This is a Herculean Thing

Chapter 8

Harry laughed as Teddy tried to keep his eyes opened but failed. Teddy let out a whiny sound as he leaned his head on the dinning table. His dinner was only half finished. Harry quickly brought him to his arm and cleaned his face.

"I'll put him to his room "He said to the couple who was busy eating their dinner.

"Okay, get back here soon and you have to tell me everything from your visit to Jacob's house "She said as she slapped Draco's hand from stealing her food.

"It's not Jacob's house, Mione. It is Sam's."

"Same different. Jacob is there and I believe you have something to tell us. I can see it in your eyes."

"Yeah, Potter. Just do whatever Mione says" Draco said. Harry shook his head and headed upstairs.

He was lucky when he arrived home. Both Draco and Hermione were already sitting in the dinning table the time he apparated to the living room. Draco was too hungry to get angry and give him a lecture. Hermione was panic when she saw the bandage and Harry had to explain that an accident happened and Emily was taking a good care of him. It didn't really convince her, though and she would take a look on his head later after dinner as well as the explanation. He told them that he would tell them the whole thing later after dinner.

"So, care to tell us your little adventure, Potter?" Draco asked as he watched Hermione observed Harry's head.

"Nothing interesting, just they tell me that they're shape shifters." Harry said, watching Draco and Hermione's reaction. Harry frowned when neither of them looked surprised. Hermione just hummed while Draco nodded.

"What? Aren't you surprise?" Harry asked. Draco snorted.

"No, I have known. I did some research and I figure it out."

"And you didn't tell me?" Harry pouted a little. If Draco knew then it meant Hermione also knew. Some friends they were...

"I don't see a reason why. They're not dangerous, just a vampire-chaser anyway" Draco said carelessly.

"Draco, discovering a magical creature in a place is an important thing. You should tell me." Harry said.

"What for? They aren't dangerous, although they seem to have anger problem. Nothing we cannot handle anyway." Draco said. Harry shook his head in disbelief.

"So, why did you do?" Harry looked at the girl beside him.


"There must be a reason why they told you what they are. So, what did you do?" Hermione asked. Her hand gave a final touch on Harry's head before looking at him. Harry bit his bottom lip before he answered.

"I was with Teddy, enjoying the nice afternoon..." He started, which made Draco snorted.

"We heard some noise and there were four big wolves emerge from the bushed. They were chasing a pale man, a vampire. Jacob hit me on the head when he tried to protect me from the vampire who wanted to use me as his food."

"What? How does Jacob look like in his wolf form? I will hunt him!" Draco said, angry. Hermione giggled.

"No, don't need to and I will not tell you. It wasn't really his fault. He didn't know it would happen." Harry said, trying to defend Jacob.

"That doesn't change the fact that he hurt you, Potter"

"I'm fine. It was just a dent and now it's better." He said, pointing at his head. True enough, his head wasn't as hurt as before. Either it was because of Hermione's work or Emily he didn't really care.

"Oh, I told them we're a wizard"

"WHAT?!" Harry winced when Draco and Hermione screamed in shock. Harry looked at them guilty.

"Bloody hell Harry, you-"

"They were holding my wand as a hostage. Sam shouldn't give it back until I told him what we are. It was fair tough because they told me what they were." Harry tried to argue. Draco rolled his eyes.

"Potter, are you stupid? You can take it by using the wandless magic, you dimwit!"

"Yeah, but that meant the same thing anyway. If I use the wandless magic, it still shows them that I'm a wizard." Harry said, standing up. His green eyes looked at the blonde haired boy angrily, although for Draco he looked like a sulking kid instead.

"But you made us look so useless. Telling everything just because we don't have our wand is stupid. We're maybe wizard, Harry, but we don't depend on wand all the time. We have learned wandless magic in out sixth year. " Draco said. Harry huffed and sat down, turning his head away from Draco.

"Don't tell me you don't master wandless magic already?" Harry flushed when the words came out of Draco's mouth.

"Draco-"Hermione tried to stop the cat fight.

"Damn it Potter, you-"

"STOP IT!" Hermione's voice boomed inside the huge house. Harry and Draco winced and covered their ears.

"Stop fighting like children you two. It has happened, so don't fight something that cannot be fixed again. Just take out the lesson from it, both of you." Hermione said. Harry and Draco kept silence as Hermione looked at each of them with a murderous look on her face. Hermione took a deep breath and removed her wand from her throat.

"Now, why don't we just rest for the day? Watch a movie or something?"Hermione said, waving her wand to collect the dishes. Draco and Harry shared a look before nodded slowly. They don't want to anger Hermione more. They would be in a great danger.

-La Push High School, lunch break-

Jacob whistled softly as he walked into the cafeteria. His brown eyes scanned the room and they lit up when they found what they were looking for. Jacob took a deep breath before slowly walked toward his target. He watched as the black haired boy examined his lunch before his green eyes looked up. Jacob felt a butterfly on his stomach when Harry smiled.

"Hi, can I sit here?" Jacob said, smiling at the smaller boy.

"Sure, just sit" Harry nodded. Jacob put his tray on the table and eagerly sat down across him. He chuckled nervously when he saw Harry was eyeing his lunch.

"I eat a lot. It's a wolf thing" he said, blushing. Harry let out a chuckle before he nodded in understand.

Jacob tensed suddenly when Draco and Hermione sat down beside Harry. Hermione wasn't a problem because she would just smile and greeted him, Draco, however was a different case. His silver-blue eyes were eyeing him. Jacob gulped.

"Hi, Draco, Hermione" He smiled nervously.

"Hi Jacob, where're your friends?" Hermione asked, pulled out her lunch box from her bag.

"They will be here soon"

"Hullo..." Embry greeted. He and Quil sat down and immediately started their lunch. Jacob glanced in annoyance at his best friends when he saw Draco gave them disgusting look.

'Way to give an impression guys' Jacob shook his head.

Jacob ate his food slowly ash he kept glancing at the boy in front of him. None was speaking at the moment, making the atmosphere felt so tense. Jacob tried to think what kind of conversation he should start. He looked up every now, only to look down on his food immediately when he realized that Draco was watching him.

"So, can you show us some... magic?" Quil said, whispering the last word. Jacob turned his head to his friend and smacked him on the head.

"Can you not bring that topic here? It's dangerous, you know!" Jacob whispered harshly.

"But I wanna see~"

"Quil, stop whining! I have enough of your oh so great desire to see Harry's amazing ability" Embry said, although it was so clear that he wanted the same thing as Quil. Quil pouted and glared at him.

"Why do you want to see it so badly? I'm sure Potter has showed you magic yesterday, has he not?" Draco said.

"Well yeah, I just want to see more of it" Quil muttered.

"Don't worry Quil, we'll show you more one day. Jacob is right about not talking of this thing here. It's not a good place." Hermione said.

"They will not care or even hear what we say"

"You never know..." Hermione assured as she offered him a smile. Quil blushed and nodded.

They ate in silence after that, something that the shape shifters were used to. Embry and Quil began to squirm on their seat. Jacob began to bounce his feet and he tried to observe Harry.

Harry stopped eating his food when he felt someone stared at him. He looked up and blushed when he found Jacob was staring at him. Harry saw something in his eyes ash they eyes locked for a moment. He didn't want to believe it but he was certain that there was a glint of admiration in Jacob's eyes. He gave his a shy smile before he slowly looked down at his food.

Harry felt something bumped his leg. He frowned and looked down. He saw a leg and his eyes widen when he realized it was Jacob's. He looked up and saw a playful smile on Jacob's face. Harry smiled and kicked Jacob's leg softly. Soon, a foot fight was happening under the table between the two.

They were enjoying their foot fight, until Jacob's feet went to high and bumped the table, causing an earthquake effect to the table which made almost everything on the table jumped few centimetres from the table. Their friends were jumped in surprise when their table shook hard and their lunch spread everywhere.

They immediately looked around and glared at the culprits who were looking so guilty. Harry and Jacob mouthed 'sorry'. Draco shook his head as Embry, Quil and Hermione snickered. Hermione held out her hand and quietly cleaned the table. Quil, Jacob and Embry looked in awe as the mess on the table slowly cleaned up themselves.

After lunch, they immediately went to their next classes. Lucky for Jacob, he was in the same class with Harry only. Jacob tried to calm down his heart which was beating fast in excitement. No one would bother him. No snicker from his best friend and no observational look from Draco.

Jacob smiled as Harry took a seat beside him.

"What?' Harry asked, feeling uneasy with all Jacob's stares. Jacob just grinned ad shrugged his shoulders. Harry frowned and turned his attention to the teacher who walked in as soon as the bell rang.

Jacob took something from his bag as quietly as he could. He took a piece of paper.

Do you have anything to do tonight?

He glanced at the teacher and quickly put the paper in front of Harry as soon as the teacher had his back on them. Jacob watched as Harry raised an eyebrow before wrote back.

No, why?

Jacob grinned happily

Wanna go out tonight?

Sure, where to?

Wanna go to the movie? I got two tickets with me.

Only two? What about Draco, Hermione, Quil and Embry?

Jacob sighed. Why in the world Harry suggested them to come with them in a date... well friend date.

Just two of us... Only two of us

Jacob tapped his foot as he impatiently waited for Harry's reply. He bit his lip when Harry looked at him and didn't write for a good five minutes. Finally, the answer came into his table.


Jacob couldn't help but to grin widely as he read Harry's answer. He looked up and grinned wider when he saw Harry's blushing face. He watched in amusement when Harry shook his head. Like he wanted to shake something from his mind, and turned his head and turned his attention to the teacher.

Harry kept looking at his reflection in mirror. He wanted to look the best yet he didn't know why. It was just two friends spending the night on the movie together, right? Nothing more...right? Then why the hell he felt so nervous?

Harry sighed for the nth time in the evening. He looked at the clock and his eyes widen when it shows 06.65 pm. Jacob would be here anytime soon. Harry ran down the stairs and immediately peeked through the curtain.

"Harry? What's wrong?" Harry turned around and saw Hermione walked to him with a large book in her hands.

"Um... nothing" He said nervously. Harry blushed when Hermione looked at him from head to toe. He blushed harder when se suddenly gave him a knowing look like she knew something he didn't.

"Where're you going?"

"Umm... movie with Jake" Harry bit his bottom lip when Hermione giggled.

"Just two of you? What about Draco and me?" Hermione said teasingly.

"Umm..." Hermione laughed. Harry pouted but then jumped when the door bell ran loudly behind him. Harry quickly turned around and opened the door.

"Hi Harry..."

"Hi Jake."

"Are you ready?"

"Yeah.." Harry said. His eyes were eyeing Jacob's outfit. 'He looks nice'

"Jacob" Harry saw Jacob winced when Hermione called him. He moved aside, allowing Jacob to see Hermione.

"Yes, Hermione?"

"Bring Harry back before midnight, will you?" She said, patting her large book. Jacob eyeing the book in her hands, imagining what will happen if she threw it at him. With her magic, it wouldn't be a surprise if he ended up bruises or maybe injured.

"Of course..." He said, nodding quickly. Hermione giggled and walked away.

"He's gone?" Harry heard Draco's voice when he about to close the door.

"Yeah, I think you're right about Jacob has a feeling for Harry. He takes him out for a date..." Harry's heart beat faster when he heard Hermione's words. He quickly shut the door and turned to face Jacob who was blushing and looking uncomfortable. He must have heard it too.

"Umm... shall we?" Harry said, blushing as well. Harry watched in awe as Jacob's uncomfortable expression changed quickly into an excitement. He looked like a child with his boyish smile.

"Come one, get in!" Harry looked at the red old car in front of him. It wasn't as fancy as Draco's lambo but he liked it. He got into the car and smiled when Jacob drove the away.

"So, what will we watch?" Harry asked, trying to make a conversation.

"What do you want to watch?" Jacob asked.

"I don't know. Let's just decide it when we arrive there." Harry said, offering a smile. Jacob hummed in agreement as he pulled over to the movie theatre.

"What do you want to watch?" Jacob asked. Harry was looking at the movie posters on the wall before pointed to a certain one. Jacob smiled when Harry chose a large poster with a Batman on it.

"Okay..." He said before walked to buy them the ticket. He hoped this... date went well because this was one of the chances he could get to know about Harry Potter more. He would not waste it tonight

To Be Continued