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I watched my feet as the swung back and forth. A nervous habit I had. As my legs moved, the paper under me crinkled. And it made me even more nervous.

"Text him."

I jumped slightly at hearing Zoey's voice. "Huh?" I turned to look at her.

"Erik. Text him. I know how close you two are. It'll make the waiting shorter." I nodded and pulled out my phone and sent him a text.

Not even two minutes later, I got a reply. I looked down at my phone and two little words made me feel so much better.

Hey Is.

I smiled brightly.

What's up?

No matter how long we spent together or the amount of time we talked, I felt like I knew him. He could make my day so much better by just smiling. He was so-

My phone buzzed.

Nothing much. Just sitting around. Why don't you come by?

I sighed. I wished I could. I would rather hang out with Erik and have this not happen, than be here and suffer through this torture.

I wish, but I can't.

It didn't even take him a couple seconds to send a text back.

Why not?

At that moment, the doctor came in. I sent him a quick 'I'll be right back' and put my phone up. I looked up at the doctor, hoping she could prove my feeling wrong and play it off as some mental stress thing.

But the words that came out of her mouth was anything but comforting. "You're pregnant, Miss Sharp."

I'll be honest, I don't know if I passed out or what. I don't really remember, so I'm going to admit I might have been a pansy and fainted. I am perfectly fine with that. The next thing I remembered hearing is Zoey saying comforting words.

"Issie? Wake up!"

I opened my eyes and looked at her. "What happened? Did I pass out?"

Zoey laughed. "Yes, yes you did. But it's completely understandable."

"Can we go home?"

"Yes we can." Zoey stood up and grabbed her purse. I grabbed mine and followed her.

I need to talk to you when I get back…

I stared at my phone waiting for a response from Erik. I dreaded telling him, but I had to. I hope he wouldn't mind. I rubbed my baby bump. At first I just thought I was just gaining weight, but after I found out, I knew what it was. We were in Zoey's car, both of our marks visible, almost at the House of Night.

What do you need to talk to me about? Why aren't you here? Is, what's wrong? Please. Don't keep anything from me. Please tell me.

He sounded so worried. I hated doing this to him.

You'll find out soon. You're at your loft right?

I grabbed my purse as Zoey parked and got out.

Yes, I am. What's going on?

Zoey walked over to me and hugged me. "Everything will be alright. If you need me, just call, okay?" I nodded. "May Nyx be with you." I smiled at her.

I'm on my way, Erik.

I started walking towards the professors' housing. Every step made me more nervous.

I'll be waiting…

I smiled at that and walked faster to him.

"Hi." I said as he opened the door. He pulled me to him and hugged me.

"What the hell happened? Why weren't you in your room? What's wrong?" He seemed so distressed. I hated this!

I made him let go of me. I went into his loft. It was so big and yet it only housed one person...

I sat on the couch. He sat on the other end, holding my hand in both of his. I sighed.

"I went to the doctor today. Zoey took me." I began.

"Why?" He asked. He was so worried...

"I'm pregnant..." I whispered.

"It's that idiot's isn't it? The bastard who raped you." I nodded meekly. He sounded mad and I started to cry. I guess I can blame it on the hormones.

He immediately wiped away my tears and brought me into his lap, stroking my hair. "Sh... It's okay, Issie."

I don't know where it came from, but I said it. "You're not going to leave, are you?"

He tilted my head up so I had to look at him. "Is... I would never think of doing such a thing. You need me. I'm not a complete jerk. I'm not going to leave you." I nodded and laid my head on his chest. He's so sweet...

We stayed like that for a while. Him rocking me back and forth, saying comforting things. I truly believed he would never leave me.

I yawned.

He chuckled. "You tired?"

I nodded. "Can I stay here? Please?"

"Sure. I think I have an extra room..."

"I was hoping I could... maybe... stay with you... in your room... tonight..."

He seemed shocked. "You sure?"

I nodded. "If you'll let me..."

He smiled at me, picked me up bridal style, and carried me to his room. He went in and set me down on his bed. "You need something to wear?" I nodded and he started looking through his drawers.

"Just a t-shirt will be fine." He nodded and handed me one. He went into the bathroom to change and I changed in the bedroom. I laid my folded clothes on the top of the dresser and crawled into bed, dozing off.

Erik came in sometime later. I knew this because the bed moved at the new added weight.

"Good night, Issie." He said as he wrapped his arm around my waist.

"Good night, Erik." I mumbled as I put my head on his chest.

I fell asleep with Erik stroking my hair. One arm around my waist, the hand of that arm was on my stomach.

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