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'Assert your fucking independence' Blaine muttered to himself, trudging through the woods.

"You couldn't last a night in out in the wild alone" Wes said nonchalantly resting his hands behind his head. Blaine raised a brow at him, they had been talking about their days as cub scouts, reminiscing.

"What is that supposed to mean?"

"You're not exactly the most wilderness friendly guy."

"I agree…but what's that about not being able to handle it alone?" Wes shrugged

"You're a people person, you like being around people, you can't really handle being alone." David elbowed Wes in the ribs as Blaine huffed and crossed his arms over his chest.

"I can handle it, and I will handle it." He said, standing up, Wes frowned.

"What? Are you gonna go camp or something?"

"Why wouldn't I?" Blaine shot back "I'm independent, I can handle a little camping trip!"

Blaine really needed to stop being so thick headed. He should have just taken it lightly, but no, he had to go 'prove himself'. So there he was, hiking through the woods to find the perfect camping spot. He sighed and contemplated going home, but quickly shook the idea from his mind, he'd never hear the end of it if he went back now. Finally he came up on a place where the trees were less frequent. He shrugged off his pack and pulled out the tarp, which he laid on the ground, and another tarp, which he hung over a rope between two trees. He admired his work, and rolled out his sleeping bag. He flopped onto his stomach and pulled out a book, seeing as their wasn't much else to do. He read contentedly until the sun began to go down. Blaine sighed and returned the book to his pack, slipped into his sleeping bag and closed his eyes.

He was hearing everything every cricket, every rustle of leaves, ever stick that broke under some animal's foot. Needless to say, he couldn't sleep. He tossed in his sleeping back, forced his eyes closed and willed himself to sleep. It almost worked, almost, until he heard something that definitely didn't belong in nature. A whimper. His eyes snapped open and he shot up in his sleeping bag. He stilled his breathing and listened hard. A groan. His eyes widened and he slid out, slipping on his shoes and backpack. He grabbed his sleeping bag. It was dark out, but the moon shone full, casting a dim light over everything, staining it blue. He followed the sound of ragged breaths to a tree not far from his camp. He peeked around the tree and tried not to scream. Hunched against the stump was a boy, curled in on himself, whimpering softly.

"Hi…" Blaine said, trying to make his voice as gentle as possible, the boy's head snapped up and his eyes widened in fear, Blaine held up his hands in surrender.

"Hey…it's alright, I'm not going to hurt you…but you are hurt." He said, frowning as he caught the boy gripping his side with his hands. The boy nodded

"What happened?" Blaine asked, crouching next to him and trying to get a good look at his face in the darkness.

"Shot." The boy said. Blaine was momentarily taken back by his voice. It was high, higher than normal for a guy his age, it was nice, though. But as the weight of the question sunk in, Blaine couldn't waste time thinking about his voice.

"You were shot?" he gasped "but…I was right there, I didn't hear anything." The boy shook his head furiously

"Arrow." He said and removed his hands, showing the stub of a wooden stick, the rest was buried in his side.

"Shit." Blaine said "we…we need to get you to a doctor."

"No!" the boy said instantly

"What's your name?" Blaine asked

"Kurt." The boy replied hesitantly, searching Blaine's eyes for god knows what.

"Kurt," Blaine said "you have an arrow in your side…this is kind of serious. Please let me help you." Kurt couldn't understand why Blaine was being so kind. But the way Blaine was looking at him…

"Okay." Kurt agreed weakly nodding his head.

"Can you stand?" Blaine asked, Kurt tried to get up, but instantly fell back against the tree. Blaine caught him easily and Kurt visibly tensed, looking up at Blaine in a panic.

"It's okay…can I carry you?" Kurt bit his lip, but nodded again and Blaine scooped him up into his arms.

Blaine had to say, Kurt wasn't very heavy, but he was tall, taller than Blaine. Which made it a bit awkward to carry him. Blaine was suddenly very glad that he hadn't walked too far into the woods, carrying Kurt that far would prove to be more difficult. They approached Blaine's car and Kurt squeaked. Blaine opened the back door and laid him down on the backseat. Blaine climbed in after him, sort of hunching over Kurt. Blaine could see him better in the light, and he almost forgot to breathe. The boy was beautiful, his pale skin was covered in a sheen of sweat, from pain no doubt, his chestnut hair was messy and his lightning blue eyes were staring right up at Blaine, who cleared his throat.

"Please…don't take me to the hospital." Kurt said softly "I…I can't."

"Why?" Blaine asked, furrowing his brows. Kurt looked at him for a long time. Uneasiness clear in his expression. He slowly removed his hands from his side, Blaine gasped.

"What is that?" Blaine asked, his voice faltering, he looked to the substance smeared across Kurt's side and stomach.

"Blood." Kurt answered, Blaine shook his head

"No…no, humans do not have gold blood, that…that's impossible." Kurt sighed and winced, looking down at the arrow

"Maybe I'm not human."

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