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Alpha Squad; a former squad of a once highly rated mercenary unit called Thunder Crash. Thunder Crash was disbanded due to the Infinite Stratos, but was attacked on the night of it's disbandment. 6 months after surviving the attack, Alpha Squad's now living in a female dominated society in an attempt to live normal lives. But the night of Thunder Crash's disbandment continues to haunt Eric "Hot Shot" Anderson, the squad captain of Alpha Squad. One day, Alpha Squad recieves a message from someone who they've least expected. A message that'll allow Eric "Hot Shot" Anderson to face the ghost of his past...

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My name is Eric Anderson or "Hot Shot" as I'm referred to by my brothers.

A former squad captain of a now "disbanded" mercenary for hire unit, Thunder Crash. Thunder Crash has been in service for over 50 years. The main purpose of it is to assist the US Armed Forces and its military allies by performing missions that ranged from military escorts, to behind enemy lines special-ops. To "enlist" into Thunder Crash takes a "special" requirement. Despite the tasks that were assigned to us, the average age of Thunder Crash went around 16-17 years old. Yeah, Thunder Crash comprised of teenage boys, who had a serious juvenile delinquent record. Basically, all of us were all brought in from the lowest parts of society.

Due to the training provided by the US Navy Seals and US Army Rangers, we've been refined from scum on the streets, to professional combat killing machines. And to make sure the discipline's in check; Thunder Crash is stationed in Japan, under the supervision of the Japan Self-Defense Force for their reputation of discipline. Wherever we went on assignments, we take it seriously. Kinda felt like that we're peacekeepers. Even though we were disruptors of peace in a way.

Then, everything changed when the Infinite Stratos was introduced…

The Infinite Stratos, or IS for short, is a powered exoskeleton suit that was originally used for space exploration, but was scoffed at. (A powered exoskeleton suit? A mech is more like it). Then, Tabane Shinonono unveiled her IS four years later, possessing weapon technology and combat capabilities that far surpasses that of any current weapons system.

Fortunately, the Alaska Treaty was enacted to forbid the IS for being used in any arms conflict or war, and that existing IS's were to be equally distributed to all nations to prevent one nation from overpowering the others.

But the IS had made a huge impact on society. It can only be used by women, thus breaking the balance of power between men and women, putting women at the top of the hierarchy over men in society.

With that, came the female protection priority system; "female protection priority system"? "Female favoritism" is more like it…

Six years had passed since Tabane Shinonono unveiled the IS. And during those six years, was my time in Thunder Crash.

I "enlisted" at the age of 10, coming from a street gang that was attempting to murder the leader of a rival gang.

At age 11, I completed my training and was assigned to my squad, then sent out on my first mission. These first missions were recon missions, being in no direct way of actual combat. And around this time was when Tabane Shinonono unveiled her version of the IS.

At age 13, my squad was dispatched on its first combat mission to clear out a stock pile of drugs in South America. It was there that I killed a person for the first time. When someone kills a person for the first time, they normally have a moment of thought about it or just breakdown entirely. But with me, I just had a moment of thought. And then continued on to complete the mission. This is where I earned the nickname "Hot Shot", for my sharpshooting skills.

At age 14, I was promoted to the rank of squad captain, for having the initiative to lead my squad when my captain was missing in action. Later, I was assigned to lead my own squad, Alpha Squad.

At age 16, unknowingly, I completed my final mission with Alpha Squad, which was to rescue a CIA agent behind enemy lines. 2 days after completing my final mission, I made a vow of brotherhood with my squad and another squad captain. And then Thunder Crash "disbanded".

Speaking of which, here's my squad and brothers.

Eddie "Sideswipe" Garcia, 17 years old. A childhood friend of mine and right hand man. He was "enlisted" into Thunder Crash at the same time as me and his older brother, Derrick "Shockwave" Garcia; in fact, he and his brother were in the same street gang I was in. With the way he attacks his enemies by attacking them from where they least expect, he earned the nickname "Sideswipe". Not only he's a skilled fighter, he's an excellent lookout.

Brian "Ratchet" Mclurg, 17 years old. He's our field/combat engineer with a love for machine and computers. He doesn't really show it until he gets his hands dirty, which is by building/repairing them faster than all of Thunder Crash's engineers. That is where he got the nickname "Ratchet". Brian can practically build/fix anything, just as long as he has the right parts. Because of his talents with machines and computers at a young age, top IS Engineers from all over the globe offered Brian positions that are related to the development of the IS shortly before Thunder Crash "disbanded". But due to his "personal reasons", he declined all of those position offers without hesitation.

Clayton "Scourge" Maddox, 18 years old. We sometimes call him "Clay" for short of his real name. All I gotta say about him is that he's basically full of energy. He uses it amp up those around him. Although his energy's real, he sometimes over exaggerates it around his buddies in order to cheer them up. And when he's in combat, he virtually never shows any signs fear, even when being outnumbered. Although, he has tendencies of "overdoing" things when it comes to taking down enemies. This is where he got the nickname "Scourge".

There was also a fifth member in Alpha Squad, but he rarely went on assignments with us. In fact, he's one of those guys who prefer to go solo and he's good at it too. His name's Tito "Ironhide" Kaliso, age 19. I can't say much about him other than he's quite, but lethal. Where he got the nickname "Ironhide", I'm guessing it's because he's tough, real tough considering that he goes solo on his assignments. That's all I'm gonna say. And when he got news that Thunder Crash was disbanding, he just took off and left. It's like that he vanished.

And as for the other Squad Captain who vowed the brotherhood with me and Alpha Squad; he is Derrick "Shockwave" Garcia, Sideswipe's older brother at age 21. He "enlisted" in Thunder Crash at the same as me and Sideswipe. He's a professional warrior, getting promoted to the rank of squad captain within 2 years of being in Thunder Crash. Shortly after, he was leading his own squad, Delta Squad. He's also a natural born leader, being calm and collected no matter how dire the situation is. But to me, he's an older brother. I've lost count of how many times he saved my life; he risked his ass for not only me, but for Sideswipe as well. And it's because of him; we've made it to where we are. I sure wish I could pay him back for all those times now…

Yeah, that's my squad and brothers.

6 months had passed after Thunder Crash "disbanded". I'm now 17 years old, attending high school just like your typical teenage boy. It was lunch time, and I was up on the rooftop of the school building, looking at the surrounding area. The school is set in a suburban area, (just like an average high school you see in anime/manga). As I was looking at the surrounding area, I remember the final debriefing I had with General Magnus, the General of the Thunder Crash mercenaries, and the night of the "disbandment", like it was yesterday.

General Magnus is sitting at his desk concluding my debriefing. Shortly after, he pulled out a packet of papers from a drawer in his desk and handed it to me.

"That's the new division and special ops list. Thunder Crash is not on it."

He explains while I analyze the list.

"You guys have 72 hours to clean things up, and then you'll have to vacate the base."

I stopped analyzing the list and turned my attention towards General Magnus.

"The governments have decided to cut our disbandment and discharge orders right now."

I then responded.

"General, you telling me that there's no more room left for a division of trained weapons of destruction?"

"The fighting is no longer done on the warzones, Anderson. Now all the bloodshed and peace keeping are being done with the Infinite Stratos, because of the recent advancement with the 3rd generation IS prototypes. Warriors like us are becoming dinosaurs." He says with a sadden look.

"There's gotta be something for us to do." I replied

General Magnus let out a sigh, as he began standing up behind his desk.

"I'm sorry, Captain, I've done all I could to keep us going. You guys did your jobs, and you've done them well. Good luck." He says while sticking his hand out, as if to make a handshake.

I put my right hand out and grasped his, forming a handshake.

After breaking off, I salute to General Magnus. And he saluted back at me… one… last… time…

As if the Infinite Stratos "replacing us" wasn't bad enough...

I then began to remember the final night back at the base; my brothers and I were hanging outside of the base with our fellow mercenaries who were still around. All of us gathered around a bonfire and talking about what future plans we had now that our days as mercenaries are done. Although, Ratchet wasn't with us because he was clearing up the computer files and documents in Thunder Crash's computer database. But he does talk to us sometimes through the radio. Same goes with Shockwave, but he was watching over things in the base making sure that the clean up was going smoothly. For most of the night, we were just talking, enjoying ourselves and preparing to vacate the base the next morning. Or so we thought…

This is where our story begins…

Its dark, where am I? I was talking with Sideswipe and Scourge about our future plans now that Thunder Crash is disbanded. Then huge explosions happened 10 meters away from us and I find myself in complete darkness. Shortly after, I hear a faint voice…

"Hot Shot!"

I slowly open my eyes half-way, finding myself lying on the ground. Then I hear that voice again.

"Hot Shot, are you alright? Come on, get up!"

A voice that I recognize, it was Eddie "Sideswipe" Garcia's, long time childhood friend and right-hand man. Along with Sideswipe's voice, I hear gunfire all over the place. I struggle to get up while looking what's going around me. As I stood up, I see Sideswipe, a semi-buffed teenage Spanish American boy 5 meters away from me leaning his back against a Humvee that's been turned over on its side, firing his sidearm at a group of military soldiers on the other side of the Humvee.

"We got some over there, Sideswipe." said another voice, sounding a little rougher than Sideswipe's.

Crouching next to him on his left is Clayton "Scourge" Maddox, a tall, buffed young adult African American male providing support fire with his handheld SMG (Sub-Machine Gun). The next thing I see, are my fellow mercenaries dropping to the ground. Getting what's generally going on, I dual wield both of my sidearms, both being semi-automatic pistols, and start firing at the bastards that attacked us.

"You're mine now!" I shout before shooting 4 shots at the same group of soldiers firing at Sideswipe and Scourge.

All four shots hit each soldier right in the forehead, but with these shots being as powerful as a .50 cal round, their heads splatter all over leaving their bodies falling to the ground. Then, I ran towards Sideswipe and Scourge.

"What the hell's going on here?" I asked when I got to them.

"I guess the time of vacancy of this base has been bumped up by a day." Scourge replies.

"Shit. They couldn't have just waited until the next morning, huh?" I said while firing at a pair of soldiers rushing in on our position, killing them.

"Did you contact the base?" I asked Sideswipe and Scourge.

"Yeah, Shockwave's got them taking defensive measures as we speak." Sideswipe answers back.

"You got a plan, Hot Shot?" Scourge asks.

I took a better look to assess the situation. I counted off how many guys we have left, including us, which brings us to 18 left. The base is 250 meters behind our position, and we're surrounded on 2 sides, in front, and on our right. We're holding our grounds fine, but things will turn to shit if we stay here for too long.

"Here's the plan; get off of your ass and start taking it too them!" I say while moving to Sideswipe's right side.

Scourge chuckles a little bit. Then I continue.

"We'll hold our ground here for now and when there's a break; we'll bolt back towards the base and begin our counter-attack."

"Right." Sideswipe replies. But his eyes open up, and then he immediately raises his pistol, shoots at my head just missing my left ear by 1 centimeter. I felt something splatter on the back of my head; I turned around to see an enemy soldier that had his head blown off, falling on his back with his knife in hand. Then I turned back towards Sideswipe.

"Thanks man."

"Hey, we're brothers. We always watch each other's backs." He replies.

"Hey guys, you'd better see this." Scourge says while checking the dead soldier's body. We turned and approach him.

"Look..." Scourge shows the symbol on the dead soldier's right arm to us.

"What the hell?" Sideswipe exclaims.

On the symbol, we see the Kanji characters, "自衛隊,", which can be read as "Jieitai". (Correct me if I'm wrong.) Upon reading this, my eyes opened up and just like Sideswipe, I exclaimed.

"Japan Self-Defense Force?"

"Why the hell are they attacking us? I thought we're on their side!" Sideswipe asks.

"I don't know, Sideswipe, you wanna ask 'em?" I answered back while turning my attention towards more JSDF soldiers on our right firing at us.

"Whatever the reason is, there's only one way out of this. Scourge!"

"Way ahead of you." Scourge replies while at the same time he pulls out a Claymore Frag Grenade (Grenade version of the Claymore Mine), throws it at the squad of JSDF soldiers on our right…

*Beep beep beep*


The Claymore Grenade blows up, killing the whole JSDF squad.

"Boom, baby!" Scourge yells. This is exactly the break that we need.

"Alright, fallback! Fallback!" I bellowed while turning towards the base and began running. Sideswipe, Scourge and our remaining 15 guys began to follow suit. And not a moment too soon. Upon looking back, more JSDF soldiers arrive, firing and in pursuit of us.

"If you got smokes, use them now to provide cover." I shouted out while running back towards the base.

Some of our guys dropped some smoke grenades on the spot, shooting out thick smoke providing cover for us. With that, we lost some of the pursuers. While running back towards the base, I reach into my right pocket, pull out my headset and place it on my right ear. Shortly after we had more pursuers after us. Some of our guys fired back at them once every now and then, killing them. Seeing this, I put my index and middle fingers on the earpiece and shouted into the microphone.

"Ratchet, we're being overrun with JSDF. Get the Wolf Pack out here!"

"What, JSDF? Why the hell are they attacking us?" Ratchet asks back through the earpiece.

"We'll figure that out later. For now, get the Wolf Pack out here!"

"Fine, but it's going to be danger close. You better get your asses back in here!" Ratchet replies reluctantly.

"Just fire them up!" I barked into the microphone.

(The Wolf Pack is just like the Predator drone that the US armed forces use, but it's 1 1/2 times the size of its predator cousins and it's specifically designed for Aerial Assault. And just like the Wolf, these drones attack in packs consisting of 5-7 drones, hence the name.)

We're 130 meters away from the base and we see more of our guys about 40-50 meters near the left side of the entrance of the base prepping for the counter-attack.

"Contact!" Sideswipe shouts out, pointing on our right side. A small group of JSDF soldiers are about to fire at us.

"Take cover!" I bellowed as bullets rained down on us. Everybody scattered, taking cover behind some of the reinforced shipment creates and small containers nearby.



"No!" Sideswipe cries.

While taking cover behind a small container, I turn around and see that two of our own guys have been shot. One got hit in the center of his chest, killing him instantly. The other was shot in the left upper thigh causing him to fall down, face first but still alive. He started to crawl towards us and Scourge was about to go after him but as he did, JSDF shot him multiple times in the back, killing him.

"Damn it!" Scourge snarls while retreating back towards us.

JSDF soldiers got us pinned down; if we stay here any longer, the Wolf Pack's gonna end up killing us with the JSDF.

"Aaaaaggghhhh! Now I'm pissed!" In frustration, I pulled out three Claymore Grenades and threw them at the JSDF.

"Fire in the hole!" I shout, and everyone puts their heads down.

*Beep beep beep*




Small chunks of dirt, sand and body parts are sent flying all over the place, some of them landing on us.

"Ugh, man. That was nasty." Sideswipes commented.

I look out to see if its all clear to continue our retreat, while Sideswipe and Scourge were doing an ammo check on everyone.

"All clear, keep moving! We'll get the casualty count later when this shit's over."

The 16 of us broke out of cover and resumed our retreat towards the base. Then Sideswipe came up to me about the ammo check.

"These guys are low on ammo, Hot Shot."

"Alright." I replied, and then I turned my head back towards our remaining 13 guys as I ran.

"Keep moving! Shoot only when you really have to, got that?"

"Sir, yes, sir!" our remaining guys yelled.

We're now 90 meters away from the base and I spot something high up in the night sky above the base, descending at a high speed.

"Heads up!" I assumed the Wolf Pack's inbound.

"Uh, Hot Shot. That doesn't look good." Scourge said while looking at what I assumed was the Wolf Pack.

Then, it came to a thunderous crash near the guys that are preparing the counter-attack. I couldn't tell really because we're still far away from it. A short moment later, we saw a cloud of smoke burst out from the crash site. We hurried over but when the smoke cleared, there stood a white mech with light blue lining, standing at around 3 meters tall, with a feminine body figure, wings appearing that they're not physically attached to its back, and it's wielding an energy sword in its right hand. Around it were the bodies of the guys that were preparing the counter-attack lying on the ground literally cut in half, making a huge pool of blood around the mech like figure. Then, it started charging towards us.

"Oh shit!" I shouted.

"Here it comes!" Sideswipe alerting everyone.

As it got closer, we all broke away, completely scattering all over the place. While doing so, I got a better look at it to confirm what it is. And to my biggest fear, I figured it out; it's the one thing that disbanded Thunder Crash, the one thing that broke the balance of power, putting women at the top of the hierarchy over men. This is a…


The Infinite Stratos chased down 6 of our guys, they tried to fight back, but it was futile. All I can hear are the screaming and crying of my fellow mercenaries getting killed at the hands of a weapon that can only be used by women. The IS turns her attention towards me, Sideswipe and Scourge.

"Goddamn it! How do we kill this thing?" Sideswipe frustratingly asks.

The IS charges towards us, with her energy sword held high up about to swing it down like a samurai. We all held our ground but at the last minute, we all dove out of the way.

"That's a big-ass bitch!" Scourge commenting on the IS.

"Ratchet, where's the damn Wolf Pack?" I yelled into the microphone of my headset.

"The drones are gonna be inbound soon, hurry!" Ratchet urgently replies.

The IS continues with her relentless attacks. Focusing on Sideswipe, swinging her sword at him. Sideswipes can only dodge her attacks for so long, but Scourge took advantage of this by running and jumping on the back of the IS and tagging her with 5 grenades on her right arm; 3 Claymore Grenades and 2 Smoke Grenades. Immediately after tagging the grenades on her, Scourge jumped off.

"Sideswipe, get out of there!" Scourge alerting Sideswipe.

Sideswipe was continuously dodging the IS's attacks. But when he saw the chance, he dove straight forward, going right between her legs and running towards me and Scourge. Then 5 seconds later…

*Beep beep beep*




The Claymore Grenades blew the sword out of the IS's hand and after the 3rd Claymore Grenade went off, the smoke grenades began shooting out thick smoke to disrupt her vision. But just as we're about to take a small breather, the JSDF started attacking again, picking up from where the IS left off. I turned on my headset to contact Ratchet again as bullets hit me on my combat armor, ricocheting off of it. Others whizzes by, missing me by mere millimeters.

"Ratchet, we need that Wolf Pack!" I shouted into the microphone.

"They're firing… NOW!" Ratchet shouts back.

An explosion went off 20 meters away from us. Then another explosion, this time it took out the JSDF. Flying overhead of us was the Wolf Pack, making a second round trip to continue with the counter-attack.

"Run! Everyone, get inside the base!" I bellowed and began running towards the base.

Sideswipe, Scourge and our 7 remaining mercenaries began running towards the base, while the Wolf Pack continues the massive counter-attack with Sidewinders/Hellfire missiles, High Explosives and Anti-Tank rounds.

I was the first to reach the base but I waited for the others, providing covering fire. The 7 remaining mercenaries were close behind.

"Go go go!" I urged them as they get inside while I provide covering fire.

They got inside with Sideswipe and Scourge rounding up the pack. Scourge got inside, and Sideswipe's the last one we're all waiting on.

"Come on, Sideswipe!" I yell as I saw him getting closer and closer, still providing covering fire. When he was 3 meters away…


A shot from the Wolf Pack went off behind Sideswipe, knocking him down face first.

"Ah shit…" I snarled.

I bolted out towards Sideswipe to get him inside but then, the IS showed up again and jumped up to continue her attack.

"Come on, make it in time!"

I managed to get to Sideswipe, grabbed him by the back collar of his armor and, on pure adrenaline, threw him into the base with Scourge catching and setting him on the floor. Then I bolted back towards the base. And not a second too soon, because the IS came down, landing in the same spot from where I threw Sideswipe.

Once I got inside, the doors slammed shut right behind me. Now that we're inside, we're regrouping, loading up on weapons, armoring up, and gathering at the doors. I then turned towards Sideswipe, who was sitting on the floor, to see if he's okay as a series of muffled explosions are going on just on the other side of the doors.

"I'm alright man, thanks. Tezla knows how to make combat armor." He said as I approached him.

"Yeah." Agreeing with him.

"And it's like what you said when we were out there. Speaking of which, I say that we're even now."

Sideswipe lets out a small chuckle as he gets up.

While taking a breather from what happened outside, the series of muffled explosions continues on the other side of the doors. The Wolf Pack was engaging on the IS, sending everything it had on her. The explosions went on for the next 10 seconds, 10 seconds that felt like 10 minutes. And when the last explosion went off, the jet engines from the Wolf Pack roared off, far into the distance. Leaving us with a moment of tensed silence.


All of us were waiting to see if it's all clear or not, before Scourge broke the tensed silence.

"Did we blow that bitch up?"



A huge bulge appeared on the doors, and most of us raised our weapons up, aiming at the door. While others stepped/jumped back a bit.


The bulge on the doors was getting bigger and bigger with every hit.



Just when the banging stopped…


A part of the wall above the front doors was broken in, leaving a hole that's 3-4 meters in diameter. We all got out of the way of the falling debris, after dodging the debris; we saw what was standing in the hole in the wall above the front doors and what made it.

"Shit!" I yelled out loud.

It was the Infinite Stratos, looking virtually unharmed after the Wolf Pack's constant barrage. Some of us actually looked terrified that it survived such an attack when seeing it. When the IS pilot saw this, she let out a sinister laughter.

"Did you really think something as weak as that can stop an IS?" She asked.

To respond to her question, we all raised our weapons up at her, ready to shoot. She responds back with a small evil laugh and a sinister smile on her face, as she brings out her energy sword. Then she jumps straight down, holding her sword with both hands overhead about to swing it down at us.

The chime from the school's intercom system had knocked me out of my memories. When the chime ended, a message broadcasted through the school's intercom system.

"Will Eric Anderson, Eddie Garcia, Brian Mclurg and Clayton Maddox, please report to the Faculty room immediately."

I turned around and leaned my back against the railing, taking in some breaths to clear out my thoughts. Then the message was broadcasted again.

"Repeat; Eric Anderson, Eddie Garcia, Brian Mclurg and Clayton Maddox, please report to the Faculty room immediately."

"Yeah, I heard you the first time." I replied in a cold tone as I started walking towards the door that lead back downstairs into the school building.

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