Since Balthazar knew Sam and Gabriel were dating, he was very jealous. Because first he wanted Sam and second why the bloody hell would Sam date a guy that killed his brother a 100th times, but not with a guy who helped him?

Balthazar hated then also that whenever he was called by Castiel, that he saw Sam lying against Gabriel with a peaceful smile on his face and that Gabriel looked at him with a stupid smirk. He also was pissed at the way Dean treated Castiel. Dean treated Cas like a peace of shit. And that when the angel did everything for them, from life saver to self sacrifice. He was also very glad when he could used Dean and Sam as a bait for Raphael. Balthazar didn't like the idea to use Sam as a bait. After what he had seen in the Cage it was a wonder that Sam still lived.

But all by all Balthazar was also very pissed on Dean, 'cause the way he treated Castiel as if Cas was a third rang citizen. Balthazar wanted to punch Dean so bad back in the Pit and he was at the point to do it till Sam stand next to him.

" Hey Balthazar, are you okay? You look a little bit grumpy and angry, so what happened?" Sam asked with a calm expression. He was the only reason he didn't punch Dean into the Pit.

Yeah Bro, what happened. Bunch of Angel buddies on your neck? Or lost someone who is dear to you? Here take a candy. Makes you happy work every time for me." Gabriel said with a grin.

"I'm fine Sam just a bad day and no thanks Gabe, I don't need a candy. " Balthazar said now with a sad expression on his face.

"Balthazar thank you for coming. Are you okay Brother you look a little bit sad?"Castiel Sad with a worried tone in his voice.

"I'm fine Cas don't worry. Now what can I do for you boys?" Balthazar said with fake excitement .

"There is a possibility that we need to fight against Raphael and we need a good warrior like you Balthazar." Castiel said very seriously.

"Dear Cas there is a reason why I faked my own dead you know. And what do I get for in return? I don't do things for nothing you know?" Balthazar said casually.

"What do you want in return? Name it and maybe you can get it." Sam said in a matter-of-fact tone.

"What I want is impossible Sam. I don't think Gabriel will appreciate it if I say it out loud." Balthazar looked at Gabriel who looked at him with a glare that could kill people. To Gabriel's detest Sam saw his death glare too.

"Hey Gabe? Relax okay, he said it by himself that it is impossible so don't worry. We just ask what he want and then we look if it is really impossible." Sam continued on a whispering tone to Gabriel. "You know you're the one I love right and that if you let him speak and tell him what he want, then I will give you a special treatment tonight okay?" Sam whispered seductively in Gabriel's ear before he went nibbling on it. Gabriel gave a moan and replayed huskily " Sam I already know what he want and he want you and I don't want that. Your mine and by the way I really like that idea from you. So okay I will let Balthazar speak, but if he say one wrong word and I will hit him really hard."

"Possessive Gabriel? But he has a point you know Sam. There is one thing I want and that is just one night with you. Just one night to do everything with you as long as you are okay with it and of course without Gabriel." Balthazar said very casually.

"Sam don't listen to him. I mean why should you even give him a change. He gave you the way that you couldn't get your soul back and also he left you and your brother many times alone. Don't give him any of your time? Please?" Gabriel pleaded. "Gabe, I have to we need him and also I gave you a second change after you killed Dean a 100th times, let my nuts get cracked, gave me herpes and turned me into a car and still I love you. Man I'm hopeless.. So yeah I give Balthazar a night alone with me only on my terms. And my terms are very simple. No kissing, No sex, You can get a hug, and the rest everything can you choose. But nothing sexually do you copy?"Sam said sternly.