Matthew's boots thumped dully against the floor of Vault 3, breaking the eerie silence that had befallen the Vault.
The silhouette of a Fiend started to scurry through the shadows across the hallway ahead.
Matthew squeezed off a round and a brains were pasted across the wall, the Fiend flopping onto the floor in a pool of blood.
"Come out with your hands in the air and don't make any sudden movements."
he commanded, his voice echoing down the hallway.
There was a loud SNAP and a bullet pinged off the wall behind Matthew.
"Tisk tisk, that's not very polite is it?"
He unhooked a Frag Grenade from his belt, yanked the pin free and tossed it into the diner.

There was a scream of agony and a weapon clattered to the floor.
Matthew entered the diner, stepping over a Fiend who'd been killed by the explosion.
"Where are you little fella?"
Matthew called sadistically, scanning the dark room for the injured Fiend.
There was another scream and Matthew spun towards the corner of the room.
A Fiend lay there, clutching his mangled leg in agony.
Matthew bent down next to the man and took a quick look at his leg.
"Bro, you're gonna die."
he mused.
the Fiend whimpered.
"But I could put you out of your misery for some information. Where's Leroy?"
"The Overseer's Office!"
he growled through clenched teeth.
"Thank you, have a nice day in hell."
Matthew replied with a grin. He stood up, fired a round through the squirming Fiend's head, and walked away, reloading Lucky.

"Open the fuckin' door!"
Matthew growled, pressing Lucky's barrel into the back of the Fiend's head.
"Okay man! Okay! Just don't shoot!"
The Fiend helpfully unlocked the door to the Overseer's office and stepped back.
"There, now I'm gettin' outta' here."
"Ooooh, yeah, see I actually wasn't planning on letting you do that. Awkward huh?"
He fired a round through the Fiend's forehead and the man slumped to the floor at Matthew's feet.
"Via con dios yah' bastard!"
Matthew laughed, stepping through the door.
A Fiend lunged from the wall next to the door, a knife going for Matthew's throat.
Without even turning his head, the Courier flipping the man over his shoulder and fired two rounds into his chest, ending his struggling.

"One more step and I blow her brains out!"
a Fiend snarled from behind the Overseer's desk.
A blonde, 16 year old was held in front of him as a human shield, the barrel of a 9mm Pistol pressed into her temple. Another Fiend stood behind him, a Caravan shotgun leveled at Matthew.
"Aw c'mon Leroy, you wouldn't wanna hurt your new toy would you?"
Matthew asked sarcastically.
Leroy glared,
"She's expendable."
Matthew shrugged,
"I suppose, but really, how many other gorgeous, 16 year old virgins are there in Westside?"
Leroy paused in surprise, the gun barrel drifting ever so slightly away from his hostage's head as he leaned down to look at her,
"Virgin huh?"
"Oh, that's right, you haven't had a chance to play with your new toy yet.
Leroy jerked violently and the pistol slipped from his grasp, his hostage ducking out of his choke hold and diving for cover.
Matthew grinned at Leroy,

Leroy groaned and crumpled to the floor, the Fiend woman behind him clutching her shotgun in terror.
Matthew brought Lucky to bear once more, the sights placed squarely over the woman's forehead.
"I surrender!"
she shrieked, dropping the shotgun and throwing her hands in the air.
Matthew holstered Lucky and walked over to the Fiend woman, pushing her to the floor.
"Keep your hands behind your head."
He commanded. The Fiend woman silently obeyed.
"You, what's your name?"
he asked of the 16 year old.
she answered quietly.
"Your sister sent me to get you."
"I don't know, she didn't tell me her name. Now, you wait outside, I'm going to clean up here."
he glanced down at the Fiend woman on the floor.
Rebecca nodded and slipped out the door.

Crouching down next to the Fiend woman Matthew pulled his helmet off and set it aside.
"Tell me,"
he began,
"Why shouldn't I kill you like I did the rest? You're just another chem addicted, degenerate scumbag. You'll probably never change. Your like a rabid dog, you need to be put down. But for some reason, I feel like giving you a chance to beg for mercy."
The Fiend woman bit her lower lip, thinking.
"Please? Please don't kill me."
Matthew shook his head in disappointment,
"You're not very good at this are you?"
The Fiend woman scrambled to find a better plea and then came up with,
"I'll sleep with you!"
Matthew arched an eyebrow in surprise.
"I don't need to threaten a woman's life to get her to have sex with me. I have plenty of women who'd love to sleep with me who AREN'T savage dirtbags."
The Fiend woman tried to add a seductive tone to her voice,
"Yeah, but you know what they say about Fiend girls, we're crazy in bed, it's all the chems. Makes us go wild."
Matthew tapped his lower lip, thinking.
"Alright then, I'll let you go if you have sex with me."

The Fiend woman slowly pushed up onto her knees, tossing her skull helmet aside.
Matthew stood up and unzipped his rodeo jeans.
The Fiend woman pulled his cock out and gently started to stroke it, feeling it harden in her hand.
"You're fucking huge!"
she purred in suprise, dragging her tongue up and down his length, opening her mouth at the tip and slowly taking his entire length inside her mouth, coughing as he started to bob up and down on it.
Matthew nodded approvingly,
"You seem rather experienced, you don't have any STDs or anything do you?"
The Fiend girl pulled her lips off his cock and replied,
"No way, I always make sure the dudes and bitches I'm with don't have any of that shit."
She slid his length back into her mouth and continued sucking.
"Good, because if you give me an STD I'm going to be extremely pissed off. Seriously. Deathclaws will curl into the fetal position and cry for their mothers."

The Fiend girl pulled her lips off his cock again and started to remove the armored bra she wore.
"With a cock like that I'm not surprised."
she purred, tossing the metal bra aside and squeezing his cock between her breasts.
Matthew glanced down at her as she started sliding her breasts up and down his length.
"Wow, you've got huge tits."
he complimented.
The Fiend girl giggled and licked the tip of his cock,
"Thank you. Oh by the way, my name's Carmen."
"Carmen huh,"
Matthew said, bucking his hips up slightly and thrusting between Carmen's breasts.
"Not exactly a Fiendish name."
Carmen shrugged,
"I wasn't born a mindless junkie bitch."
she reminded before lowering her lips over his cock again.
"Huh, never really thought about that."
The Courier replied.

Carmen stood up at last and said,
"What do you want to do to me now?"
she asked seductively, knowing in the back of her mind that her survival relied on her seduction skills. Without even pausing for thought, Matthew ordered "Bend over."
Carmen obediently turned around and bent across the Overseer's desk, wiggling her ass and making sure her captor saw.
Matthew roughly tugged the thick leather pants down to Carmen's ankles and paused
to admire her tight, bare ass. He gently stroked her pussy, feeling it wetten under his touch.
Carmen moaned.
There was a loud clanking noise as the door to the Overseer's office opened and Rebecca stepped inside to see what was taking her rescuer so long to return.
She froze in shock for a moment as she examined the scene and finally her eyes wondered to Matthew's throbbing erection and she gasped in surprise...

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