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"Tell us what you know ghost," Maddie hissed at him, slamming her hands on the dissection table.

"Uh...about what exactly?" Danny asked nervously, shifting uncomfortably. He was laid out in an x position.

"Your relationship with Sam," Jack informed, growing cold towards him. Danny looked a little confused.

"What do you mean? I don't know a Sam," he quickly lied.

"Don't lie to us ghost. We know you're helping Sam cheat on Danny," Maddie growled at him. "We saw you two in the park."

Danny's eyes grew wide. Oh god, his parents saw him and Sam. In his ghost form. They got super heated that night too. How long did they stay here? Oh god this was even more embarrassing than that sex talk his dad gave him. Which he probably only gave him because he couldn't confront him with this. Why him? Why couldn't all the halfa romance problems just stay with Vlad?

"Um..." How was he going to worm his way out of this? 'Oh that wasn't me, that was your son dressed as me because...?'

"We're waiting," Maddie reminded him, tapping an imaginary watch on her wrist. Danny winced.

"I have no explanation," he confessed. Maddie glared and Jack frowned.

"Maybe Sam could give us one then?" Jack suggested. Danny paled some, but he didn't say anything.

"Jack, we can't pull her out of school," Maddie reminded him. "It's 9:40 in the morning, she has classes. Her parents would murder us."

"She may skip class for Phantom," Jack said, glancing at Danny, who was staring at both of them intently. "Maybe...if he has a phone (which I'm sure he does), we can just text as him, saying that he's been trapped by a ghost and needs her help. She'd immediately come to help, wouldn't she?"

"That's a perfect idea!" Maddie exclaimed, kissing her husband. Awkwardly checking a pocket, Maddie pulled out a cellphone. It was a lot like her son's phone, which weirded and made her more determined to continue with her plan. She found Sam's contact. Wait, and Tucker's? There was a Mom? And a Dad? Wait...why were those her's and Jack's numbers...? And the number to the Nasty Burger? JAZZ! Why were all her son's friends and family in the phone...?

Maddie was so confused. She immediately began to look at the pictures.

"I thought you were texting Sam, not hacking my phone!" Danny cried out as he noticed how long she was staring and reading the screen.

Maddie ignored him. There were pictures of Danny and Sam, Danny and Tucker, Tucker and Sam, the trio, Danny with a few other various friends and of random family encounters, like the time Jack went bonkers on the Mouse trap game because he was loosing. She finally stared at Phantom, then at Jack. Phantom had Jack's nose, the eye shape, and the chin. His hair was unruly and out of control, just like her's was. He had given them the same, cute innocent look she used to give her parents when she was little, and like Danny did to them when he was younger, all the time. The lab suit was familiar too...looked like that one that Jazz claimed she threw out because it was hideous. Does that mean Jazz knows? Wait, knows what? It wasn't confirmed. This couldn't be...

"Danny?" she asked softly. Jack looked at her weird. Danny stared at his mom more before glancing at Jack. "Danny, I know...I still love you."

To Jack's amazement, and Maddie's slight curiosity, two rings formed around the Phantom's waist, and he transformed into their son. Maddie released the dissection cuffs, allowing Danny to roll onto the floor on his feet. She immediately grabbed him into a hug.

"I guess I owe Sam an apology...for thinking she was cheating on you with yourself...And for calling her a whore mentally for it."

Danny grinned and hugged his mom back.

"I'm sure she'll understand. I can understand how you'd make that mistake," Danny admitted.

"Also, since we know you can sneak out of the house now, we have to have another 'talk' about the difference between sneaking out to fight a ghost, and to see Sam," Jack informed.

"You mean..."

"Yeah. Another sex talk."

Kill me now.