Hey! Look at me! I'm writing Yu Yu Hakusho! Ain't is just shocking? I rediscovered this series over the summer and realized I still love the characters just as much as I used to, if not more… so, therefore, I couldn't help switching fandoms… here's something that came out of that.


His hair reminds him; she deserves so much more than him.

Kurama loves his long red hair more than any other part of his human body.

He finds it familiar, having a soft mane behind him. Once he grows it out, he knows he will be unable to cut it because it reminds him of who he was. The human hair cannot compare to Youko Kurama's beautiful silver locks, but when he runs his hands through it and feels it flowing in the fresh wind, he feels more like himself than ever before.

His hair colour, a red reminiscent of his bloodstained hands, tells of sins that he wishes he could forget but knows he cannot— he should not.

It keeps him sane— makes him remember his identity. Because a perfect son is not a murderous thief whose name still made residents of the makai shudder.

Shiori deserves so much more than Youko Kurama.

(When she complains about his unusual hair, he almost cuts and dyes it just for her.)