Dedicated to men and women who perished in the September 11 attacks

Its been ten years

It seems like yesterday

The horrifying events that caused tears

On Americas darkest day.

I can remember getting up for school

I was packing by backpack

I saw the TV and saw this message in the acts of cruel

America is attack.

Hundreds of firefighter and paramedics rushing to the scene

Running into the buildings through the debris shower

To this day i always wonder

How many of them knew they werent coming out of the tower.

It wasnt just the WTC

There had been another attack

The Pentagon, the center of our countrys military

The skies had turned black.

One plane however did not succeed

Brave passengers retook the plane

A selfless and valiant deed

Sadly they perished all the same.

After two hours

Fire burning their supports

They finally fell

The twin towers.

3000 live lost

Hundreds more wounded

Such attacks came at a heavy cost

The seeds of evil had been rooted.

I remember the week after

No planes flew in the sky

No jokes, no laughter

Just images of those who die.

10 years later

We still remember

In the ground, a large crater

Where the towers fell, thet september.