Credit Cards and Aliens

Dislaimer: Not mine!

Rating:G- Good

Summary: Scully's credit card and of course aliens.

A/N: Just a short fic I came up with while watching my beloved X-Files! Enjoy! All spelling and grammar mistakes are mine!

"Mulder, do you want to explain to me why there is a $69.99 charge on my credit card for a Scholastic book fair?"

"Do I have to?" He asked chewing on the end of a pencil. His red headed wife glared at him. "Your daughter wanted something from the fair at school and I couldn't find my card."

"That's because I took it from you," she replies. "What could possibly we worth $70 for a third grader?"

"Did you ask her?" Scully sighed and made her way back to her living room where she sat sorting through mail while her daughter played her video games.

"Sweetie, what did Daddy get you from the school book fair?"

"Alien toys with a book on Outter space! He told me to keep it a surprise," she said.

"Mulder!" He heard through the house. "You just can't help yourself to little green men, can you?"


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