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"O-o-o-ohh…" I groaned lying face first onto my bed for a short moment.

"Goddamn it…" I growled after turning over, face up.

"Fucking Mid-Terms, man…" Sideswipe comments as he begins sitting up right next to the table in the middle.

The location we're in right now is our room in the school's dormitory. In case you guys can't tell, Sideswipe and I are roommates. Our room is not anything special; it's just your basic room with a bunk bed on one side, a desk on the opposite side, a table in the middle of the room and a small refrigerator in between the desk and bunk bed.

We were recovering from the day's Mid-Term exams. About two weeks had passed since Magnus dropped us a little "visit" and giving us the encrypted disc that Ratchet's attempting to crack. While he's doing that, Mid-Terms have been on our minds.

"So, what are you going to do when this shit's done?" Sideswipe asks.

"Me? I'll just fucking rest." I replied in a growling tone.

"And you Sideswipe?" I asked back.

"I don't know. Maybe I'll hit the arcade in the mall with Ratchet and Scourge." Sideswipe answers back.

"There's this new arcade game they've just unveiled today. We're thinking of checking it out."

"Well, tomorrow's Saturday and the last day of these damn Mid-Terms. Not to mentioned being half day… alright, I'll join you guys if that's what you're implying." I said as I got off my bed.

"Hell yeah, let's go check it out tomorrow afternoon then." Sideswipe smiles.

After hearing that, I went towards the door.

"Where you going, man?" Sideswipe asks.

"I'm going to check on that damn disc." I replied, walking out of our dorm.

I then entered the hallway of the dormitory and it was relatively empty. Given the time of day, it's not all that surprising. I looked outside through the windows to see that the surrounding neighborhood's shrouded in darkness, aside from the street lights illuminating the street below as I walked down the hallway to Ratchet and Scourge's dorm.

Ratchet said that'll take a while to decrypt the disc we got from Magnus little less than 2 weeks ago. Now that I think about it, what we first heard on the disc in the school's computer lab had popped up in my head again.



Those two words, since hearing those words, I could never get them out of my head. And the man that's in the video, he looked somewhat familiar. But I can't quite make out on who it is.

Oh fuck, this is starting to get annoying. First Magnus drops us a "visit" then he gives us an encrypted disc, and now these goddamn Mid-Terms. Feels like that my brain's going to blow a circuit. Ugh!

I finally reached Ratchet and Scourge's dorm.

*Knock. Knock.*

The doorknob rotates a few seconds after I knocked, then it swings inward towards the dorm and on the other side reveals a teenage German boy with blonde, faded and slightly bushy hair.

"Hey." Ratchet greets me.

"How's the disc coming along?" I asked.

"Well, I wasn't kidding about it taking awhile to decrypt." Ratchet walks back into his dorm while I follow closely behind.

"Whatever's on this disc, the person who made it sure didn't want anyone else to see it." Ratchet said as he shows me the video.

But this time it had less video noise and static than when we saw it in the school's computer lab. Even though he got some the disc decrypted, it was still hard to make out exactly what's on it.

"But why was it sent to us?" I asked.

"The only way to find out is to crack this shit. If I keep this up, then I could have the whole thing done by tomorrow." Ratchet said.

"Just get it done, and be sure not to overdo it. We still have those goddamn Mid-Terms tomorrow." I advised Ratchet.

"Oh sure, and I'll be back in here sleeping my ass off when Mid-Terms are done." Ratchet responds back in a somewhat "cocky" tone.

"So, where's Scourge?" I noticed that he's not in here.

"He's out on his night time jog." Ratchet replies.

"He's out on a night time jog this late?" I asked.

"Yeah, but he should be back in a few minutes." Ratchet answers.

"That is if he doesn't get busted by the night watch." I replied in a somewhat cold tone as I began heading back towards my dorm.

"Oh, we'll know…" Ratchet said in a sarcastic tone.

"Just get the disc decrypted…" I respond back, closing the door behind me.

I made it back to my dorm. And upon entering the room, it was in complete darkness, with that I take that Sideswipe's already asleep in his bed, resting for what's going on tomorrow. When seeing this, I thought it's time for me to hit the sack and catch some Zs as well. So I then washed up in the bathroom, then climbed into my bed and swept myself off into dreamland.

12:20 PM, May 26 2021. Ishiyama High, Class 2-D. Odaiba, Japan.

*Ding, dong, dang, dong…*

As the bell rings, loud, collective sighs of relief are heard throughout the school building. It's not just my class, but all of the classes. Everybody's relieved that the Mid-Terms are now done.

I got up from my desk and walked out of the classroom soon after the bell rang, to meet up with my bros at the dorms.

As I was heading to the dorms, my mind was on that disc that Ratchet was decrypting last night. I don't know why, but I have a feeling that something big is going to happen once we know what's on that disc. That's what's been bothering me since Magnus gave it to us. Before I knew it, I was at the dorms. And standing at the front of it stood Sideswipe and Scourge, all changed in their street clothes comprised of cargo pants, sneakers and brand named T-Shirts. Both of them ready to go.

"Alright, where's Ratchet?" I asked while approaching them.

"He already went out ahead of us, and he also wanted me to tell you that he managed to crack the disc last night." Sideswipe answers.

"He practically stayed up all night to do it." Scourge added.

"Well okay, I'd like to check it out right now, but a lot of things happened so let's just blow some steam off by hitting the arcade." I walk passed them to change out of my school's uniform.

A few minutes later I walked out of the front door of the dorms, wearing similar clothing to Sideswipe and Scourge but I'm wearing cargo shorts instead.

I have a six pack of water bottles in hand, in case we get thirsty. And then we went our way to the arcade.

"So are we heading to the train station or what?" Scourge asked as we walked.

"Well, it is the fastest way to the mall." Sideswipe answers.

"Yeah, and one of the most crowded means of transportation. But what other choice do we have?" I jumped in with a firm tone.

"What's the shit about this new arcade game?" I asked.

"It's like an open space, motion sensing combat game." Scourge replies.

"You know that game consoles these days can pick up movements you make, right? But only if you have the console's controller." Sideswipe explains.

"I know." I respond in a calm tone.

"It's like that but on a new level. The area that you're in project's the games environment and you are not controlling the character in the game, you are the character in the game." Sideswipe continues explaining.

"It's virtual reality simulation from what I heard."

"Whoa Eddie, just hearing that is making me have some of these flashbacks." Scourge comments.

To be honest, I'm not all that surprised about that kind of gaming system. The reason for that is because I have a feeling that it's like the training simulators we used back in our days as mercenaries. For the rest of the trip towards the arcade, I remained quiet in thought while Sideswipe and Scourge continue to have their conversation. Not because of what the new arcade game is, but what's on the disc Ratchet finally decrypted last night.

12:40 PM. Fort Venus, Odaiba, Japan.

"Finally, there it is." Sideswipe sighs.

"Yeah, that train ride was a little… unpleasant." Scourge said.

We're now at the arcade where we're supposed to meet up with Ratchet. But there's no sign of him around.

"Where's Ratchet? He said that he'll be waiting for us just outside of the arcade's entrance." Sideswipe asked as he scanned the front area of the arcade.

"Maybe he's already inside. Come on." I began walking towards the arcade.

"And by the way, here." I toss a bottle of water to Sideswipe and Scourge.

"Thanks man, Japan's sure has been turning up the heat." Sideswipe opens the water bottle and begins drinking from it.

"Well summer is almost here." Scourge drinking his water.

As we entered the arcade, the place was practically crowded. I assume that it's the new arcade game they have that's drawing in this much people. But our main concern right now is Ratchet.

"Alright, before we check what the big deal is with this new arcade game, let's look for Ratchet." I began looking.

We began our search around the front area, right next to a row of racing game cabinets and worked our way back towards the back of the arcade.

"Scourge, have you tried contacting Ratchet's cell phone?" I asked while scanning the air hockey table section.

"I did, but he's not responding." Scourge answers as he looked at the section of fighting and shooting game cabinets.

"Sideswipe, any luck?" I continued looking.

"No, I got nothing, Hot Shot." Sideswipe looking towards the restaurant area of the arcade.

"Alright, let's check the other side. There's no way we'll find Ratchet in the back area with that kind of crowd back there." I walk towards the other side of the arcade.

"Damn shame we don't have any recon drones to check out the back area for us." Scourge mentions as we walked.

"Yeah, it'll make this a whole lot easier." Sideswipe added on.

"Scourge, try calling Ratchet's cell phone again." I suggested to Scourge as we approach a row of dance games.

"Alright…" Scourge takes out his phone and calls Ratchet.

After a short moment of listening…

"Damn it, he's still not picking up." Scourge frustratingly putting his phone away. Then he walks ahead of us, taking point.

"This is not like Ratchet. He always picks up." Scourge added on.

"That is unless he got himself in a fix." Sideswipe jumped in.

"Yeah, but still…" Scourge replies.

Just as we're about to move to another part of the arcade to continue our search…

"Hey, is that Clay?"

We hear a voice that sounds like Ratchet as we pass by a janitor's closet.

"Hey, Clay! Get me out of here, man! Can you hear me?"

*Bang. Bang.*

"I hear you, Brian." Scourge responds as we walk up to the closet door.

"Then get me the hell out of here!" Ratchet barks from the other side of the door.

Scourge then unlocks the closet door and opens it to release Ratchet.

"About time… what the hell took you guys so long?" Ratchet walks out of the closet annoyed.

"You're welcome." I toss him a bottle of water before asking.

"What the hell were you doing inside that janitor's closet?"

"I had a little "run-in" with a small group of IS Academy students while I was checking this place out. They were bitching on how I "accidentally" bumped into them when it's actually the other way around. Next thing I knew, they ganged up on me and stuffed me inside that closet. They were gonna do some punishment on me when they come back, man. Or whatever they planned on doing..." Ratchet explained.

"Shit, I'll show these IS bitches some punishment!" Scourge putting his fists up.

"Scourge, let it go. If we do anything to them, there will be dire consequences." Sideswipe advised to Scrouge.

Great, this better not be an indication of what the day's gonna be like.

"Come on, let's check out the new arcade game they have." I said so they can get their heads back on straight, the reason we're at the arcade today is so we can blow some steam off from the Mid Term exams.

Alright, we're now heading to the back parts of the arcade to see what's going on. Apparently, it's the new arcade game they have.

We fought our way through the crowd to get a better view of it. And just as Sideswipe said on our way here, it's a Virtual Reality simulation game. Just like what we used for our training and workout sessions when we were mercenaries.

From what we can see, it's a combat simulation game that can have up to 5 players in co-operative. As for player versus player, we're not really seeing it here.

"Damn, they're really tearing up the place." Sideswipe watches the 5 people that are in game.

"Yeah, but what exactly are they doing?" Scourge asked as he watches.

"Just by how things look, they're defending themselves from a horde of attacking enemies. Hold on." Ratchet explains as he pulls out a piece of paper from his pocket.

"There we go; the background story here is that a war is being waged against an evil dictator and if he wins, the whole world will be under his control." Ratchet summarizes from what's on the paper he's reading out loud.

"In this particular situation, the objective here is to defend a fort from a massive attack while the scientists inside are using it as a research lab and are working on activating a weapon that can turn the tide of the war." Ratchet finishes reading.

Just as Ratchet finishes up, there was this sudden uproar of sighs and groans coming from the crowd around us.

We took a look at what happened and we see the 4 players that are in the game lying on the floor, apparently 'dead' with the message on the wall surrounding the VR simulator saying 'Mission Failed'.

"That sucks." Sideswipe watches as the simulation resets for the next group of players.

"Damn straight it does. Looked like that they were near the end of the attack, too." I agreed with Sideswipe.

"Wait a second…" Ratchet takes a look at the 4 players getting up.

"What is it, Ratchet?" Scourge asks.

Ratchet took a closer look at the group of girls that were apparently the ones who were inside the simulator with a slight glare on his face.

"That's them! That's the group of IS Academy students that jumped me earlier." Ratchet points at the girls as they were walking out of the simulator.

"So that explains why they did so well. Take a look at that monitor." I pointed at a monitor displaying the scoreboard of the last simulator session.

Sideswipe, Ratchet and Scourged looked at the monitor above the area of the simulator.

"Are you seeing this shit? 325,000+ points?" Sideswipe getting shocked.

"Yeah, unfortunately the second highest is 100,000+ points, and that's with 5 players." I pointed out.

"So just now the bar has been set even higher. For 4 player co-op I mean." Scourge stating.

"Yeah, what else do you expect from these IS shits?" Ratchet asked in a rude tone.

"You guys want to give it a shot?" I asked.

They all looked at each other before turning to me.

"""Let's do this."""

"Alright, let's get on over there." I walked towards the entrance of the combat simulator with Sideswipe, Ratchet and Scourge following closely behind.

"Okay guys. You're all set on the VR gear." The arcade attendant spoke out.

"As long as you're wearing that, the simulator will pick up your every movement. And if you want to back out, all you have to do is just take the headband off and the simulator will take it that you've quit." The arcade attendant concludes the quick rundown on how the simulator works.

"Alright, all you guys have to do now is to choose your weapons. Once all four of you do so, just walk out that door." The attendant points his arm at the door that leads out in the combat simulator before leaving the armory.

Once he left, all four of us went to the weapon lockers and chose our 2 weapons of choice, a rifle and a shotgun. For rifles, we can choose between a full automatic machine gun and a semi automatic rifle. For the shotguns, there's the standard shotgun and the sawed-off shotgun.

We are actually equipped with 4 weapons; a semi automatic pistol, frag grenades, a rifle and a shotgun. In case if we run out of ammo on our rifles and shotguns, we can still use our side arm, since it has infinite ammo in the simulator. And not to mention that having a side arm and frag grenades is the default setting for it.

"So, what are you guys using?" I asked them.

"I'm using the semi automatic and the standard shotgun". Sideswipe answers.

"Machine gun and standard shotgun here, Hot Shot." Scourge adjusting his VR vest.

"I chose the machine gun as well and…" Ratchet said while reaching out for his shotgun of choice.

"The Sawed-off." Ratchet pulls the indicated shotgun off the rack and placing it on the back of his VR vest.

"What about you, Hot Shot?" Sideswipe asked adjusting his VR headband.

"Same as Scourge, man. I chose the machine gun and standard shotgun." I replied as I adjust my side arm.

With all of us ready, we all walked out of the armory and into the combat simulator.

Upon entering the area of the simulator, we see that there was nothing in the open space and the surrounding area is the rest of the video arcade, with the huge crowd waiting for the simulation to start.

A few seconds later, the arcade that surrounded the simulator slowly materializes into what looks like the outer court yard of a fort. And all of us are on the ground level.

"Ratchet, anything you want to let us know about this goes?" I turned to Ratchet.

"This is basically a combat survival simulation. There's only one round, lasting for about 7 minutes. We have to hold out for those 7 minutes. But it gets tougher as it goes on. When the 7 minutes are up, we have to kill off any remaining enemy. This simulation ends when all of us gets 'killed' or we survive the attack." Ratchet stated.

"Everybody, keep your defenses up, alright?" I said in a firm tone.


"This squad defends this court yard until I say so, got it?"

"""Got it!"""


The Fort's Alarm began to blare as the front gates of the fort had been breached, sending fiery debris everywhere.

"Contact, hostile forces had breach the front gate! All personnel on stand-to position, hold the outer court yard. We got a whole battalion in there!"

"Okay, this maybe a simulation, man. But you still got it?" Sideswipe asks as we take position behind some concrete barriers on the left side, near the back part of the outer court yard.

"I guess we'll find out huh?" I respond back about to take aim at the enemy forces entering the outer court yard.

When they got in range…

"Open fire!" I shouted.

Everybody began firing at the soldiers, some of them were taken out but some managed to take cover behind a wrecked Armored Personnel Carrier 10 meters in front of us. Others took cover behind a small shipment container that's near the front gates on the right side of the outer court yard.

"Somebody get a frag on that APC!" Sideswipe shouted.

Scourge pulls out a frag grenade and tosses it at the APC…


The grenade detonated sending bodies flying everywhere.

"Split up! We're an easy target when we're all bunched up like this!" I shouted.

"Sideswipe, you're with me. We'll watch the left side of the court yard. Ratchet, Scourge, you two watch the right side."

"Right." Sideswipe acknowledged.

Ratchet and Scourge soon began moving towards the right side of the court yard and soon took cover behind a metal barrier. Shortly after, they began engaging on the hostiles that took cover behind the shipment container.

Sideswipe and I moved to the wrecked APC to get in a better firing position. But as we're about to fire on the same hostiles to assist Ratchet and Scourge…

"Enemy reinforcements!" Sideswipe alerting us, and turning his machine gun and firing it at the front gate.

Just as Sideswipe began firing, they started firing at us.

"Watch it!" I yelled diving behind the APC as bullets volleyed on Sideswipe and me.

"Damn man, any closer and your ass would've been Swiss cheese." Sideswipe comments.

I got on the radio to get into contact with Ratchet and Scourge.

"Ratchet, Sideswipe and I are pinned down behind the APC. Can you and Scourge get a drop on them?"

"Sure, if we didn't have our own shit to deal with over here!" Ratchet answers sarcastically.

I got off the radio and turned my attention towards the soldiers that had us pinned down.

"Try to take some pop shots at them, man!" Sideswipe advices as he fires his shotgun.

I then took his advice and began shooting single shots with my shotgun every single time I popped out of cover to shoot. This is what we called "pop shots".

One by one, each soldier falls to the ground until every single one of them is dead.

"Alright, now let's get the drop on those fuckers by the container." I take aim towards the shipment container.

"Frag out!" Sideswipe throws a frag grenade at the container.

As the grenade landed near the container, one of the enemy soldiers picked it up and threw it back at me and Sideswipe.

"Shit!" Sideswipe yelled.

"Watch out!" I dove away from the APC, exposing myself.


As I got up, I was being fired uponed. I tried to dive back into cover behind the APC. I managed to dodge some of the shots but then I took a hit to left side of my chest, and I fell on the ground.

I struggled to get up and I managed to get behind the APC, I took a quick look at the area where I got hit, fortunately the round didn't penetrate the simulator's combat armor.

"Sideswipe!" I called out.

"I'm still here, Hot Shot." Sideswipe taking cover behind the concrete barrier.

I sighed a bit of relief. But then I regained my focused by taking a look around the APC. I noticed that some of the armor plating lying on the ground. Probably from the grenade that was thrown back at us.

Wait a second…

"Sideswipe, get a hold of the APC's armor plate." I said as I picked up an armor plate of my own.

I held the armor plate up as a makeshift shield in front of me and slowly moved out of cover towards flanking position on the shipment container. Upon seeing this, Sideswipe soon followed suit. We both have a shield in one hand, and our side arm in the other.

Just as we got close enough for our side arm to be in range…

"Smoke 'em!" I barked.

*PA! PA! PA! PA! *

*PA! PA! PA! PA! PA! PA!*

"Man that was pain in the ass…" Sideswipe dropping his armor plating.

"Yeah. You guys okay over there?" I began running towards Ratchet and Scourge with Sideswipe following.

"We're alive, fortunately." Ratchet answers in a slight annoying tone.

"Shit! Here come some more!" Scourge alerting us.

We all turned and aimed at the front gates and opened fire on any hostiles that came in.

Alright, 1 minute is left and that's it.

"Damn it! They just keep coming!" Sideswipe shouts out of anger as he continues firing his machine gun.

"Hold 'em off! Just hold 'em off!" I yelled firing at the soldiers trying to take cover behind the shipment container.

"They're everywhere!" Scourge shouts as he switches to his side arm, firing at an enemy in front of him.

We continued to hold our grounds as the firefight continues on.

As it came down to the last 30 seconds, the enemy forces began to make a retreat.

"We got 'em on the run!" I alerted everyone.

"Come on! Don't give them a second to breath!" I continued to fire my machine gun at the retreating soldiers.

Just as we're about to have this in the bag…

"Heads up! Mortars!" Sideswipe spotting two soldiers carrying a short range artillery launcher at the front gate.

"Don't let them fire a single round guys! Take out the mortar crew!" I turned my attention towards the mortar crew and began firing at them.

"Ratchet, on our right!" Scourge alerting Ratchet to see a group of 4 soldiers rushing on their position.

On reflex, Ratchet switched to his sawed-off, pulled the trigger as they got 1 meter in front of them…




"Shit, this is powerful!" Ratchet getting shocked at the sawed-off's capabilities.

"Yeah, quadruple kill, baby! One shot, four kills!" Scourge laughs.

Time is now up. All we have to do now is to take out the remaining enemy forces.

"Uh guys, there's still a mortar crew we need to take out!" I shouted through the radio.

The moment they turned their attention back towards the mortar crew…

A loud screeching sound is heard coming from the artillery launcher that faded out a bit.

"It's too late! We're so de-ea-a-a-a-ad!" Ratchet yelled.

But then the screeching became louder and louder.

*BOOM! *


The mortar rounds just missed us by 5 meters.

"Take out the fucking mortar crew goddamn it!" I shouted out while recovering from the disorientation from the mortar's impact.

"Hot Shot, where's Sideswipe?" Ratchet asked me through the radio. I took a look around and noticed that he's not around.

"He's over there guys!" Scourge points out behind the mortar crew.

Sideswipe was slowly approaching the mortar crew from behind. And when he was in striking distance…

He jumped on the back of one of the crewmember using his left arm to hold him up against his chest, pulling out his side arm out with his right hand, using him as a body shield.

The other two guys were still trying to figure out what's going on, but it's already too late. He shot a round to the remaining two guys in the head. And as for his body shield…

"We're done here!" Sideswipe tags a frag grenade on the back of the guys he used as a shield, and kicked him away from him.


After the grenade went off, the simulator played a track that gave off the sense of victory, and accomplishment. And a holographic panel popped up in front of us with the message…

"Mission Accomplished."

"Oh yeah!" Ratchet yells.

"Whoo-!" Scourge jeers.

The simulator de-materializes the virtual environment to reveal the arcade that surrounds it. Upon seeing the arcade, we are greeted with a huge uproar from the crowd that watched us giving a big round of applause. As they were doing so, Sideswipe, Ratchet and Scourge waved at them a bit while I turned around heading towards the door that lead out of the combat simulator and into the armory. But I gave them a hand gesture of 'later' on the way.

"Damn, even though that this is just a simulation, it sure had us going." Scourge putting the weapons he used away and taking his VR Gear off and into the designated area in the armory.

"Maybe it's because we haven't been in something like this for the past 6-7 months." Ratchet responds in a sarcastic tone taking his VR Gear off.

"Yeah, but did you see our score for 4 player co-op?" Sideswipe asks.

"Hell yeah! We hella beat those IS bitches." Scourge enthusiastically responds.

It turns out that coming here after the Mid-Term exams was a smart move after all. Unfortunately, we have something that needs attending to.

"Alright, are we done here? Come on guys, we got a disc to check out." I reminded them about the disc Magnus gave to us.

Once we finished putting away all the VR gear and weapons, we walked out of the armory that lead back into the arcade. But as soon as we got outside…

"Nice work, you guys!"

"Yeah, I thought the IS Academy students are the only ones that are going to go that far."

"Can you give us some hints and tips on how to beat this?"

I may be overstating this; but in just a little less than 20 minutes, we somewhat practically became celebrities here…

5:47 PM, May 26 2021. Ishiyama High Dorms, Odiaba, Japan.

"Finally, we're out of there." Sideswipe sighs in relief.

"Figures that we'd get a fanbase after that." Ratchet coldly said.

The sun was setting and it's close to getting dark out. We've been stuck at the arcade for most of the day. As my brothers continued their "bantering" of what happened today, we finally reached the school's dormitory.

"Alright, Ratchet. You said that you have the disc decrypted last night?" I asked Ratchet as we head upstairs to his and Scourges dorm.

"Yeah. And not only that, I managed to do the Mid-Term exams with practically no problems." Ratchet confidently replies.

"Well good for you, smartass." I replied in a firm tone.

We finally reached Ratchet and Scourge's dorm. Immediately after entering, Ratchet fired up his computer, inserted the disc Magnus gave to us into his computer.

"There we go. Finally got it." Ratchet plays the disc.

We all turned our attention towards the computer monitor.

The video showed the same man wearing a lab coat, looking at the camera the disc was recorded on. But even though the disc's been decrypted, there's still a bit of static and screen noise.

"Eric, if you get this message, if you're still alive, I need your help…" The man in the video said.

After hearing that, I felt a chill run down my spine.

"Oh shit… Hot Shot, is that who I think it is?" Sideswipe asking me.

"Yeah, I think so…" I replied looking at the man in video.

The man is wearing glasses and looks like that he's in his mid 40's and his for his physical build, I can't really judge from the video.

"…Please, listen. It's complicated and I don't have much time…"

"Who's that talking?" Ratchet looking kind of puzzled.

"Daniel Tezla…" Sideswipe answers while watching the video.

"He was Thunder Crash's head weapons and armor technician." I added.

"What? Wasn't he—" Ratchet getting even more puzzled.

"Leave it, Ratchet." Sideswipe cutting Ratchet off.

"…I've been working on a project to develop a combat armor that can match up to Infinite Stratos. It's Project Silverback. I would tell you more about it in this message, but it's something that I have to tell you in person."

"Project Silverback? And what does he mean by a 'match up' to the Infinite Stratos?" Sideswipe asks.

"No idea." I answered back before turning back my attention back to the computer monitor.

"If he's still alive, we have to find him." I whispered.

"Is there any way to tell when and where this was recorded?" I turned towards Ratchet.

"There's no date or location code." Ratchet trying to look more into the disc.

"I've been trying to contact you over these past months, but I was being held prisoner before Thunder Crash was attacked, but I manage to escape. Should you receive this Eric, meet me at Tokyo Tower on Saturday, June 16th at 11:00PM. And if possible, have your squad with you."

The video on the monitor then fades into black.

"There, that's it for the disc." Ratchet taking the disc out of his computer and putting it in its case.

After hearing the message, there was a moment of silence in the room as we're all thinking of what we just listened to.


"Uh… So now what?" Scourge breaking the silence.

"What else is there? We meet up with Tezla…" I answered back in a rough firm tone.

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