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Chapter 11 : Dungeon Dice Monsters

Sonya sighed as she walked through the school halls. Just another day being a substitute teacher…but this time right after staying up all night because Seto decided that he wanted her to be his test dummy on his new and latest project.

She sighed again and rubbed her eyes under her glasses. At least she got Yugi's and them class. She hasn't seen them for a couple weeks and would be nice to talk to them again.

As she got closer to her destination she heard loud voices coming from a classroom two doors away from her own class.

Curious she walked to the class room and noticed Yugi, Tristan, and Tea standing in the door way, looking pretty put out.

"Hey, this isn't your classroom guys. So I expect y'all to go before the bell goes off." Sonya said with a grin.

The three turned around started but upon seeing Sonya they all beamed.

"Sonya! It's great to see you!" Yugi said with a great big smile on his face.

Sonya wagged her finger at him with a raised eyebrow.

"Now I don't know who this Sonya person is. I'm Suki Taka. So try not to make that mistake again young man."

Yugi blushed but when Sonya smirked he nodded in understanding.

Sonya turned her attention to the class and saw Joey inside talking with a black spiky hair boy with a dice earring. She raised her eyebrow upon seeing him but inwardly smirking.

"So what's going on here?" she said entering the class, putting on her teacher mask.

Joey turned and saw her and opened his mouth to speak but before he could the dice boy placed his hand around Joey's shoulder, smiling very flirtatiously at her-though a little bit of surprise could be seen in his eyes.

"Nothing ma'am just setting up terms for our duelist match after school. I was just about to invite Joey's friends to come and watch…you can come as well if you want teacher."

The girls in the class all sighed in a celebrity awe-struck matter.

Sonya scowled.

"I think it would be very wise of you to let Mr. Wheeler go now and have a seat before class starts." she said firmly.

Dice boy did let Joey go and came to stand in front of her, the class extremely quiet waiting for what will happen next.

"Of course, teacher, I'll do anything you request of me." he said with a small smirk and with that walked away.

Just as Yugi and the gang were going to enter the new, big game shop they heard a voice call out to them.

"Hey guys wait up!"

They turned to see Angel running towards them, waving her arms above her head.

"Angel? What are you doing here?" Yugi asked concern when she stopped in front of the bent over panting.

It took a few moments for Angel to catch her breath but when she did she straightened up and smiled at them.

"Sonya told me about Joey's match with Duke and I wanted to come and see it!" she explained eagerly.

"Then where's Sonya? Usually you two are together in these sort of things?" Tea asked.

Angel shrugged and began heading towards the entrance before calling out behind her.

"She's already here. Now hurry up already!"

They did and started behind her.

When the doors opened to reveal the arena the gang looked around them in awe. Then they spotted three of Dukes fans in cheerleading outfits cheering out for Duke.

They spotted camera rotating around them.

"TV camera's?" Joey said confused.

"Yeah." Duke said. "I have this thing where I find the bigger the audience the better the performance. Now that's why I decided to broadcast this match to the entire world. I know my fans will enjoy watching me defeat the 2nd best duelist. I just hope you're 2nd best not 2nd rate."
Joey let out one laugh sound. "Second rate? Second rate? You're gonna need a second life! Cause when I through with you Dukee there won't be anything left!" Joey said pointing his forefinger at Duke.

The three cheerleaders went on making dismay sounds.

"Don't worry." Duke said to them confidently. "I've never disappoint my loyal fans before."

Immediately they went back to love struck cheering selves again.

Joey got annoyed.

"Cram up!" he yelled to them before running to one side of the duel arena and placed his cards in place.

"Let's get this show on the road." Joey said his side raising. "Come on tough guy, let the duel begin."

Duke raise as well while the girls cheered and Yugi and the others looked at them uncomfortable. Suddenly Yugi noticed something.

"Hey Angel? I thought you said Sonya was already here. So where is she?" Yugi asked looking around.

Angel looked at him and smirked before leaning close to him.

"What? The king misses his queen already after just seeing her in school. My my Yugi, you-"

Yugi blushed a beet red and wave his arms frantic in front of him.

"It's not like that I-"

Angel laughed and patted Yugi's hair.

"Just messing with you. She'll be showing her face after this duel."

"What? Why?" Yugi asked confused.

Angel just smirked in reply.

"Let's duel!" Joey and Duke said in union.

And the match began.

"That machine got rid of all Joey's goblins! And the rest of his life points!" Tea said in shock.

The three girls immediately started cheerfully for Duke.

Yugi and the gang turned to Joey as he made his way to them with a disappointed look on his face.

"It's okay Joey you did your best." Yugi said trying to cheer him up.

Suddenly they heard a snap behind them and one of the girls came to Joey with a dog suit in her hands.

"Put it one." she said sweetly.

"I hope you're a man of your word, Joey." Duke said with a smirk on his face. "I'm looking forward to having an obedient dog this week."

Joey clenched his teeth and looked down with a sigh.

"Hey knock it off Duke, just because you won doesn't mean you can put Joey down." Yugi said angrily.

"Yugi, a promise is a promise and I got to keep it. Even if it's to a creep like Devilien." Joey said.

Suddenly a dice flew and hit Joey square in the forehead. He let out pained noise, clutching his head.

"Are you okay?" Yugi, Tristan and Tea asked.

"Shut your yap you mongrel." Duke called out sternly. "You will not speak unless your master commands you to."

"Oh come on." Tristan said in disbelief. "Come on Joey let's go."
"Sorry guys. I promised." Joey said with a sigh.

Two more dice flew and hit Joey in the head. Joey shook his head and placed his hand on his forehead.

"You're a dog now Joey. You don't say ouch, you say woof woof." Duke explained with a smirk tossing a die in his hand. "Okay now put it on and bark for me."

Joey clenched his teeth again, his fist shaking in anger around the suit. But placed it on.

"The dog suit fits you perfectly Joey." Duke said, enjoying himself. "Now give us your best bark."

Joey proceeded to get on his hands and knees on the floor.

"Woof woof." Joey said not completely lifting his head.

"Ahh." Tea said turning away, not being able to watch her friend have to act like a dog.

"Good boy, Joey." Duke said sarcastically.

"Enough Joey, get up." Tristan said his fist clenched tightly.

Yugi turned away and met Angel's eyes, which had a curious gleam in them, before letting Yami take over.

"Duke Devilien. Your cruel stunt has gone on long enough. I challenge you to a duel." Yami said. "And when I have defeated you, you will declared Joey a free man again."

"Excellent." Duke said looking too glad by what Yami said. "But we'll play a game by my own choosing and play until the finish. A game called Dungeon Dice Monsters. And when you are the loser, you will give the title King of Games to me. And you will swear on your grandfather's life that you will never play duel monsters again."

Yami looked at him startled by the last term.

"That is going to far." Tea said her fist in front of her.

"Yeah Yugi you got to much to lose, this is crazy." Tristan agreeing with Tea.

"Yugi, you can't do it." Joey said firmly.

Duke scowled.

"Stop yapping!" Duke said, tossing another die at Joey.

Joey made to cover his face but the die was caught in Yami's hand, just a few inches from his face.

"So what's it gonna be Yugi." Duke asked confidently.

Yami closed his eyes and grasped the die in his hand before opening his eyes and pointing at Duke.

"Duke, I will accept your conditions. I will not let you destroy the dignity of a friend. We will do battle in your game of choice, Dungeon Dice Monsters." he said dropping the die from his hand and stepping on it.

"Ah well then, I guess this is where I come in." a voice said from the entrance door.

Startled they all turned to see Sonya smirking with her arms crossed over her chest.

"Sonya! There you are! I was beginning to worry you wouldn't show up." Duke said with a smirk.

"You know him!" Tea asked in shock.

Sonya shrugged and came to stand by Yami who she gave a small wink to.

"Duke and I are acquitted yes, I helped him out with some of the glitches when Dungeon Dice Monsters was still being created. He's a flirt but has a very interesting mind."

"You-you flirt with her!" Joey yelled at Duke who shrugged.

"What can I say, I have a weakness for a pretty face."

"Bu-but isn't she too old?" Joey continued to asked in disbelief.
Angel laughed and Sonya looked at him deadpanned.

"How old do you think I am?" she asked.

"I don't know, like, thirty or-" Joey stopped when Sonya hit him on the back of the head.

"I'm twenty-one! And make sure you remember that! I'm just four years older then y'all!" she explained angrily.

"Yes ma'am!" Joey said quickly.

Sonya nodded and turned back to Duke and Yami.

"Okay, well, the reason I'm here is because Duke asked me to kinda be the announcer and referee for the game. He told me that the King of Games title will be up for grabs and as 'the Queen' I have to be there to announce the new King if there is one."

Yami looked at her in surprise but nodded.

"Time to duel then. Duke, I assume you're ready?"

"Yes, now let's get this over with so I can become the new King of Games!"

The starting part of the duel was very bad for Yami, though who could blame him. Duke would barely talk about the rules so Yami had to guess and figure them out. Then it just got worse when Yami's heart point were surrounded by Duke's monsters.

"Go ahead take your turn. Nothing you role is going to help you get out of this mess. Hahaha." Duke said with a smirk. "I mean I don't even know if I could fin a way to pull it off. And I'm the one who invented the game."

"You're the creator?!" Yami said shocked. "I knew you were its champion but-"

"I made it. And the entire world should know it!" Duke yelled.

"What?" Yami said.

"I should be known as the second greatest game creator in all the world by now Yugi, but I'm not!" Duke called out, pointing at Yami. "All because of your cheating ways. That's the only way you could've beaten a great man like Pegasus! He has twice the skill of you. You ruined my life that day. The defeat of Pegasus changed everything for me!"

"But how?!" Yami asked in confusion.

Duke went on to explain how he dedicated his life to the game he created and how he made a proposal to Pegasus about his game. How they made a deal and were going to come up with a contract after the duelist kingdom tournament. It turns out that Duke hasn't been able to contact Pegasus after he defeat by Yugi.

"Everything I worked for was shattered that day and it's all your fault!" Duke said coming to a close with his monologue.

"You did not know what kind of man Pegasus was at all." Yami said.

"He was a great man! Until you came along and broke his spirit with your dirty cheating ways. And I'll get my revenge by breaking you!" Duke said pointing at Yami who stared back in shock.

"And now I'll expose you for the good for nothing cheater you are." Duke said.

"I've never cheated once in my entire life." Yami replied.

"Please, you expect be to believe someone like you can defeat the great Maximillion Pegasus! You can't even hold your own in Dungeon Dice Monsters!"

"Just listen to me Devilien-" Yami tried starting.


"Your hero worship of Pegasus has completely blinded you from the truth." Yami tried to explain.

"Noo, I can see perfectly, and I see a cheat who're about to be retired from duel monsters forever. Now roll fraud!"

Yami started winning with his Speed Ninja but that changed when Duke was able to summon Oregoth the Relentless which defeated the ninja.

Oregoth was able to get to Yami's side by using the wrap portal.

Yami now only had one monster left standing in the way and seemed to have lost all hope of winning.

But then Joey came through and made an inspiring speech to Yami about how to never give up because he defeated tougher people before.

"You can't let this 'Duke of Dork' shake you, you're the King of Games Yug. So what if Dungeon Dice has a few new rules, if you can just trust in yourself you can still win! You taught me that pal!" Joey said.

"What he said." Tristan said.

"Joey's right Yugi, you got to keep the faith!" Tea added.

"Inspiring speech Joey." Tristan said with a small smirk. "No one can accuse you of rolling over and playing dead."

Sonya let out a whistle and Angel giggle beside her.

"It's almost over." Sonya whisper to Angel.

Angel nodded and grinned.

"You know you're absolutely right Joey. I can never forget what made me duel monsters champion in the first place, believing in the heart of the cards. Dungeon dice monsters is now different. So much as I have faith in my dice as I have in my dueling deck I can still win this." Yami said with a smile appearing on his face and held his dice in his hand. "Now I advise you keep an eye on your last heart point Duke because I'm coming after it!"

"Quit stalling Yugi, I got a game to win." Duke said as confident as ever.

"Or to lose." Yami replied. "Go dice roll!"

"Now I use my movement dice to move my knight forward two squares. Then I'll add four attack crest from my crest pool plus the two attack crest I just rolled giving my knight a total of six attack crest. I call on the Knight of Twin Swords. Double slash attack!"

However it wasn't meant to be because Duke raised Oregoth's defense even more and block all the knight's attacks. Soon after Yami only had one last heart point.

"Dark magic attack!" Yami called out.

The Dark Magician attacked and defeated Oregoth.

Soon after Duke summoned the Monster Cannon. With the Magician as target.

But with the help of the Magical Hats the Dark Magician was able to survive then was able to get to the other side by switching places with Duke's monster.

"Now dark magic attack!" Yami called out.

Dark Magician did and Yami won the match.

"Yugi I'm sorry I accused you of cheating. The better player won today. And it's you. You proved today that you beat Pegasus fair and square, ugh, I was a creep today! Duke said later as they all were sitting in a room. "Thanks to those cameras the whole world knows it. My store's ruined! No one's going to want to play dungeon dice monsters now."

"That's not true Duke, dungeon dice monsters has the potential to be a huge hit." Yugi said with a encouraging smile.

"True, I haven't since a game this exciting since duel monsters." Solomon said. "You got to keep your store open."

"There's more then enough room for two game stores in town." Tea said cheerfully. "I have a feeling once dungeon dice monsters takes off you'll have all the customers you can handle."

"Huh, no way, do you really think so?" Duke asked hopeful.

"Suuree." Joey said holding up a blue die. "Dungeon dice monsters is great. You I don't like."
"I love to learn how to play dice monsters." Tristan added also holding up a die.

"I can teach you." Duke said relaxing.

"Great!" Tristan replied.

"Now that Joey's out of the dog house maybe things will go back to normal." Yugi said. "Which means I can finally get back to playing duel monsters."

"So that's it?" Duke asked in somewhat disbelief. "I was a total jerk back there to you and your friends."

"The game is over now." Yugi said. "Let's leave the fighting on the field because revenge just leaves you feeling more bad feelings. So if you truly sorry the best thing to do is try and be friends."

Duke sighed, holding his hands together.

"I am sorry." Duke started. "And you're offering something better then winning."

Yugi held out his hand with a friendly smile.

"Friendship always is."

Duke looked unsure for a moment before taken Yugi's hand, leaving them both smiling.

"Hey Duke looks like you got a new email." Tea said when noticing the computer beating.

"Anything good?" Joey asked when Duke got to the computer.

After a few moments of typing Duke suddenly beamed.

"Whoa, Industrial Illusions did send a contract after all! They want to take dungeon dice monsters global!"

Cheers and congrats were in order.

"Congratulations Duke, that's great." Yugi said.

"Thanks so much Yugi. I really couldn't have done it with out you setting me straight." Duke said.

"You invented a great game."

"But you made me see that it was missing something. That a games not about mastering the rules, but getting to know your opponent."

"Right, it's not all about rules and winning but having fun and meeting new friends." Yugi said with a grin.

Angel just then let out a yawned and stretched herself out like a cat.

"Well that's all good and dandy but I'm gonna head home, too much excitement for me in one day."

Sonya raised her eyebrow at her.

"You only saw two matches."

Angel just shrugged and waved to everyone before leaving.

"You're not going with her?" Yugi asked.

Sonya rolled her eyes.

"Nah, I'm good. She's going to go over to Seto's and spend the night there. And trust me when I say I learned my lesson on not going there ever again with night for the night."

Tea looked confused.

"What? Why?" she asked curious.

"Ahh, well, Angel likes to watch horror films but she's completely terrified of them. When I went there last time she made Seto watch them with her and I couldn't get any sleep from all her screaming from the movies."

They looked surprised but didn't press it.


Sonya turned to see Yami standing a few feet behind her looking quite shy and nervous.

Sonya had been leaving and was just starting to walk down the side walk when her name was called. It was night time and the weather was nice and cool, the stars hanging above their heads in their glow.

Sonya smirked and waved him over so that he stood beside her.


Yami cleared his throat and met her eyes with his.

"I just wanted to thank you for everything you have done. I never got a chance to do it properly." he explained.

Sonya looked at him before turning away and shrugging.

"No thanks needed. I helped because I wanted to. You guys grew on me…though Joey's comment about my age put a big set back with me liking him to just a certain tolerance." she said the last part darkly.

Yami laughed.

"You know how Joey is, so please try to not hold it against him." Yami paused, looking at Sonya for a moment. "Truly, you look as young as any of us and certainly have a heart of gold."

Sonya blushed for once and looked away from Yami trying to hide it.

"Ah, shucks, Yami. You flatter to much."

"And you are way too humble." Yami replied.

It was quiet then, but it wasn't uncomfortable. The two just standing side by side looking at the stars.

"So what are you going to be doing now?" Sonya asked after awhile.

Yami looked at her before turning away with a sigh.

"I don't remember a time before Yugi solved the Millennium Puzzle. So I would like to find out about my past."
"Do you have any clues?"

"All I know for sure is that it has something to do with the Millennium Items and that they can somehow unlock my past."

Sonya nodded and crossed her arms.

"Yeah but I think I know another. The Millennium Items originated from ancient Egypt. So my guess would be to start there and I guess work your way from there."

Yami nodded but didn't look at Sonya.

"You know," Sonya continued. "If you're a spirit from ancient Egypt that'll make you a few thousand year old spirit."
Yami looked at her then and couldn't repress a laugh.

"Yes, I suppose it would. But that'll mean something else as well." he said, gaining a mischievous gleam in his eye.

"Oh? And what's that?" Sonya asked a little confused.

"Age as no meaning to me." Yami explained with a smirk before leaning in and pressing his lips to Sonya's in a sweet kiss.

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