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[ Chapter 3 ]

{ New member }

= Fairy Tail guild – X777, July 14th =

It has been a little over 2 months since Naruto joined Fairy Tail – guild that was famed for it's strong members, and for causing a lot needless damage. People in the guild, accepted him in very short amount of time, despite his reputation as feared mercenary. If anything, his reputation earned him more respect from his guild mates, then made them fear him. Fairy Tail truly wasn't some ordinary guild, it had it's own way of thinking. Master saw to it personally.

Even though he was member for short amount of time, it really felt like he truly belonged there.

From the first day that he joined, he made many friends, but there this 3 people, that he has been closest to. They were Cana Alberona, Erza Scarlet and Mirajane.

Cana Alberona, was year younger than himself. She had dark brown hair, tied into the pony tail, with a long bang, on each side of her face, and had dark blue eyes. For the most part, she was wearing orange dress, that made her look rather cute. The reason why she was so close to Naruto, was because their mutual liking for cards. She and and the blond 'Devil' would often spend most part of the day, just playing cards, talking and sharing some interesting stories. And of course, true to his words, not once did he lost the game to the young card mage.

Erza Scarlet. She was very odd person, in Naruto's opinion. She was in the same age group as him, and had scarlet hair, and brown eyes. She wore light armor, with white shirt underneath it, long white skirt, and had short sword strapped to her left hip. In truth, she reminded him of his mother. He would never know if it was because of her hair, or because of her personality, whenever she saw Mirajane. Even though she was almost always calm and calculative, her personality would take whole 180º turn, every time she would start argument with Mirajane, with them ending up fighting. That was what actually made them so close. Each time those two would start a fight, he would always stop them. He also spend big amount of his time, having kenjutsu spars with her. Of course she wasn't as he good as he was, seeing as she started training in art of kenjutsu not so long ago.

And than there was Mirajane. She was pretty hostile individual in Naruto's opinion. She had long, white hair, and had it tied in ponytail with purple bow. She also had blue eyes, and dressed in a punk gothic style, and wore a revealing black spaghetti-strapped shirt. Most of the times, she either fought with her rival – Erza, or spend time with her 2 siblings – Elfman and Lisanna, but when she saw how easily Naruto defeated Erza, she started calling Naruto, her 2nd rival. Though unlike Erza, Naruto always found some excuse to slip away from her. But after some time of observing her, he could confidently say that she was very kind person, even she didn't show it much. She mainly kept her 'tough girl' act, so nobody would think that she is weak, after all, she was the eldest one, and had to protect her little sister and brother. And maybe because she was more intimidating while acting like that...

Naruto also became good friends with Gray, Elfman, Lisanna and Levy. They were nice kids, and mostly immature, expect Elfman, who was pretty mature for his age. Both boys were only year younger then himself, wheres girls were 2 years younger then him. Those kids pretty much idolized him, seeing how strong he was, but at the same time so young. Hell, Lisanna even started calling him Aniki, sevevral days ago.

He already went on couple of missions, in this past weeks. Those missions weren't anything difficult, just some delivery or protection stuff, hardest one that he has taken so far, has been to capture some bandits. And he couldn't take S ranked ones, 'cause you need to be S ranked mage, or you needed S ranked mage to accompany you, and the fact that he only joined 2 months ago. Though he decided that he would become S ranged mage ASAP, after all he didn't want to live in that little apartment, that he rented not so long ago, forever. He knew that he could easily become S class mage, with his huge arsenal of jutsus and magic that he copied and mastered while traveling, and not to mention 6 years of non-stop training. He was pretty confident that he could take on bigger part of Ten Wizard Saints, and win. But he being a good shinobi, that he was, he knew his capabilities, and knew perfectly well that if he would attempt to fight Makarov, he would give him good run for his money, but loose in the end. Though he hoped that in about 10 years or so, he will be able to stand a chance in a fight against his current guild master.

But right now, Naruto was sitting at the Fairy Tail hall, enjoying his beer, and even though he was underage, nobody once said anything to him. From the corner of his eye, he noticed Cana coming his way, but didn't make any move that showed that he saw her.

"Hey there Naruto, wanna play poker?" asked Cana, sitting down on the other side of the table.

"Sure, not like I got anything better to do anyway." he answered with a smile, moving beer to his right, to make some room for game.

They played for about 5 minutes, neither having any desire to loose, when suddenly loud sound interrupted them. Naruto just titled his head to the side, searching for the place where sound came from. When he spotted the thing, that made said sound, he sighed heavily. Mira and Erza were fighting...again, and by the look of it they just started to use magic. He just lazily pointed his hand, with open palm at them, and his eyes became completely black, with red, 8 pronged star, having 3 pointed star in it, instead of pupil, and 3 red circles around the 8 pronged star. He quietly muttered 2 words that nobody heard – Banshō Ten'in. Both girls immediately froze in place, as if stopped by some invisible energy, and flew toward Naruto at high speed. When they were just about to collide with blond shinobi, they again stopped several inches from him, and levitated to each of Naruto's sides. When Uzumaki ended his technique, Mira was sitting on Naruto's left, and Erza on his right side, both frozen in place, and pale, but Naruto's chuckle brought them back to reality.

"Naruto, I told you hundreds of times not to do that!" screamed Mira at amused blond.

"And I told you to stop fighting like little kids, you should set example for them, instead of fighting."

Both girls mumbled apology, and lowered their heads in shame.

Naruto couldn't hold it any longer, so he gave in to his urges, and started laughing. It was just too funny for him to see 2 of the most feared people in Fairy Tail being reduced to timid, little girls, as he started scolding them. He than sneaked each of his arms, around the both girl's waist, and pulled them into the hug, almost making their cheeks touch each other, which made Erza and Mirajane blush.

"Now now girls, don't be like that. It's okay to fight sometimes, and it's good having rival, it helps you test your skills against somebody. But you don't have to fight all the time. Wouldn't it be nice, to just sit like this, and talk to each other like a good friends huh?"

Both girls happily nodded, as he detached himself from them, which made girls a bit disappointed, though neither showed it.

"So why didn't master stop you before I could? He usually interjects stops any fighting, before anybody could use magic." asked Naruto, wondering where Makarov could have been.

"Oh yes, you only came back yesterday from the mission that you took, so you wouldn't know. He went to the Annual Guild Master Meeting almost week ago, so he should be back soon already." answered Erza.

"Yes, he said that he will be back in a week, and told me run the bar." added Mirajane.

"Uhu, I see, thanks Erza-chan, Mira-chan." said Naruto, grinning brightly at them, which made the girls blush.

Naruto wouldn't admit it, but he secretly enjoyed making 2 girls, of whom almost all guild is scared shitless, blush like that, which of course cause a lot of jealousy from male part of the guild.

But his inner musing were interrupted by the sound of door, which just started opening. When it opened completely, inside stepped short old man and pink haired kid, who was around 8 year old, not then older 9, with pink hair, and scarf around his neck.

Naruto just waved in Makarov's direction, mouthing 'hi', to which master smiled and nodded. But when Naruto looked at the kid, that came with his master, he suddenly froze. Mira, Erza and Cana, were only ones who noticed, and looked worriedly at Naruto. And without any warning, Naruto burst out laughing, while pointing at the kid. Now everybody in the guild, was looking at Naruto curiously, wondering why was he laughing.

"Oi jerk, what's so funny? Stop laughing or I will kick your ass!" shouted pink haired kid furiously, which only made Naruto laugh even harder.

Blond shinobi was now rolling on the ground, laughing his ass off, but somehow managed to form words in-between laughing. "Now I know...hahaha...how would mine...haha... and Sakura's son look like, if we had one...HAHAHAHA..."

He somehow managed to calm down after about 5 minutes, sitting back from where he fell, and schooling his features. "Sorry about that kid, it's just you really look like some kind of mix between me and Sakura. Hell, you even have same personality as me, when I was your age. I am Naruto Uzumaki, by the way." said ex-Konoha shinobi, smiling cheerfully at the kid.

"My name is Natsu Dragneel, nice to meet you Naruto." said now identified Natsu, flashing his huge grin.

Naruto just came closer to Natsu, and ruffed his fair."Hmm...you're a good kid, you even have good manners." he told Natsu, smiling. "So you wanna join the guild?" to which, pink haired boy nodded. "For what reason do you want to join though? Here are several kids around your age, and neither joined because of a good life, so what's your reason for wanting to join?"

"I want to find find my father, 'cause he disappeared around a week ago. And when I met the old man, he said that if I come to guild, I could get stronger and gain friends, and also place to stay." answered Natsu, becoming sad after remembering about his 'father'.

"Oh? So you want to find your father huh? Who is he? Maybe I've heard of him."

"My father...he is the dragon, his name is Igneel. You probably haven't heard of him. Most people don't even believe that dragons exist."

"Dragon eh? Actually I have seen one before, though only for couple of seconds, as it flew past me. It was couple of years of ago actually, so I doubt I have any useful information that u may want to know." Naruto then crouched down, so he was on Natsu's eye level. "Heh...you know, I am actually an orphan. I never had any family, I grew up all by myself, and I think that if you have any real family left, you should seek them out to at least see them one more time. But you know what, kid? Even though I haven't been in Fairy Tail for long time, I can tell you that everybody in this guild, consider each other a family. And if you need any help with finding you father, or anything else, don't be afraid to ask for help, after all that's what's family for no?"

Natsu watched Naturo in awe, as he spoke to him, and could only bob his head up and down, showing that he understood what blond was telling him.

"Okay then go meet the others, as I said before, there are couple of kids your age, who, I am sure, will be glad to be friends with you" Natsu nodded again, obviously happy, and went to meet the rest of the guild.

3 girls that were watching exchange between blond and pink haired boy, were having identical thought. 'He is good with kids.'

When Naruto started walking back to his seat, he saw Makarov nodding in approval, with the soft smile on his face, the one that parent would give his children to show that he was proud of them. Naruto then returned back to his seat, and was about to take a sip from his drink, when he hear sound of fighting. When he turned around, he was greeted by the sight of Gray and Natsu, who were throwing fists at each other. He couldn't but sigh at the antics of the new kid. And unfortunately it appears that he was right about Natsu's attitude being very close to his, when he was younger. But before he could do anything about it, Erza stood up and headed to the spot where boys were fighting.

Naruto, as well as most part of the guild, watched in amusement as Natsu tried to talk back to Erza, but was launched right into the wall, along with Gray. Blond shinobi couldn't help it, he started laughing at how scared this kids were of Erza. He just relaxed in his seat, and started drinking his beer, chuckling once in a while at pink haired boy's antics.

= Couple of days later – Fairy Tail hall =

Naruto just entered the guild hall, after completing one of his missions, and wanted to report his success of his mission to his master, and go home to relax there. But on his way out, he noticed that most of the guild went silent. He tried to search for the source of said silence, only to find teary eyed Natsu, clutching mission request in his hand, while Mira looked at him like he was some sort of cute puppy, and Lisanna looked somewhat concerned. Allowing his curiosity to get better of him, Naruto made his way toward the group.

"Hey guys, what's going? What's wrong with you Natsu?" Asked Uzumaki, looking from Mira to Natsu.

"Natsu can't doesn't know how to read properly, and is to stubborn to admit it." whispered back white haired girl in gothic attire.

And just when Naruto was about to do something about it, Erza spoke out. "Natsu, there is nothing to be ashamed of. In fact I will even teach you how to read."

"NO! I don't want to! Erza is scary!" shouted pink haired kid right at Erza. And just when red-head was about to say something, Naruto interrupted her.

"Natsu, come here. Let's have a little talk OK? I promise I will bring him back in couple of minutes Erza, so you could drill all the things into his thick head, we just need to talk about 'boys stuff'" said blond to Natsu and Erza.

Naruto then put a hand on Natsu's shoulder, and they both disappeared in a poof of smoke.

"Do you think Natsu will be OK, Mira-nee?" asked Lisanna, worried about young dragon slayer's well being.

"Don't worry sis, Naruto is a good guys, he won't do any harm to your boyfriend." answered Mirajane teasingly. Though she was surprised when her little sister just blushed, but didn't protest against calling Natsu her boyfriend. But then Mira saw this little sparkle in Lisanna's eyes, and she knew that her little,cute sister was up to something.

"Oh what a relief that your boyfriend won't do anything to mine, now is it?" said little white haired her, with mischievous grin plastered on her face.

Mira suddenly became almost as red as Erza's hair, and stomped away, not saying a word, probably 'cause she knew that whatever she would say, would only cause her more embarrassment.

= Forest – outside of Magnolia =

Naruto and Natsu appeared in the forest, by the lake, in a poof of smoke. Naruto just lazily sat on the shore of the lake, and patted the place next to him, indicating for Natsu to sit there. Natsu complied and did as he was asked, waiting for Naruto to speak. And after several more seconds of silence, Naruto finally spoke up.

"You know Natsu, I never really told anyone 'bout my past, and I don't intend to. But I will tell you a little piece of information, that I feel like you need to know." pink headed boy stayed silent and only nodded.

"People of the village, where I have be born, didn't really like, I can go as far as to say that they hated me. Though it wasn't my fault, and they knew it, though that didn't stop them hating me. When I was in orphanage, everybody was taught how to read and write, except me. People always wanted to hinder my growth as much as possible. So I had to sneak out of the orphanage at night, to find books and other various things that would help me learn how to write and read. Nobody was there to help me, and nobody really wanted to. So you see Natsu, when somebody offers you to help with something, especially when it's somebody close to you, try to make best out of it. And after all, being strong doesn't mean that you must only focus on raw power, it also means that you must be smart and cunning. And to be strong, you must first know your own weakness, acknowledge that weakness, and eliminate it as soon as possible. Do you understand that, Natsu?" Naruto's eyes met Natsu's, as he questioned him.

Pink haired dragon slayer stayed silent for a minute, deep in his thought. And suddenly giant grin formed and younger boy's face. "Yes I do! I need to be smart, to be strong, so I need to learn how to read and write to get stronger!"

Naruto chuckled softly, and ruffed Natsu's hair. "That's right, now let's go back, we don't wanna keep Erza waiting for us any longer, now do we?" pink haired boy instantly paled and shook his head violently, mumbling something about 'Scary Erza'

= Fairy Tail hall =

"Hey there Erza, everything is alright now. You can take Natsu with you, and teach him whatever you want. And I'll be heading out now, so see ya guys." said Naruto, as he waved at the people, and excited the guild, walking toward his house.

"Let's go Natsu, you have much to learn." said Erza in very sweet tone, that sent shiver down everybody's spine, and caused Natsu to gulp loudly, but nod and follow her nonetheless.

= 3 days later - Fairy Tail guild =

Naruto was sitting in front of the bar counter, sipping some beer, and talking to master about random, when pink haired boy came running to them. Makarov just smiled at Natsu, not minding the boy at all.

"So Natsu, what have you decided?" asked 3rd master of Fairy Tail.

"Yes I did. I want to stay here, and join Fairy Tail. I like this guild very much, though Erza is scary, I made many new friends, and leaner lots of new words." answered Natsu, grinning from ear to ear.

"Well then, congratulation on becoming official member." said Naruto, chuckling at the boy, who seemed almost as hyper as he was, when he was a kid. 'Life in Fairy Tail just got a bit more interesting'

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