Author's Note: I'm basing this story off of the Anime version of Shaman King, since it has less facts than the Manga, meaning I have more openness for altering the original plot for my fanfic. I own nothing except OCs I might add. Btw, other manga-based characters could appear depending on how the story progresses and might be occ.


Keiko screamed in pain as she pushed. Fear gripped her heart as she delivered her first born son. Nurses rushed to tend to the child as Keiko delivered her second son. 'No, this shouldn't be happening!' Her mind screamed.

She gasped as the doctor tended to her. But, thankfully despite what happened, she was okay and placed in a room with her children. There was no news on her husband.

Keiko looked to the children. Her mind slowly recalled what happened. She and Miki were on their way to her parents' home, but after that, she only knew they were in an accident.

She sighed. Her children were born. 'Mother and Father will be here soon. And….and they will kill my babies.' Tears fell as Keiko stood and went to her babies. She smiled as she caressed both of their faces.

One, the first born, opened his eyes and met hers. His eyes were….not that of a normal baby.

"Hao." Keiko gasped. She slowly went to pick him up when the Spirit of Fire appeared. Keiko jumped back, but tried to pick him up again. The S.o.F watched her movement, but it allowed her to hold the child in her arms.

Hao stared back at her with emotionless eyes. Keiko could help be smile as she gently swayed her arms. She looked to her other son. "Hao, and Yoh."

"How cute!" A voice purred from the doorway.

Keiko turned around, bringing Hao close to her and stepped in front of Yoh. A strange woman stood there, her eyes held an odd glint.

"And I thought I had killed you by forcing your car of that cliff."

"You did that?" Keiko hissed. "Who are you?"

"My apologies. I'm known as Lady Sati. I have come to kill Hao Asakura."

Keiko's eyes narrowed at the woman's words.

"Oh, Keiko, don't act like that. Wasn't your family planning the same thing, no?" Sati asked, both knowing the answer. "But I doubt any Asakura has it in them to kill a baby, especially their own."

Keiko looked down to Hao, who stared back. Sati eyed the baby too. But before she could attack, Hao's guardian ghost sent a blast of fire at her. Sati merely stepped sideways. A scream echoed from outside, signaling someone had been hit, though.

"Mikihisa!" Keiko recognized the scream.

Sati smirked. "Well, too bad for him, I see."

Keiko wanted to run to her husband, but she couldn't leave Yoh, who had awoken and was crying. Sati raised her staff. The S.o.F appeared beside Keiko, and in a whirlwind of flames, it took her and Hao away.

Sati frowned. She looked at the child left behind before addressing Mikihisa, who no was struggling to stand.

"This baby is your true child. Hao has escaped." With that, she too disappeared.

Author Note

Enjoy and review your thoughts. I know this is not the best opening, but it's only a prologue.