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4:36 PM, August 17, 2012. Tezla's Lab, Thunder Crash Base.

Multiple holographic screens are projected on a wall of the lab. Watching these screens stood a man in his 40s, changing views from one screen to another.

What are being shown on the holographic screens are news reports on the recent events that took part a few hours ago.

Footages of the event were played on some of the screens, while others are showing the news anchors saying their reactions about the events.


The man watching the cluster of screens is Daniel Tezla, former head Weapons and Armor Technician of Thunder Crash and creator of the Silverback Combat Armor.

"Never thought it would cause this much of a stir."

Tezla crossed his arms upon watching the recorded footage that's being show on one of the screens.

The footage shows one of the Silverbacks scaling the side of a building before jumping off of it, then grabbed hold of the IS's arm, swung himself up and over her and began to attack her as he got on her back.

Another footage is being shown on a different screen, this time the IS launching missiles at the group of Silverbacks. As the missiles flew at them, one of the Silverbacks launched a cylinder-canister out of a huge brown colored looking shotgun and it detonated right when it crossed paths with the missiles, unleashing a thick grey smoke cloud and prematurely detonating the hoard of missiles.

"Huh, the Concussion grenades setting armed explosives off prematurely... Never thought it would do that, but that's a plus..."

While Tezla muttered to himself as the footages played.

"A rogue IS suddenly attacking a high school. One that's not involved with the IS, are we going to get some answers from the government about this whole incident?—"

"Don't you think that IS Academy will have a say in this matter?"

When the video footages ended on the majority of the screens, the atmosphere was soon filled with debates about the matter being shown.


Tezla sighed and multiple holographic screens were shutdown. Only a few of them were left on, but these screens are displaying data that was newly acquired.


After looking over those holographic screens, he took a look at the 4 armor pieces that are resting on his work table, all 4 of them connected to his computer terminal.

"With all of this data the sparks acquired from that whole fiasco, the combat armors ought to be well out of their Beta Phase by now…"

Tezla couldn't help being a bit astonished by the mass amounts of data being show on the holographic screens.

"And then there's…"

He reached in his pocket and pulled out a small rectangular box. Looking at it with a very keen face, Tezla went to his work table and set the small box by the 4 armor pieces. He opened one of the sides of it and connected the wires to his terminal.

"Now, then…"

Just as he began his work to analyze the contents in that box, a blunt metallic sound echoed in the lab. Tezla turned to the source of the noise to find a blond haired male in his late teens walking towards him. He's in his under skins and is wearing frontal leg armor which happens to be attached to his slightly oversized boots. And on his head is a pair of blue workshop grade goggles.

"Tell us your little story my friend…"

8:53 PM, August 18, 2012. Unknown Location.

Inside a lit condominium filled with luxurious furniture, a woman with wavy brown hair had entered the living room from the bathroom.


A young light blond haired woman is keenly watching the news coverage of what happened over 24 hours ago.


The blond haired turned her attention to the brown haired to find her in a bathrobe as she sat down on the sofa.


The room stayed silent for the next few seconds before Squall opened her mouth.

"The next thing to do is to find the right opportunity to steal them."

Squall eyeballed back at the holographic screen, with the Silverbacks being in the camera shot. The brown haired also did the same.

"So, they've finally showed themselves, huh?"

"Yes, Autumn. It went just as I expected."

"Exactly how are we going to steal them?"

As Autumn asked, Squall got up and placed herself on top of Autumn before answering.

"For starters…"

Squall placed her hands on the sides of Autumn's face. Soon, only a few centimeters are between their faces.

Looking at Squall's beauty up close, Autumn couldn't help but blush, looking like a young girl who found her first love.

Squall than moved her face closer and closer and whispered in her left ear.


At that moment, Autumn couldn't help but smile as Squall pulled herself away from her.

"Come on, get yourself all dressed up. You don't plan on doing this operation being partially in that, right?"

Autumn noticed that she's still in her bathrobe after hearing Squall and she couldn't help on crossing her arms to cover her breasts.


Seeing the cute look on her face, Squall smiled happily as she entered the bathroom.

6:21 PM, August 19, 2012. Tezla's Lab, Thunder Crash Base.

It's been 2 days since we brought the Rogue IS down. Since then, the news channels have been nothing but that whole incident we were involved in.

The clusters of holographic screens above us were showing recorded footages of it. But all of the video footages that are being shown from varies news channels all stopped before IS Academy entered the fray.

Thinking back on that now, one of the things that has me thinking is that why would an rogue IS attack a place that has nothing to do with the IS?

I might get that answer today since Tezla and Ratchet wanted to show us what they found in that box Ratchet brought back with us.

They were standing in front of the huge cluster of holographic screens until all but one huge one shut down.

They both moved to Tezla's terminal and began to display the box's contents on the holographic screens.

What's being show to us is a series of files that are connected in a pattern like you normally see on a circuit board.

From what I can tell, it seems to be all okay, until a certain part is shown.


Noticing the reaction, Ratchet began to explain.

"Alright, listen up guys. In case if you don't know what's going on here, the Doc and I suspected that the IS we took down didn't go rogue by accident…"

All of us were a little shocked on seeing it. The file workings that are being show are different from what we saw before.

The patterns looked all rearranged and the files seemed to be re-written.

"What do you mean it wasn't by accident?"

I clenched my right fist.

"If this was by accident, then we would see something that's completely different from what we have here. Like signs of data corruption, something the Doc and I couldn't find."

Scourge kept on looking at the screen before asking.

"So if it wasn't by accident, then what cause her to go rogue?"


Tezla took over Ratchet on explaining.

"Judging that some of the files were actually re-written, Brian and I suspected that the IS was hacked."

Tezla took a sip out of the thermos I his hand before continuing.

"One of the signs of hacking is how different the coding and programming are from the vast majority of what's in the other files are written. As you can see…"

Ratchet opened a re-written file.

"The coding and programming are written in this file contrasts from the others.

Sideswipe turned to Tezla after hearing it.

"But then why hack it to attack a place that has nothing to do with the IS?"

"Taking that into consideration, Brian and I did a thorough analysis of the re-written files."

The holographic screen then switched over to a re-written file and Ratchet opened it.


"What the hell?..."

Sideswipe and Scourge are astonished of the file's content.


I'm a bit shocked as well, but in more of an aggravated way.

"This file here is part of the IS's targeting system."

Ratchet took over from where Tezla stopped.

"Look at it. It should explain things itself…"

Ratchet showed the data on the holographic screen.

[Target: Silverback Combat Armor]

[Location: Ishiyama High School, Odaiba, Japan]

[Course of Action: Destroy on Site]

"And that's not all…"

Ratchet scrolled down to show more of the data.

Something we've least expected.



[Possible Silverback Pilots:

Eric "Hot Shot" Anderson

Eddie "Sideswipe" Garcia

Brain "Ratchet" Mclurg

Clayton "Scourge" Maddox]


The lab filled with silence, the moment this was displayed.

After looking at the data, this doesn't really all quite add up on why it attacked Ishiyama High.


Ratchet broke the silence.

"Well, whoever hacked the IS knew that we've been attending Ishiyama High, and also using the Silverbacks…"

"But why wait if it could've attacked sooner?"

Sideswipe looked puzzled now. I had a possible thought on this.

"Maybe the hacker was waiting for the right moment, but the soonest would've probably been some time after Tezla's Press Conference back in June."

Ratchet went into thought after hearing it from Sideswipe for a bit before speaking again.

"Uh, it's well after the Doc's Conference, so that's obviously when the hacker found out about the Silverbacks, along with the rest of the world. Then the hacker knew that we attend Ishiyama High and can use them. And here comes the slight tricky part…"

Ratchet paused for a bit and looked at the pilot names on the holographic screen.

"Possibly the hacker knew that we would go out and stop that IS from destroying the high school and possibly killing any of the students who happen to get caught in the crosshair…"

Upon hearing that, Sideswipe responded in mixture of surprise and anger.

"What the hell? You mean we were set up!-?"

"Uh yeah… Unless if the hacker targeted another location other than Ishiyama High…"


I sighed as I tried to take in as much of the information that's given here.

"And here's something that really got the jump on me and the Doc just when we were about done analyzing the data…"

Ratchet changed the image on the holographic screen, exiting multiple files in each succession.

"Take a good look at the layout of the hacker's work…"

Then the portion of the circuit board that was hacked began to resemble the shape of an animal…

It has 2 long floppy looking ears at the top, upside down triangle-shaped nose, a pair of slightly oversized eyes, and whiskers on the cheeks.

Sideswipe seems to figure out what the pattern made out from the look on his face.

"Is that a bunny face?"

Scourge took a closer look…

"What the hell?..."

Ratchet got up and looked at the screen, as well as Tezla before I asked.

"But what kind of hacker would leave something like that?"

"One who sure has an over obsession for bunnies…"

Okay, this really doesn't make all that sense. The hacker hacked the IS we took down knowing that we would stop it with our Silverback. And the hacker provoked us into doing this by attacking Ishiyama High when there are still students on campus only to find out that it's the Silverbacks it's after… And then we find the hacker leaving some sort of calling card for us?

Exactly who is this hacker? And why cause that whole ruckus?


While we're in deep thought about this, Sideswipe took a look at the 4 armor pieces that are on resting on Tezla's workbench.

"So, when are we going to bring the fight to Phantom Task?"

I approached Tezla's workbench and picked up the left triceps armor piece, before I lightly clenched it.

"When the time is right, Sideswipe..."

I opened my hand and looked at the armor piece again. Looking at the armor piece, I began to see the face of a woman on it.

The woman whom I'm out to kill; my older brother's killer...


That sadistic look, that wavey brown hair, the beauty on her face that serves as a facade to cover up her sadistic and rash personality...


I tightly clenched the armor piece as I thought of her name.

"When the time is right..."

These 4 armor pieces, including the one in my hand, are actually the Silverbacks. But they're in what Tezla calls, their 'Stasis Phase'. From what he found out so far is that when they're in this phase, they're mainly in their self-repair state.

He mentioned that he's going to need to look at them for a while before we can use them again...

I'll take that as positive note because when we go up against Phantom Task, we're going to need them.

In a room shrouded in darkness, other than the holographic screens projected being the only sources of light.

Looking at the holographic screens is a woman wearing a maid looking outfit. The outfit's color's different from the typical black and while ones. As this one she's wearing is colored of sky-blue and white; similar to that in Alice in Wonderland. Not only she's wearing a maid outfit, she's also wearing a pair of mechanical bunny ears on her head.

"Fu—mu… they seem to be a lot tougher than I thought."

The owner of the room continued to mutter to herself as she looks at the data displayed on the screens.

The face that roughly appeared in the screen's light belonged to Tabane Shinonono.

"Even so, the destruction of the drone piloting the Uchigane Nishiki was unexpected…"

Humming what she said, she continued to look over the data that was sent back to her from the drone; data that comprised of the incident that happened on August 17, 2021.

That's right. The rogue IS that fought with the Silverbacks is the Uchigane Nishiki. The cause of it for going rogue is Tabane hacking it. Only she can hack an IS because nobody else in the world could.

"But, those Silverbacks did it with some unexpected help. If they didn't get it, then it would've taken them a longer time to bring it down. And…"

She looked at a video footage of one of the Silverbacks picking up another when it got down.

"It looks like they have weaknesses of their own."

Confirming on what she saw through the video footage relayed to her from the Uchigane Nishiki's drone pilot, Tabane couldn't help but smile, but half heartedly.

"What's unexpected though is Ik-kun and Houki-chan fighting the Silverbacks..."

Tabane watched the recorded footages relayed to her; showing Houki and the Akatsubaki being tackled to the ground and Ichika in the Byakushiki being tagged with a canister before the Silverback that was on his back kicked him away.

Upon watching the footages, she frowned at Ichika and Houki's performance in that fight.


She opened 5 small holographic screens; each of them has a picture and personal information on a specific person.

[Eric Anderson]

[Eddie Garcia]

[Brian Mclurg]

[Clayton Maddox]

[Daniel Tezla]

All 5 of these names are involved with the Silverbacks; 4 of them being the users, and the other being the creator. And the creator aside, the 4 users all attend the same high school; Ishiyama High.

In order to obtain the combat data about the Silverbacks, Tabane hacked the Uchigane Nishiki's drone pilot and send it to attack that high school.

She expected them to come out in order to stop it, confirming that they did and getting the combat data, she smiled happily.

Tabane caused so much damage all just to get the data on a machine that can possibly rival that of hers.

As she continued to analyze the data, something caught her attention.

The Uchigane Nishiki's drone pilot had picked up some energy fluctuations from the Silverbacks during the fight.


Looking closely at it, she thought of the possibility that the Silverbacks can have similar functions to her ISes, in terms of growth.

Even though that could be a possibility, Tabane just thought that the power fluctuation as something that can affect the growth process.

With that thought out of her head, Tabane looked back at the 5 small holographic screens.

Out of the 5 that she has up, she's looking at 1 very carefully. The screen she's looking at contains Daniel Tezla's personal information.

With a slight smile on her face, she couldn't help but laugh a bit.

From the looks on her face, she seems to be very interested into him; like she wants to know everything about the Silverbacks through him.


She closed the 4 other small holographic screens, leaving Tezla's open.

"I hope that we will meet each other one day… Tez~la~san~"

Saying his name in a sing song manner, Tabane closed the small screen and continued to analyze the data she obtained through the Uchigane Nishiki.

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