Not dating

Chapter 7 – Dinner and the end of our story (or maybe a beginning)

Summary: Their friends and family start thinking that Stiles and Danny are dating, even though they aren't.

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Stiles stared blankly ahead, as the teacher droned on and on. He wasn't even sure what class he was in anymore. It was the last day of classes before the winter break and Stiles just didn't really care anymore. It was the week after the formal.

The week after his dream date with Lydia.

The week after Lydia was almost killed.

The week after Derek finally had his revenge.

The week after the Alpha was killed.

Stiles mind was still spinning. His brain was just numb. He needed a break. He needed…


Shaking himself, the overworked teen finally looked up. "Huh?"

Danny was looking at him oddly. "Dude, are you going to sit here all weekend?" Danny had his backpack on and the other students were milling around, packing up, and talking about their plans for the holidays. Most of them, it seemed, were heading to Lydia's party.

Lydia had come out of her coma suddenly, but there was definitely something off about her. Stiles knew he should be puzzling out just what she was. Head-off another disaster before it happened. But Lydia had been doing a great job of avoiding him; then again, she did have a lot of practice ignoring him and it's not like one date was going to change her mind about him. Especially considering what happened one week ago.

Like Derek becoming the Alpha.

Or like-

"Stiles!" Danny called again, pulling the other teen out of his circling thoughts. "Did you fall asleep with your eyes open?"

Stiles rubbed a hand over his face, trying to shake off his thoughts. His mind was numb and spinning at the same time. Wait, Danny had asked him a question. "Sorry, what did you say?"

Danny rolled his eyes. "I asked if you were planning on going to Lydia's end of the semester party tomorrow. It seems like everyone else is going."

Stiles shook his head. Go to Lydia's party so he could spend a lot of time trying to figure out the mystery of what Lydia had become? "No. Nope. Not me." Stiles took a deep breath, wishing he could empty his head. "I think I'm going to stay at home. Just…recover from exams and stuff, you know?"

Danny nodded sympathetically. That had been one brutal chemistry exam. Dr. Harris' exams were usually tough, but this was impressive even for him. "Yeah, I think I'm going to skip too. Too much awkwardness with the Jackson/Lydia situation."

Stiles nodded absently, biting his lip. Jackson was someone else he had to worry about. The lacrosse star had been acting weird. Well, weirder. Stiles had a feeling he should talk with Derek about it. Maybe soon.

Danny saw the faraway look in his friend's eyes. He knew that look; the taller teen wore it himself often enough. "You need a break. Take it easy for a few days. Relax, the semester's over!" He lightly punched Stiles' shoulder.

Stiles looked at Danny. How did one take a break from the supernatural? From worrying about one's life? Or the lives of those you cared about? But really, he did just want a break. He wanted to pretend he was a normal teen. Just hang out with his friends, talk about normal things. "Do you want to watch a movie?"

Danny raised an eyebrow in response the teen. He wasn't sure if he was more surprised or flattered that Stiles' would consider watching a movie with him to be a relaxing break. "Uh, sure. When?"

"How about tomorrow? I mean, neither of us is going to the party. So…" It would at least be something to do, instead of worrying about Scott, and his renewed relationship with a hunter, or Lydia's mystery status or Jackson getting himself killed by the new Alpha or…

"That sounds like a plan. It'll be nice to hang out before the holidays. Your place or mine?"

Stiles smiled. Spending the evening with Danny could be…nice. Just, relax, talk about school, the holidays. No magic bullets. No death threats. No werewolves. "My place. Maybe we can make dinner?"

Danny smiled, nodding in agreement. A drama-free evening. "That sounds great. I'll call you tomorrow, okay?"

Stiles nodded and the two teens headed to their respective cars, both feeling a little lighter.

"Hey Dad. Your home early." Stiles greeted his father, happy to see his dad.

"Hey son. Thought it would be nice to spend more time together. Especially with the, ah, mysteries cleared-up."

Stiles grinned. He was glad to spend time with his dad. And it was a great chance to keep him on his diet. "I like the sound of that. What shall we have for dinner?"

"Well, how about…" the sheriff started.

Stiles gave him a level look. "Ah, ah ah…I trust the words that are coming out next aren't going to include phrases like 'fried', 'fast food', or 'pizza'."

The sheriff returned his son's look. "I do have a gun you know. Official and everything. If I want to eat deep-fried pizza, then I am darn well going to eat some deep-fried pizza."

Both Stilinski's paused to think about that combination. They wrinkled their noses. "That actually sounds kind of gross."

Sighing, the sheriff asked, "Well, what would you suggest, Chef Stiles? Your sous chef awaits your command."

Stiles grinned happily as he headed into the kitchen. "You know you're not allowed in the kitchen without proper supervision. Besides, I'm thinking about replacing you with Danny; he's pretty good in the kitchen."

The older Stilinski paused at the mention of Danny. Stiles' boyfriend (maybe?). Who his son still hadn't talked to him about. "Oh, is that so? Well maybe you should show me what you two can do."

"Well, he was going to come over for dinner and a movie tomorrow. Maybe you could join us?" Stiles said with his head buried in the cupboards.

The sheriff raised his eyebrows in surprise. Was that Stiles' dropping a hint? Dinner and a movie was a classic date. And meeting the parents…that meant it was pretty serious.

Pulling ingredients on the counter, Stiles looked at his dad. "How does that sound?"

The sheriff cleared his throat. "That sounds great. I'd like that. And…it would be nice to get to know Danny a little better."

"So, what's on the menu?" Danny asked, walking in with the last of the groceries. He was a little nervous about having dinner with the town sheriff, but Stiles' dad had seemed nice the few times they had met when Danny had come over to study.

Stiles studied the groceries they had picked up in preparation for dinner. "Hm…I have some chicken marinating in the fridge. Maybe a salad to start?" He started putting ingredients away and grouping them, losing himself in planning the meal.

Danny helped put groceries away, occasionally holding something up for Stiles to decide if it would be used tonight.

"No…no cabbage tonight. Oh, keep the millet and rice out. How about rosemary potatoes? Maybe we could broil the chicken…" He clicked the oven on, pre-heating the broiler.

The sheriff was sitting in the living room. Stiles has asked (More like ordered, the older Stilinski thought ruefully) his dad to set the table and stay out of trouble. He listened to the two cook as he set the plates out.

"Could you lay out the chicken on the pan?"

"Ew, you mean, touch it?" The sheriff could hear the chuckle following that.

"Dude, stop being such a wuss."

"Hey, I'm not the one who refuses to handle the hydrochloric acid in lab."

"Man, do you have ANY IDEA what that stuff can do to you? Salt please."

"Here. Olive oil? Thanks. Whatever dude. You're so clumsy, it would probably get over both of us ANYway."

"Tch, right, whatever. You know you love having me as a lab partner." The timer started to beeped. "Augh! Oven mitts? Which one is that?"

"Haha, I suppose you are pretty good at chemistry. Here. It's the potatoes. Though Lydia might say otherwise…"

"Ouch, man, ouch. You wound me. Okay, just a few more minutes for the chicken then."

The sheriff smiles to himself as he shamelessly eavesdrops. He's glad the two of them get along well. Danny seemed like a good kid. Though, the sheriff definitely wanted to learn some more about him. He headed towards the kitchen, to see how dinner was progressing. Pausing in the doorway, he took in the scene.

Notes of rosemary and citrus filled the room, with a warm and lovely scent coming from the oven. Stiles was leaning back on the counter next to the sink, leaning in to nudge Danny's shoulder. Danny was hand-washing some of the dishes they must have used when cooking, laughing at something Stiles had said. Both of them had huge grins on their faces. The proud father could feel his own smile come up in response. The lines were eased in his son's eyes. Someday, he hoped Stiles would let him into this part of his life.

The sheriff cleared his throat. "It smells great in here. Do you two need any help?" The oven beeped in response.

"Actually Dad, we're just about done. Do you guys want to bring out the potatoes and salad? I'll grab the casserole." Stiles hopped off the counter, grabbing the oven mitts and heading towards the oven. When he opened it, the warm ginger and pepper scents from Stiles' special marinade rolling out with the steam. Stiles followed them to the dining room and the three sat down at the small dining table.

"Wow, you boys put out quite a spread." Smiling at his son, he added, "Alright. Chef Stiles, I admit that Danny MIGHT give me some competition as your sous chef."

Stiles grinned back at his dad. "He is pretty talented isn't he? And he's our star goalie."

Danny snorted. "Stiles, I don't think there's such a thing as a star goalie."

"Yeah but if there was, you would totally be it."

"Well you…"

The sheriff grabbed his chance to try to find out a little more about Danny. "So, is that how you two met?"

"Uh, no. Stiles and I met in chemistry first. We, uh, became lab partners." Danny grinned at his friend, "Though at first I was a little apprehensive; Stiles has always seemed a little spazzish." (Oh crap, I probably shouldn't have said that in front of his dad). His grin dropped,"I mean, uh…"

Stiles just rolled his eyes, responding before his dad could. "Yeah, but now you know I'm a totally boss lab partner."

Danny nodded, his grin returning. "Yeah. I guess I lucked out there."

"So, you play goalie on the lacrosse team. First line? Do you think Stiles could make first line?"

Stiles blinked at his dad. What was he doing?

"Um…Stiles is pretty good. But right now, he's probably not quite there yet. With more practice and training, I think he could probably make first line again. Maybe as a defender."

The sheriff nodded. (An honest answer, though with some encouragement as well), he thought. "And what about your parents? What do they do?"

"My parents are doctors. Dad's in internal medicine. Mom's a cardiologist."

"What do you do for fun?"

"Uh, well, lacrosse. Stiles has gotten me into cooking and movies. Reading some, mostly history and sci-fi. Sometimes I swim, for cross-training."

"Do you drink?"


"Dad…? Whatcha doing? You have your interrogating face on." Stiles asked, giving his dad a confused look.

Stiles' dad blinked at him. He chuckled a little self-consciously. "Oh, uh, sorry son. Force of habit."

Stiles just raised his eyebrow. (Okay…?). The rest of dinner proceeded a little more smoothly, discussing the lacrosse season, school, and some town gossip.

Stiles was washing the dishes in the kitchen, his dad drying. Danny had helped put the food away; he had offered to help wash dishes, but Stiles had chased him out, saying that Danny had already washed the dishes from cooking and they needed to make his dad do some work. So Danny had excused himself to the restroom.

Stiles' dad broke the comfortable silence first. "He seems like a nice boy."

Stiles looked at his dad and grinned in amusement. His dad was really acting weird today. "Danny? Yeah, he's a good guy. Still won't tell me if he thinks I'm attractive though."

The sheriff chuckled. "Shouldn't that be obvious by now?"

Stiles gave his dad a bemused look. Before he could ask, Danny came back in. "Hey. Do you guys need any more help?"

The two Stilinkski's looked over at the teen, who shifted a little under the scrutiny. The sheriff seemed to come to a decision. He nudged his son. "Why don't you two go watch your movie? I'll finish up here and, uh, then I think I'll head up to bed." (They probably want some privacy), he thought to himself.

"Okay. Um, thanks dad." Still confused by his dad's comment, Stiles handed his dad the dish he was washing and headed into the living room.

Danny was about to follow when the sheriff tapped him on the shoulder. "Uh…take care of him, would you? He's a good boy. And, uh…you seem like a nice young man too."

Danny tried not to give the sheriff an odd look. "Um…I will sir. Thank you. Uh, sir. Oh…" he noticed the hand extended towards him. He took the sheriff's hand in a firm handshake.

The sheriff looked deep into the teen's eyes. He was satisfied with what he saw there. "Okay. You boys have fun. But, uh, not too much."

"Yes sir." Danny said, not sure what else to say.

With another nod, the sheriff headed upstairs, stopping to rub Stiles' head. "Good night son."

"Good night dad. Sleep well."

"You too."

"…so, was it just me or was that a little awkward?"

The two teens were in the living room, setting up for their movie night. The sounds of popcorn popping in the microwave were coming from the kitchen.

"Yeah, I don't know what was up with my dad tonight. I mean, he was acting…like…" Stiles trailed off as realization hit him. "Oh. My. God."

Danny looked up at his lab partner from the couch. "You're going to catch a fly with your mouth that big. What's wrong?"

"Oh my god!" Stiles repeated. "He thinks I'm….you're my…we're..." He scrubbed his face and fell onto the couch next to Danny, laughing weakly.

"Dude, are you okay?" Danny was a little concerned. What had Stiles just realized?

Stiles grinned sheepishly at him. (Oh man…) "Danny, my boy. My dad thinks…he thinks we're a couple. That's why he kept asking you questions. And dropping hints." Stiles thinks a moment longer. "Actually, Scott seems to think that too."

Danny just stares back at the other teen in confusion. "Wait…what? Why would they think that?"

Stiles shrugged. "I dunno. Maybe they figure it's impossible to resist my devilish charms?" He waggled his eyebrows at the other teen, who just rolled his eyes in response.

"Yeah, right."

Stiles laughs. "Oh man, this is too funny. That must have been why Scott was being all mushy about always being friends earlier."

Danny chuckles along with Stiles. "Yeah. I still remember when I came out. Jackson was…good." He looked a little wistful. He missed that closeness.

Stiles noticed the shadow passing across his friend's face. He decided he didn't like it, so he tried to break the mood. "Geez, I bet that's why my dad and I had to talk about the 'facts of life.'"

"Seriously? How was it?" Danny chuckled again. "Actually, I don't think I want to know. I remember how awkward it was for my parents…so didn't need them to look into the mechanics of guy-on-guy sex."

"Oh jeez…that would have been…just too weird for my dad and me. Oh god. I hope he didn't…" Stiles said, looking at the other boy, a blush climbing up his neck at the thought.

Danny nodded in agreement. "Yeah…I swear we were all blushing for weeks."

An awkward silence fell between them. The occasionally "pop" came from the kitchen.

"I mean, not that it would be terrible. To be dating you. You do have a good sense of humor."

Danny studies the boy next to him. "Yeah. I guess I could do worse. In the right light, you aren't too bad-looking."

Stiles stuck his tongue out at that comment. "Gee thanks." Stiles gives Danny a considering look. "I guess you're pretty good-looking yourself. I'm sure guys and girls will be falling over you. You know, once you get your attitude fixed."

Danny laughs, lightly pushing Stiles. "You're one to talk."

Stiles turned to face the other teen, tucking one leg under the other, watching Danny watch him. Hm…he really is pretty good-looking. The silence stretched between them, the movie playing in the background, kind of like it had a few weeks ago. Resting his arm on the back of the couch, Stiles decided he might as well ask.

" you find me attractive?"

The boys continued looking at each other.