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Nine people stood on the Potter's doorstep. A blond haired man stood in the front of the group. Three boys were standing nervously ext to each other. A boney woman was clutching the arm of a rather large man. Another man was standing nearby with his wife. One whale of a woman stood in the back complaining loudly. The blond man rang the door bell.

The group heard a shuffle in the house and a boy yell "I GOT IT MUM!" The door flew open and there stood James Potter.

"Hey Malfoy Where's Scorp?" James asked the blond man. Draco smiled no matter how many times he said it James refused to call him Draco. "Who are they?" James asked again pointing with his broom stick to the group behind him.

"Visitors for your father." Draco answered. "Is he here?"

"Who's at the door James?" Ginny asked as she walked up behind her son. "Hi Dray, What brings you here?" Then she saw who he had in tow. Her face paled.

"Jay go get your dad." Ginny said to her eldest son.

"Alright" James grumbled as he walked down the hall to his father's office.

Harry Potter sat in his office. He had a load of paperwork to do. Who knew being head Auror could be so hard? He was in the middle of signing off on the millionth report of the day when someone knocked on the door.

"Come in." Harry called. He turned his chair around and saw James in the doorway.

"What's up Jay?" Harry asked.

"There's someone at the door for you" James replied. Then he turned around and left. Harry sighed. Had James always been this difficult? Harry thought back. Yes, yes he had. He stood up and stretched. Then he left his office to see who was at the door.

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