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AN: This is my answer to the Secondary Characters challenge at CMDA. I know it's short, but like with the character in question, I also sometimes have a short attention span…XD

A Gift

As I looked up from my nice sunny ledge, I spotted the human that I've come to know as Commander. She was nice, for a female human I suppose. She gave me treats when no one was looking and I really liked that. Once, she even let me stay in her pack when my blonde human, Anders his name is I think, went off sniffing after another female human. I wouldn't have minded if he chased after Commander. I know I would have been able to have all the milk I could drink with her. I jumped off the ledge and quietly followed Commander into the Big Room.

Anyway, I managed to climb onto one of the rafters in the Big Room where the humans and other two-legged people have gathered. They seemed to be in an okay mood, except that female with the pointed ears and strange markings on her face. I don't like her…she said that I was evil. Me! How could I be evil? All I did was bring her a dead mouse as a present…

Ooh, Commander was talking to my blonde human about something and she handed him something. Anders looked happy and he put his arms about Commander and let go quickly. I think it was called a hug. Why do humans do that?

"Ser Pounce-a-Lot! Where are you? Here kitty, kitty…"

Hearing my human call me, I decided to listen to him for once and I jumped down from the rafters and onto the pointy-eared female's shoulder. She screamed out as I leapt from her and ran over to Anders, letting him pick me up…

Oooh…that felt good…Commander was scratching me on my favorite spot, right behind the ears. I started to purr and then I felt something go around my neck. I stopped purring and looked at both Commander and Anders. I meowed at both of them. I wanted to know what they did.

"The Commander got this collar just for you, Ser Pounce-a-Lot. Isn't it the best?"

Still a little confused, I shook my head and heard a tinkling sound. It sounded like it was coming from my neck…It wasn't unpleasant and I batted at it. It tinkled again so I batted it again.

"I think he likes it, Anders, especially the bell."

"So do I, Commander. I can't thank you enough."

I stopped playing with the thing I know now is called a bell. I looked up at Commander and saw her green eyes look at me. So, I meowed again and wriggled out of my human's grasp and jumped on the female human's shoulder. I got myself comfortable and started purring…even though she smelled of dog, Commander was one of the nicest humans, next to Anders, that I've ever met.


AN: The female human Commander in this is my Rebecca Cousland...^_^