Hide and Seek

Pairing: Wendy Darling/ Captain James Hook

Antagonists: Peter Pan/ Tinkerbell/ The Lost Boys

Setting: 1919-1920/ London/Neverland/ The Jolly Roger

(Dates based on J.M. Barrie's publication of Peter Pan as a novel in 1911 and on Wendy's age in that year, going with 10 years old, she is 18 in this story. Wendy's age was never specified, but it is known that she was an Edwardian schoolgirl, and the Edwardian period in England lasted from 1901-1910. It is also said that she attended a kindergarten school with her brothers, meaning a school for pre-adolescent children, so we're going with 10 years old. Captain Hook was supposedly born in 1876, meaning that he would be 43. And, of course, no one knows Peter's age. The setting in 1919 also means that the first World War had just ended a year prior. Because of that, the date will be the turn of 1919 into 1920, to give the country of England a well deserved break.)


Wendy sat, crouched low to the ground, her turned up nose tickled by the bush she was hiding behind. The sun beat down mercilessly from the clear blue sky above, wispy clouds floating by, the occasional bird flitting happily inbetween them. She breathed in the scent of Neverland, inhaling the jungles and beaches and magic. The entire place was just different than her own smoggy, rainy London. Different because of the childish brightness that seemed to make the island glow. Perhaps she was too old to be playing hide and seek in a forest or to be running around playing pirates or to be swimming in the river all day, but she needed time to be a child again, away from having to be an adult. She had already grown up, and was expected to stay grown up, and the more grown up she became, the more she wished she was a little girl again.

And Neverland seemed to be the perfect place to reintroduce herself with her youth.