Sadie Zoice flopped back onto her bed, staring up at the ceiling. After a less than enjoyable day at Springfield High (Springfield Massachusetts for all you geography freaks out there), the only thing she could think of doing was talking or hanging out with her best friend.

Unfortunately, he was about 1000 miles away, at a set in California.

She turned her head to look at an old picture of the two of them. Sadie smiled as she picked it up, holding it above her to study it. Ah, yes. She remembered this day. This was the last day of their 7th grade year. One of her friends got a picture of the two of them celebrating the release of school together, and gave it to her soon after that. She had put it in a frame next to her bed. She smiled wider as she remembered the summer that they had together. To describe it would take forever, but to sum it up… it was amazingly fun… except for the end.

Cause, at the end, he had auditioned for a movie role. Sadie sighed, and lowered the photo frame. She hadn't been against it at all… until he got a callback, and then the part that he wanted. Then she regretted cheering him on, just a little. It sounds incredibly selfish, I know, but she just didn't want to see him go, and change while she was here. The two had promised each other that they would keep in touch, but both of them had been lacking slightly on that part.

That does it. Sadie thought to herself as she put the photo back on the stand. I'm calling him, right now!

"Sadie!" her mother called up. "I hope you're working on your homework!"

Sadie cringed, and called back down to her, "Just give me 10 minutes!"

"Why?" her mother yelled back up. "I told you no computer until your homework is done, missy!"

"I'm calling Anthony!" she explained.

There was silence, then her mother spoke again. "Tell him I say hi."

"Will do mom." Sadie said, rushing out of her room to grab the home phone. Running back to her room, she dialed his cellphone number from memory. As it rang, Sadie silently urged him on. Come on Ant… pick up!

Meanwhile, in California, it was a normal day at the Seussical: the Musical set. Everyone scrambling to get things perfect, everyone a little too in character, and one normal kid in the middle of it all.

JoJo, as everyone around set called him, was looking over his lines, and trying to ignore the Cat's constant attempts in annoying the living daylights out of him. Usually he succeeded, but as JoJo looked around, the Cat was nowhere to be seen. JoJo thought nothing of it though, as he looked back to his lines.


The person in question jumped, his script flying out of his hands. He looked up to see the very person he was just thinking about standing in front of him. "What?" he asked, exasperated. He swore he was never going to get used to the Cat always sneaking up on him.

The Cat held something out to him. "You've got a call."

JoJo looked at his phone for a moment, then looked back up at the cat. "Where on earth did you get this?"

The Cat shrugged. "Found it."

"Well, give it." JoJo said, reaching to take it from him. To his surprise, and slight expectance, the Cat pulled it away from him. "Cat, seriously!"

"Now, now. There's no harm done in this!" the Cat said as he took the call himself. "Ello?"


Both recipients of the call were quite confused. Sadie not knowing who had picked up, because she knew that there was no way that Anthony's voice had changed THAT much, the Cat having no idea who Anthony was. There was silence on both ends of the line, until the Cat pulled the phone away from his ear and said to JoJo, "Some girl is looking for someone named Anthony. Should I hang up on her?"

JoJo was silent for a moment, confused. Then something clicked, and he whispered, "Sadie." Looking back to the phone, he shook his head. "Cat, give me that phone right now."

The Cat, knowing something had connected, smiled slyly, and continued speaking to the girl. "Sorry, there's no Anthony here."

"Then how did you get his phone?" Sadie asked, worried. "And who on earth are you?"

"Who knows?" the voice on the other end said. "I could be anyone. And this 'Anthony' fellow probably dropped his phone. Left it somewhere. It happens all the time actually. Tragic." Sadie raised an eyebrow, but listened as the voice continued speaking. "But, some good has come out of it. For example, JoJo got a phone! And I'm talking to you! So, what's your name, and how did you get this phone?"

"JoJo?" Sadie repeated. A thought came to her head for a moment, but passed quickly. "No… it can't be."

"But what if it is?" the voice on the other end said. From Sadie's point of view, she could hear someone else talking, although it was muffled. "Cat, give me the phone!"

"Is someone else there with you?" Sadie asked, the reception going a little fuzzy.

"Yep! It's JoJo! Say hi JoJo!"

"Sadie!" the other voice called, before becoming muffled again. The first voice continued talking. "Sadie. Huh. I wonder how he knew that? Is your name Sadie? I wonder how JoJo knows you."

Back at the studio, JoJo was jumping to reach his phone. Oh how he cursed his height. "Cat, give me my cell phone back! I know her!"

"JoJo," the Cat said in a strangely parental voice. "She's not looking for you. She's looking for Anthony."

"I'M ANTHONY!" JoJo hissed. "That's my real name! Now give me the phone!"

Meanwhile, on the other end, Sadie had finally figured it out. "The Cat in the Hat, I presume?" she said with a smile. "That's who I'm talking too, is it not?"

The Cat, on the other end, smiled. "Why yes it is!"

"Do you have a real name, Mr. Cat?"

The Cat paused. "Well, I do, but no one around here calls each other by their real name!"

Sadie grinned. "In that case, may I please speak to JoJo?"

The Cat smiled. "He's right here." Handing the phone over to JoJo, he said, "Better hurry. Shooting break isn't gonna last much longer."

JoJo nodded, slightly wondering why the Cat was being nice to him after all that, but more concerned about Sadie. He held up the phone to his ear, praying that the Director or anyone else wouldn't interrupt him. "Hello?"


Anthony held the phone away from his ear, a grin on his face. "I guess it has been a while, hasn't it?"

"Ya think?" Sadie said, exasperated on the other end.

"Why, yes. Yes I do." JoJo said with a smile. "In fact, I think so much, that they call me a Thinker!"

He could just sense that Sadie was rolling her eyes. "I see you haven't lost your sarcasm."



JoJo smiled, as he sat back down. He loved this. It was as if he hadn't even left. Everything felt natural again, and that's the way he wanted to keep it. Ever since he left in the beginning of the 8th grade school year, they hadn't kept in touch very well. Then, in February, when shooting started, forget about it! Everything was to the movie, and the movie only. "So how's Old Springfield? 9th grade treating you well?"

"It'd be better if you were here." Sadie said without thinking. JoJo raised an eyebrow as she tried to recover. "I mean, no. That's not what I mean! It's-"

"Sadie." JoJo said calmly. "You meant exactly what you said. You always do. You've never been able to change that."

"I've gotten better though!" Sadie said. JoJo laughed, and heard Sadie laughing too. And, at that moment, it didn't matter that JoJo was in Hollywood, and Sadie was in Springfield, Massachusetts. They were together in their minds, where it mattered.

As the two chatted, the Cat had rounded up some of the stars of the movie, including Horton, Gertrude, Mr. and Mrs. Mayor, and the Director, who wasn't a star, but important none the less. They watched from a distance, silently observing their co-star's change in attitude.

Horton was the first to speak up. "So who's he talking too?" he asked.

"His crush." The Cat answered simply.

"How do you know?" Gertrude asked.

The Cat smiled. "Well, just look at him! Would he be this way if he was talking to anyone other than his crush?"

Gertrude paused for a moment, then shook her head. "I suppose not."

Mr. and Mrs. Mayor looked at their screen son in joy. "Oh," Mrs. Mayor said. "He's got his first crush! Isn't that sweet, dear?" Mr. Mayor nodded, not saying anything. Mrs. Mayor, however, nearly broke down. "Our little screen son, all grown up and having crushes! Soon he'll be dating, and moving out, and getting married and-"

"Mrs. Mayor…" the Cat said slowly. "He's only 14. I think you have a little bit of time left…"

The Director rolled her eyes at the group. "Cat, why did you drag me over here? I'm very busy!"

"Oh hush." The Cat said. "Relax, and enjoy the sight of young love!"

The Director just stared at the Cat. "You've really gone fruit loops, haven't you?" He nodded, and she rolled her eyes. "Well, someone tell him he's got 5 more minutes. We've got to get shooting up again." The group dissolved, leaving only the Cat and Horton watching JoJo. Horton smiled at his partner in Thinking. "You think he's ever gonna figure out that he likes her?"

The Cat shrugged, then paused, a smile taking over his face. "I've got an idea…" he said softly, before disappearing, leaving Horton alone. Watching his little friend for another moment, he looked to the clock, seeing that his 5 minutes were almost up. Horton hesitated, before walking towards JoJo, close enough to be in hearing range of their conversation.

"And eventually, all we had left were 2 dozen balloons and a rubber duck! So we did what any normal teenager would do."

"Hang them on your tree outside and call it a birthday treat tree?" JoJo suggested.

"Exactly!" Sadie exclaimed. The two then burst out laughing together, both nearly dropping the phone. Sadie was the first to get her laughter under control, and she said rather breathlessly. "So what about you? Everyone's asking me to get the inside scoop about the, and I quote, "movie star" who went to Springfield Middle School."

JoJo paused for a moment, before grinning. "Oh man, where do I begin? Well, first off-"

"JoJo?" Horton spoke up. JoJo looked up to him, waiting for him to speak again. "The director needs you to continue shooting."

Just then, the Cat appeared randomly. "And the costume designer needs you for the Who costumes again!"

JoJo groaned, but nodded, indicating that he'd be there soon. "Sadie, I've… I've got to go."


JoJo flinched. Somehow, Sadie had put all the disappointment and sadness in the world into that one "Oh." He glanced to the two before speaking to Sadie again. "I'm sorry. But I'll call you tonight, I promise."

Back in Massachusetts, Sadie smiled sadly. She knew that he probably had something important to do, and that he'd keep his word as best as he could. "Alright Anthony." Suddenly, an idea popped into her mind, and she gasped. "We should Skype! What time can you get on?"

"I'll be on at 6." He answered right away. Sadie smiled wider, knowing that his house could burn down, the roads to his house could be cracking, and the world could be ending, and he'd still find some way to get onto a computer at 6 to see her.

"Sounds good Anthony… or should I just call you JoJo now?"

"No, no… I get enough of that here." JoJo said softly, indicating that some of his cast members were listening to him. "Just keep calling me Anthony, and I'll keep calling you Sadie."

Sadie smiled wickedly. "Aw, are you sure? Cause I could get used to you calling me Little Cat or something. Sophia said that she thought I acted a lot like the Cat, but just smaller." There was silence on the other end of the line, but she could hear laughter from somebody on the other end. She smiled. "Don't drop the phone Anthony."

Just like that, she heard something fall to the ground. Then she started laughing too. Anthony quickly recovered, however, and picked it up, his breath short. "Please don't make me call you that. The Cat is already laughing his head off over here."

Sadie started laughing again. "I won't, I won't. I promise. Cross my heart and all that jazz."

"I miss you Sadie." Anthony said softly.

Sadie smiled. "I miss you too." She whispered, for his ears only. "Can't wait until we see each other again."

"Same here."

"See ya later, Thinker Boy."

"After a while, Star Girl."

Sadie hung up the phone, a smile on her face. She hadn't felt this good in ages. With happy thoughts in her head, she started her homework, not fully concentrating though, as her thoughts kept leaping back to Anthony.

Anthony. Just the name now gave her butterflies in her stomach. As she looked to her English homework, she smiled at the prompt. "Pick a famous quote from the list, and analysis it, and give your opinion. Must be at least one paragraph, and the essay must start with that quote."

Sadie flipped the paper over and grinned as she saw the quote she knew she was going to use right at the top of the page. Without planning at all, she grabbed her English notebook and started writing.

"We're all a little weird, and life's a little weird, and when we find someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours, we join up with them and fall in mutual weirdness and call it love."

Back in California, JoJo just hung up, and put his phone away, feeling happy and sad at the same time. He dragged himself up, and smiled, telling himself that he'd see her soon, and not to worry.

The Cat smiled at him. "It's alright little buddy. Everyone's like that when they get off the phone with someone they love."

JoJo's head whipped towards him. "What did you say?"

"JoJo." The Cat said seriously. "Don't even try to deny that you don't have feelings for her. It's so obviously written all over your little face. Right Hort?" the two looked to Horton, who looked rather surprised to be brought into this. However, he nodded, looking to JoJo. Before he could say anything, the Cat interrupted him. "See? Even Horton agrees with me. There's no avoiding this… Anthony."

JoJo turned a light shade of red at the mention of his real name. "I…" nothing could come. Not one defense that he didn't like her that way. Sighing, he dropped his head in defeat. "Alright. You win."

"So she's the girl from the picture?" the Cat asked, wanting to confirm. "The picture that's in your dressing room?" JoJo nodded, still blushing. The Cat let out a low whistle. "Man, you're one lucky guy! She looks like fun!"

JoJo started blushing harder. "S-She's my best friend."

"But you want to be more?" the Cat inquired.

JoJo shrugged. "I don't know, honestly! I've been away from her for too long! I do like her, but…" he sighed, sitting back down again. "I just don't know about anything anymore."

Horton took this opportunity to speak up. "JoJo, it's not like she doesn't like you. Even if she only likes you as a friend, it's still better than nothing, right?"

JoJo nodded, looking up at his friend. "I just don't know what to do."

"You don't have to." The Cat said, grabbing his hand. "Because I'm going to tell you!"

"Cat…" Horton said in a warning tone. "Don't get involved with things you know nothing about."

"I've already got a plan!" the Cat exclaimed. JoJo and Horton exchanged a look. In the near year that they've been working with the Cat, they knew that when he had a plan, the correct response was to be worried yet grateful. The Cat saw their looks and rolled his eyes. "Honestly you two." He grabbed their arms and started pulling them towards the set. "Come on! I'll tell you about it-"


The Cat sighed, his fun momentarily ruined. "After we get done with the day." He released their arms and disappeared to the set, leaving Horton and JoJo to wonder what he had in store.

Hooray for procrastination!

Well, some of you (alright one of you) were asking who the mystery girl was from Chapter 12. The one whose picture was in JoJo's dressing room. So, deciding to procrastinate from my homework, and having not written anything Seussical related in a while, I decided to write this! Yes, it's supposed to be based off of the storyline in Seussical Bloopers, whatever story line that is.

So, meet Sadie Marie Zoice. Springfield Massachusetts native, Boston Red Sox fan, Dr. Seuss nerd, and JoJo's best friend. Err, Anthony's best friend. (Help me out here, which should I call him when I'm writing the story?) She's the same age as JoJo, 14, nearly 15, and goes to Springfield High, where she has recently become a loner. (Loner by choice, not by standards) So… yep. That's her. Like her? Keep your eyes peeled, cause she's gonna be popping up more in my writing. (Yes, she's an OC. Hopefully she's not a Mary Sue, but someone PLEASE tell me if she is to you. Examples needed.)

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