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Omake 1: A Glitch in the Door

Thursday Morning, July 31, 2014
Ketchum Cottage, Viridian City
Kanto Region

At the Ketchum residence, in Viridian City, the newly formed doors weren't noticed until just after breakfast, at about eight in the morning, when Harry approached them to do his customary inspection. He was just reaching up to run his hands over the painted doors when he noticed the handles were sticking out away from the door and were made from silver instead of simply painted to look like silver. The second thing he noticed was the bloody hand print that connected the two doors in the center where they met.


Ash looked up when he heard his son call him, and immediately saw what had Harry so riled. The previously realistic painting of double doors was now an actual set of double doors leading to some distant unknown world that had treated his son cruelly. Anger, worry, and resignation filled Ash as he ordered Harry to start getting ready to leave. Harry looked for a moment like he wanted to rebel against the order, he was practically an adult now as today was his seventeenth birthday, but after a few tense seconds he reluctantly complied and began checking the straps on the cart's harness. Once he was certain the gear was in working order, he went out into the back yard and called Dancer in, so he could buckle the strong fire horse into the harness.

While Harry was harnessing Dancer to the cart, Ash packed all the last-minute items into their packs and carried them into the living room, where he set them down next to the magical doors. He then grabbed the riding blanket Harry had made for Dancer's back and settled it into place, after giving the mare an affectionate pat on the neck. Ash subsequently double checked the pokéballs of the Pokémon he'd decided to take with him through the gate to make sure they were all in order. The long time Pokémon trainer had considered bringing more of his Pokémon friends with him but since he wasn't certain what they would find on the other side he'd decided it was best to only bring a select few. Those Pokémon he wouldn't be taking with him were left in the capable hands of Brock with the exception of the few of the more sensitive ones he'd left to watch over his mother.

By this time, an hour had passed since Harry discovered the activated doors. The smaller Pokémon that would be going, such as Dave, the two remaining eevee, and the trapinch were carefully lifted up into the back of the cart where they made themselves comfortable. Splash, Riptide, and Frost also joined those Pokémon in the cart, while Spark, Trickster, Moe, and Jester would be walking alongside it. Pikachu would, of course, be riding on Ash's shoulder as usual, as Ash intended to lead the way through the doors. Harry, on the other hand, had been told he would be riding Dancer as they traveled through the gateway – this would insure that Harry would remain with the majority of his Pokémon and their belongings in the event that those walking were separated from the cart.

It was another hour before everyone was ready to go. Ash had shouldered his backpack and settled Harry's pack into the cart so it wouldn't interfere with Dancer's movement through the gate. Harry was wearing his daypack though, which carried all of the important documents they might need once they made it through to the other side. Ash was just hanging up the phone; he'd called home to his mother to let her know it was time for them to go. Harry had been too distraught to say goodbye again, for he and Delia had exchanged an emotional farewell just a few days earlier. The only thing left to do was to actually go through the doors.

Resigned to his fate, Harry gave his father a tight hug, opened the doors as wide as they would go, and gaped in shock as he stared at the blank stretch of wall he found behind the door. After a moment, he pulled himself together and reached forward to run his hand over the wall to find that it was as solid as it looked. Ash walked over a moment later and rapped his knuckles on the wall and both of them canted their heads to one side as it sounded more like he'd knocked on a large aquarium tank instead of a wall.

"Why don't you close the door and try again?" Ash suggested after another minute when nothing had changed.

"Okay," Harry agreed in a partially dazed voice as he closed the doors and waited for a full minute to pass before he opened them a second time.

This time, an inky stretch of pure black appeared and Harry frowned as he swept his hand through the darkness and sighed as his hand passed through the blackness with seeming ease. It wasn't the expected water-like curtain that had covered the first door he'd drawn but Harry supposed that he really shouldn't be surprised since Hypno had said the more life-like the door was drawn the easier the path would be. Sighing a second time, Harry made his way over to Dancer and took a moment to scramble up onto her back before he nodded to his father that he was ready.

Ash gave his son an encouraging smile as he stepped beside the fire pony to pat the seventeen year old's leg. He then hitched up the pack he wore on his back as Pikachu scrambled up into place on his shoulder. The older man then walked forward confidently to step into the inky darkness… and ran into a solid wall instead.

"Ow!" Ash exclaimed as he reached up to clutch his now throbbing nose.

"Are you alright, dad?" Harry asked in concern as he dropped down off of Dancer's back and hurried forward.

"Yeah, I'm fine… I just hadn't expected to walk face first into a solid wall."

"I don't understand. It wasn't solid when I first opened it; you saw me stick my hand through the blackness," Harry muttered as he ran his hands over the still solid blackness.

He then closed one of the doors and studied it with a critical eye; part of him wondering if he'd drawn it wrong. The second door was inspected next and when neither door proved to be defective in any way, Harry closed them both and counted to sixty under his breath before he opened them a third time. He felt the tenseness leave his shoulders when he saw the familiar curtain of blue hovering between the doors.

"Third time really is the charm," Harry muttered as he turned his back on the door and walked back towards Dancer.

An ominous creaking filled the room at that moment and Harry slowly glanced back over his shoulder to stare at the sheet of water filling the doorway. The creaking grew louder and the nervous teen turned back around to face the door completely before he shared a confused and worried glance with his father. Ash frowned as he sidled up to the open door and reached out a hand as if to touch the shimmering curtain of liquid.

"I really don't think you should…" Harry protested when he saw what his father was going to do.

The warning came too late though and the second Ash's hand came into contact with the watery-wall the surface tension broke and a tidal wave of water crashed into the Ketchums' living room. It would take the two of them two hours to gather up all of the Pokémon that had been washed away with the water and to pick up all of their scattered belongings. They also wrung out their clothes as best they could (not bothering to change since their spare clothes were just as wet) as they tried to figure out whether or not they should try again.

"You ready to give it another try, sport?" Ash inquired as they once again stood before the closed doors.

"No," Harry replied even as he tentatively reached out to open the door for the fourth time.

Just before he opened the doors, the doors swung open of their own accord and three teenagers (one of which had a cat perched on one shoulder and some kind of bird perched on the other one) and an old man walked into their living room. The first teen one was a girl with bushy hair, the second one was a chubby boy with a round face, and the third one was nearly a carbon copy of Harry; if Harry's growth had not been stunted due to being tied to his original world (though he was still a touch on the short side). The man on the other hand had mismatched eyes and gravity defying gray hair. Harry threw his father a disgruntled look as he had no clue how to deal with the latest curve the doors had just thrown him.

"… and mum said that she and dad would meet us at your house on the fifteenth," the bushy haired teen stated to the boy that looked very much like Harry before she turned her face forward and her gaze landed on Harry. "Um… Hatake-sensei, where are we? And why does that boy look like a much younger Ryuu?"

"The better question would be who you are and what you are doing in our living room," Ash pointed out as he shook off his shock of seeing four perfect strangers walking into their living room.

"What kind of animals are those?" the round faced teen inquired as his gaze went immediately to the Pokémon.

"It would appear that we exited through the wrong portal," the gray-haired man stated as his eyes swept through the entire room before landing on Harry. "You weren't fiddling with your time turner again, were you, Ryuu-kun?"

"I turned in my time turner yesterday, oji," the boy that looked like an older Harry dryly pointed out as he studied Harry intently while he scratched the chin of the cat sitting on his shoulder. "I really wish you'd quit blaming all of the weird things that happen on me."

Before anything more could be said, another group of seven individuals strode through the open portal doors. The first one looked like a younger version of the man from the first group with flyaway gray hair except that he covered one of his eyes and wore a face mask hiding the bottom half of his face. The next man had a bandana tied over his head with straight brown hair poking out the bottom and half hiding his face while the man beside him had spiky black hair, some kind of bandage wrapped over his nose, and a headband around his head.

Just behind those three men was either an extremely short man or a young boy with wild black hair held out of his face with a dark red bandana wearing dark rectangular sunglasses. This individual's features were further obscured by a blood red jacket with a wide collar that hid his lower face and hung down to his knees. The last three people in that group couldn't have been more than ten years old; a girl with pale lavender eyes and long dark hair, a dark haired boy that was dressed almost identically to the man in red (only he was wearing a gray jacket), and a boy with deep blue eyes, sunshine yellow hair, and six whisker marks on his cheeks.

"Satoshi, were you messing around with transportation seals again?" the younger version of the gray haired man asked in an exasperated tone as he slowed to a stop and discreetly palmed a strange looking black knife.

"Why do you always blame me when something goes wrong, Kakashi-nii?" the man in red demanded in a whisper soft monotone as he pushed his way to the front of the group. "Hermione-chan…? How did you get here? Do you know what is going on?"

"How do you know my name?" the bushy haired teen demanded in a nervous tone. "I've never seen you before in my life."

"What do you want with my girlfriend?" the round-faced teen demanded as he stepped in front of newly named Hermione.

"What are you talking about, Neville-kun? You've been dating Susan Bones for the last three years," Satoshi countered in that same soft emotionless voice.

"Toshi-nii; why do the other two boys in the room look like you without your glasses and jacket?" the blonde kid asked as he tugged on Satoshi's red jacket to get the man's attention.

It was at that point that a large mechanical winged wolf looped into the crowded living room followed by yet another young teen that looked a lot like Harry (bar the mismatched eyes, red tinged hair, and wings). Right behind the winged kid were five older boys; one with long brown hair tied up in a braid and sharp blue eyes, another with blonde hair and kind blue eyes, the next with brown hair that half covered his face and calculating green eyes, yet another one with shoulder length black hair pulled back in a pony tail and intelligent dark eyes, and the last one with messy black hair and cold blue eyes. The wolf thing growled a heartbeat later and the winged boy pulled out a stick while the other five boys pulled out hand guns in response to the machine thing's growl.

"Now what have you done, Taliesin?" the one with cold blue eyes demanded in an exasperated tone.

"Why the hell are you blaming me this time, Heero!? Duo was the one that was messing with the door after I told him not to touch anything in the castle!" the winged boy shot back as he turned to glare at the messy haired boy.

Another two groups arrived within seconds of each other just as the long haired teen from the previous group squawked out an adamant denial at being responsible; their close arrival making it appear as if they were one large group instead of two small groups. The first group consisted of three boys; one with messy white hair and blue eyes, one with spiked green tinged black hair and brown eyes, and the third with long reddish black hair and green eyes. The second group had just two people in it; an older male teen with blonde hair and brown eyes and a girl with long black hair tied back in a messy braid and green eyes.

The other thing that set them apart as two different groups was the fact that the two green eyed individuals didn't seem to know each other and their companions didn't recognize the green eyed individual that came with the opposing group; though all three of the other boys were known by all five. All in all, their presence only made things more confusing as the various groups kept casting suspicious glances at the other groups.

"Sport, do you think you can turn the door off and make them go away?" Ash inquired quietly as he sidled up beside Harry and dropped his hand on his shoulder as the seventeen year old's eyes bounced between the red-garbed man (who he was certain looked like him beneath the jacket and glasses) and the other people in the room that looked like him.

"I don't…" Harry began to reply only to cut off as yet another trio of teens and a black dog pushed their way into the crowded room.

The first one was short, just barely four feet tall, with bright green eyes and two ugly scars that started at the top of his head and ran down over his left eye before ending around his chin. Where the two scars disappeared into his hair, the boy's messy dark hair had turned snow white that stood out starkly against the blacker strands. The other two teens looked like slightly younger versions of the bushy haired girl and round faced boy that had arrived with the first group. The black dog sat down and sniffed the air in confusion before it morphed into a man with long, shaggy black hair and piercing blue-grey eyes.

"James, where did you bring us this time? I thought we were going down to the Chamber so that we could work on your spell-casting?" the dog-man inquired as he glanced about the room in confusion.

"We've been shunted to a new server and a new game," the scarred boy stated in an emotionless tone that was just a few decibels louder than the red-jacketed man's soft monotone as he did something with his hand that caused a semi-transparent screen to pop up in front of him. "Apparently, we've been shunted into an omake of some kind; a side game that is a mish-mesh of several different games. My guess is that it is a glitch that brought us here and once it is fixed we'll be shunted back to our former game so we can pick up where we left off. Unless my consciousness has been permanently shifted like it was when I first woke up in MaM after SAO self-destructed and it brought the four of you along for some reason."

The scarred boy's explanation seemed to be some sort of signal as the moment he finished speaking, all of the other individuals began talking over one another as they demanded answers from everyone present. Accusations were flowing fast and thick between individuals and groups and more than a couple of people were claiming to be the same person. The weirdest part was that there was one individual in each group that was claiming to be the real Harry Potter; even though none of them actually went by the name Harry Potter.

"Enough is enough!" Harry cried out as the weirdness of his portal spitting out so many strange people on top of the other weird things that had been happening since he first opened the door unlocked something inside of him. "Be gone! All of you need to leave now! You do not belong here and if you do not leave now you will unmake all of our worlds!"

As if that was a signal they had been waiting for, all twelve of Harry's bonded Pokémon fired off their strongest attacks (with the two unevolved eevees using Helping Hand to help their siblings) at the unwanted visitors. The mechanical wolf was the last visitor to tumble back into the portal on a wave of salt water and it howled out in frustration as its claws grabbed hold of the doors and pulled them shut as it was sucked into the portal. Silence fell over the Ketchum's living room with the slamming of the doors and Harry blinked at the suddenly emptied room in confusion as he came back to himself.

"Where did all of the strangers go?" Harry asked as he swung his gaze sideways to stare at his father in confusion. "You know what, never mind; I don't want to know." So saying, Harry walked up to the magical portal and shoved the couch in front of the doors to prevent them from being opened again. "I've had enough madness for one day; I'm going back to bed. The wizarding world can wait for another day."

"Works for me," Ash agreed in a dazed tone as he kept glancing between his son and the barricaded magical portal.

Outside the Ketchum house, a small pink cat-like creature giggled to itself in amusement before flying off.

AN: Whoa what a trip! This omake was a ball to write and I couldn't stop giggling the entire time I was writing it; which is why it took so long to write (because I couldn't stop laughing long enough to type!). I'd actually been flipping between having some of my various versions of 'Harry Potter' visiting the Ketchums or having the Ketchums visiting the worlds of my other Harrys and decided it would take too much to make them hop worlds and had the others step into their world instead.

For those of you who are wondering, here is a list of the groups and the names of the stories in which they appear (whether or not the stories have been posted):

1st group: from my Natsume Yujincho x HP crossover Haunted – Natsume Ryuu (Harry Potter), Neville Longbottom, Hermione Granger, and Hatake Kakashi (an OC that is based upon Kakashi from Naruto).

2nd group: from one of my unposted Naruto x HP crossovers Bug Boy – Aburame Satoshi (Harry Potter), Hatake Kakashi, Hagane Kotetsu, Kamizuki Izumo, Hyuuga Hinata, Aburame Shino, and Uzumaki Naruto.

3rd group: from my Gundam Wing x HP crossover Banished Destiny – Taliesin Bard (Harry Potter), Heero Yuy, Duo Maxwell, Trowa Barton, Quatre R. Winner, Wufei Chang, and Wolfstar (the mechanical wolf – former Wing Zero).

4th group: from my unposted Hunter x Hunter x HP crossover Hunter x in the x Making – James Evans (Harry Potter), Killua Zoldyck, and Gon Freecss.

5th group: from my unposted Hunter x Hunter x HP crossover Dark x Wizard x Hunter – Harriet Azalea Potter (Fem Harry Potter) and Kurapika.

6th group: from my unposted Sword Art Online x HP crossover Magic Online – James Mills (Harry Potter), Hermione Granger, Neville Longbottom, and Padfoot/Sirius Black.

Anywho… for those of you who are waiting for the posting of Year 2 of The Wizard's World, I've finally uploaded and posting the first chapter! I also have two more omakes that will be posted to this story when I find the time to finish cleaning them up; one relating the prank that saw Spy Cat earning his name and one dealing with Hermione's memory loss. I'd like to thank everyone who left a review; they were much appreciated. I hope everyone enjoyed the spoof. ~ Jenn