spo"k where are we? kirk ask.


well im gonna go check things out" kirk ask

i come with you says spok wit a tear rollin down his chest

"do u think this plac look famelerl?" kirk ass

"it look lik hi skool!" spok yells wit a tear rollion down his chest

"hello" zac efron shouts "i am zac efron"

"who are you?" krik ask

"i am zac efron" zac efron shouts "i notic you are new to skool"

"yeah wut about it! spok yell, blushin, tears rollin down his chest

"i...i dunno" zac say, lookin spok rite in the eyes

"i'm spok" spok sayzs.

"i am zac efron" zac efron shouts

"hi zac efron" spok smiles.

"spok we are gettin side traked!" kirk whisper. "where is tear monstr and what is he doin?"

"hello persons!" sharpie yells

"sharpie! how is ur ink?" zac ask

"gud" sharpie yells "someone try to kill me earlier i think

but then vannessa huggies run into room! she say

"he is comming!" vanessa whisper. "the 1 they call ter monster!"

spok gassed. kirk cover his fase in horrer.

"vannessa put clothes on" zac ask. "where is ter monstar?"


"i foud the monstr!" spok yelled in whorer. tear rollin. down chets.

"wow...nice job :)" zac mumbled, lookin down at his shoos.

BUT THJEN something whorible happnd. the ter monster exploded into a thousand million little tear monsters/

"no" spok say, with a ter rollin down his chest

"now u must deside!" a ter monster said. "wich tear monstr is the real 1!"

every sexond, the tear monstr multiplyed becas spok kept cryin. all hoope seemed lost, until out of the bleu randum black guy jumped in.

"BLACK GUY POWER" corbin whispers.

"wow, my hero" kirk screams.

corbin whipped his hare bak and forth at the ter monstrs. every secon, they die, but more stil appear.

"i cent help it"! spok says wit ter rollin down his chest.

"here...let me get dat for u" zac says, gettin a tissue from his pocket an wipin spok's watery eyes.

"wow...thnx :)" spok sed, blushin more than he had evr blushd befo4r.

"bnooooooooooooooooo teh monstr yelld, flying up into the air. "the prophecy sed dat black guy will come to defeet me!"

sinse spok no longer cry, and corbin still wippin his hair, the tear monster slowly faded in2 the one tear monster.

"black guy!my hero kirk says, as corbin swooped krik into corbin's armz and wings sproted frum corbin's back as dey flew into the sunset, lips meetin 4 the first time.

hot" spok seys, looking longingly into Zac Efron's eyes, still glistening from his last basketball practice. As the tear monster slowly receded into the horizon, looking to attack another day, Spock felt that he had no worry in the world as they embraced.

"how long u luv me?" spok aks.


an finaly, dey kisd...ready to start a whole new adventore. marriage!