"It's amazing how you can change
two letters in the word, 'like'
and go from an immature feeling
to the greatest sensation the human
mind has ever experienced."
(I made it up! I've never heard it anywhere else before, but if it IS a quote, it is no longer mine!)

And Baby Makes Three
Chapter One - Receiving The Assignment
By: Digi-Esca Girl

Disclaimer: The characters of FFX do not belong to me. *sniffle*

Note: This is an AU fic, and as such I am putting the characters in High school. I know that Lulu and Wakka are in their twenties, but
for the purpose of this fiction they are eighteen like everybody else. HOWEVER!! They all still have their "powers" and things on the side.
For example, Tidus and Wakka are professional blitzers, Lulu still studies black magic and Yuna is still training as a summoner.
(She doesn't have to go on a pilgramage though because Braska brought the Calm a year before.
If this bothers you for some reason, leave now!!


September 5 - First Day of School

"Wow...when they said they were going to remodel durning the summer, they didn't say they'd be tripling the size of the school!!"
Rikku squealed, angling her neck so she could see the top of the now massive building.

"Yes, I thought they were just going to add on a room or two..." Lulu added, looking to Yuna for a comment. The young summoner
simply smiled and entered the school, heading for the locker that she was designated at the end of sophomore (sp?) year.

"What class do you have first Yunie?" Rikku asked. She, Lulu and Yuna had requested to have their lockers side by side.

"I haaaaaaave.....Biology first, You?" She answered, tucking a stray lock of tawny hair behind her ear as she gathered her
brand new books.

"I'm headed for Math...What about you Lu?" The young Al Bhed replied.

"English." The mage replied, swinging her locker shut. She then heard loud giggling coming from the end of the hall, and she rolled
her eyes as she stuffed her organizer into her shoulder bag.

"Here come the blitzers..." Rikku drawled, slamming her locker shut in annoyance as the laughter and flirting grew louder.

"So I checked him right into the sidelines, ya?" Came a loud voice from the center of the giggling mass. The voice belonged to
Wakka, one of the star players of the Zanarkand Abes. True, he was only eighteen, but he and his best friend had been
playing for the professional team since their first year of High School. Their talent was amazing, and they'd helped keep
the tournament trophies in Zanarkand for two years running, so far.

"Whatta bout you Tidus? You give anyone hell yesterday?" Wakka asked his blonde companion.

"Nope. I played by the book." He replied, trying to squeeze out of the crowd.

"Where you goin?"

"Got Biology. Sir Auron dosen't like to be kept waiting! See you at practice Wakka!" He called out, jogging down the hallway
towards the remodelled Bio lab.

He walked into the classroom, and sat down in the back, right behind Yuna just as Auron entered. The class quieted as the guardian
sat behind his desk, briefly glancing at the attendance list before calling out names.


"President!" Called the dark-haired blitzball player. He was the Captain of the school team, the Zanarkand High Chimeras.

"One more crack like that and you're picking gum out from under desks and chairs after school. I can assure you it won't be pleasant,
seeing as it's been sitting there for two months now." Auron threatened, his eyes never leaving the paper in front of him. Darnell simply
nodded, taking out his books without another word.


"Here." Came the blonde's simple reply. He knew Auron personally, he being his father's best friend and all, and he decided it was best
not to get in trouble on the first day. Maybe tomorrow, but not today...


"Here sir." She replied quietly, brushing her hair behind her ear again.

'Hey, she's High Summoner Braska's daughter...' Tidus thought as he studied her from behind, noting how shiny her hair was. He leaned
forward slightly, it's cinnamon scent briefly teasing his nose before he leaned back into his chair again.

Auron finished the role call, and told a red-haired student seated near the front to take it down to the main office. He then put down his
pen and stood. No one had noticed it yet, but he still had his Masamune strapped to his back.

"Today we won't really learn anything even if I tried, so this can be...an organizing period of sorts. I'll hand out the course outline for
the year and the first few assignments you will have to complete for next week. That way I won't be wasting my breath trying to
put actual knowledge into those empty heads of yours. You've had two months away from school, so naturally you won't pay that
much attention the first day back. Any questions?" He explained, turning around to write the date in the corner of the board.

He smirked inwardly when he heard several students gulp slowly at the sight of his sword. Needless to say, no hands went up, and the
class was quiet the whole hour.

Meanwhile, Lulu was struggling to pay attention in her English class.

The reason for her misplaced concentration wasn't the elder teacher, Mrs. Wallen, it was the constant giggling her sensitive hearing
picked up from the back of the room. Some girls were chatting about Wakka, who was seated right beside the black mage. He seemed
to be having a hard time concentrating as well, but he didn't complain as she'd expected.

Wakka was trying to steal some side glances at the mysterious girl sitting next to him. He heard that she was a black mage, and that
she was going to be Yuna's guardian if she were ever to go on a pilgramage. The guys on the school blitzball team were constantly
chattering on and on about "her rack" and about how she seemed to be celebate (sp?) or something because she never dated.

"You'd think they'd know when to shut up, hm?" Lulu whispered to him, surprising both him and herself by opening the lines
of communication.

"No kidding, ya?" Wakka replied with a smile, pausing in his notes to briefly study her facial profile. He was impressed by her
flawless complexion, and was stunned by her deep burgandy eyes.

Lulu, meanwhile, had figured out why she'd wanted him to say something to her: She liked his accent. She just loved the way
the Besaidian tone shone through when he spoke, and for a moment, she wished he'd talk to her all the time, if only so she
could listen to his accent as it rolled off his tongue in it's casual manner.

She shook the feeling off and returned to her notes, copying more swiftly than she had before.

Wakka, meanwhile, had half-expected her to continue to talk to him, but she remained completely focused on the notes.
Though the blitz team didn't believe she was actually a black mage, Wakka had a strange hunch that she hadn't lied about that.
Not wanting to test his theory on her powers, or lack thereof, he too turned to the board and completed his notes.

With five minutes of class to spare, Yuna finally packed up her books and leaned back in her seat, her class schedule in her
hand. She examined the sheet, and noted that she had Health next.

Auron then spoke.
"Well, seeing as I can't let you out of class early, you can walk around and....socialize until the bell goes." His announcement was
met with chair legs noisily scraping the floor as the students got up to talk with one another.

Yuna simply placed her books in her shoulder bag, and went to stand by the window. She was slightly surprised at what she saw outside.

There were 15 huge houses, brand new houses, on the school's property.

'It isn't that crowded in Zanarkand for housing, is it?' Yuna wondered, looking around for 'For Sale' signs on the lawns, but there were none.
It was almost like they were there for show or something. But boy were they nice houses! Every one of them was practically a mansion,
and just five of them would equal the size of their newly remodelled school. And the school was, being the only High School in Zanarkand,
just as big as the blitzball stadium!

Just then, the bell went, and Yuna snapped out of her reverie. Adjusting her bag on her shoulder, she filed out of the classroom
behind everyone else.

Tidus stayed behind, jumping up to sit on Auron's desk when everyone else was gone.

"You're going to be late for Health." Auron stated simply, putting away some blank test papers before turning to look at the
young blitzer.

"How do you know what I have?" Tidus questioned, leaning in closer to Auron, trying to annoy him.

"Your father gave me a copy of your personal schedule so he and I know where you are at all times if there's....an emergency."

"Why would you need to find me if there was an emergency?"

"Because." Auron stated, keeping his stoic mask in place.

"Oh that's a great answer...."

"Ask Jecht at lunch time if you don't already know. I thought he would have told you by now."

"Well he hasn't..."Tidus paused, trying to think of what Auron was talking about,"Well I'm gonna be late, so I'll catch ya later!"

"See you at the next practice."

"Yeah!" Tidus answered, already out the door running. Upon exiting the room, Tidus noticed Wakka standing in the hall outside the
English room, watching someone walk down the hallway. That person obviously disappeared by the time Tidus got there, because
Wakka had turned his attention over to his best friend completely.

"Who were you lookin at?" Tidus asked, nudging Wakka with his elbow as they began walking to class. The halls were just beginning
to empty, so they had a little bit of time to doddle.

"No one!" Wakka replied suddenly, raising his arms in the air.

"Sure. Just keep telling yourself that....Anyways, do you know what we're doing at practice tonight?" Tidus asked, fidgeting slightly
with his shoulder bag.

"Knowin your dad, we could be doin anything, ya?" Wakka replied with a chuckle.

Jecht and Auron had taken over coaching the Abes when the previous coach retired a year before. Tidus and Wakka had been chosen
specifically by him, and it was his last desicion as a coach to officially include them in the team. Jecht never favored the boys, treating
them equally if not being even harder on them. Auron was mostly stoic at the practices, but he became a real "motivational speaker"
when it came to games. Even then, he didn't have much to say, but whatever he did say was intelligent and made sense. Jecht was
more easy going, but still strict in a sense.

"No kidding...." Tidus shivered slightly, remembering their last practice.

Jecht had the sudden revelation that when they went up to Mount Gagazet to play, the water would be ice cold. He was completely
right, and this was a very bad thing because all the Abes had played in thus far in the season(which so far was just practices) was
warm, bath tempertature water.

Then Auron had the bright idea of how to prepare them for it. They made them put on their uniforms, and stand under a raised platform
as the entire team dumped icy water over their heads. After everyone got a turn at that, they had to sit, alone in a small pool filled
with even colder water, teleported directly from Mount Gagazet.

Two of the defensemen, Jarvis and Leathen, were sent to the hospital with very mild, but still present, hypothermia.

That was a week ago, and at that practice, Jecht reminded them that every second practice, even during the actual season, would be
the same routine of dunking and sitting in the freezing water. They would adjust eventually, and they wouldn't be handicapped
when they actually went to Gagazet to play. They had never gone there before because the Ronso had never built a stadium
before. They never felt it was necessary, until the Fangs began complaining about how they always had to go Zanarkand for
home games. So, they'd spent the summer constructing a stadium, and it would be finished in under two weeks.

"Well we'd better get used to it, cause we're doin it every second practice 'til we can handle the temperature, eh?" Wakka reminded him
as they approached the clasroom. Tidus only nodded in reply and followed his flame-haired friend inside the room.

Yuna, Lulu and Rikku had taken their seats just as the two blitzers entered the room. The teacher hadn't even arrived yet, so the three
were talking amongst themselves.

"Did you guys see the houses out on the school grounds?" Yuna inquired.

"Yes. But what could they be for?" Lulu answered, turning to face the front as a young woman, looking to be in her late thirties,
entered the room and sat down at the front desk.

"Good morning. My name is Miss Nialla, and welcome to Health. Now I'm sure that last year wasn't very exciting for the seniors,
so that's why we've decided to majorly spice up the action, so to speak." She wrote her name and the date on the board, and
continued to speak, "There are exactly thirty of you, 15 girls 15 boys for a reason. Your homeroom was randomly chosen
at the beginning of the summer, and we've been preparing ever since. You will only receive one assignment this entire year,
and whatever percentage you get on it will be your Health mark. Now, this project is considerably.....large so listen up."

"I wonder what it is?" Rikku whispered to Yuna, who nodded, and turned her attention back to Miss Nialla.

"You will all become parents for the rest of the year."

Silence followed, and Yuna's hand went up after a moment.

"Yes Yuna?"

"This is.....like one of those projects where y-you have to take care of an egg or something, right?"

"No. A real, living, breathing, impossible-to-control child will be placed in your care. You and your "husband or wife" that is."

More silence ensued, so Miss Nialla just decided to explain everything.

"Did you all notice the 15 new houses that went up? Those are for you. You will be randomly assigned a partner and a child, and
will live in that house until this time next year. Yes, I know you will be out of school, but it's only three extra months. Plus you will
all receive a full-package scholarship to any collage or university of your choice on Spira, fully paid for and ready to go, upon
completing the assignment. Today you will receive your partners and the name of your child, and will be expected to pick him or her up
tonight. The child will stay with whatever "parent" wants the responsibility, and all thirty of you will be excused from classes for
the rest of the week to get moved in. Now you will still have to attend school everyday, and a daycare will be provided inside
the school during school hours. Now, you don't have to go the whole nine yards with the married thing, but you will be
expected to act at least civil to each other for the child's sake, and for yours. Your mark will suffer greatly if you do not
get along with your partner, and you need an 85 to pass and get the scholarship. The full details will be mailed to your
houses in a couple days with specifics on everything. Any intelligent questions?"

"Can we pick our partners?" Asked Darnell, wanting to find out if Lulu really was frigid after all....

"No, they are chosen randomly," Miss Nialla answered. She waited for other questions, but no hands went up. "Well then,
let's pick partners." She sighed lightly and went over to two boxes, one red one blue, set up on her desk. The names of
the girls were in the red box and the boys' in the blue one. She reached into the blue box, pulled out a slip, and did the same
thing with the red box.

"Our first couple is....Wakka....and....Lulu!" Miss Nialla announced. Several disappointed moans and sighs came from most other girls,
but they still had hopes of getting Tidus. Wakka meanwhile, was kind of relieved he'd gotten someone like Lulu, who would be the
ONLY one taking care of the child in his mind, while Lulu was praying that he wouldn't have blitzball ALL the time.

The other's girls hopes were stolen away when Tidus was announced as Yuna's partner. Yuna just about fainted from surprise,
and Tidus smiled very lightly, so as not to let on that he was pleased.

'She's so passive, she can look after the kid and I can go out with Wakka and party! She won't get me in trouble either after I
threaten her if that's necessary...This will be a piece of cake!' Tidus thought, still resisting the urge to smirk.

Yes, I know Tidus is a jerk, but this is what I was goin for! Don't worry, Yunie'll change him!

So there's the first chapter, what do ya'll think? R + R and I'll continue! E-mail's always welcome!!

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Digi-Esca Girl