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[ Life is truly an unpredictable thing... ]

{Chapter 1}

{ When life gives you lemons... }

It has been already 6 month, since 4th great shinobi war started. Many shinobi and kunoichi alike have died in this horrible war. Even though Naruto's appearance in the war, was great help, it still wasn't enough though. Alliance of 5 great nations was loosing. All their manpower wasn't enough, to overcome combined forces of Madara Uchiha and Yakushi Kabuto. There just wasn't enough people to stand against the infinite numbers of Zetsu's. But nothing hit shinobi alliance more then loosing 2 of 5 Kage's, and Jinchūriki of the 8 tails, Killer Bee. More specifically, those Kage's were Godaime Kazekage Gaara and Sandaime Tsuchikage Ōnoki. Despite all their efforts, after 6 anguish months of war, there was only left less than half of the shinobi populace. But they still refused to give up to the enemy, and kept fighting. That was of course until one fateful day, when Naruto Uzumaki, third Jinchūriki of the Kyūbi no Yōko, been captured.

And this brings us to the day, when extraction of 9 tailed demon would begin. And ironically enough, it was October 10th.

= Place of sealing =

Inside of the huge room, which was located somewhere underground, was standing, or rather sitting in the lotus position, demonic statue of the outer path, which currently stored 8 of 9 bijū's inside itself. It held it's hands in front of it's face, apart from each other, as if holding some kind of a globe. In the middle of it's hands was Naruto, floating, and was currently being unconscious, while Kyūbi was being ripped out of him by 4 people. Pair of people stood on the thumb and index fingers of each hand. This people were – Madara and Sasuke Uchiha, that stood on the right hand, and Kabuto Yakushi and black half of Zetsu, who stood on the left hand. All 4 men had their hands extended forward, and each had a ring on their hand.

All of a sudden, Naruto regained his consciousness. First thing he felt was pain, a lot of pain. Despite having insane urge to scream out in pain, he just grit his teeth and braced himself. His eyes darted around the place he was being held at. He instantly understood what was happening. Majority would expect for him to start shouting about how he was going to escape, and defeat them all in no time...Well, majority of people would be wrong.

He just smiled sadly one last time, or what he thought was last time for him. 'So time has come, and I have lost huh?...' he thought to himself, as his slowly drifted toward the young Uchiha. Naruto just flashed him his smirk.

"Hey there, how it's going?" asked Naruto, as is they just met in part, without any care in the world.

Everybody froze in shock. But how could they not. Naruto, who should be half dead by now, was conscious and even talking! They just stared at him, wide eyed.

"Ho? Where is famous Uchiha smirk and 'Hn' that you always gave everyone?" said blonde in pained voice, but still managed to grin. "Anyway, I just wanted to say my goodbye to you. At least I will die, knowing that helped in making peaceful future." he continued, with a soft smile on his face.

After hearing his words, everybody quickly came over their shock, and looked at him curiously. But one Uchiha Sasuke started to laugh.

"What peaceful future are you talking about? After we extract that overgrown fox from you, there won't be anything near peaceful for people who stood against us, only destruction."

Naruto's only reaction was just the simple, that enraged young Uchiha even more. "Sorry Sasuke, but I can't let you do that." He than sighed, and adopted sad look in his eyes. "I told you, long time ago, that we will die together, regardless how much we try to deny it. And it seems that time has come, for me to fix my mistake, that I did at the Valley of The End. Farewell Sasuke, I will see you in the afterlife."

As he said his last words to his "best friend", various seals started to appear on his body, wind picked up, and dust started moving toward Naruto.

"What are you doing? This trick didn't work when Danzō tried it, why do you think that you will do any better?" said Madara, while smirking behind his mask. But after several second, it changed into frown.

"What did you do to me? Why can't I use my space-time technique? ANSWER ME, NOW!" said Madara, in very pissed off tone, and last part almost sounded as if he was in panic.

'You ain't seen nothing yet. Hah! Atleast I will get to see as they all die in fear, as I pass away.' thought still floating blonde to himself, and than started chuckling loudly.

"Well...seeing as we will all die in in couple minutes, I may as well explain what is going on. You see, unlike the seal, that Danzō put on himself, this one is modified version, made yours truly. It has much larger range of "sealing", it will suck everything inside my body, that is in 2 miles radius. You can attempt and escape, but I assure you that it will be just waste of your time. You may think that I am going crazy, thinking that elite ninja such as yourself wouldn't be able to escape jutsu like this, but this is very you would be very wrong. You see, I placed another seal on my body, which will make you unable to use any of your chakra, which also means, that you are reduced to mere civilian." At this point he started laughing, bitter, sad laugh of a dead man. "And to top it all, you won't be just sealed inside my body. Oh no. You will be bound to my very soul. And by the way, while I was explaining all this, sealed got powered enough, and it will activate right about...NOW!"

Just as he finished talking, huge black sphere burst from Naruto's body, and enveloped everything in 2 miles radius. It happened in just 2 seconds. And as fast as sphere appeared, it was gone. There was nothing left, just one big crater.

From that day onward, people would remember for centuries, how Naruto Uzumaki, Shinobi of Konohagakure no Sato, Toad Sage, Jinchūriki of Kyūbi no Yoko, but most of all, simple teenager who wanted to bring peace to the world, ended 4th Great Shinobi War by sacrificing himself to protect everybody he held dear.

And that is how everybody would remember end of the path of Naruto Uzumaki, in the shinobi world. And everybody would of course be right to believe in that. But nobody from Elemental Nations would ever know, that the moment when Naruto left shinobi world, his journey just began anew...in completely different world.

= 10 minutes after activasion of the seal - Naruto's mindscape =

Once again, Naruto found himself standing in his mindscape, but now instead of the usual sight of sewer, he was standing in the middle of the field. Grass in this field, were yellowish color, and skies were dark. There were even some trees, but they looked exactly like all other living things, as if they hadn't seen any sunlight in years, and didn't get to have any water in a very long time.

Naruto looked around, trying to find out where exactly he was. After several minutes of searching, the only thing that he found kinda out of place, was one big cave, that you couldn't see inside of it, even if tried.

When Naruto approached the entrance, he suddenly stopped when he felt another presence inside the cave. And by the sounds of it, whatever was inside the cave, was coming right at him. And it was huge, if booming sounds of steps was any indicator.

Minute later, blonde Uzumaki was standing infront of the huge, black fox, with barely visible red highlights. It also had red, slitted eyes, and blood red fur around them.

"So I will spend my last minutes of existence, talking to you eh? Kyūbi?" but it sounded more like claim than question. And as he said it, he sat on the ground lazily.

Fox just looked at his curiously for a second, and than chuckled lightly. "I'm afraid you are mistaken, Naruto. You see, I am no Kyūbi, but it's to be expected that you would be confused, seeing as I am a fox. I am Jūbi."

True to it's words, when Naruto looked behind the fox, he saw 10 swishing,black tail with blood-red tips at the end. He just raised eyebrow at the fox that was standing in front of him. "Care to explain how all this happened? Oh, and where are we?" asked Naruto, after 2 minutes of thinking.

"Very well, I will explain everything, in order for you to understand what is going to happen to us. As to where are we – we are in your mindscape, or rather in our mindscape."

Just as Naruto was about to ask more question, fox stopped him, by rising it's hand...or paw in this case. "Hold your question for now, you can ask as many questions after I finish explaining." blonde didn't respond to that verbally, he just nodded quietly.

"You see, when you activated that seal of yours, thus absorbing everything around you, not everything went as you planned. All this energy being concentrated in 1 single point, caused space-time rip, and you got sucked into the void between dimensions, and that's where we are at the moment ,but that aside for now. After we got sucked into the "dimensional portal", oddly enough, your body started started adapting to the energy that you absorbed. But with all of us together in this body, somebody had to take control of it. You probably don't remember it, but as soon as we started floating in the void between dimensions, inside your body started battle for dominance, which was basically battle of wills. At that time, I was being reborn, so battle has been held between you, two Uchihas, Kabuto and Zetsu. As you can guess, your will was the strongest, hence why you are here, and not locked somewhere inside your own mind. All this happened before I was created, from merging all 9 Bijū together. When I was finally reborn, our souls merged together. So simply speaking, we are 2 person inside 1 body, but you still have like 60% control over this body, so even if tried to take control, I would've failed. And in the end all chakra that I had, have been transferred to us."

Naruto quietly listened to everything, that fox infront of him had to say, the whole time. He was truly amazed by what he was told. "Wow...that's quiet a lot to take in." After several more minutes of silence, he finally decided to ask some questions.

"OK, first of all – why do you have body of the fox, and why are so...friendly?"

"First question is fairly simple. You see, when we were merging, you subconsciously imagined fox at the mentioning of the Bijū, so I took form of the fox. As for your second question, I am not to sure, but I have a theory. When I was split into 9 pieces, each of the Bijū developed their own persona, but it was affected by the emotion that I was experiencing, at the moment of the splitting, more specifically – hate. But now, when I was reborn, I am back to my original persona that had been developed in the first place. At least I hope so."

"What do you mean "i hope so"?" asked Naruto curiously.

"Ah well...you see, when I was reborn not so long ago, I had only memories of the all 9 Bijū. I am not the same Jūbi that almost destroyed the world. You can say, I am entirely new person."

"I see...that's actually good to hear. Wouldn't want to spend all my life with hateful voice inside my head." said blonde, while laughing lightly. "So what happened to the Sasuke and 3 other assholes?"

"When I discovered what happened, I simply got rid of them. They were just parasites inside your body, and if not dealt with, they would cause problem in the future."

"So there is nothing left of them?"

"Not entirely. Their chakra and memories have been transferred to you. You can view their memories, inside your mindscape. I will explain later how to do it."

"So what happens now? We will be just stuck inside this void for all eternity?"

"No. I am already working on that. If you will give me full control over our body, for couple of minutes, when I ask, I will able to mimic the way we got here, to get out. At the moment, I am trying to find dimension, with atleast somewhat similar energy to chakra, so we would be able to adapt to that world easily. And no, we can not return back to our dimension. We are too far from it right now. Oh by the way, as we speak, our body is de-aging, meaning that if we don't hurry up, we will be reduced to nothing. But don't worry too much, 1 second here, is like 1 hour outside. And we have around 3 hours at most." said Jūbi as if it was the most obvious thing in the world.

Naruto just stared at the fox, wide eyes for a moment. "OK, let's do it. Not like I have better plan anyway. By the way, why does my mindscape looks like this, and not like sewer?"

"Oh that's easy. You see, when Kyūbi was sealed inside of you, there was always chaos, because you both were so hostile toward each other. In another words, your energy was simply unbalanced. But now, your chakra is in perfect balance, but your mind isn't. If you're wondering why it is not. It's because of me. But if we come to an agreement, and work together, and dare I say even become friends, everything would be balanced quiet nicely. Everything around here would bloom, and there always would be sun."

"Meh...who am I to say no? Hehe, of course I would like us to be friends." said Naruto, showing one of his toothy smiles.

"Good good. But there 1 last thing that I need to discuss with you. When I said that I didn't entirely destroy that 4 humans, I meant not only their minds, but their bodies also. So now, I am giving once in a life time opportunity to gain any abilities that they had, that u wouldn't be able to learn. Like bloodline." said Jūbi, showing grin of his own.

Naruto's eye instantly lit up like a Christmas tree, and his brain started working overload, thinking of all the possibilities. After several minutes of hard thinking, he finally made up his mind. "OK I got it! You know, I always wanted to have some dōjutsu of my own, I was always jealous as a kid, of the Uchihas and Hyūgas. So I want Sasuke's Eternal Mangekyō Sharingan, but also add Madara's space-time technique that he always uses. Madara also had Rinnegan, correct?" receiving nod in response, he continued. "Say, will I be able to use summoning ability in another dimension?" Jūbi shook his head in 'no' manner. "Well shit. Lets see than...hmmmmm...i got it! Hey, will you be able to put some modifications to the Rinnegan?"

Black fox looked at him with raised eyebrow, and curious look in his eyes "Such as?" it questioned.

"Like getting rid of 2 paths of the Rinnegan, and powering another path to balance it out?"

Jūbi 'hmm'-ed for a minute, but than grinned at Naruto. "Yes I would able to do it, but it won't be easy. And you know, from what I know from Kyūbi's memories, you weren't so smart. No offense."

"None taken. It's true that most of Konoha's population thought that I was an idiot. But it isn't quiet true. After all, foxes are tricksters by nature. So deceiving people wasn't so hard for me to, you know?" said Naruto with his famous foxy grin, that threatened to split his face in half.

Enormous fox just laughed loudly at that. "Now I can truly say, that years that we are gonna spend together, won't be boring in the slightest."

"So tell me, what do you have in mind about Rinnegan?"

"I was thinking about getting rid of the Animal Pathand Asure Path, while powering up Deva Path."

"I can understand how Animal Path would be useless, but what about Asura Path?" asked fox, wondering about his particular choise.

"Meh, it just creeps me out every time I see it in action." answered Naruto with a shrug of his shoulders. Jūbi just sweat-dropped in the background. "Oh and 1 last thing. Can you also give us the ability to blend with anything, and hide our chakra, like Zetsu?" black fox just nodded, and Naruto let satisfied smirk cross his face.

"Is that all? What about that Kabuto guy?"

"NO! Thank you very much! I don't want anything to do with Pedo-maru or his 4 eyed sex toy." Answered Naruto with a shudder.

"Guess you're right. So let's get to work. Oh by the way, I almost forgot to tell you, it's gonna hurt like motherfucker!" letting sadistic grin to appear on his face.

And as soon as it said that, Naruto started screaming as if he was being burned alive, and his eyes were feeling as if they were melting. But fortunately for Naruto, it all ended in next 2 minutes. He just lay there, on the ground, looking up in the sky, and panting heavily.

"Motherfucker." he suddenly muttered, making fox erupt into the uncontrollable laughter.

"Told ya so..." said fox, while trying to hold his laughter, which he was failing at miserably.

Naruto just lay there, not caring about a thing, just adapting to the power that was now flowing trough him. After what seemed like eternity, Naruto finally sat up, making eye contact with the fox.

"So what now?"

"As I told you, until I sense suitable dimension for us, we're just gonna wait. But when I will sense it, you'll have to give me full control over our body, for a minute or 2, so I can drag us out of this shithole." answered Jūbi, rather calmly.

"So when are you gonna sense it already? I've been laying here for couple of hours maybe, and we still didn't make any progress..." said Uzumaki dejectedly.

"I am trying! Even though I have all the memories of the 9 bijū, I was born several fucking hours ago, so gimme a break" said fox, already irritated with Naruto's behavior. 'What is he expecting for me to do? To make us damn dimensional tourists or something? *Sigh* That brat could only cry and scream, and yet here I am trying to find a suitable dimension, for us to spend our lives much more comfortably than we would in some shithole of a dimension, and I can't have a break from brat's complains...i really hope that I will be getting more respect from brat later on, or I'm going to fry his brains, and be done with it...everything be damned.' And while bijū was having one of his inner rants, Naruto was watching it curiously, as expression on fox's face changed every several seconds. And by the look of it, thoughts that fox was having, weren't the pleasant ones.

"Are we there yet?..." asked ex-jinchūriki, breaking fox from it's rant.

"Dammit brat! Can't wait a fucking a bit more? I swear, it's as if you're 6 and not 16. If in next several years you will stay the same annoying idiot, that you are now, I am going to kill us both, consequences be damned! You hear me? Don't you dare still be the sa-...Wait! I think I got something!" fox's expression instantly changed to the concentrated one, and he fell silent.

"Not that I doubt your ability to...erm...sense dimensions, but are you sure it's the best one we can get?" asked Naruto, trying not to offend living mass of chakra, that was currently standing in front of him.

"Yes, I am sure. I can sense energy, very similar to chakra. Yes yes! It is perfect for us! Seems like we are lucky enough to find a nice and cozy dimension, and not turn into newborn in the process." said fox in cheerful tone, and by the sound of it, fox was pretty proud of itself.

"Now give me control, you're gonna black out, but don't worry, it's a side effect from traveling through dimensions."

"Well, I guess this is it. Lets see if I made the right decision, when I decided to trust you." said Naruto, as he willing handled full control over their body, to the bijū in front of him. "I'll see you when we get to that dimension that you have found...i hope." and with that said, light faded from blonde's view.

= October 10th, X771 – Kingdom of Fiore, somehwere around "Wass Forest" =

Somewhere near the border of "Kingdom of Fiore" and "Seven", there was bright flash of light in the sky. When everything cleared out, there was something falling from the sky, at the very high speed.

When it landed, it made a huge crater. After a couple of moments, dust started to scatter, and you could clearly see what was in the center of the crater, or more specifically who was. And indeed, there in the crater, lay blonde boy, not older than 6. The only cloth he has on himself, were some rags, that were actually a leftover of his original outfit. But strangely enough, boy himself was unharmed. Not even a single bruise was visible on his body.

But suddenly, body, that lay in the crater, began to stir a little. And in a matter of minutes, blonde boy was in sitting position. "Ugh...i feel like I just got punched right in the head, by Tsunade-baa-chan. What the hell happened here?..." muttered Naruto to himself, while keeping his eyes shut.

'We fell from the sky, that's what happened. And you know what's the best part? I don't feel any pain! HAHAHA. And you even landed on your ass! HAHAHAHA'

"Who in the fucking -wait, Jūbi?" asked blonde hesitantly.

'Who else, Sherlock? Or do you think that you can get rid of me that easily? Tough luck pal.'

"Ah dammit! And I was so hoping that it was all just a bad dream. *sigh* Guess I really am stuck with you forever. So anyway, did everything go as planned? Is everything OK?"

'Yep. We successfully traveled to another dimension. And everything went just as I planned. Though there is something that I noticed, after we got here.' answered fox, inside of the blonde's head.

"What is it?"

'Well...do you remember that sword, that Killer Bee gave you? Samehada. *Nod* As you remember, you had it sealed, and seal was drawn on your body. But strange thing is – sword is gone, but seal is still intact. And speaking of seals...i kinda foresaw that we won't have any cloths, so I used that seal, to seal everything that Sasuke had on.' said Jūbi, obviously proud of itself, for coming up with such a good idea.

"Yeah, good thinking. But you see, there is this one little problem"

'What?' asked voice in Naruto's head, curious if he managed to miss something. But for some reason, enormous fox in blonde Uzumaki's head, just knew that he missed something important, but couldn't put it's finger finger...errr...claw on it.

"I AM FUCKING 6 YEAR OLD, NOT 16! Those clothes are too big for me!" screamed frustrated blonde.

'Damn, how could I miss that?'

"Guess I have no choice, but to wear those for the time being." he said, as he quickly put some chakra into the seal, that was located on his right hand, unsealing everything that Sasuke was wearing at the time of extraction.

"Wait! Everything? Ewwwwww! There's even his underwear. I am so gonna burn this shit!" grunted Naruto on disgust.

About 5 minutes later, Naruto was sitting under the random tree in the forest, where he went after he managed to get out of the crater. He was wearing Akatsuki cloack, and somehow managed to make it fit to his size, by folding and wrapping around himself said cloack. Naruto was just about to ask Jūbi something, when he realized that he was talking out loud the whole time. So he decided that rather than making contact with the fox verbally, he would talk with it mentally. After all, you never know who could be listening on you. And as much as he disliked this, his profession as a shinobi, forced him to be secretive.

'So what do we do now? Do you have any ideas' mentally asked Naruto.

'As a matter of fact, I do actually. We could always go and find some bandits, than using Human Path's ability, suck their souls out, and learn everything they knew about this world. And speaking about knowledge, don't forget to visit your mindscape later on. After all, here are the memories, skills and experience of 4 very powerful shinobi. And if you will be a good boy, I might as well share some of my own knowledge with you.'

'Hmm...that's surprisingly pretty good idea. And you know, I am REALLY starting to like you' said Naruto mentally, while grinning.

He than set up, and looked into the random direction, and started to walk. But not before looking up into the sky, and saying to nobody in particual.

"Be prepared world, 'cause Naruto Uzumaki is here, and he is going to make sure to have one hell of a life ahead of himself."

And with that said, huge smile appeared on Naruto's face, as he walked through the forest, seeking some more trouble for himself, one unfortunate bandits, that will be quiet unlucky to be in his way.


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