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School seeing Beck and Jade all over each other=double yuck.
School with my shitty locker than never opened=triple freaking yuck.

Yes, the mood consuming me was horrid; but I couldn't help the circumstances. The guy I loved and my worst enemy were together, my teachers hated me and my "disruptiveness", and my locker never seemed to open. It used to open easy- for Robbie Shapiro, but he quit opening it for me when I established he and I were NOT meant to be. I angrily slammed my teeny fists onto the locker and sighed.

"Erm…Cat?" asked a voice from behind me, a very smooth, melodic- almost sexy- voice that remained in my ears all the day.

"Beck!" I exclaimed. "I was just….arguing with my locker. He's very unreasonable, teehee."

"I see. Do you need a mediator?" he asked wittily, a cute smile lingering over his cheeks.

"That'd be nice," I replied.

He stepped forward and then asked, "Combination?"

"Oh, oops." I laughed. "21 25 19."

"That's super easy," he mumbled, pulling it open in seconds.

"How?" I asked in awe.

"It's easy, Cat." He briefly smiled before hurrying off to class without a goodbye.

Yes, I know. I was practically drooling all over him. Cue corny, heavy sigh and dreary, dreamy walk to class where I imagined a perfect world where he and I could ever be.

"You're late, Cat. To make up for such inexcusable gobbledygook you must perform!" Sikowits exclaimed. "Beck, you were too early, you must join."

"That's nuts, how can I be too early?" Beck reasoned.

"Just do it!" Sikowits barked.

Reluctantly, Beck and I walked onto the small stage, awaiting our instructions on what to do. I hoped I didn't look too stupid in front of the whole class, let alone Beck, for I'd already done that enough. I sighed, knowing this wouldn't be fun.

"Cat, you're dying. Beck, you're her husband of thirty years and you're weeping over her," he instructed.

I quickly thumped onto the floor. Beck soon crouched down beside me. "Oh, oh my, Betty." Could he have given me a more old lady name? "How? How could I ever let you go? I love you, Betty. So very, very much." Quickly, I replied, "Don't worry, Al. I'll be alright, so will you. I'll love you until I can't love anymore." That sounded a lot sweeter in my head.

"Besides, I'll always live on in your heart." By this time, the whole class was snickering at our names, our old people voices, my stupid phrases. Yeah, 234297329347534 more embarrassing than I had even imagined.

"End it with a showstopper!" Thinking and acting swiftly, his lips swept sexily against mine. I wanted to kiss back, but knew where that would land me; in the nurse's office with Jade still after me.

"And scene. Anyone else want to do a sad story?" he asked. The room fell silent.

After class, people were still calling us Gertrude and Eugene. I sighed and hurried to my next class, hoping nothing of that magnitude ever happened again.

"That was-"

"Freaking insane," I interrupted Beck.

"I was going to say crazy. But that works too." He shot me his adorable half smile.

I bit the inside of my lip. "Yeah."

"Listen, I'll see you later. If have any more trouble with your locker, lemme know. I'll mediate some more," he told me, running the other direction to his other class.

I grinned and slid off to my next class.

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