Matthew sighed deeply, staring at the asphalt street of the strip.
The Battle of Hoover Dam was imminent, and he'd be participating, as would all his friends.
Matthew, the famed Courier who'd cheated death so many times and brought the NCR's enemies to their knees. Despite all his past exploits, he couldn't shake the fear that he might die soon. He'd been near death before, shot in the head by that prick Benny, roughed up by Caeser's guards before he'd put a bullet in the bastard, mauled by Deathclaws, bitten by Nightstalkers, stun by Radscorpions, shot, stabbed, slashed, blown up, punched, the list goes on. Despite all this, here he sat, his NCR Veteran Ranger's duster flapping in the breeze as he studied a crack in the asphalt like it held the meaning of life. He was still alive, he had survived, no. He had thrived! He had plenty of attention from the ladies in his life, fun times with his friends he'd made across the Mojave, he always had a place to sleep, something to eat and some ammunition. Wasn't that all he could really hope for? Matthew perked up slightly, looking up from the asphalt thinking. He didn't HAVE to sit on his ass, whining about not wanting to die. No, he could take it in stride. Deal with it, make jokes about it. If he was going out, he'd be going out with a huge fucking bang. A smile lit his lips as an idea popped into his head. Just a couple last days of fun before the battle. Some time to say goodbye, pray, think and most importantly, get drunk and screw. Matthew pushed to his feet, a grin plastered across his lips as he strode across the street to Gomorrah. There was a certain hooker there that he'd grown fond of. As he crossed the street, there was a series of excited whispers at people pointed towards him, "That's him! He put a bullet right between Ceaser's eyes!" one man whispered. "I heard he took out an Alpha Deathclaw and it's mate!"
another muttered. "Isn't he the guy that wiped out the Fiends?"
A women whispered. Matthew ignored them as he punched open the door to Gomorrah. Striding in through the open door, he removed his Ranger's Helmet just as the protests and complaints started. Immediately the Omerta thugs present snapped their mouths shut and stepped to the side, watching fearfully as the Mojave's God of War strode past. He ignored several people simultaneously as they asked him to join a game of Blackjack. Pausing only briefly to grab a bottle of whiskey (on the house of course) Matthew made it to the courtyard in record time. He instantly strode over to Dazzle's tent, ignoring the various other hookers that practically threw themselves at him. "Why hello there."
Dazzle greeted, placing a hand on her hip.
"Shouldn't you be at the dam sugar?"
she purred.
"Not for another couple day. I figured if I'm going out, might as well be with a banging."
Dazzle giggled. "Alright then baby. This one'll be free..."

She stepped into her small tent, Matthew following eagerly. The flap fluttered shut, shielding them from prying eyes as Dazzle quickly and almost casually stripped out of her hooker's outfit. She unclapsed the handcuffs that kept her skirt up and let it simply slide down to the floor. While Matthew quickly yanked off his duster and armor, frantic to get ready, Dazzle was taking her time, slowly unclasping her bra and tossing it aside. Finally she slid down her panties, just as Matthew, shirtless, was slipping off his Rodeo Jeans. "Just lay back and relax for a minute."
Dazzle purred. Matthew obeyed happily, laying back on the bed in only his boxers, a large bulge in them. Dazzle lowered herself to her knees and leaned forward onto the bed. Seizing Matthew's boxers she slid them down and off, exposing his 10 inches of manhood. Giggling slightly, she gave it a squeeze and gently stroked it for a moment. Matthew simply folded his arms behind his head and watched with pleasure. Dazzle started to stroke him harder and faster before sliding her lips down on his shaft. He gently sucked on the large member, having some difficulty getting all of it her mouth. Matthew grunted slightly and shoved his cock slightly deeper into Dazzle's mouth. Her eyes widened as her mouth was filled completely and she tried not to choke while she bobbed up and down on the throbbing member. Her tongue slid all around the huge cock and she finally released it, inhaling deeply.
"You know what comes next."
Dazzle teased. Matthew snickered, "Yes, I do."
he slid off the bed and stood behind Dazzle as she bent across the soft red matress.
Matthew picked up her discarded Handcuffs and clicked them onto her wrists, leaving them a little loose so she could stay fairly comfortable. Dazzle wiggled her butt slightly, teasing Matthew. Sliding onto his knees behind Dazzle he gently slid his cock into her pussy.
Despite how often he did this, Dazzle never was fully prepared for the sensation. She gasped softly as the dick filled her and slowly started to slide out. She moaned, squirming in slight discomfort, but mostly pleasure. The massive cock thrust back into her and she squeeked slightly in surprise. He was getting rougher with each stroke. Pulling back out again, Matthew grabbed Dazzle's hips and slowly started to pull her against him with each thrust, penetrating a little deeper. The prostitute winced slightly from the next stroke, the pleasure managed to override the pain but not enough that she didn't notice. She squirmed some more, her aching pussy dripping wet as Matthew filled it again. Dazzle was already nearing her climax just after these short minutes with her client. One of Matthew's large, rough hands slid up Dazzle's petite, soft body and captured her left breast in a surprisingly gentle grasp. Dazzle moaned, long and loud as another slam into her was accompanied by the gentle pinching of her nipple. "Yesss!"
she moaned in ecstacy, Matthews hand continuing its work while the thrusts started to pick up speed. Finally, Dazzle gritted her teeth, tensed, and came, her eyes sliding shut as she went limp against the bed, melting under the pleasure. Matthew slid his long sexual organ out and released the hooker's breast. "Was that good?"
He asked.
Dazzle breathlessly nodded and shoved her ass back in the air, ready for one of the last parts. Dazzle's cum dripping from his cock, Matthew gently pushed his tip against Dazzle's anus like he'd done so many times before. She groaned loudly as he pushed himself inside her, the tiny hole squeezing his cock tightly as he shoved it completely inside. Dazzle gasped, her back arching slightly as the long dick started to pull back out. She had to admit, no matter how uncomfortable taking it the ass could be, she enjoyed it. Matthew started to pick up speed, filling her tiny anus faster and deeper with each thrust. There were a couple moments when it was just painful, but she'd been through way worse. She could handle taking it like this.
Finally, Matthew came inside her, her anus filling with his warm semon. Dazzle leaned forward on the bed for support as the sensation of him jerking his cock out of her ass hit her.
Matthew effortlessly picked Dazzle up and layed her gently on the bed on her back. Straddling her chest he smiled down at her slightly sleepy expression. "You tired Dazz?"
he asked. The girl nodded slightly, "A little. I've had an abnormally large number of clients today. Mostly NCR Troopers headed for the dam. I think they share your feelings of imminent doom."
Matthew chuckled and played with Dazzle's large breasts for a moment, normally she might've playfully swatted him away only to let him grab onto them seconds later, but with her hands cuffed behind her, things were a bit more difficult, so she just layed there and enjoyed the sensation of someone being gentle with her breasts for once. Dazzle sighed at the memories of her rougher and more sadistic clients. "I'm thinking about leaving The Business." Dazzle sighed, trying to carry on a conversation while having sex. Matthew smiled slightly, still fondling her breasts. "Good."
Dazzle's eyes widened. "I thought you were my best customer?"
The girl was slightly offended by this, as if all her hard work was being under appreciated.
"You deserve better."
Matthew explained, releasing her breasts.
Dazzle's eyes widened in shock.
"You do. You could've had a happier life if it weren't for the Omertas. It's their fault your addicted to Med-X too."
Dazzle shifted slightly, talking about her addiction made her uncomfortable, partially because she wasn't used to being cared about.
"Maybe I should just stay. I mean, the money's good, and the Omerta's will probably just kill me if I quit."
she seemed very unworried about the Omerta's thugs coming after her but she didn't seem to worry about hardly anything really. Matthew shook his head. "I helped Joana get out, I can help you get out too. The Omertas will piss themselves as soon as they see me with you."
Dazzle considered it briefly,
"Where will I stay? I don't have any family."
Matthew shrugged. "You can stay with me at the Lucky 38. Not as a sex slave or anything either, as a geust. Until you can get on your feet."
A single tear glistened in Dazzle's eye,
"Thank you."
she whispered. Matthew shrugged,
"It's nothing. Now, back to sex?"
Dazzle nodded eagerly and presented her breasts for his use.
Happily laying his cock between the two large globes he started to thrust, the friction between her breasts causing Dazzle to moan. "You know."
Dazzle gasped. "If you wanna break my no kissing rule this one time I wouldn't object."
Matthew bent down for only a second and pecked her lips before going back to his thrusts.
After a moment, he came again, cum splashing onto Dazzle's cheeks, lips, and breasts. She hungrily licked the cum off her lips and smiled. "Can I have the key?
she asked. Matthew smiled and handed her the handcuff key. She quickly unlocked the cuffs and set to work wiping the cum off her face and licking it off her fingers.

"Thanks for a wonderful time."
Matthew said happily.
"Thanks for agreeing to let me live with you."
Dazzle replied.
"Not a problem."
He gently placed his Ranger Duster on Dazzle's thin frame, the large coat slightly too long and big for her. Matthew picked up his discarded helmet and held it under his arm as the pair walked out of the tent and left the courtyard. As he and Dazzle walked through the Casino, nearly every Thug in the place started glaring daggers, some only backing down when Matthew himself returned the glare and rested his hand on the ornately engraved M&A 9mm Pistol at his hip that Benny had affectionately called Maria. Pausing for a moment at the Receptionist's desk, he said simply,
"Tell Cachino that Dazzle quits and will be staying with me from now on."
the Receptionist nodded timidly and scribbled down the note.
Matthew and Dazzle then simply strode out of Gomorrah, Dazzle occasionally peaking over her shoulder. "You know Cachino?"
she asked.
"I'm the reason he runs things now."
Matthew replied simply. Dazzle thought best not to directly ask if he had anything to do with the deaths of the previous owners and instead was silent as he took her to the Lucky 38. After informing her of the location of weapons, ammo, food, water, and giving her a more proper outfit to wear, Matthew left, heading down to the Vault 21 giftshop for his next goodbye.