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7 Months Ago. Thunder Crash base, Training Room 4.

In this room, there's rubble, debris and dead bodies everywhere. This is the aftermath of a prolonged firefight. We're all in the center of the room, regrouping and waiting for further instructions from Shockwave.

"Nice job guys, by now the others must've escaped. Now it's our turn. If there's anything you guys need that's still here, get it and head straight for the escape—"


Another wall in the training room has been blasted through, just like the first one.


A piece of debris flew right at me, hitting me in the midsection of my combat armor, knocking me on my ass.

"Hot Shot, you okay? Hot Shot! Hot Shot!"

Sideswipe helps me up…

"Ugh… It's okay. I'm alright."

I got up and turned my attention towards where the explosion came from. And unfortunately, all of us figured what caused it.

"IS!" Scourge roared.

"Holy shit, she's back!" Ratchet aims his Saber at the IS.

"Keep that bitch away from the escape tunnels!" Shockwave barked.

The IS took hold of her sword and began her attack.

"Look out!" I dove out of the way. "Disperse! Disperse!"

Everybody was scattering all over the training room, avoiding the IS's attacks.

Ratchet began firing his Saber at the IS.

"Didn't that EMP field shut her down, Shockwave?"

"It can shut down electrical systems, but the one that was used can only slow down an IS. Watch out!"

The IS charged toward Ratchet and Shockwave, clenching her sword as she's about thrust it forward. When they dove out of the way…


Suddenly the IS was knocked out of her path, causing her to miss Ratchet and Shockwave.

"Get out there, guys!" Scourge reloads a Rocket Launcher.

Ratchet and Shockwave got up and began running towards the next training area.

The IS soon got back up and caught up to them, about to swing her sword downward at them.

"Awww, shit…." Ratchet looks back.

"You two are finished! Hyaa-a-a-a-a-aahhh!"

"Shockwave! Ratchet!"

"Huh?— Gu-agh!"


*Thud thud.*



Shockwave and Ratchet got up to see what hit them. As they regained their vision, Shockwave knew what happened.


He looked on in disbelief as one of his squad mates fell to the ground, sliced clean through from his left shoulder to his right hip.


Sideswipe jumped on the back of the IS and began punching her in the side of her head.


"Get off of me!" The IS grabbed hold of Sideswipe, plucked him off of her and threw him 7 meters onto a pile of debris.

Sideswipe's combat armor was all battered.

"Eeh hack hack!"

He was coughing out blood as he struggled to get back up. I rushed to him to get him back up.

"Come on, man. Fight through the pain!"

"Sideswipe, you okay?" Shockwave checks through the radio.

"I'm okay, just a little banged up, though. Gr-agh!" Sideswipe clenches his chest.

"Hot Shot, Sideswipe, get your asses out of there; we're heading straight for the escape tunnels."

"We would, but where's Scourge?" I scanned the training room.

"He's here with me and Ratchet in the next training room. He snuck by the IS while Sideswipe was on her back."

I cautiously looked around the training room to see the IS hovering around on the other side, looking for us.

"Come on, Sideswipe."

"Man, she is one nasty-ass IS…"

We're about to make our way towards Shockwave and the others, but the IS had other plans for us.

"Come on, let's dance…" readying her sword.

"Move, move!" We began bolting towards the other training room, with the IS charging at us as we go.

*PA! PA! PA!*

Sideswipe fires his sidearm to slow the IS down, but the shots just ricocheted off of her.

"So weak…" The IS was about swing her sword down at Sideswipe.


I turned around. "Shi-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-it!" I was about to push Sideswipe out of the way…

*BOOM!* *Dund Dund…*

The IS was suddenly knocked backed by a sudden explosion that went off in between us, also knocking both me and Sideswipe down at the same time.

"Boom, baby!"

""Ugh…"" As we got up, Ratchet's holding up a Rocket Launcher, standing just outside of the other training room.

"That was a little too close." Sideswipe remarks as we regrouped with everyone else.

"Sideswipe, how you holding up? That was one nasty throw you took." Shockwave checks in on Sideswipe.

"I think a few of my ribs are busted… Eh-hack!"

"Come on, easy does it now."

Shockwave picks up Sideswipe.

"Alright, if the JSDF wanted this base back so badly, they didn't have to dispatch an IS and slaughter our guys to say so." Shockwave looks out for the IS.

"Pop some smokes, and let's head for the escape tunnels." Shockwave leading us out of the training facilities and to the back parts of the base.




As smoke fills to up the training areas, we began making our way out of our former base. Then I began hearing a faint voice.

"Hot Shot, let's go. Hot Shot, Hot Shot…"

"Hot Shot. Hot Shot."

I woke up to some light jerks from a person sitting next to me, it was Sideswipe. I'm a bit pale and sweating, but I brushed it off and refocused on the matter at hand. I'm going to have to deal with this at another time.

June 16...

Two weeks had passed since we've listened to Tezla's message, and we're inside a train car that's slowly coming to a stop.

"We're here, Hot Shot." Sideswipe informs me as Ratchet and Scourge rise from their seats.

As the train came to a full stop, the doors opened and we walked outside into a city with massive skyscrapers, lighting up the night sky. This is mainland Minato, Tokyo, where the Tokyo Tower stands, and the place where we're heading to meet up with Daniel Tezla.

"Mmm-hmm, so this is mainland Minato, Tokyo, huh?" Scourge asks while he takes in the sights around him.

"Yeah, and apparently, the female locals here are not all that friendly."

Ratchet's observing a woman beating up a man while everyone else walks by as if nothing's happening.

"Ah hell, it's been like that ever since the IS was introduced." I replied.

Ratchet continues observing the beating. "The IS does give women 'higher priority', but beating a guy up out in public like this is really pushing it."

"Should we try to help him or something?" Sideswipe asks.

"I don't think so. If we interfere, then the cops will get involved or worse." I reluctantly replied as I spot the Tokyo Tower that's well lit and began walking towards it. "And besides, we got more important matters to deal with right now."

Ratchet then takes one last look at the beat down that's still going on. "Fucking Infinite Stratos…" He uttered as he began following me, with Scourge and Sideswipe closely behind.

"Alright, Sideswipe. Since you've been on the mainland a lot more than any of us, you're navigating." I note as we walked towards the Tokyo Tower. "Where do we go?"

"The fastest way to get to Tokyo Tower from where we are is through Shibakoen."

"Whoopee, we get to walkthrough the love park…" Ratchet remarks.

"Yeah, as if there's any love with the IS in the picture." Scourge looks around as we walked, recalling the beat down.

"Oh, we'll know for sure when we get there."

I looked at my cell phone to check the time, and it's currently 10:16 pm. "Sideswipe, how much time will it take to get to Tokyo Tower?"

"It should take about fifteen to twenty minutes if we take the Toei Oedo Subway Line, follow me." Sideswipe takes point. "Let's head to Daimon Station, we'll use the subway and get off at Akabanebashi Station, from there it's a walk through Shibakoen to Tokyo Tower."

With Sideswipe leading, we made a slight detour towards Daimon Station to take the subway to Tokyo Tower.

"Heh, it's really surprising on seeing how many teenage couples there are here." Scourge takes note.

"Hey, Ratchet, look- They seem to be going real well for each other." He chuckles a bit.

"Yeah, and within the next day, those girls will toss their 'boyfriends' out like last week's trash."

We're currently making our way through Shibakoen. From what I heard, this is an ideal spot for dates. Mainly because of the walkways that gives a great view of Tokyo Tower that's close by, especially at night time.

"Anybody got a bouquet of roses? And some boxes of gourmet chocolate?" Sideswipe jokingly asks as he spots a high school girl who's waiting for someone.

Ratchet switches his view from one couple to the next. "I can never see myself in a relationship, especially with the current hierarchy. Ugh!"

"Yeah, imagine scrounging things up all the time if you have a girl, just to keep her satisfied." Sideswipe continues to switch his view from one couple, to the next.

"Hey, I make intelligent use of free resources." Ratchet responds proudly. "That's how come we're still alive after being in Thunder Crash!"

As much as I want to add on to this conversation, I had to cut in to remind them why we're heading to Tokyo Tower. "Come on, we got an appointment with a weapons and armor technician."


For the rest of the way, we continued walking through Shibakoen in silence, ignoring the couples as we pass by.

10:50 PM, June 16 2021. Tokyo Tower, Main Observatory.

We finally made it. At this time, the business hours are close to being finished for the day, and there were not that many people up here. Just a small tourist family here and a group of guys, probably a few years older than us, admiring the well lit city that's below us.

"Alright, knowing Tezla, the only way to contact him is by radio comm." I began putting on the earpiece of my radio comm.

We then moved to an empty spot in the Main Observatory so we can avoid their attention. "Sheesh, that's a bit troublesome." I muttered as we check to make sure the side of the observatory we're on is all clear.

"Alright, looks like its all clear. Sideswipe…" I tapped my earpiece.

"Right…" Sideswipe places his index and middle fingers on his earpiece. "Tezla, come in. Tezla, come in!" He paces, waiting for a response as Ratchet and Scourge gets a view of night time Tokyo.

"Nothing, Hot Shot..." He sighed.

"At least keep the channel open, just in case."

"Eddie! Eddie, is that you?"

Sideswipe's eyes widened up.

"This is Daniel Tezla! Can you hear me?"

"Tezla! Yes, we hear you." Sideswipe responds.

"Ah, thank the Lord. Magnus found you. Can you see the surveillance camera?"

Sideswipe spots the closest surveillance camera and walks up to it.

"Yes, can you see us, Tezla?"

"Eddie! Oh, you've changed!" Tezla exclaimed. "Where's Eric? Did Eric make it?"

Sideswipe turned towards me as I walked towards the surveillance camera and looked at it, both of us feeling a bit 'anxious'.

"Tezla, I'm here. We've come to have that talk you wanted."


It's been almost a year since I've last talked to Tezla. And talking, let alone meeting, like this all of a sudden is making us both anxious.

"It's... good to see you again, Eric. Is Derrick with you? Wait, how did you get those scars?"

"Later, Tezla. Where are you?"

"I'm in the maintenance room on the Special Observatory. I need to tell you guys about 'Project Silverback' and how it can match up to the Infinite Stratos. But I don't think I have much time, Eric."

"We'll get up there ASAP, Tezla. Hang tight."

"No, I think I'm being tracked here. Mainly because of my knowledge of the Silverback Spark. It's one part of the whole key to 'Project Silverback'. It's the life force part of it."

Did he say 'life force'?

"You lost me at 'life force'."

"It's a very vital part of the project, Eric. It's a mechanism capable of self evolving, much similar to that of the IS Core."

"So it's like another version of the IS Core, basically."

"Yes, that's it exactly! When I was being held prisoner, my captors wanted me to reverse-engineer the Silverback Spark so it can infuse with an IS Core, allowing an IS to evolve faster, even without a pilot. But I couldn't risk that because there's a strong possibility that the IS itself will evolve to the point where it'll be a major threat to Humanity."

After hearing that, I finally began to understand how important this talk is going to be.

"Alright, Tezla, as much as I want to have this talk like this, we need to get to the Special Observatory so we can talk face to face like you wanted. Where do we go?"

"There should be an elevator that'll take you straight up here."

"Yeah, we've got a problem with that. The public elevators are down. Anyway we can bypass it?"

"There should be a maintenance elevator alongside them; I can operate it from here."

Ratchet and Scourge walked and made a hand gesture towards the door that appears to be for the maintenance elevator.

"Tezla, try opening it."

*Thud thud. Ee-e-e-e-e-e-e.*

"We're in." All of us walked in the elevator and began headed up to the Special Observatory.

As the elevator rises to the Special Observatory, anxiety still has a firm grip around me. To ease the grip, I reached into the right pocket of my cargo pants, feeling some metallic pieces that are in there. But yet, at the same time, memories from that night 7 months ago fill me up…

The elevator door slides open, revealing a circular room that's the Special Observatory. We walk out of the elevator into the observatory and Sideswipe whistles in awe at how high up we are above Tokyo.

I took a quick look around the observatory while Sideswipe, Ratchet and Scourge get a view of Tokyo from 250 Meters (825 Ft.) high.

"Alright, looks like we're the only ones up here." I then turned on my radio comm. "Tezla, we're here in the Special Observatory."

"Right, I can see you on the surveillance camera." Tezla responds as I began looking for the closest camera. "Is it just you and Eddie who are here?"

"We've got Brian (Ratchet) and Clay (Scourge) here, too. Practically the whole squad's here, Tezla." I spotted the closest camera.

"Ah, Brian, Magnus mentioned him."

"Tezla, are you still in the maintenance room?"

"Yes, Eric. I would come out and talk to you guys, but I think its best if we have it in the maintenance room, away from all the cameras." Tezla strongly advised.

I understand that Tezla's the type who doesn't want to let things get out, but damn. This 'Project Silverback' must be something for him to really be protective about.

Looking around the observatory again, I spotted a door that has a "Maintenance" plaque on it. Seeing this, I assumed that this is the room Tezla's in.

"Over here, guys." I called Sideswipe, Ratchet and Scourge. "Tezla, we're right outside of the room."

"Just hold on a bit…"

*Clack. Clack.*

The door swings open and we walk right into a fairly small room with electrical circuits on one side, and a small rack of surveillance monitors on the other. Scourge closes the door after we all got it. Sitting in front of the monitors and working on a console below is a dark brown short-haired man who looked mostly Canadian in his work uniform. Probably around in his mid 40's and his physical build, well… he looked pretty muscular for a guy in his mid 40's.

"Tezla, is that you?" I anxiously asked as he turned towards us.

"Eric… Eddie." Tezla spoke. "It's good to see you again. I thought I never would. Where's Derrick?"

"Oh…" I reach into my right pocket and pulled out a ball chain with metal pieces that are actually iTags (Thunder Crash's Dog tags) hanging from it.

"He's gone, Tezla. Derrick's gone…" I held the iTags in front for everyone to see. "He sacrificed himself to save us."

"…" The room filled with silence as I informed Tezla of my Big Bro's death on that night 7 months ago.

"Eric…" Tezla breaks the silence. "I'm… so sorry about Derrick. I wish I can bring him back."

"It's hard to know where to begin, Tezla." I put the iTags back in my pocket.

"Yes, yes it is. I always wondered what I'd say to you if I saw you again, but… we always run out of time."

"With our different duties back then, yeah." I remarked our days in Thunder Crash. "Now, what exactly is the shit about this 'Project Silverback' of yours, Tezla?"

Tezla suddenly had a serious look on his face. "Well… you do know that the Infinite Stratos is currently the world's super weapon."

"Yeah, and it's also what put women on the top of the hierarchy over men in society." Ratchet responds while Tezla continues.

"That too and if it wasn't for the Alaska Treaty, the military would've been obsolete." Tezla said in a thankful tone.

Yeah, but it didn't save Thunder Crash from being disbanded.

"But still…" Tezla continued on. "Even with the Alaska Treaty, there's no doubt that the Infinite Stratos can take out a country's military power with ease, let alone, multiple military powers. I don't know if you guys know this, but that's what happened ten years ago…"

"…" We all began thinking back of what happened around that time.

"The White Knight incident…" I uttered.

"Yes." Tezla responds. "The White Knight incident; a month after the first Infinite Stratos space exploration suit was scoffed at, a 'Mysterious' hacker hacked military missile bases and ships from all over the globe; launching 2,341 ballistic and cruise missiles towards Japan. The world's first and only IS was dispatched and it neutralized 1,221 of the missiles with its sword alone. While the others were shot down with energy based weapons—something no country on the planet had the tech of producing."

Sideswipe, Ratchet and Scourge listened with tensed looks on their faces as Tezla continued.

"The IS was later code named 'White Knight', hence the name of the incident. Its faceless pilot had no allegiance to any country and was targeted by many of the world's super powers, seeking to either destroy or capture it. But it was all for naught; the IS easily fended off its attackers by destroying 207 next gen fighter aircrafts, disabling 7 aircraft carriers and its naval escorts. Not to mention the addition of destroying 8 weaponized military spy satellites. And here's the rub;"

Tension slowly began to build up inside me as we all listened closely.

"not a single person was killed..."




While Scourge and Sideswipe eyes widen for a quick second out of shock from hearing that, Tezla continued on.

"This incident has displayed the IS's capabilities; from pulling off high-G maneuvers without being affected by gravity induced blackout or redout, to space flight. The White Knight IS was never seen again and its pilot's identity remains a secret to the general public, even to this day."

"But how does this relate to 'Project Silverback', Tezla?" Ratchet asked.

"Let me finish and I'll tell you." Tezla replied as he takes a sip from his thermos. "Four years after the White Knight incident, Tabane Shinonono unveiled the IS that we know today. And shortly after, the Alaska Treaty was enacted; which prevented the IS from being used in an arms conflict or war, and that all existing ISes were equally distributed around the globe to prevent one country from overpowering the others. But even with the treaty, there's going to be someone, or an organization, out there who'll go against it." Tezla concluded.

"Whoa, isn't the Infinite Stratos normally used as a form of sport? And how do we know for sure if someone's going against the Alaska Treaty? " Sideswipe asked.

"After Magnus witnessed the IS's capabilities first hand during the first Mondo Grosso, he thought about the possible issue of someone or an organization that'll actually abuse the IS of its capabilities. With that, Magnus turned to me and wanted me to develop something that could match up to, and if possible, stop the IS if done so."

"And that is…" Ratchet began assuming.

"Project Silverback..." I finished Ratchet's assumption.

"Exactly!" Tezla confirms our assumptions. "It's a project with the sole purpose of developing the Silverback combat armor. I've been working on it for the past 2-3 years. I was able to complete the combat armor itself, but that's just the armor alone. Wearing just the combat armor won't be able to contend with the Infinite Stratos. So there was another vital part of the project that I was working on in order to complete the Silverback. And that is, the Silverback Spark; the 'life-force' of the combat armor."

All of us looked at each other as we're taking in what Tezla's explaining to us.

"And it's just as you said, Eric. The Silverback Spark is like another version of the IS Core, being a self evolving mechanism, but only if it has a user for a prolonged period of time."

"Okay, but what happened to you 10 months ago, Tezla?" I asked.

"I was just getting to that, Eric." Tezla replied after taking another sip from his thermos. "Before the project was fully complete, I went out to get some parts that were need for Thunder Crash's weapons. And while I was out, one of my colleagues abducted me, which put the project on hold until Thunder Crash disbanded."

"Whoa wait, did you say 'abducted'?" I asked in a surprised tone.

"Yes, she was a spy or agent for an underground organization. They knew about my knowledge and expertise on machinery and weaponry through her, especially the Silverback Spark. That's why I was abducted, for my knowledge of the Silverback Spark, being another version of the IS Core. My captors forced me to reverse-engineer it so it can infuse with an IS Core, allowing an IS to evolve faster, even without a pilot. But I couldn't because the IS could evolve to the point to where it can be a threat to Humanity. So instead, I worked on improving their ISes. But behind their backs, I was also working on completing the Silverback Spark and keeping tabs with Magnus on what's going on."

"And who exactly was holding you captive and forced you to work on the ISes?" I asked with a serious look on my face.

"The organization that abducted me… was Phantom Task." Tezla reluctantly replied. "Apparently, Magnus could be right on one thing, there is an organization out there that's willing to go against the Alaska Treaty and abuse the IS of its capabilities. And there's another thing I must tell you; it's my fault that Thunder Crash was attacked, Eric." Tezla said in a disheartened tone.

"What are you talking about, Tezla?" I asked in puzzled tone. "It was the Japan-Self Defense Force that attacked us, and they had an IS to help them out."

"It wasn't the JSDF, Eric. It was Phantom Task; they disguised themselves as the JSDF." Tezla respond. "They found out that I completed the Silverback Spark, keeping tabs with Magnus behind their backs and the Silverback combat armor. They demanded me to reverse engineer the technology to improve the IS. I've constantly told them that it wouldn't be possible, but they wouldn't believe me because I didn't have the data and specs of the armor on hand to back it up, so then—"

"Wait, wait, wait—did I hear right?" Ratchet cuts in. "Thunder Crash Command knew the attack was coming? And none of you bothered to warn us?"

"No, it was just me." Tezla replied in a dispirit tone. "Even Magnus didn't know, not until a day after the attack. I had so many things going on… just too little time."

After listening on what Tezla went through, all the tension that built up suddenly melted away. "Tezla, stop this. Come on."

"Whoa. What else is there about 'Project Silverback'?" Ratchet cuts back in.

"You're a scientific guy." Tezla responds as he takes out a data disc from his pocket. "Look at this later, it'll tell you more about the Silverback combat armor and the Silverback Spark. I would explain it here, but I don't want things to accidentally slip out." Tezla hands the disc over to Ratchet. "And besides, you guys better get going. It's near closing time." He looked at the clock in the room.

It's currently 11:53 PM, and just as Tezla said; it is well close to Tokyo Tower's closing time.

"Right, Tezla. When do you want to meet up again?" I asked as Sideswipe, Ratchet and Scourge are walking out of the maintenance room.

"I'll contact one of you guys in probably a week or two." Tezla replied as he continues his work the console he was working on before we had our talk. "Oh and let me ask you one question, Eric."

"Hmm? Alright, shoot."

"Do you guys despise the current hierarchy with the Infinite Stratos in the picture?"

I face turned tensed after hearing it. "You know it. All of us can't stand it with women getting the better treatment while us guys are left out in the cold practically all the time." I replied in a cold tone.

"Earlier tonight, we saw a woman beating a guy down, and everyone else was just walked by as if nothing's happening. We would've help, but given the 'female favoritism', the cops would've interfered and we would've been the ones accused for the beat down, while the woman gets away with it."

Tezla chuckles as if he was expecting that kind of answer. "Eric, if there's one thing I have to say, it would be this; if the Silverback combat armor can match up to the Infinite Stratos, then you wouldn't have to worry about things like that."

"Oh, really?" I respond sounding a bit interested.

"Yeah, but you should get going. You don't want the cops on your asses if they see you out this late." Tezla advised.

"Right, we'll see you again soon, Tezla." I walked out of the maintenance room and met up with Sideswipe, Ratchet and Scourge who're waiting right by the maintenance elevator.

We're all back in the school dormitory, in Ratchet and Scourge's room. Ratchet was looking at the contents of the disc Tezla gave to him, and a holographic projection of an armored human figure pops up for us to see.

"There you go—the Silverback combat armor. No pictures, but plenty of data and specs. Knock yourselves out."

"It's a full body combat armor. How can a combat armor match up to something that's practically a mech?" Sideswipe notes.

Another image pops up next to the Silverback, this time it's a crystal/star shape.

"There, I think that's how. The Silverback Spark that Tezla was talking about earlier." I pointed out.

Ratchet continues his work. "He did say that it's the 'life-force' part of it." The holographic image of the Silverback Spark infuses with the combat armor. The armor 'lights up', as if awakening from a slumber and some sort of shielding begins to envelop around the armor.

"Wow, and he wasn't kidding. It's really the very core of the armor." Ratchet observes the holographic image in awe. "Hey, who would've thought that Magnus had a taste for the whole 'crazy-cyborg technology'? I almost admire that." Ratchet chuckles before turning back to his work.

"And apparently, Phantom Task attacked 7 months ago because they were looking for the armor."

So it really was Phantom Task who attacked us that night. What exactly are they after?

"Aright, we'll have to see Tezla again so we can get things all cleared up." I said before heading back to my dorm.

"Well, he really did give us a lot to look at." Scourge notes as he continues looking at the data disc.

"Yeah, he'll be contacting one of us within either a week or two." I reminded them.

Sideswipe and I walked back to our dorm while Ratchet continues to look at the disc and Scourge takes a shower.

9:03 AM, June 22 2021. Ishiyama High, Class 2-D. Odaiba, Japan.

The day started out as your typical school day as you're in high school. Everyone in the classroom was listening to the teacher about the day's plan.

"… Alright, we're having P.E. today, so everyone change and head down to the field." The Teacher instructed us before walking out of the room.

"""Right!""" Everybody in the room (except for me) responded.

As my classmates began changing into our P.E. Uniforms, I began thinking about what happened with our meeting with Tezla.

Phantom Task… the Infinite Stratos… and the Silverback combat armor…

Exactly how do these all connect? I do know that Phantom Task was the one who attacked us, mainly because they were looking for the Silverback combat armor, but still… What exactly are they after?

Damn, Tezla sure gave us a lot to think over.

And just I was about to start changing…

*Fr-r-r-r-r-r-r-r-r. *

The front door to the classroom slid open, all of us turned to see a teenage Spaniard boy wearing what appears to be combat armor and carrying some sort of duffle bag over his shoulder. My classmates did not recognize the guy in that armor, but I did; it's Sideswipe.

"What are you doing here?" I asked.

"Getting you out; here, it's your gear." He tossed a duffle bag and it landed right in front of me.

I opened the bag and the contents that I find in there are actually my combat gear that I used back in Thunder Crash. "You can get into a lot of trouble for walking around on campus wearing that." I closed up the bag.

"Not anymore, there's a slight change in plans for the next few days." Sideswipe shook his head sideways. "Come on, we better go."

"What about class man?" I picked up the duffle back. "We can't just leave in the middle of them."

"We got the approval of early leave today. So we have no classes for the rest of the day."

"Is that right?" I asked in sarcastic tone.

"It's time to get some payback, man."

Still dressed up in my school uniform, and duffle bag in hand, I walked up to Sideswipe.

"Shit!" I reluctantly flared my head up before walking out of the classroom with Sideswipe.

Author's Note:

Okay, if you didn't find the reference. It's the high school that Alpha Squad's attending. It's a referance to the anime Beelzebub, where it mainly sets in a high school called Ishiyama High School, a high school that's mainly comprised of juvenile deliquents.

And the guys of Alpha Squad were once delinquents themselves.

But in this story, Ishiyama High is an all-boys private school and the vast majority of students are your typical/average teenage guys.

Hope you guys liked how things are going and if you have any thoughts/feedbacks, feel free to write them as reviews. I'd really appreciate it if you guys would. Those are practically the main things that's making me continue with this Fic.

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