Summary: Harry has returned to the wizarding world, as foretold, his father and Pokémon in tow. Dark plots come to light when Harry Ketchum comes face to face with Harry Potter. This story is AU, No Pairings. Evil!Dumbledore, Weasley Bashing, & light Hermione Bashing.

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AN: I just wanted to take a moment to remind my readers that the HP side of this story will continue to mostly be AU. The Pokémon portions will be somewhat limited as they are no longer living in the Pokémon Universe, though there will still be references to things in the PokéWorld which will also be somewhat AU. That basically means that I will not just regurgitate canon events/facts from out of the HP universe or detailed episodes/scenes from the Pokémon worlds. The entire plot is, I think, somewhat original and based upon my own imagination.

As was the case in The Wishing Door, the timelines of both worlds flow separately. (IE: for every year that passes in the Wizarding Universe, two years pass in the PokéWorld universe.) So, while Harry was in Ash's world for twelve years, only six years had passed in his original world. The ONLY times that the two separate worlds will line up, are on Harry's birthdays every year, based upon the timeline in the Wizarding World. (IE: For every birthday Harry experiences in the Wizard's World two birthdays will have passed in the PokéWorld.) I will eventually link a detailed timeline of events for both worlds to my author's page once I've find the time to type up my hand written one and convert it to html.

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The Wizard's World: Year One
Chapter 1: Reflections

Saturday Morning, June 15, 1991
Flamel Estate, Dijon Region

Deep in the wilds of France, buried in a hidden valley just to the south of the Seine River, in the Dijon Region, there was a veritable fortress unseen by the outside world for well over six hundred years. A stunning structure of Rococo design, the large château would have been a historical goldmine – if not for the fact that it was hidden behind some of the most extensive protective wards in the entire world. The owners of the elegant château would have been considered even more of a historical interest, for their family line was rumored to have died out in the early fourteen hundreds. In truth, the family had gone underground at the time and two centuries later their grand children changed their last names in order to further protect the family's greatest secret.

The family in question was that of the Flamels, and their secret was discovering the alchemic formula for creating the mythical and much sought-after Philosopher's Stone. It was an element rumored to turn common metals into semi-precious and precious metals (such as turning lead into gold) and bestow immortality to the owner through a potion called the Elixir of Life. The Flamels had staged their very public deaths (to the non-magical population) in fourteen-oh-nine and fourteen-ten, Perenelle preceding Nicolas so that the younger man might have another year to put his affairs in order. The staged deaths were necessary to throw off the investigations of the French King at the time; the monarch having had his men looking into the rumors of Flamel's sudden increase in wealth.

The wizarding world, on the other hand, was well aware that the Flamels still lived, even though they withdrew almost completely from magical society during the sixteen hundreds in order to stop the rising Dark Lords from attempting to steal the Stone or the secret to creating the Stone. It was at this time that the youngest great-grandson changed his name from Flamel to Potter, when he married the love of his life. This actually inspired his older brothers (and later his cousins) to do the same, each taking their wife's maiden name to further obscure their relationship.

The three brothers then left France to establish their families in different countries. Guy Flamel, now Guy Schmidt, and his wife Helen moved to Austria. Philippe Flamel took his wife's last name, Russo, and the two of them in turn headed to Italy. The youngest, Markus, and his wife Beatrice, then fled to England where they and their children hid their longevity with carefully plotted out (and faked) deaths right up until Richard Charlus (Markus and Beatrice's great-great-grandson) let slip his true identity to Albus Dumbledore at the end of the nineteenth century.

At the turn of the century, the hidden Flamels all around Europe began dying under mysterious circumstances. Nicolas had investigated the suspicious deaths of his children and his multitude of grandchildren but had been unable to pinpoint the person responsible. That was until Markus and Beatrice, their four children, and all but one of their many grandchildren were murdered in their home one Halloween night in the late forties. Richard, the only survivor of the terrible massacre, had stumbled out of the Floo, covered in blood, bemoaning the fact that he'd doomed the entire family.

The blame was, at the time, placed on the followers of Grindelwald; a well known Dark Wizard rising on the coattails of the chaos caused by the muggle dictator, Adolf Hitler. Richard confessed to speaking of the Flamel and Potter connection to Albus Dumbledore, who had at the time befriended the young Gellert Grindelwald. Dumbledore swore that Grindelwald betrayed them all, and he was believed, until Richard and his wife Gertrude were murdered some five years after Grindelwald had been defeated on another dark Halloween night. They were survived by their son Charlus, who later married Dorea Black. The pair of them had two children; two sons they named Nicolas and James.

Nicolas unfortunately did not survive; he died of the dragon pox two years after James was born, leaving his younger brother as the sole surviving heir to both families. During the late seventies, nearly thirty years after his parents were murdered, Charlus and Dorea met their death at the hands of Lord Voldemort's Death Eaters, once more leaving only a single Potter alive. Less than five years later, James and his wife would suffer the same fate as those before him.

Nicolas had tried repeatedly to bring his grandchildren home, so he could protect them but at each turn he'd been blocked by Dumbledore. It was after Charlus's death that Nicolas began suspecting that Dumbledore was behind the string of his descendants' murders. This was confirmed, in his mind, when a series of threatening notes began turning up shortly after young James started attending Hogwarts just a few short years before Charlus and his wife were murdered. Legally, there was nothing Nicolas and Perenelle could do, mainly because of their long seclusion from the magical world and their staged deaths in the non-magical world. That was how Dumbledore had prevented them from taking Charlus, and later James, out of England.

Today, the cycle was starting all over again; as their missing great-great-great grandson, whom Dumbledore had kidnapped and hidden under a Fidelius Charm, was due to begin his magical schooling. Another unsigned note from Dumbledore had arrived less than a week earlier, with yet another demand for them to provide him with a piece of the Philosopher's Stone in return for the continued survival of their last surviving grandson.

"Nicolas," Perenelle called sharply as she walked into the library where her husband was leaning over a blood red stone. "You are not considering giving in to that charlatan's demands, are you?"

"What other choice do we have, my dear?"

"We've held him off for over a century now, what harm could it be to wait him out another ten or so years? We have a lifetime ahead of us, he is a mere mortal!"

"Yes, we could, but what of our missing grandson? He is our last. Dumbledore has murdered all the others through trickery and lies. Would that I had seen the man's true intentions when he befriended young Richard Charlus in eighteen-ninety-two, I would have done something… if only to stop young Richard from speaking of our family's history. Unfortunately, by the time Richard was born, you and I had distanced ourselves from our grandchildren in order to maintain the illusion that we had no surviving children."

"But to give him a Stone!?"

"Do you think so little of me, my Pigeon?" Nicolas chided as he glared at his wife with a wounded expression. "I am not sending him just any stone, this stone has strings attached."

"And what, pray tell, kind of strings have you attached to this particular stone, that make it indistinguishable from all of the other stone shards we have in our possession?" Perenelle countered as she moved closer in order to inspect said stone.

"First of all, it is incomplete," Nicolas explained as he pushed the stone closer to his wife. "The final step, which neutralizes the poisons from the Elixir of Life, has been conveniently left undone. This also has the tragic side effect of rendering the lead into gold transformations unstable – meaning that any precious metals that are created using this stone will disintegrate within five years of the transformation; the higher the amount of precious metal transmuted in one sitting, the faster the degradation."

"I'm listening," Perenelle drawled with more than a touch of interest as she began seeing the stone in a new light.

"Next, I've woven a layer of blood wards around the stone. While the stone will work for anyone, if someone other than our last grandchild touches it with his or her bare skin while using the stone, the person will be cursed. The poisonous toxins in the stone will be released and absorbed through the skin of the unworthy one who touches it."

"And if some innocent accidentally comes in contact with the stone?"

"So long as the person does not attempt to use the stone, he or she would remain unharmed; the ward is both blood and intent based," Nicolas stated as he wandlessly levitated the stone onto a scrap of thick brown parchment. "And finally, I have imbedded a small self destruct charm in the heart of the stone. Should Dumbledore attempt to break the stone down in order to reverse engineer the alchemy behind the stone's construction, it will explode violently, taking everything within a fifteen foot radius."


"Now, now, Perenelle, my pigeon," Nicolas soothed. "I will give Dumbledore a convoluted warning about the destructive properties of the stone and hints of the repercussions. I will also do my best to convince him that this is our last stone, so that if anything happens to it, we will be forced to 'put our affairs in order' and prepare for death. The wards at Hogwarts will protect both the castle and Hogsmeade should he recklessly experiment on the stone at the castle. And you know he wouldn't want any potential witnesses to those experiments; so it is safe to bet that he would not undertake such risks with the castle full of children. He'd stand to loose far too much prestige and trust of the wizarding population if he harmed a school full of children and he would not wish to share the fabled benefits of the stone."

"I don't like it, that man is far too arrogant to heed your warnings."

"I know, dearest, but what else can we do? This is our family on the line now, and without our last heir, what would stop Dumbledore from claiming our vast stores of knowledge for his own? Most of the world believes we died many centuries ago and those that know we still live believe Dumbledore's lies that he befriended me earlier this century. And the pompous fool of a puppet running the English Ministry would gladly jump at the chance to put one over on the French, which is what would happen if we were to pass on without an heir. Our legacy, pilfered by some sneaking goat herder without a single moral fiber in his being! I shudder to think what would become of the magical world should Dumbledore get his hands on a true Stone."

"I wish there was another way," Perenelle whispered as she watched her husband wrap the stone inside the brown vellum and tie it with a black string. "Can you not find someway to break the charms he hid our grandson behind?"

"I have tried everything, Pigeon; scrying, blood magic, blood traces, mystical trances, star plotting," Nicolas bemoaned as he layered protective wards over the small package on his desk. "I've even gone through all of the records, both magical and muggle, trying to find some trace of the boy. He's wound the secret so tight I couldn't even find him should he be sitting in the next room unless Dumbledore himself told me he was there! The only other one who could break the charm is the boy himself, were he to discover his heritage."

"Can the goblins help?"

"I don't know. They are so standoffish unless one has enough precious metals or stones to offer, and while we have gold, silver, and platinum aplenty, they know our source is unlimited and would feel it an unfair trade. Sometimes the stone is far more a curse than a blessing, my dearest."

"Do the spells affect the inheritance ritual?"

"I couldn't say for sure, not knowing exactly what the manipulative goat hid under the Fidelius. All we can do is hope something will give before it is too late."

"Shall I deliver your stone to the fool, then?" Perenelle asked wearily as she stopped fighting against the inevitable.

"No, take it to Gringotts in Paris, they have instructions to transfer it over the channel where it is to be placed in vault seven-thirteen," Nicolas countered as he penned a short note that he attached to the package. "I will send a separate letter to Dumbledore, to let him know we will capitulate with his demands."

"Very well, I shall return soon, my love," Perenelle said before she shrank in on herself and sprouted gray feathers all over her body. A few seconds later, a large peregrine falcon grasped the package and letter in her claws before diving out through the opened library window.

"Safe journey, my Pigeon," Nicolas called as he watched his wife flying off into the distance.

Thursday Afternoon, June 20, 1991
Headmaster's Office, Hogwarts Castle

A week and a half after sending the latest letter to the Flamels, Dumbledore finally received a reply from the ancient witch and wizard. It was with a triumphant sneer that Dumbledore read the thinly veiled threats under a guise of capitulation. He paid no mind to the hints that those not of Flamel bloodlines would suffer greatly if they dared use the stone for ill gain; arrogantly believing he was too powerful to be affect by such trivialities. He was more than slightly miffed that Flamel had seen fit to only send the stone (thankfully the man's last stone in existence according to the letter) and not the actual process on how to make more. Albus would just have to experiment with the stone once he had it in his possession, when he had time.

Feeling in a considerably better mood, now that his plans against the Flamels were running smoothly along, Dumbledore continued with his task of making several more duplicates of Harry Potter's Hogwarts letter that was due to be sent out in just a few weeks. He had nearly two hundred of the letters already sealed and ready to be addressed (he'd wait until the last minute to mark the addresses in the event the Dursley's attempted to flee from their house to escape them), and only had another six hundred copies to go.

Humming a merry tune, Dumbledore flicked his wand at the original letter (that he'd stolen right out from under Minerva's nose the last time they met to discuss the class schedule for the new term) and then tapped it against a blank piece of parchment and watched as ink poured from his wand onto the paper to form an exact copy of the introductory letter. Another flick dried the ink and a third folded the new letter into an envelope that was sealed with a glob of wax and the Hogwarts Crest.

At the rate he was manufacturing the copies, he'd be completed nearly a week ahead of schedule – which gave him enough time to catch up on the latest news regarding up and coming young witches and wizards throughout the world. It wouldn't do to have a foreigner more powerful than himself rising up unexpectedly just when he was so close to securing all of Great Britain.

Wednesday Afternoon, July 31, 1991
Gringotts Bank, Diagon Alley
London, England

Rubeus Hagrid, Keeper of the Keys and Grounds at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, was deeply indebted to Albus Dumbledore for standing up for him some fifty years prior after having been expelled for something he didn't do. Hagrid, as all of his friends called him, always felt proud when Dumbledore selected him for special assignments; such as gathering intelligence about the movements of the giants (during both of the previous wizarding wars due to his heritage as a half-giant), collecting, protecting, and transporting Harry Potter to his relatives on the night his parents were murdered, tracking down Harry and delivering the boy his Hogwarts letter when his relatives flaked out and tried to run, escorting Harry through Diagon Ally to get his money and school supplies, and picking up a top secret package from a special vault deep within the bowels of Gringotts – just to name a few.

The huge, gentle man with an unhealthy fascination with monsters, considered himself Dumbledore's staunchest follower and right-hand man.

Unfortunately, what Hagrid believed couldn't be further from the truth – but poor Hagrid didn't know that. If someone walked up and told him that Dumbledore had fingered him for the murder of Myrtle Simmons, Hagrid would have denied it vehemently before bashing said person's skull against the nearest solid surface; even if they could offer irrefutable proof. Even if it was obviously the truth, Hagrid wouldn't believe any evidence presented to him if it painted his 'savior' in a negative light. It is tragic that his devotion was so misplaced and unknown to Hagrid, constantly reinforced with a few well placed loyalty potions laced in the mead served at the staff table during lunch and supper every day school was in session.

That very same devotion (both real and potion induced) that saw Hagrid believing only the best about one Albus Dumbledore, was about to land Hagrid into some very hot water. Hagrid was currently escorting Harry Potter (or rather, he was escorting Dumbledore's well-made clone of the boy once known as Harry Potter) down the center of Diagon Alley towards Gringotts Bank. In his pocket, Hagrid carried an innocent little gold key that would shortly be giving him no little amount of grief. It was a key given to Hagrid by Dumbledore, just the day before, when Hagrid had been given the duty of chasing down the Dursleys to deliver Harry's letter to him.

The key belonged to the Potters, specifically it belonged to one Harry James Potter, and would open said boy's trust vault (vault number six hundred forty-seven) that his parents had opened just before Harry had been born in the year nineteen-eighty. Unfortunately, said key had been stolen from the Potter's cottage in Godric's Hollow by Dumbledore no more than thirty minutes after Hagrid had taken Harry from the rubble. This normally wouldn't have been a problem, as Dumbledore could have easily stated he was merely holding on to said key for young Harry; especially since the Harry Potter with the half giant was supposed to be getting the key back from Hagrid once they'd finished collecting enough money to purchase supplies from the trust vault.

The problem was the fact that the real Harry Potter had shown up at Gringotts (before sunrise) and after causing a minor disturbance (there was no bloodshed so the goblins couldn't call it a major disturbance, even if it created all kinds of problems at the time), proved himself to be the true owner of vault six hundred forty-seven as well as several other vaults hours earlier. The timing couldn't have been worse for poor Hagrid.

Just a scant two hours before our gentle half giant presented himself in front of the teller to make a withdrawal from the Potter trust vault, Harry Ketchum (formerly known as Harry Potter) signed the last of the documents that allowed him to claim ownership of all his family vaults. That single act voided the legitimacy of the tiny golden key that Hagrid currently had in his possession; the goblin magic used to link all vault keys to their vaults severing the link between the vault and the key in Hagrid's possession the moment Harry's blood dried on the vault contract. A fact that the goblin teller that Hagrid had approached was instantly aware of as the magic used to create said little key gave off the counterfeit signal that indicated a recent key change or replacement.

Only four things saved Hagrid from a quick and ghastly beheading at the precise moment; one, he hadn't been aware that there was a problem with the key, two, he wasn't the one who'd had the key in his possession for the last ten years, three, he hadn't actually taken anything out of the vault in question, and four, he was in the presence of what appeared to be Harry Potter. Hagrid wisely declined to press young Harry's claim to the vault, stating that he'd forward the matter to Albus Dumbledore to straighten out when he returned to Hogwarts. It helped that he also willingly gave up the now fraudulent key without a word of protest.

Knowing that Harry still needed his supplies, and thinking that Dumbledore would reimburse him later, Hagrid calmly requested to be taken to his own vault to retrieve the funds for his young charge before recalling the second half of his mission involving a small package in vault number seven hundred thirteen. The goblins accommodated him after checking the validity of his own larger, silver key and took both the man and the boy down into the tunnels where Hagrid collected a meager forty-five galleons from out of his vault. They also stopped by the other vault to pick up the package that Dumbledore had ordered Hagrid to retrieve from the bank.

The rest of the afternoon passed fairly quickly and according to plan from that point forward, though Hagrid was forced to purchase a good number of Harry's supplies from second hand stores. Harry the clone didn't seem to mind though, for the animated boy never complained once, not even when some of the equipment and books seemed far worse for wear than what would normally be sold.

Later that night, after seeing the clone returned to his relatives, Hagrid relayed the difficulties at the bank to Dumbledore. Tragically, Dumbledore was unable (or unwilling) to reimburse Hagrid at this moment, though Hagrid didn't seem too bothered as he considered the money well spent. Even though that money had basically just been thrown away on useless supplies and an expensive snowy owl for a clone that didn't have the capacity to appreciate the gesture; not that Hagrid was aware of that particular detail. Dumbledore was very concerned about the issue with the Potter trust vault (he eventually wanted the money that was inside it after all) but he simply played it off as a simply mistake of handing over the wrong key, or some such nonsense, and thanked his groundskeeper for alerting him to the problem.

Of far more concern to the manipulative headmaster, was the small package that Hagrid had picked up during his excursion. A package he had been led to believe contained the only Philosopher's Stone currently in existence.

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