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"Where the hell are we Balthazar?" Sam inquired.

"Aww, come Sammy! We are in an expensive hotel; here is where I'm going to change your mind so you'll go to bed with me!"

Sam stood there with one eyebrow raised and when the words sunk in his mouth dropped open. Only to close with a snap and to put one of his bitchfaces on.

"Ermm… did you forget the deal already? You agreed with Gabriel that you wouldn't kiss or do anything sexual with me remember?"

" Ah, of course. Yes darling I remember, but you won't complain when I'm done with you." Balthazar replied with a smirk.

"**! I'm calling Gabe get me! I'm done with you."

Sam walked to the door with a look that could kill every demon that stood in the way. He walked so fast as he could but before he was by the door he felt a hand on his mouth and someone was pulling him back.

"Oh no, I won't let you! I won't let my only chance get ruined by anyone, not even you. And I promise you will beg for more."

After that Balthazar, using his angel mojo, put Sam on the bed with a gag in his mouth. Sam tried to struggle against the invisible binds, but with no luck. Balthazar walked to the bed while pulling off his shirt. Then he crawled on the bed to meet his captive. Sam couldn't speak with the gag in his mouth and when Balthazar had Sam naked he began to examine every muscle and inch of skin with his hands and tongue. Sam still tried to move and pull away, but still it didn't work. So Sam went in the submissive mode. "Darling why the suddenly change? Why so submissive? Finally it got through that you won't get out of it? Don't worry; I'll put the gag out if you stay quiet. "

Balthazar went lower and was making Sam hard. When it was full and heavy Balthazar took Sam whole. That ended up for Sam to give a loud moan and soon Sam was enjoying himself. Balthazar put three fingers in Sam mouth where Sam eagerly on sucked. Sam knew he shouldn't enjoy it, but he had a weak point for that British accent. Soon the fingers from Balthazar were wet enough, so he took them out of Sam's mouth and put slowly one finger in Sam's entrance.

He moves his finger slowly, because he didn't want to hurt Sam. Balthazar wanted that Sam would enjoy it just as much as he would. So when his finger moved easily, he started to put a second with it and moves it carefully.

Sam was used to this, because he and Gabe did it quite a lot. Except this wasn't Gabe, but Balthazar and so Sam tried to get the intrusion out of him.

"tss.. tss.. Sam you know I won't stop, till I get what I want, So why don't you just enjoy it." Balthazar said with a grin on his face. He knew why Sam was trying to get him out. He was feeling guilty, because he was kind of cheating on Gabriel and Balthazar knew that the moment Gabriel knew about this, Balthazar would be kind of…. You know dead..

Sam stared wide eyes at Balthazar. His eyes were blazing with anger and Balthazar knew that wouldn't stop.

When Balthazar put the third and last finger in Sam and incidentally brushed against Sam prostate, Sam let out a loud moan that couldn't contain. Balthazar looked at Sam and saw the bliss that only Gabriel saw. Sam's face looked at peace and his eyelids where half closed. He could see that Sam was looking at him and that turned him ever more on. Balthazar brushed against the prostate loving the sound of Sam moaning by him. He used this moment to kiss Sam careful. When he kissed Sam he was ,to say at least, surprised that Sam kissed him back. When they part Sam finally spoke, only not the thing that he would have liked.

"Gabe…" Sam said with a smile on his face.

Balthazar heart clenched but he didn't show it.

"Not really Sammy, but almost. More like a Balthazar. You will remember that so that you can scream it out loud." He responded with a grin.

When he pulled out his fingers he heard Sam groan. Sam kind of liked the fingers inside him and wasn't happy when they were gone. Fortunately Sam knew that instead of the fingers came something bigger and he was right. When Balthazar entered him slowly, he was moaning loud. Even if Sam didn't want to admit it, but he liked to have Balthazar deep inside of him. It made him doubt why he worked against Balthazar.

"Bloody hell, Sam your tight. You feel great" Balthazar said with his eyes closed and tried with all his will to adjust to the feeling. And when Sam moved against him he was overjoyed. He and Sam came in a rhythm and both where moaning each others name. It took Balthazar a lot concentration to hear what Sam said.

" Balthazar… please faster, harder… just please…" Sam Groaned looking at Balthazar with lust in his eyes. He smiled at Balthazar and kissed him.

Balthazar was in ecstasy not only did Sam said his name instead of Gabriel's, but he also said that he should go faster and harder and then kissed him. Of course did Balthazar ,like the gentlemen he is, comply to the order and took Sam harder and faster.

After a few minutes (at least that's how it felt) Sam came hard on Balthazar, without being touch. At the feeling from Sam's inner muscles Balthazar came hard in Sam.

Both were panting hard and when Sam was calmed down, he remembered something.

"Ow… shit, what have I done." He said eyes wide and then pointing his finger to Balthazar.

"This is your fault, no wait mine.. I didn't have to enjoy it. Gabe is going to hate me… Why Balthazar? Why had you to do this? I freaking love Gabriel and instead of staying with him I came with you and ended up with fucking you…" Sam said with a look of surprised and pain on his face.

Balthazar was feeling guilty now. He knew Gabriel will smell him on Sam, so keeping a secret wouldn't work.

"Try to reason with him, but tell him Sam. He will know that we went to bed with each other. I'm sorry, I didn't think about that. "Balthazar said with sorry written on his face.

"Just take me back and you will help us now do you understand Balthazar. If you will cost my relationship with Gabe. I will never forgive you and I shall frying you personally with holy oil and fire. Do you understand" Sam said while he was putting his clothes on.

When his clothes were on then Balthazar saw for the first time how Sam looked when he was angry. And damn that was hot, but he saw more than that. Balthazar saw sorrow, sadness and pain written on his face. Balthazar also put his clothes on and snapped his finger and they were back by Gabriel, Dean and Castiel.

Sam looked over to Gabriel and said " Gabe, could I have a talk to you?"

Gabriel saw Sam's face and nodded. Before he leaved with Sam he looked at Balthazar with a look of pure hatred in his eyes. When they where gone Balthazar began to talk.

"Castiel, I will help you to defeat Raphael. I'm a man of my words (sometimes at least ), so I will help you." Balthazar said with a serious look on his face.

In the bedroom of Sam and Gabriel, Sam tried to say it to Gabriel, but Sam what a bit nervous. So what Sam tried to say very subtle, didn't came very subtle out of his mouth.

"Gabe, Me and Balthazar slept with each other and I'm terribly sorry. It wasn't my intention I swear." Sam said fast with unshed tears.

Gabriel cringed inwardly and said…