Hey there! Here's a new X-Men: Evolution oneshot I cooked up while watching parts of the Season 2 episode Bada-Bing Bada-Boom. One of the reasons why I like Tabitha Smith/Boom Boom is because she is such an awesome character to work with, and she's kind of neat, too. I always wondered what her past was like, as well as her father and her mother (since it's never fully explained or shown in the episode). So I sat down and typed this up. Feedback is appreciated, of course.

Disclaimer: The geniuses at Marvel own X-Men: Evolution. I own the oneshots, stories, songfics, and poems I cook up from time to time.


Tabitha's POV

My father. My so-called Daddy Dearest.

Words can't begin to express how much I dislike him. As a matter of fact, I dislike him with every fiber of my being! How could he do this to me? Like the thief he is, he stole my childhood – something I know I can never get back – away from me. Like a drug abuser or an alcoholic, he ruined my life. And now, just when I think I've finally turned my back on him and the demons that came along as a result of him, he comes looking for me. It's almost as if my past has come back along with him.

Well, I won't have any of it. Tonight, before I confront my father, I will tell Kurt the story of my father and what he did to me. Hopefully, that will give me some courage. After all, I will need it.