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Charlie lay on his bed in Windsor House, staring at the screen of his cell phone as if waiting for it to blow up. For once, it wasn't because he was awaiting the doomed call that the twins had broken something again. No. Charlie was waiting for something much more important. Justin had been gone for two weeks now. Off to London by decree of his blasted parents. And the entire time he was gone, Charlie had yet to hear from him. To say he was worried was a definite understatement. All Windsor had been cowering away from him and his murderous aura all week; the twins had yet to do something extreme in fear of facing the wrath of their very agitated Prefect.

But today was the day Justin was set to board the plane for home. Charlie had given him instructions that he was to phone him before he boarded the plane. He was scheduled to get on the 3:00 in the morning, American time and Charlie had been up for the past six hours, staring at his phone. It was now 2:51 AM and Charlie was once again typing a text for Justin.

"If I don't hear from you in 9 minutes, I'm bringing the cavalry down there and saving you. Call me as soon as you get this."

By 2:59, Charlie was typing in Laura's number, planning to get Justin's whereabouts from her so he could drag his Brit's arse back. Right before he hit send, his phone started buzzing and Justin's custom ringtone began to play. Practically dropping the phone in his haste, Charlie accepted the call and brought it to his ear, letting out a sigh as he whispered, "Justin…"

On the other end, Justin was chuckling into his phone. "Honestly Chaz. You sound like you weren't expecting me to call."

Smiling, Charlie switched the phone to the other ear so he could sit up. "You had me worried for a while there, Switzerland. How did the parents react?"

Swooning at the use of the nickname, Justin couldn't help but smile. "Wanted me to stay home. Tried to rope me into some marriage meetings. Tried to integrate me in the family business some more. You know, same old same old." The overcome sounded with the pilot's voice, saying that they would be leaving shortly. "How are you holding up? Should I be concerned?"

Charlie had to chuckle at Justin's tone of voice. "Honestly Justin, you sound like you're expecting a full out war between Windsor and Hanover to have broken out in your absence."

"It wouldn't surprise me," Justin replied seriously.

"Don't worry J. I somehow managed to keep everything in line. For the most part. Though I have to say you might owe Miss Abernathy an apology."

The horror in Justin's voice was obvious, "What have you done to the librarian?" Charlie couldn't help but laugh. "This isn't funny, Chaz! She could kick me out for the rest of semester!"

"Like your grades would suffer at all J," Chaz laughed. "And you know she loves you. One tipped over bookshelf won't change that."

"You tipped over a bookcase?" Justin choked out. "How the bloody hell did you do that?" There were sounds of stifled laughter from the other passengers.

"You make it seem so bad. Honestly," Charlie replied smoothly, "It was an accident. And it was just the religious section."

"Pleas tell me you're joking," Justin groaned out. "How did Dwight take it?"

"He spritzed me with holy water, called me a demon and tried to exercise me."

"Excuse me sir, but you have to turn your phone off now. We're taking off in a minute," the flight attendant said, smiling down at Justin.

"Of course. Just a second," he said, smiling at her till she left. "Chaz I have to go. See you in a few hours."

"I'll pick you up at the airport," Charlie said, already counting down the time till he'd see Justin's face.

Justin scowled. "No, you'll see me at lunch, because you'll be in your morning classes when I arrive."

Charlie had to smile. "You honestly think I'm not going to come Like I could get anything done. And I'm pretty sure everyone else would rather me not be in the class."

Justin smiled. "Get some sleep Chaz. I'll see you at the airport when I land and I expect you to be well rested and bearing gifts of breakfast and tea."

"Goodnight J," Charlie sighed out.

"Night Chaz," Justin said, smiling into his phone even after he hung up.

Curling up in bed, Charlie let his eyes close and fell into the first restful sleep he had had all week, a smile on his face.

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