Hello everyone! Here's my first fanfic for one of my NEW favorite games, Minecraft!

This is the first in a series involving inhabitants of Minia, one of the three major cities in the world of Minecraft. Follow the adventures of Todd, as he travels across various landscapes, searching for a legendary sword, and his missing father. He will meet friends, and a few enemies, along the way. A timeless tale of an adventure that will take a young man on the journey of a life-time.

Quick Note: Listen to the soothing soundtracks from Minecraft(Piano 3 or Calm 2 preferably) to help set the mood. :)

Please Read, REVIEW, and Enjoy!

Chapter One – The Legend

When I was young, my father would always tell me the stories about his experiences in the caves beneath our peaceful city of Minia.

One time, he told me a story of how twelve miners were trapped when a miner accidentally broke into a pool of lava, causing an overflow that trapped them, giving them no way out. He told me about how they were forced to break out with their bare hands, and he told me that, when they reached the outside, the Sun shining up above, there was no greater feeling.

I wish to follow in his footsteps. I have now become a young man, and I'm starting my own adventures out into the world. It was only a few months ago when I discovered my first goldmine. Boy, when I came home with a load of gold ores, my father was speechless and beaming with pride...

Too bad that couldn't last long.

About a week ago, my father and a few other explorers left when one of them discovered an ancient book that described a priceless item: A Redstone Sword.

It described the sword to be beneath the sands of the Blok Desert, far away from our city. My mother made sure to give him a compass, so he could always find his way home. I crafted my own clock from my gold findings and gave it to him as a parting gift. Taking it, he smiled at me...And that was the last time I saw him.

It was reported that the cave they had started collapsed in. There were no signs of life beneath the sands, and nobody dare touch it, in fear that it might end up killing any survivors...

So here I am now, gazing out the window of my bedroom, watching the Moon as it climbs up into the sky...

And I can't help but wonder to myself, Dad...Can you see the Moon exactly how I see it? My father had always told me that, no matter where you were, if both people can see the bright, silver light in the sky, they will always find a way back to each other.

I pray that his words are true.

MINECRAFT: The Legend of the Red Sword

"Are you sure that you want to leave so early?" my mother asked. I could see the worry on her face.

I nodded. "If I leave when the Sun is coming up, I can arrive by the late afternoon. The faster I get there, the less chance I have of getting stuck outside at night with all of the Creepers." I told her.

She smiled at me. "Well, I admire your eagerness to travel. It reminds me so much of your father..." she trailed off, and sadness filled her eyes.

I set a hand on my mother's shoulder. "I'll find him, I promise." I told her with a smile. I then turned and stepped up to the door, opening it and stepping outside.

Almost instantly, a breeze rolled over me. I gazed across the landscape in front of me, which was full of hillsides and trees. Our house was on the edge of the city, and our doorway pointed outwards, because my father loved to see explorable land every time he woke up in the morning.

I took a few steps forward, the sound of dirt crunching under my feet. This is the beginning of my greatest adventure, I thought, not able to stop myself from grinning.

"Todd!" came a familiar voice from nearby. I looked to my right to see none-other than one of my child-hood friends, Sarah, approach me.

"Hey." I said, slightly glad to be able to see her before I left.

"I figured you'd leave early like this," Sarah said, "So I came to give you something." She reached into the sack that was dangling by her hip, and produced a compass.

"Oh, you didn't have to bring that to me, I already have one." I told her, not wanting to sound like I didn't want to accept her gift.

Sarah shook her head. "No, take a closer look." she told me, and I grabbed the compass from her hands. To my surprise, its red indicator was blue, and was pointing towards her.

She smiled, and began to walk around me. As she moved, the blue dial followed her.

"This is incredible! How did you make this?" I asked, spinning around to face her. She looked around, as if not wanting anyone to overhear, then she leaned in close...

"It's a secret." Sarah whispered to me, giggling and walking past me. I rolled my eyes and turned around, watching her walk away.

"You're always so secretive!" I exclaimed, and she turned just before disappearing from sight and set her hand over her heart, then held her hand out towards me, much like someone would do when blowing a kiss.

I returned the gesture. It was something we had done since we were kids, to show that we hold each other dear. Most people find it odd that we are so close, yet we haven't even talked of a relationship...

Maybe when I return, I thought, looking at the blue compass for a moment before slipping it into my pocket where I could get to it easily.

And with that, I was all set to go. The first leg of my journey was to travel to the North, over the hills and past the farmland. Although much climbing was involved, it was to be the easiest task.

Once I passed that, I could look out at the beginning of the snowy fields of Boxx, where it almost always snowed, and warmth was a key factor to survival.

This is the first true obstacle in my way, I thought as I approached the snow-covered ground, I can't let it slow me down.

The town of Craftia was my goal for the day, far to the North, just past Boxx. There, I could get provisions from resources I had to trade, and make my way to the Blok Desert...

What I will truly find beneath those sands is a mystery. Whether it be my Father, or the sword, or both...You never really know.

That's the thrill of adventure.

To be continued...

Next Chapter – The Cold