By April DeVinney

Chapter 1

My life at risk

"Mom slow down!" I said . We turn the corner and ….. glass everywhere , blood seeping away from my head ,arms and legs. Looking to my right I see my mom face down on the concrete. Not moving and I blackout.

Waking up in a hospital bed with an I.V. in my arm. Feeling weird I look around up and down , left and right . I look under the blanket and my left leg is gone ! A nurse is walking toward me with a new I.V.

I ask her what happened her exact words were "Your mom was speeding on the road and a semi crashed into your car". Just go back to bed and we'll finish this conversation later . As she leaves I see my dad run in and the doctors and nurses holding him back . I could she him screaming and pointing at me. I fell asleep.

My dad woke me up saying " Ellie are you ok"? I replied with " I don't know , where is mom"? He turned toward the window and sighed . She is in intensive care. …..