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Summary: Poll winner: After a ghost fight at City Hall, Jack and Maddie witness some romance between Sam and Phantom. Their only problem is that Sam is dating their son... DxS

Rating: T for cursing and mild sexual themes

Inspiration: Relationship

Pairings: DxS

Warnings: This is only a oneshot. Unless every single reviewer wants me to continue it.

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Maddie smiled as she passed her son and his new girlfriend snuggled on the couch, watching TV. Danny had his arm wrapped around Sam, who was wearing his favorite hoodie. She gave a small frown at the amount of blood and violence at the TV screen, but she knew her son wouldn't be influenced by such things. He was a good kid. Very clumsy, forgot his chores a lot and wasn't the top student, but he was overall a good boy.

Though now that he finally hooked up with Sam, she wondered if she or Jack should sit down and talk to Danny about-

"We interrupt this broadcast to bring you a special news broadcast. There is a ghost attacking City Hall. The identity of this ghost, identified by an anonymous source, is apparently called Ghost X." Danny slapped his forehead. Jazz. "Ghost X has already destroyed half of the building, leaving already ten people injured."

"Jack! Ghosts at City Hall!" she called down the basement stairs. Jack was at the front door within seconds, arms-full of ghost-hunting equipment.

"On it baby!" he chirped cheerfully.

"Danny, Jack and I are going to City Hall, get your homework done because I'll be checking it before you go to bed, don't do anything you wouldn't want us to see, here's 20 dollars for pizza if I'm not back in time for dinner, love you! Bye sweetie!" Maddie yelled, slamming a 20 dollar bill on the kitchen counter. Danny and Sam watched the older couple dash out of the house.

Hours passed and it was almost nine at night now. The fight at City Hall finally ended with Danny sucking Skulker into the thermos. Danny carried Sam into the park and made them land near a park bench. Danny almost dramatically plopped onto the bench in exhaustion. Sam, still wearing Danny's hoodie and her purple spider backpack, sat next to him.

"You okay?" Sam asked him, putting a hand on his arm. She felt something wet on his arm and glanced at the green ectoplasm in her hand. "Danny, you're bleeding."

"I'm fine," Danny stubbornly insisted, moving his arm so that she was forced to let go. Sam ignored him and grabbed his arm and forced him towards her, examining the wound.

"It doesn't look too bad," Sam announced. "But Danny...sweetie...you need to make sure that doesn't get infected. Oh! I have my backpack, I think I have one of my first aid kits in here."

"Sam," Danny sighed heavily as she dug through her backpack for the first aid kit. "It's not necessary."

"I'm not letting that get infected," Sam insisted, pulling out the originally white box-she had painted it black and purple to suit her Gothic taste-and opened it. "Now take off your shirt."

"Sam it's just my arm. I can just roll up the sleeve," Danny reminded her.

"I know," Sam said, giving a small flirty smile. Danny grinned and unzipped his jumpsuit, pulling it off until it rested comfortably around his waist. Sam's flirty smile turned into an almost dumb-grin at the sight of her boyfriend's slight six pack. It wasn't full on body-builder, but the average eye could see the growing muscle.

"Can I get first aid here?" Danny teased. Sam's cheeks turned a tad pink as she fumbled with the kit to get the disinfectant.

"This may sting," Sam warned as she sprayed it. Danny nearly shrieked.

"That may sting my ass!" Danny hissed under his breath. Sam put a hand on his cheek and directed his face towards hers so she could capture his lips in a gentle kiss.

"You fight ghosts on a daily basis and barely complain about it but you become a baby when I clean your wounds," Sam teased him before kissing him again.

"Well I never realize the pain until you clean me up," Danny defended himself. He watched Sam as she finished cleaning the wound and bandaged him before kissing him again. "I love you."

Sam smiled at him.

"I love you too," she murmured before leaning in to kiss him again. And again. And again. And again.

And now it had become a typical teenage make-out session. Danny had an arm around his girlfriend to pull her closer, another hand on her outer thigh. Sam had a hand running through Danny's snow-white hair and another one was checking out her boyfriend's hot bod while both teens were lip-locked.

Maddie and Jack were exhausted after the ghost fight. They saw the ghost boy fly off, and in their never ending quest to capture the ghost boy, they had decided to follow him. For a brief period of time, they lost him. Until they finally stumbled upon his location.

"Why...why is Sam there? Isn't she supposed to be with Danny?" Maddie asked in a low voice, suddenly having a bad feeling. Jack shrugged his shoulders. Maddie's temper flared towards her son's girlfriend when she noticed how lovestruck she was staring at Phantom's bare chest.

"Can I get first aid here?" Phantom teased her. Maddie could see the Goth's cheeks flush pink and she fumbled around in a first aid box.

"Don't get stressed Mads," Jack comforted her, noticing her angry stare. "Sam's just helping him with that cut on his arm.

Maddie's bad feeling went away. Maybe Sam wasn't cheating. No, Sam would never do that to Danny. The couple had been together for almost a year now, she wouldn't do that to her son. Sam, being the rebel she always was, was probably just giving the ghost teen first aid. She always went against her parents' wishes. And Phantom was cute. He had that muscle girls Sam's age loved. Yes...just staring at and thinking somebody's cute wasn't a crime nor cheating. And judging from Phantom's confident behavior around them, he was probably the naturally flirty type. Sam would stop before Phantom got too flirty. She was in a relationship with Danny.

"This may sting," Sam warned. Phantom looked pained.

"That may sting my ass!" Phantom hissed.

Then Sam did something horrible. The worst thing she could do to her son if he knew what she was doing. She put her hand on his cheek. That was innocent. It was innocent when she directed his face to look at him eye to eye. All of that was innocent. But then she had leaned in. She leaned in and locked her lips with the ghost boy. With Danny Phantom. It was not a friendly kiss, nor a family or greeting kiss. It was a romantic kiss that she had given to Danny Fenton, their son, many times. Danny Fenton, their son, she was dating. Not Phantom. She was cheating on their son, who gave her almost a year of his love, time, devotion and heart to, and she ruined all of it with that one kiss. Hell, who knows how long her and Phantom had been sneaking around, making out behind her son's back? This could have been going on for months for all they knew. Never the less, it happened. It was no question about it. Sam was cheating on Fenton with Phantom.

"You fight ghosts on a daily basis and barely complain about it but you become a baby when I clean your wounds," Sam teased Phantom before kissing him again.

"Well I never realize the pain until you clean me up," Phantom replied to her. He and the Fenton couple watched Sam as she finished cleaning the wound and bandaged him before kissing him again.

Then the worst part of it all, in Maddie's eyes, came. Phantom looked at her in the eyes. Maddie could tell that he was legitimately in love with her just from the way he looked at her. It was the exact same puppy-dog look her son gave Sam all the time. For the first time ever, she felt sorry for the ghost boy. And for her son. Neither knew that the Goth girl that obviously held both of their hearts, was cheating on both with the other. And Sam, when she looked back at Phantom, she had the same look she gave Danny. That look of love, but Maddie now questioned if the girl was playing them both, or truly loved both boys. Which one did she begin to date first? With the way this couple was acting, Maddie wasn't sure anymore which couple came first.

"I love you," Phantom told her. Maddie's heart broke. This situation...could never get worse. Phantom was obviously in love with her. And Maddie knew that her son really loved Sam as well. Both boys were mad for this Gothic girl, this girl who was cheating on them both with the other. In the end, both hearts would be broken because she cheated on both. And in the end, she might pick one and send the other into a horrible depression. Maddie saw how she looked at Danny and at Phantom. She might truly love both. The pressure of picking one would be hard on her as well.

Sam smiled at him.

"I love you too," she murmured before leaning in to kiss him again. And again. And again.

And that's all Maddie could take.

"Let's go home," she whispered to her husband.

The entire drive home was painful. They pulled into the driveway in silence, Maddie parking then turning off the Fenton RV. After sitting there for a few moments, Jack finally spoke.

"Do you think we should tell him?" Jack asked. Maddie bit her lip and thought for a moment.

"He has a right to know," Maddie told him. "It's unfair for him to continue a relationship with a girl that's not faithful to him. Didn't you see how she looked at Phantom and how he looked at her? They've obviously been together for a while."

Jack pondered this for a moment then nodded in agreement. They gathered their stuff and walked inside to see Danny sitting, alone, in front of the TV. Maddie could smell the pizza he ordered in the kitchen.

"How was the ghost hunt? Did you catch them?" Danny asked cheerfully.

"Sweetie, where's Sam?" Maddie wanted to know.

"Her mom texted for her to come home," Danny replied. Maddie glanced at Jack. They were both thinking how Phantom probably texted her, asking if she could meet up with him at the park after he finished fighting the ghost.

"Danny...we need to talk," Maddie started. "About Sam."