Kevin is highly unamused. It shows clearly on his expression; the gooey, orange stain of what was previously Ben's revolting concoction he deemed a smoothie, smack in the middle of the passenger seat. Ben's pants are dripping further liquid onto the spot. Kevin can see droplets starting to rain down onto the floor as well. Ben gulps; Kevin's teeth grind together.

"Get. Out."

Ben is out the door in point-two seconds.

Gwen is in the backseat. She stares at the mess, and mulls over possible things to say. They're parked on the side of the road, where previously, Kevin had slammed on his breaks to let a possibly suicidal squirrel run past. Ben's smoothie had slipped from his fingers as he slammed against the dashboard.

Gwen regrets not telling her cousin to wear his seat belt.

She believes she spots the faint form of Jetray zooming in the direction of it's house.


He leans his head against the steering wheel.


The next week, Ben has his own car. It's polished; black and green. An early -six months early- Christmas gift from Kevin. Or so he claims, when it's suddenly in the Tennyson's driveway one Saturday morning.

Gwen notices the stain in Kevin's car is gone.

After something blows in the brunette's car, it's -she's- sent to the shop for repairs.

Ben asks Kevin for a lift home.

Kevin forbids it.


Gwen is at the car lot the day she's got her license. She's eyeing an adorable blue Volkswagen Bug. Kevin scoffs, rolls his eyes, or does his infuriating breathing thing every time she looks at any of the automobiles for sale.

"What is your problem?" She finally demands; hands on her hips.

He shrugs indifferently, leading them to their first fight of the month.

Two weeks later, cars long forgotten, when they're sitting on her couch watching a movie, he blurts out;

"Maybe I wanted to make you a car."

He does.

It's blue, but not the sickening aqua color of the Bug. It's the blue of the sweater she used to wear, when they first met.

He likes that blue best.