Title: Sick

Summary: One shots of each of the autobots getting sick and the others taking care of him.

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It was 10:00 am in the Autobot base and it was buzzing with life. Optimus was walking around the base seeing everyone was doing their own thing. Everyone except Bumblebee. Actually, he haven't seen Bumblebee anywhere. He went to Bulkhead, who was painting a picture.

"Hey Bulkhead have you seen Bumblebee?" he asked.

"I think he's still in his room." replied the big mech.


Optimus headed towards Bumblebee's room and open the door. There still recharging on his berth was Bumblebee. Optimus shock his head.

"Bumblebee, it's time to get up." he said as he enter the room and walk to the berth.

He place his hand on Bee shoulder to wake him up but he retract it when he felt how hot the mini-bot was.

"You're over-heating." Optimus quickly pick up the mini-bot and headed towards to the medbay.

Ratchet was in the medbay doing whatever he does in there when Optimus came rushing in carrying Bumblebee.

"Ratchet!" said the worried Prime.

Ratchet quickly sat up and rush to the mini-bot's aid. The bot was give out a lot of heat and it was raising. "Place him on the berth." said the medic as he quickly try to cool the bot nodded and place him on the berth as Ratchet gets to work.

After a while Ratchet was able to get the yellow bot temperture down but he was still hot, his cooling fans were working double time trying to cool him down.

"How is he Ratchet?" asked Prime, worried about the youngest member of his team.

"He's fine now. The kid have a virus." said the medic.

"A virus?"

"No wonder I feel werid."

Both mech turn to see Bumblebee sitting up and the berth. He was not feeling good at all.

"How long will it take before he will recover?" asked Prime as he went by Bee's side.

"Truth. I don't know." said the medic honestly. "All I know is he's going to get worse before he can get better."

"Worse?" Optimus didn't like the sound of that. "How worse?"

Out of the blue, a squishy noise was heard. It was coming from Bumblebee's chest. Or more specifically, his fuel tanks.

That wasn't good.

Ratchet quickly dash towards the waste basket and place it in front of the mini-bot just before he purge his tanks out.

"Primus." said Optimus as he rub the Bee's back in a soothing way.

Bumblebee haven't eaten anything this morning so it's mostly stomach acid. Bee was able to stop before he started purging energon. He laid back on the berth feeling very tired.

"How you feel, kid?" asked the medic.

"...Not...good..." he grunted.

"I know." Ratchet connect the bot to a power feed to give his systems some much needed energy. He then looked towards the Prime. "I'm going to have to keep him here. He's going to have to be monitored constantly."

Optimus nodded. It was going to a long few weeks.


A week later, Bumblebee's condition did indeed got worse. He was having trouble recharging, he can barely keep energon in his system without purging it out violently, and he's shivering like he was cold yet his frame was always constantly over-heating. He had a few emengenies that worried everyone but he was soon stable.

Everybody was in the medbay seeing how Bee was doing, only to sit and wait as Bee purge his tanks out in the wash-racks.

"Hey little buddy," said Bulkhead checking on him. "You done?"

"No." was the replied he got back.

After a few more cycles, Bumblebee came out and laid on the berth, exhausted. He was absolutely miserable. He hated this. Sari came by his side and try to comfort him.

"It's okay Bumblebee. You'll get better soon." she said.

"Okay, let's give this a try." said Ratchet with a syringe in hand. The moment Bee got a glimspe of that needle, he jumped onto the bot closest to him, Prowl.

Prowl didn't expect the yellow bot to jump on him, at least so quickly, despite his condition. Bulkhead chuckled. He knew Bumblebee hated needles. He himself wasn't a an of them either.

Ratchet signed when he saw the sick mini-bot jumped onto the unexpected ninja-bot. "Prime, hold him down."

Optimus went over and pull the yellow bot off the black bot. He then place him firmly but gently on the berth and hold him there as Ratchet gently grabbing his arm and slipping the needle inside. Bee shivered at the prick of the needle entering his protoform and the feeling of the liquid antivirus entering his bloodstream. It felt cold and unnatural as it joined the energon flowing through his body. Once Ratchet pulled out the needle Optimus release the mini bot.

"It's going to take a while before the anti-virus starts to kick in so I suggest you try to recharge." said Ratchet. He turn around to see the bot has already fall in recharge. He came over and connect a power line to him. "We should let him rest." he said to the others.

The others nodded and headed out of the medbay so the young bot can recharge.


Another week and a half has passed by and Bumblebee seem to be doing better. He was purge less and he was recharge peacefully. His main problem was his over heating frame.

Prowl enter the medbay to give the minibot some energon and same datapads. He was starting to complain how bored he was, a sign that he was getting better.

"I told you I won't be long." he said.

"Well, it was long to me." complain Bee.

Bee was in a large tub, big enough for three mechs of his size, and soaking in iced solvent cubes so that he wouldn't rust from prolonged exposure to water. The liquid was a very pale blue and so cold. It had to be, for the occupant. Next to the tub was a waste basket, just in case.

"I brought you some data pads to keep you from getting bored."

"Thanks." Normally Bee don't read much but right now he'll do anything not to be bore. Prowl nodded and headed out of the medbay. One he was gone Bee grab a cube and a datapad and laid back on the tub before he started reading.

A few breem later, Ratchet came in to check on him. "How you doing, kid?"

"Better." replied Bee sitting up.

"I can see that."

Ratchet was a little worry about him. The water was freezing cold yet Bee was still warm.

"So doc-bot," said Bee, breaking Ratchet's thoughts."how long will it be before a get better?"

Ratchet thought about it for a minute "Well, unless we can get you to cool down I say about a week or so."



Another week and a half has pass and Bumblebee was well enough to be release from the medbay. He was put on light duty for the rest of the week but he was just happy to be up and around. The others were just happy to see him well again.

Things seem boring without him.

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