asked I concern as he approached them, he wore the same outfit as the soldiers, minus the guns.

"We are fine John," Teyla said reassuringly. "Harry, this is Colonel John Sheppard; our squad leader, and Elizabeth Weir."

"Nice to meet you Ma'am, sir," Harry said politely.

"Welcome to Atlantis Harry. We're just about to have a debriefing, would you care to join us?" Elizabeth invited.

Harry didn't answer for a few moments, he was in Atlantis the ancient home of the Alterrans, this was the home they had abandoned to escape to Earth, Harry had assumed it had been destroyed by the Wraith after it was abandoned.

A few minutes later, Harry, Teyla, Ronon, Sheppard, Elizabeth and another man settled into a room with a long desk, the entrance shut behind them sealing them in.

"Harry, this is Dr. Rodney McKay, the final member of Colonel Sheppard's team" Elizibeth introduced. Rodney gave Harry a dismissive greeting.

"Ok, you were only supposed to collect some fruit for the guys in botany, what the hell happened?" John asked.

"There must have been a Hive ship in orbit keeping watch on the gate, we weren't collecting for more than a few minutes before we were attacked," Teyla explained before Ronon joined in.

"They came out of nowhere, didn't even hear the Dart drop them off. Stunned us before it could draw my gun.

"When I awoke our arms had been bound and we were in a nearby clearing, there were five Wraith, one of them were interrogating Ronon," Teyla continued.

"They wanted the IDC code," Ronon said.

"Actually it's just IDC, not 'IDC code'," McKay interrupted. "IDC stand for Identification-Code so when you say 'IDC code' you're basically saying 'Identification-code code'" when McKay finished everybody was looking at him quietly except for Ronon who had a slight glare.

"… never mind," McKay said with a sigh.

"Anyway, that is when Harry showed up," Teyla turned to Harry to speak.

"Umm, I'd ran out of food on the Star Forge so I came to that planet because my database listed the planet as abundant with fruit, while I was picking I saw an overturned basket and tracks leading away from it, I got curious and follwed the trail, that's when I saw them in the field. I saw that one of the Wraith was about to feed on Teyla so I blasted him while his back was turned," Harry explained.

Harry went on to describe what happened next, the Wraith holding Teyla's neck, his shield, Teyla and Ronon getting free of their restraints and their run back to the gate. Rodney had tried to stop them multiple times to ask about Harry's shield but Elizabeth asked him to wait until the end of the story.

"How were you able to get past the Wraith guarding the gate?" Sheppard asked.

"I caused a distraction, deactivated the Stargate and reactivated it to take us to the Star Forge," Harry explained.

"That's impossible, once an incoming wormhole is established it can only be shut of from their end," Rodney argued.

"It was that thing on his arm," Ronon said pointing at the device strapped to Harry's arm. "He also used it to dial the gate without using the DHD!"

"That's impossible!"

"Oh really?" Harry asked with a smile and a raised eyebrow.

Harry hit a few buttons on the device and pulled up the Stargate dialler, he punched in the address to the Star Forge. Suddenly an alarm went off in the room and a voice came from the rooms speakers.

"Doctor Weir we have a situation, the Stargate just dialled itself!" somebody spoke.

"This is Doctor Weir, don't worry about it. It's just our guest showing Dr. Mckay up," Elizabeth said with a smile.

"Harry is that you?" a voice came from the device.

"Yeah it's me Hermione, just giving our new friends a demonstration," Harry said back. "Any news?"

"Actually I'm glad you called. I had an idea about how to get the ship built faster, right now we only have a handful of construction drones maybe a dozen, I was thinking that if we get those drones to build more drones first then construction should go much faster" Hermione.

"How long would that take?" Harry asked.

"Maybe six hours to triple the amount of drones we have, but then build time on the ship would be reduced from a week to less than two days."

"Ok, but be careful, don't make more than we can store, we have limited space of the Station."

"I will Harry, see you soon," as Hermione finished, Harry hit a switch and the Stargate shut down.

"Incredible," McKay said as he looked at the device on Harry's arm. "It's like a miniature version of the mobile DHD on the Puddle Jumpers, an M-DHD" Rodney said with a smile on his face.

"What is it with you people and naming things like that? IDC, DHD, M-DHD. Why can't you just give them names?" Harry asked irritably.

"That's what I keep saying," Sheppard said with a smile.

"Fine," Rodney said with a roll of his eyes, "We can call it a Mobile, happy?"

"No, what makes you think you get to name it?" Harry asked as he pulled his arm away from Rodney. "For your information I've already named it. It's called a Speed-dial."

"People I think we've gotten off track, you distracted the Wraith and dialled the gate. Then what happened?" Elizabeth asked.

"Well that's it really, we dialled the Gate and got through it then I let Teyla dial this place and speak to you, a few minutes later we arrived here," Harry finished.

"I see, well thank you for your help, I'm arranging a sizable supply of food and water for you, in the meantime I'd like to ask you to have a medical examination," Elizabeth said as she stood up and lead Harry out of the room.

"Why?" Harry asked bluntly.

"Standard procedure, all visitors are to go through an examination before giving them access to the city, the medical centre is only a couple of levels down, after that I wouldn't mind asking you a few questions about you and your people, you mentioned something called a Star Forge?"

As Elizabeth continued to lead Harry down to the medical centre his mind was on other things, everybody he had seen on Atlantis had one thing in common, they wore flag patches on their shoulders. Some the American flag, Canadian, Chinese and a dozen others he didn't recognise, with this information he came to a conclusion he hadn't expected. These people were from Earth.

To Be Continued…

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