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Harry, Ron and Hermione had been through many trials in their young lives. They'd fought trolls, basilisks, and dark wizards. They'd faced all manner of dangerous creatures, even hitching a ride on a dragon to save their skins. They'd been tortured, hated, betrayed and mistrusted by many at different times during their short lives.

They'd also experienced love and friendship in a way that few others have. It's the kind of bond formed between people who have risked their lives for each other. People who've saved one another time and again. It's the kind of bond that can overcome practically anything. Animosity over a missing pet that turns out to be a dark wizard. Distrust and jealousy after a name is spit from the Goblet of Fire. Anger over being neglected after one watches another person die and an enemy reborn. Depression after witnessing a godfather die. Resentment and sadness over abandonment of friends during a life threatening hunt. Yes, The Golden Trio shared a bond unlike any other. Their friendship had been tested many times over, but they'd always found their way back to each other in the end.

The past year had been the most difficult they'd faced yet, and that is saying something. They'd been given a mission that had, at many times, seemed impossible.

Destroy the Horcruxes.

It sounds easy enough, right? Unfortunately, they'd been sent on this mission with little intelligence. They didn't know what they were looking for, nor did they have the slightest clue where to even begin. Dumbledore had kept so many secrets from them, basically sending them out to blindly save the world.

Their bond had been tested and strained more in the last year than all other years combined. They'd spent most of their time half-starved wondering through the woods aimlessly. Hope dwindled more every day, and the malignant soul they had to wear around their necks didn't help either.

Ron had left, fed up with their lack of progress. This had been a very difficult blow for the remaining two. They were a trio, not a duo, after all. Ron had eventually returned, revealing the true nature of the Deluminator he'd inherited from their task master. The reunion hadn't been an easy one, but, like in the past, they'd let go of the hurt and forgiven one another. Their bond had proven strong enough to survive its latest test, and Ron's return marked the destruction of the Horcrux they'd been forced to carry.

It wasn't long before the newly reunited Trio learned of the abduction of their friend Luna. This hit Ron particularly hard as he was fairly in love with the girl. He'd never told her, and was afraid he'd never get the opportunity. Hermione tried to offer comfort. "We'll find her, Ron," she'd said.

"How can you know that, Hermione? We can't even find any more bloody Horcruxes!" he'd snapped.

"The Horcruxes could be anywhere, Ron. There are only so many places they'd keep Luna. We'll find her," Hermione soothed.

Most people seemed to think Hermione and Ron belonged together. That after the war was won the two would get married and have lots of ginger haired babies. Sure, the two bickered like an old married couple, but they'd never had those types of feelings for each other. The truth was, Hermione had been in love with her third year DADA instructor since she was thirteen.

Remus Lupin was 19 years older than Hermione, but she'd never really been age appropriate. Her mother liked to say that she was born middle aged, and she'd been unable to connect with boys her age at the level required for romantic love. She'd never found one that understood her passion for knowledge, the excitement she felt from learning something new. The rush every Gryffindor male felt when they'd won the Quidditch Cup third year was the kind of feeling that surged through her veins when she made a new discovery. The girl had practically orgasmed when she figured out the Protean charm used for the DA coins fifth year.

She knew Remus wouldn't consider her a romantic interest. It would have been morally wrong to do so before she came of age. So she bided her time, creating a solid foundation of friendship over the years. She'd owl him a few times a month, discussing various academic topics. They'd get into some pretty furious debates in their letters, continuing them in person when they saw each other during holidays.

She'd stayed at Grimmauld Place during the summer before she turned 16. She'd grown into a beautiful young woman. Her light brown hair had calmed itself a bit, looking more wild and untamed and less "bushy". It made her look like a powerful, edgily beautiful woman as opposed the mousy girl she'd been in the past. Puberty had been kind, giving her a full C-cup, slender waist, womanly hips and a rather nice derriere.

Sirius had noticed the change in her, and teased her relentlessly. He'd tell Ron how he'd have to keep an eye on her at school. He expected her to turn a lot of heads when they went back. She'd just huff and ignore him, but she noticed how his words made Remus uncomfortable. His actions even more so. Sirius had taken to flirting with her shamelessly, telling her she'd be of age soon while wiggling his eyebrows suggestively. Hermione knew the man was just teasing, but she could see that it bothered Remus. This was especially apparent as the full moon drew closer. He became very testy with Sirius, often snapping at the man to leave her alone.

He also stayed closer to her physically. Ron was typically on one side while Sirius usually sat on the other. The days leading to the full moon Remus would always take the seat next to her, pushing Sirius away. Some people might be put off by the behavior, but Hermione relished in it. It made her believe that Remus may have similar feelings. Feelings the wolf was less willing to suppress than the man. That summer she decided to tell Remus her true feelings on her 17th birthday. She wouldn't waste any time once she'd come of age.

Professor Snape taught Hermione the Wolfsbane potion that summer. She took over brewing it for Remus. She painstakingly brewed it to perfection every month, owling it to him two weeks before the full moon. She brewed with dedication, pouring all her love into the cauldron, hoping he'd be able to feel some of it when he consumed it. She knew the process so thoroughly by the end of her fifth year; she probably could have brewed it in her sleep. Sometimes she did, in her dreams.

Everything had gone completely sideways that year. They'd broken into the Department of Mysteries, against Hermione's better judgment, and she'd been seriously injured. She didn't know until later that Sirius had fallen through The Veil.

She'd woken up two weeks after the incident in the middle of the night. She'd felt a warm hand loosely holding her own. When she finally managed to focus she saw Remus with his head pillowed on his arms, one hand weakly grasping hers in his sleep.

His heightened senses had noticed her wakefulness, bringing about his own. The pain she witnessed the moment he opened his eyes was heartbreaking. "Hermione," he whispered brokenly.

"Remus. What happened? Is everyone alright? Harry?" she'd asked, frantically looking around the hospital wing. There were a few occupied beds, but she couldn't make out their occupants in the dark.

"He's fine, love. But…" his broken voice died in his throat. He took a few deep breaths, trying to get his emotions under control.

"Padfoot…" he said. "He's…he's gone." The man placed his head in her lap, gently embracing her as he sobbed quietly.

She'd been quite stunned. She didn't even know Sirius had come to the Ministry. She gently ran her fingers through Remus' hair, letting her own tears fall in sorrow. Sorrow for Sirius. He'd spent twelve years in Azkaban Prison only to be banished to Grimmauld Prison, and now he was gone. Sorrow for Remus. He'd lost his last best friend, leaving him the lone Marauder. Sorrow for Harry. He'd lost the only parental figure he'd ever truly known. There was just so much loss. It was all so very wrong.

Remus had shut himself off from her after that night. She'd send him a letter every week, but never received anything in return. Not even a "thank you" for the Wolfsbane. She hadn't seen him much over the summer, as he'd been negotiating with the werewolves, but he kept his distance when they did see each other. It tore at her heart, but she understood that he was grieving.

She'd still told him how she felt on her seventeenth birthday, in a letter. He didn't respond. He never did. She kept writing anyway.

It all changed again the next summer. Dumbledore had been killed and Bill and Fleur's wedding had been crashed by Death Eaters. Hermione escaped with Ron and Harry to begin the tedious task of searching for the Horcruxes. She hadn't been able to say goodbye to Remus and she couldn't communicate with him at all. She missed him terribly, even if her only interactions with him the past year had been one sided.

The hunt picked up very quickly after the group learned of Luna's abduction. They'd been captured by snatchers and taken to Malfoy Manor. Hermione's promise was fulfilled in the dark mansion. They'd found Luna. They even managed to rescue her, with the help of Dobby the house-elf. The Trio was also rescued by Dobby, but not before Hermione endured Bellatrix Lestrange nee Black's Cruciatus. Not before a few more scars were added to her young body. But most importantly, not before Bellatrix unwittingly gave the genius under her wand vital information about where she might find a Horcrux.

Dobby had died rescuing the prisoners. They had all been heartbroken at the loss of their friend and savior, but they didn't have the luxury of time. They had to move on. Not before Ron confessed his feelings for Luna, however. She informed him she'd already known how he felt and that she returned his feelings as well. Ron was deliriously happy.

The intelligence learned from Lestrange ended with The Trio breaking into Gringotts Bank and escaping on the aforementioned dragon. They'd found the fourth Horcrux, leaving only one left to identify and find. The sixth soul piece was in Nagini, and they knew they'd find the snake with the man. She'd have to wait. The seventh was in Voldemort himself.

The Trio had left for Hogwarts after acquiring Hufflepuff's Cup from the Lestrange Vault. They were almost certain Voldemort would hide a Horcrux there. Unfortunately they stumbled into many of their former peers in the Room of Requirement. They had spent the year in a different kind of hell and were ready to take their school back.

The Trio wasn't ready, though. Voldemort couldn't be killed just yet. Hermione and Ron sneaked into the Chamber of Secrets to acquire some basilisk fangs. They'd destroyed the Cup.

Four horcruxes destroyed.

While they completed their mission, Harry had realized where the Diadem was hidden with the help of Luna, The Grey Lady and the statue of Rowena in Ravenclaw Tower. Unfortunately, the Carrows had discovered Harry's presence in the school and alerted Voldemort. Harry knew a fight was unavoidable at that point. He could hardly ask Voldemort to give him a bit more time to ensure all the Horcruxes were destroyed before they had their final showdown.

Hermione and Ron used the Marauder's Map to locate Harry. They watched him disappear from the Map on the seventh floor and knew he'd entered the Room of Requirement. They were separated as they made their way up to the seventh floor corridor, getting caught up in the battle that raged around them. After defeating her attackers, Hermione began to make her way to Harry on her own, hoping to find Ron there as well.

Upon turning a corner she ran smack into Remus. He'd steadied her before she could fall, looking into her eyes with heartbreak and longing. He quickly pulled her into an empty classroom, warding it closed. "Hermione," he said breathlessly. "I love you, too."

She smiled brilliantly at his confession and he slowly leaned toward the girl in his arms, pressing his lips to hers. She snaked her hands up his chest and into his hair, pulling him close so their bodies were flush against one another. They didn't have much time to spare in the middle of the battle, so Remus quickly swiped his tongue across her lower lip, requesting the entrance she immediately granted.

The deepened kiss lasted several long moments as they explored each other's mouths, caressing each other's tongues and holding each other close. When they needed a breath Remus pulled back from the kiss and placed his forehead to hers, locking his blue eyes onto her cinnamon ones. "When all this is over, I'd like for us to be together. I love you, Hermione. I don't care if people will say I'm too old, or dangerous, or poor. If you'll have me, I promise to love you with everything inside me and spend my life doing everything in my power to make you happy."

Hermione felt warmth spread through her chest at his words. "I love you too, Remus. I want to be with you. Always."

His scarred face lit up in a smile at her response. "Please be careful, love. You are so precious to me."

"You too," she replied.

He gave her one last quick kiss before pulling her into his embrace. They then left the classroom to march back into battle.

Hermione reached the Room of Requirement shortly after Ron. They found Harry in the version of the Room of Requirement where one can find hidden things. He'd gone there to find the Diadem Horcrux. They'd been discovered by Malfoy, Goyle and Crabbe, the latter attempting to use the Fiendfyre curse. It is an extremely dangerous curse, creating a cursed fire that will destroy anything in its path and is very difficult to control.

The Trio had escaped the room on brooms, rescuing Goyle and Malfoy and leaving the Horcrux to burn. They were unable to save Crabbe, and he perished in his own cursed fire.

Five horcruxes destroyed.

After destroying the Diadem Harry had a vision that drew The Trio to the Shrieking Shack where they witnessed Voldemort speak about the Elder Wand and order Nagini to kill Snape. She'd bitten his neck, ensuring he'd have a most painful death, before slithering away with her master.

Harry approached the dying man. Hermione and Ron had tried to stop him, but Harry had sneaked out of the secret passage and was on Snape before they could pull him back. Just before the life left Snape's eyes he'd given Harry some memories.

They'd quickly left the Shack, making their way back to the school. It was eerily quiet when they heard the voice of Voldemort echoing through the night. He had commended their fighting and vowed he would spare the opposition if they'd simply hand over Harry. He'd given them an hour.

It was a somber Trio that made their way to The Great Hall. They were not prepared for what they saw when the doors opened. The tables were pushed back and the dead had been placed in the middle of the room. Ron quickly ran to his family, seeing his brother Fred amongst the fallen.

Hermione glanced about the room, searching for Remus. She couldn't find him anywhere. She then looked over the victims and felt her heart break into a million tiny shards, ripping her to pieces from the inside out. Remus was lying with the dead. She quickly ran to his side, desperately searching for a pulse. Nothing. He was gone.

She felt a horrible anguish rip through her soul as she cried over his still body. "You were supposed to be safe," she whispered brokenly. "We were supposed to be together. Finally find our happiness. I can't lose you Remus, please. I love you. I need you. Please don't leave me." She continued begging him to come back for many long minutes before pulling her knees to her chest, grasping one of his hands in both of hers, and rocking back and forth in tears.

Harry had watched the scene play out in front of him. He saw Hermione crying over his father's last friend. The final Marauder, slain. He'd known Hermione loved Remus, and it broke his heart to watch her mourn his loss. He saw Ron and the rest of the Weasleys crying over Fred. George had lost his other half. There were so many people, just gone.

Turning around, Harry made his way up to the Headmaster's office to view the memories. He'd seen everything Snape had done to protect him. The man had sacrificed his whole life to the destruction of Voldemort. He'd killed Dumbledore at the Headmaster's request. He'd loved Harry's mother deeply. His Patronus was a doe. He was a hero. Still a git, yes. But also a hero.

Harry also discovered the truth about himself. He was the final Horcrux. Neither can live while the other survives. Harry Potter had to die. He'd always had to die. It was not a pleasant realization, but thinking about those people mourning their loved ones in the Great Hall was enough reason to walk willingly to his own death. He'd die for Hermione. He'd die for Ron. He'd die for Ginny. He'd die so Voldemort couldn't live.

Hermione was still rocking in sorrow at Remus' side when she heard Voldemort's magically enhanced voice telling everyone that Harry Potter was dead. She couldn't believe it. Wouldn't believe it. The gasps heard throughout the hall proved that others felt the same way.

As a group, the remaining soldiers of the Light filed to the front of the castle. Hermione stopped, just inside the great doors. Cries of disbelief rang through the crowd when Voldemort approached with a distraught Hagrid carrying a limp, unmoving Harry Potter.

Emotions flooded Hermione's body, overwhelming her. She sank to her knees and allowed all the anger, sorrow and injustice she felt rolling through her to flow through her hands as she slapped them to the stone floor. "NO!" she screamed.

She expected to feel the sting of the stone slapping her palms, and she wasn't disappointed. What she didn't expect was the surge of magic that flowed back from the castle into her body. It filled her up, causing her to feel lightheaded. People had always speculated that Hogwarts was sentient. She knew in that moment that it was true. Hogwarts was speaking to her through magic, compelling her.

You can change it. Time is not static, it can be altered. Changed for the better.

Hermione knew this wasn't her own thought. She'd read the laws of time travel many times, memorizing them. Terrible things happen to those who meddle with time, Miss Granger. Those had been Dumbledore's words.

He was wrong. If the travel is performed by certain magics time can be changed. The traveler will no longer be tied to their past future. They become a part of the past. Even if their parents are killed before they're born, their existence will not be affected. There will be no paradoxes. You can change it, Miss Granger. Follow the magic.

Hermione, having nothing left to lose, obeyed Hogwart's order. She followed the path the magic wanted her to take. She was in the dungeon, far away from the action above, and didn't see Neville kill Nagini or Harry disappear. She didn't know the battle wasn't lost. That Harry lived. She followed the magic.

It led her deep under the castle, well below the dungeon level used for Potions class and the Slytherin dorms. She finally entered a dark cell, which lit immediately upon her entry. There was a black vortex in the middle of the space, swirling like a black hole. The magic wanted her to step into it. She hesitated for only a moment, believing whatever fate lie in that great dark expanse would be better than any she'd find in a world dominated by Tom bloody Riddle.

Plus she was a Gryffindor. It's how they roll.

Taking a deep breath Hermione approached her destiny swirling mysteriously in the middle of the deepest part of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Her steps didn't even falter as she plunged through the black vortex that swallowed her whole.

The whole experience was so quick she didn't even have time to panic. She was surrounded by complete darkness for a few seconds before she was dropped from the vortex, which was now located on the ceiling. The drop was only about eight feet, and Hogwarts had seemingly charmed the stone floor with a cushioning charm. The vortex closed the moment she hit the floor.

Well, that was anti-climactic.

She quickly stood and took stock of her person. She had many injuries, but none of them life-threatening, and all of them obtained previously in the battle. The vortex hadn't damaged her at all.

She no longer felt the draw of Hogwarts, so she began to make her way out of the dungeons of her own accord. When she emerged in the Entrance Hall she immediately noticed the state of the castle. It was pristine. Completely undamaged.

She didn't quite make it five steps before she was approached by a man. A very familiar man. "Professor Dumbledore?" she asked in disbelief. She knew she'd time travelled, but she had no idea how far back. She wasn't exactly shocked to see him; he'd only been dead a year, after all. What surprised her was his appearance. He looked a bit younger than when she knew him. How far back had Hogwarts sent her?

"Indeed, Miss. Hogwarts informed me that she'd sent someone here and that I should aide her in any way I can. She doesn't communicate often, so you'll understand that I was most intrigued. Even more so now. You look like you've been through quite a battle, my dear. Please, let's speak in my office."

Hermione nodded and followed him, silently vowing to change it. To save Harry. To save Fred. To save Remus. By Merlin, Remus Lupin would live.


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