Title: Sick

Summary: One shots of each of the autobots getting sick and the others taking care of him.

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Optimus was in his office looking over some data-pads that Ultra Magnus had given him a while back. He sighed as he looked down at the data pad he was looking over and rub the side of his helm. A processor ache was forming in his heated helm. He looked back at the data-pad to continue working but the ache was making it hard to stay focus. He places the data-pad down on the desk and uses both servos to rub his helm.

But still it was there. A groan escaped his vocalizer and leaned back in his office chair, optics now dragging and being giving the site of the ceiling before he finally shut them down to spare him the ache. It didn't work as it continues to get worse.

He groaned again, the waves of pain crashed inside of his CPU. It was like a raging storm, wanting to be set from the circuits. Dull blue began to power on and lit his optics, and the chair began creaking as it moved to a straighter position. He made an effort to stand. Taking a few steps, he quickly was meeting face to face with the ground. He manages to catch the side of his desk and slow down the descent.

"Okay, this is a problem." he mumbled. He soon tried to contact someone for help, Ratchet being first on that list. A groan soon followed afterwards when he realized that he couldn't. He tried to think of a way…which didn't help the ache in his helm. Everything was just causing him pain now.

So, finally Optimus just lay there on the floor, praying to Primus to send help. The young prime was beginning to slowly shut his optics off completely and fall in stasis. But just before he went into stasis, he was able to pick up, or at least he think so the pain was causing his processor to fuzz, the sounds of the door to his office opening and closing. His vision was already blurry to the point even shutting them off but he was able to see a blur of red and white and hear a faint "Prime!" before everything went black.

Slowly, Optimus on-line his optics. A groan escaped his vocalizer from the dull ache in not only his CPU but body in general. Optimus felt his limbs slowly coming back on, but soon a face stopped him from even thinking about moving. The one image that probably Megatron would fear himself.

A very slagged-off Ratchet, with a wrench in his clutching fists.

"Hey Ratchet." Prime mumbled.

"Prime." said the medic, wrench still in his clutches.

"So...what happened?"

"Well apparently, you have a virus."

"A virus?"

"Yup. So unless you want to be experiencing a lot of pain, you'll be berth-ridden for about a week. Do I make myself clear?" said the medic as he threatens the young prime with his wrench. Prime was really terrified right now, so he nodded while still lying down on the berth. Ratchet smirked; glad he caused fear in the other's spark before moving away. "Good."

Four days later

Optimus was now in his berth room bored out of his processor. He grumbled and groaned in frustration as he tried to sit up from his berth, which for him in his new condition he had was a little hard. He growled as he looked around his room to see that nothing had changed and there was nothing there to keep his spirit up.

And as if Primus watching and listening, the door to his berth room opened, revealing Ratchet.

"How you feeling prime?" said the Medic.

"Better." said Optimus as he tries to sit up.

"Don't stress yourself. You still need more rest." said Ratchet as he scans over the prime. "A few more days rest and you're free to go."

That when Prowl, Bulkhead, and Sari walked in.

"Hey Optimus." said Sari happily. "How you feeling?"

"Better, thank you for asking." said the prime.

"Sari thought it would help if we brought you some gift." said Prowl. Optimus saw that each of them was holding something in their hands.

"Yup. They're get well presents." said Sari. "Here." Sari handed him a large card. Optimus took it and read what was inside. There was a picture of everybody and a small message that said, Get well soon, we miss you. Optimus smiled.

"I miss you guys, too." he said. Prowl was next and he handed him a small plant.

"Something to keep you company." he said.

"Thank you, Prowl." Prime replied as he took the plant. Bulkhead was next and he handed some painting supplies.

"Something to keep you from getting bored." he said.

"Ah, thank you Bulkhead." Optimus as he took the supplies. "Now, anyone seen Bumblebee?" The prime was a little worry about the younger bot didn't came and visit him like the others for three days.

"I haven't seen the kid since the day you got the virus." said Ratchet. Optimus had a frowned face. Bumblebee seems to be avoiding him.

"Ah, I sure he's not avoiding you on purpose, boss-bot." said Bulkhead.

"Agreed." said Prowl.

"Yeah, I bet he's around here somewhere." said Sari. And right on cue, the door opened up. Everybody turn their heads to see Bumblebee at the door, holding something in his hands. His armor was dirty and he looked banged up, too. Why he was standing there looking like a wreak was a complete mystery to everybody. Ratchet groaned when saw the burns on his arms and the dents on his helm.

"Kid, where were you and why do you look like a mess?" asked Ratchet.

"Somewhere and doing something." was the reply Bee gave as he made way to the berth. The object in his hand appeared to be a large bowl with a spoon and everyone could detect warmth and a very strong smell coming from it.

"Sorry I couldn't get this sooner but I made this for you...I hope it makes you feel better, boss-bot." said Bee as he gave the bowl to Optimus. Optimus blinked and looked at the mixture in the bowl. It was a ratio of Energon mix with some medication, high grade, and other things.

"Oh, thank you Bumblebee." said Prime with a smile, realizing why Bumblebee was avoiding him. He was making a get well soup. He places the bowl on his lap and took a quick sip. At first it didn't taste too good but soon the aftertaste came in and it was a firework of sweetness.

Everybody was watching him as he took the first sip. They saw him pull a not-so-well-hidden disgusted look but that soon was replace with a look of sweetness.

"This is good." he said as he looks up to Bumblebee. "Thank you Bumblebee." Bee's faceplate brightened with a smile.

"You're welcome." he said.

"Where did you get the supplies for that soup?" asked Prowl.

"Somewhere." Bee replied as he settles down on the same berth as Optimus. He was tried after sneaking around the decepticon base looking for the supplies he was looking for, almost getting caught twice by Blitzwing and once by Lugnut. Optimus just scoop over for the minibot knowing that he must be tried after spending a few days making the soup. Bumblebee soon went into recharge.

Ratchet shock his head and signed. "Well, visiting time is over. We should let you rest Prime. I'll take the kid."

"No, he's fine here." Said Optimus, soup still in hand.

"Fine, I'll be back in a little bit to fix his injuries." Said Ratchet as he and the others headed out the door.

"See you later Optimus." Wave Sari. "Hope you get better soon."

"Thank you, Sari." Said Optimus. Once everybody was gone, Optimus drank some more of his soup and saved the rest for later. He turns back to his sleeping buddy, making sure he was comfortable before settling down for a recharge.

"Thanks again, Bumblebee." He said, powering down his optics so he could join him in the peaceful sleep.

"No problem, Optimus." Bee mumbled before they both fell into recharge.

Two days later

"Well, I don't know how you did it Prime but the virus seem to have exit your systems quicker then I thought." said Ratchet as he look over Optimus system. "You're free to go."

Optimus stood up from the berth. "Sounds like Bumblebee's soup helped after all."

Ratchet snorted. "Normally I would check what was in something before I give it to anyone but in this case I rather not know." Optimus smiled then headed out the medbay.

A little later

Optimus smiled to himself as he finish putting the finishing touches to his brew. After making sure it was at the right heat, the prime poured some of his brew into a bowl and place it on a tray with some data-pad then headed towards his quarters. The door cycles open as he enters the room then close behind him.

"How you feeling, Bumblebee?" he said as headed towards his berth where the yellow mech was laying on. The young mech had pick up the virus Optimus had when his systems were down. Optimus had volunteer to keep an eye on him while he recovers, that's why he had those data-pads with him.

Bumblebee sat up, before settling onto a pained grimace. "Terrible. I'm in pain, I'm tired, and I'm bored. I hate being sick."

"I know. Here, I brought you some soup." said Optimus as he hand over the bowl.

Bumblebee took it. "Thanks, boss-bot." Then drink some of it.

"No problem." Optimus said before having a seat next to the berth and begin working on the data-pads. Bumblebee finish his soup then soon fell into recharge. Optimus smiled when he saw Bumblebee recharging peacefully.

"Sleep well, Bumblebee."

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