WARNING: In the following story, several Doctor Who figurines will come to life, meaning that there will be lots of different Doctors, Companions and other aliens around the place. This has the potential to get extremely confusing (though I will try to make it as easy to understand as possible). Most of you will probably be okay with confusing, as if you're reading this, you probably watch Doctor Who.

OTHER WARNING: This may contain spoilers!

Disclaimer: I don't own Doctor Who. I'm not that genius. Also, the idea of a real Doctor living in a parallel universe wasn't mine, just the idea of him coming here and other complications arising. So thank you very much to my friend who gave me the idea!

"So, where to next?" The Doctor asked upon entering the TARDIS.

"Maybe somewhere without the evil aliens and constant death threats?" suggested Rory.

"Haven't you realized Rory? This is the Doctor we're talking about. It doesn't matter where we go, there's always a chance that we'll get killed."

"Glad you're getting the hang of it, Pond!" The Doctor said cheerily while running around the console, pulling random levers and pressing a few buttons. "Let's see, how about..." The Doctor's sentence was cut off by a powerful jerk that sent the Doctor and both of his companions toppling over.

"Doctor? What was that?" Amy asked with a concerned look on her face.

The Doctor had already gotten up and run to the scanner, and began studying a whole lot of numbers and symbols which neither of the humans understood.

"No, no, no," The Doctor murmured, quickly typing on the keyboard and continuously checking the scanner. "This is not good, very not good, this is extremely very not good!" The Doctor ran around the console faster than before, if that were even possible. "Amy, pull that lever!" The Doctor instructed while continuously pressing buttons.

"Which lever?" Amy asked, looking at the large selection of levers in front of her.

"The zig-zag one with the yellow top," The Doctor told her as he threw himself under the console and began pressing buttons that Amy had never known to exist before now. "Rory, I need you to press the big mauve button to Amy's left."

Rory ran around Amy to press his hand on the large mauve button.

"Doctor? Would you like to tell us what's going on?"

The Doctor got up and ran back to the scanner. "Basically," the Doctor said, once again running around the console, "There is a thing doing a thing, which is causing the TARDIS to do a very bad thing, Amy – orange lever to your right."

"You could just admit that you don't know!" Amy cried as she pulled an orange lever and was thrown into Rory.

"I do know, well, I know some of it, and the some of it that I know is very, very bad. Rory, don't take your hand off of the big mauve button."

"That's not easy when the TARDIS is being thrown all over the place," Rory replied, as he stretched out in order to keep his hand on the button.

"Doctor? You were explaining?"

"No! I can't stop it! Hold on to something!" The Doctor yelled as the TARDIS began to make louder and louder noises.

"What can't you stop?" Amy yelled.

"HOLD ON!" was the only answer she received as the TARDIS began to move faster and faster through the vortex, before landing with a thud.

The whole TARDIS powered down, and everything went quiet.

"Doctor?" Amy asked.

The Doctor looked at his Scottish companion. "We are in lots of trouble." The Doctor stated.

"What's wrong?" Rory asked.

The Doctor moved to the TARDIS doors and slowly opened them, stepping outside.

Amy breathed a sigh of relief when she looked outside. "We're in London!" she said.

"Yes," said the Doctor, "But not your London."

"What?" Rory asked.

"Amy, Rory, we are in a parallel world."

"A what?"

"Oh, don't you two watch T.V.? It's sci-fi! There are worlds parallel to the one which you live in, they are almost the same, but with some major differences."

"Yeah?" Amy asked, "Like what?"

"Like people who live there but not in the other world," he said, painfully reminded of Rose, "And people who have different personalities to the other world, some worlds are slightly more advanced than others, and some have slight differences to the landmarks. Some things are much worse than others. Much more different. There are things in parallel worlds that we can't run into, or know about, which is why this is very not good. We can't have you two running into parallel Ponds."

"Like them?" Rory asked, staring at something above him. The Doctor and Amy turned to stare at what Rory had his concentration on.

There was a billboard above them, displaying a picture of the three of them, with the words Doctor Who, written above them. Underneath were the words, Saturdays on BBC One.

"Doctor," Amy said, "We are a T.V. show."

"Yes," the Doctor murmured, "We are."