"Beautiful?" Kurt responded, wide blue eyes gazing up at Blaine, who smiled

"What else could you be?" in a moment of bravery, he picked up one of Kurt's glowing hands and went to kiss it, Kurt watched for a moment before jerking his hand away violently.

"Don't do that!" he cried, Blaine was shocked. He stared, lips parted, at Kurt for a moment before questioning.


"Because…just…don't." he said, holding his hand protectively to his chest. Blaine frowned at him, he wanted to know.

"Don't hide things from me. If I don't understand why I can't do something, I won't remember not to do it."

"If you had kissed me… you would have been bound to me." Okay…Blaine wasn't following.

"Excuse me?" Kurt sighed, sounding exasperated

"Bound to me. Like, linked, connected, in the sense that our souls would be intertwined."

"Ew…" Blaine said "creepy." Kurt's mouth fell open

"It's not creepy! It's beautiful." He smiled softly "you only kiss when you've found someone you want to spend forever with. Because once you've done that, you're stuck with them." Blaine frowned, thinking of all the meaningless kisses he's had.

"So you've never kissed anyone? Not once?" Kurt shook his head

"Never." He bit his lip "Dave, though…one of the warriors, tried to steal my kiss." He shivered "he almost did, that would have been…horrible." Blaine frowned and brought an arm around Kurt, who settled into him.

"I'm sorry," Blaine said "I won't do that again." Kurt smiled

"And I'll warn you about anything else potentially life changing." Blaine chuckled and held Kurt tighter.

"Kurt?" he asked softly


"Would that work both ways?"


"The bond thing…would you be bound to me, too?" he felt Kurt stiffen "don't worry, honestly, I wouldn't do that." Kurt melted back against him

"Yeah, I would." Kurt said finally, Blaine nodded. He traced patterns on Kurt's arms, slow and lazy.

"Blaine…?" Kurt asked suddenly, sounding nervous


"Why are you so nice? I mean…I'm so grateful…and it's probably a bit late to be asking…but why are you so nice to me?"

"Because you needed help…and because I like spending time with you." Kurt shook his head, smiling lightly

"My dad always told me never to trust humans…"

"You probably shouldn't." Blaine sighed

"But you're nice…and Mercedes was nice,"

"That's because I don't enjoy being a jerk. And I don't like it when people are jerks to me. So I surround myself with nice people and try to be nice to everyone, myself." Blaine sighed "but believe me, not many people are nice, Kurt." Kurt nodded

"I know that…but it shouldn't be that way."

"There's nothing we can do."


The first thing Blaine heard when he woke up was Kurt shrieking. He instantly stumbled out of bed, tripping over the covers lying on the ground, and ran into the living room. But Kurt was just standing in the doorway, staring at two girls. Blaine rubbed at his eyes

"Who the hell is that?" he asked grumpily

"S-Santana…Brittany?" he stuttered out "what are you doing here?"

"We came to see if you were dead." Santana said matter-of-factly, pushing past Kurt into Blaine's apartment. Santana's eyes locked on Blaine, himself, who was currently clad in his boxers and a white t-shirt. She raised a brow

"Your helping Kurt?" Blaine nodded and looked over Santana's shoulder to see Brittany clinging to Kurt.

"K-Kurt…who are these people?" Kurt gently pried Brittany off of him and looked to Blaine

"My friends?"

"Don't worry, we won't be here long." Santana said offhandedly "you can go back to…whatever." She winked at Kurt, who turned a bright pink.

"Why are you guys here?" Blaine asked, and quickly amended "not to sound rude…but Kurt said that you didn't normally come around…people." Santana nodded

"Well, they don't. They send me and Brit to do everything that involves…humans." She said the word with distaste. "We're just here to see that Kurt's okay, and then we'll be on our way. So, Kurt, are you okay?" Kurt nodded quickly

"Yeah, I'm…I'm fine." He smiled weakly Santana nodded

"We'll tell you…when you can come home." Brittany said "we miss you." Kurt smiled and ran his fingers through her hair

"I miss you, too." Santana smiled sadly at the exchange and walked over to Brittany.

"Come on, we can't be here for too long." She said to the blonde, kissed Kurt on the cheek quickly and tugged Brittany out the door. Kurt closed it behind them and leaned his forehead against the wood for a moment.

"Kurt?" Blaine ventured, Kurt slowly turned around and smiled "Can I ask you something?"


"Why did Santana kiss you?" Kurt smiled

"She and Brittany already kissed, they're already bound together, kissing me had no effect after that." Blaine nodded thoughtfuly

"Can we watch a…movie?" Kurt asked after a moment, Blaine nodded, smiling a bit at how Kurt paused to remember the word.

Kurt curled up to him on he couch, resting his head on Blaine's shoulder.

"This is one of my favorites," Blaine whispered, leaning down so Kurt cold hear him, Kurt burrowed his head further into Blaine's neck and sighed. Blaine supposed picking a kids movie for Kurt to watch wasn't a bad idea, he didn't want to scare him with any harsh violence involving humans, so the Lion King seemed like an okay choice, it was one of his favorites.

Around the middle of the movie, Kurt shifted on his shoulder and Blaine heard a sniffle.

"You okay?" he asked, Kurt hiccupped and brought a hand up to wipe at his face, which Blaine still couldn't see. "Hey," Blaine said softly and shifted to he could look at Kurt "What's wrong?"

"I miss them…" Kurt said "I miss them so much." Blaine's heart broke

"Oh, Kurt, it's okay, I promise, you'll…you'll be able to go back." Go back, saying the words were almost physically painful. Kurt whimpered and hugged Blaine around the neck, Blaine tightened his arms around Kurt's waist. "I understand that you miss them."

"Then…is it wrong to want to stay with you?" Kurt whispered, just barely audible, Blaine took in a sharp breath.


"I don't want to leave you." Kurt said, Blaine smiled softly

"Then don't."

"Kurt…what you said earlier…you know you can stay here for as long as you want, right?" Kurt nodded against Blaine's chest.

"It feels…right, here." Blaine chuckled

"You can practically call this place home by now." He smirked, Kurt shook his head

"I don't mean your house…it's more like you that feels like home." Blaine took a breath

"I feel the same way." Kurt leaned on his elbow, hovering over Blaine, a contemplative look on his face

"Can I kiss you?"

(AUTHORS NOTE: hmm….I wonder what will happen next…because I honestly haven't decided. What do you guys think?)