Blaine hurt everywhere. His ribs were bruised and pain shot through him when he moved too quickly. His face was a rainbow of bruises and a cut went from the top of his cheek down toward his chin. Besides all these injuries sustained from Friday's disastrous Sadie Hawkins from the three jocks that cornered him and Sam, the knuckles on his right hand were scrapped up from getting the biggest football player off Sam.

Most of all, Blaine's heart hurt.

It was a dull ache in his chest, unlike the sharp ones on his bodily injuries.

Blaine's parents weren't happy about what had happened at the dance this weekend. Just after he returned home from the hospital on Saturday afternoon, pamphlets about a nearby private school were shoved in his face - Dalton Academy. Blaine's dad was pulling strings and getting him transferred there midway through the semester.

Under other circumstances, Blaine would have loved to hear this. He hated his school and pretty much everyone in it.

Except for Sam.

The other boy, who was like him, had an understanding. They helped each other as much as possible from the bullies without being especially good friends. They only talked every so often, because if they did so more, bullying and taunts usually grew worse.

But after the dance…Blaine didn't want to leave his school and the other boy.

On Sunday, Blaine walked down the street slowly to Sam's house to tell him.

He was more than shocked to see the "Sold" sign outside his house.

"You're moving?" Blaine asked when Sam, in a similar state as him, answered the door.

Sam's small smile had dropped. "Yes," he said awkwardly. "We've been planning on moving to Tennessee for over a month…my dad got transferred again." Sam avoided his eyes. "I'm sorry. You're going to be alone at school now…"

"Actually," said Blaine. "I'm transferring to a private school. They have a zero tolerance harassment policy. It's in Westerville."

"Oh," said Sam, blinking a few times. "That's…that's good. You should be safe there."

"Yeah," said Blaine awkwardly. "What about you?"

"I'm going to a public school again," said Sam. "But…" he hesitated. "I might just…stay under the radar for a while, until I see how they might treat me. And the thing is…I think I might be bi?" Sam's tone went up at the end, a questioning tone in his voice.


"I met this one girl the other day, in my class. She's really pretty and I don't know," Sam shrugged. "Maybe. I don't know yet. I just know I like guys, and I guess I might like girls, too."

"Well," said Blaine, wishing he could be the same way - at least half normal. "That's good."

There was a short silence.

"I'll miss you," said Sam. "I know we didn't talk much but…when we did, you seemed like a cool guy."

"You too," said Blaine. "I guess I should be going, though. I promised my mom I wouldn't be gone long…" Sam nodded and Blaine froze for a second, making a split decision. Blaine leaned over, to the cheek that wasn't bruised on Sam's face, and kissed him quickly, blushing brightly.

"Oh," said Sam, surprised. "Th-thank you Blaine. For Friday and…just thanks," he said, suddenly embarrassed.

"You're welcome," said Blaine, feeling just as embarrassed. "I'll…talk to you later."

"Yeah," said Sam softly as Blaine turned to walk back to his house.

They didn't talk until Sectionals, two years later. Blaine saw Sam, singing with the pretty blonde on New Directions. Sam asked him not to tell anyone and he agreed sadly. Blaine didn't even want to ask Sam if he was bi or straight or gay now.

When Blaine started to date Kurt, however, Sam and him struck up a tentative friendship. It wasn't the same as the last time, but it was something. Because no matter what, Sam would always be the nice boy that took him to his first dance.