I never got invested in Donna/Harvey because I never thought there was even a possibility for them to be together. But the finale gave me hope :) This is just a quick one-shot about that little pre-court moment between Donna and Harvey. I cannot figure out what the damn can opener is for to save my life, so I had to leave it out! :( Please enjoy and tell me what you think, this is my first story for these guys!

Donna stood at her desk, putting papers in an accordion file. She had seen Harvey leave for Jessica's office ten minutes ago, and she knew his court date was soon. She had never had reason to worry about this before, but what if Harvey couldn't forgive her? Even all those years ago, back at the D.A.'s office, she was never just his secretary. She was his closest friend. His confidante. Loyal and loving. And she needed to keep that relationship in her life. It made her happier than she'd ever been, just sitting at her desk everyday while he went around winning his cases like a pro. She'd always be there for him, and she knew he'd always be there for her. They were each other's rock, each other's safe place to land.

She didn't regret going to Jessica. Would she if she lost him? Maybe.

She heard someone move behind her and thought it might be Mike, coming to ask where Harvey was. Their court date was in 10 minutes, after all. But then the person sat down in her chair. Only one person could do that, and get away with it….

"I have court today."

"I heard," she replied curtly, keeping her emotions in check.

"I never go to court without us doing our thing first."

"You don't have time," she said, maybe a little too forcefully.

"I'm sorry."

She grinned, but didn't turn around. If he saw the smile on her face, the look of genuine happiness and delight, her poker face would never work on him again. She kept her voice neutral, maybe a bit arrogant, and asked, "For what?"

"Don't push it," Harvey said. She could hear him grinning. She turned around and he stood up. She wanted so desperately to throw her arms around him and apologize. For him to kiss her hair comfortingly like he did that one time five years ago when she went through a really horrible breakup. Instead, being the fabulous actress that she was, she settled for their pre-court ritual. But time was not on their side. She glanced at the clock on her computer and said, "You have five minutes. You have to go."

Harvey looked the slightest bit upset. "But we didn't do our thing!," he protested. Donna was heartbroken too, but she couldn't show it. She deliberated for a moment.

"Okay, we have three minutes, let's do it."

He grinned slyly and raised an eyebrow. "Here or my office?"

"Here is fine," she replied, her stomach doing a flip like it did whenever they did this little pre-court ritual.

"Ready? On three. One…. Two…."

"Wait! Let's go in your office," she said. He nodded.

"Grab the can opener."

She grabbed the cool, silver can opener from her top-right drawer and followed Harvey into his office, keeping her calm and collected poker face the whole time.

They emerged just 3 minutes later. Harvey was ready as he'd ever be, with his game face on. Donna stealthily took the can opener from him and held it behind her back. When she took it from him, her fingers brushed against his, and she tried not to make anything of it.

"You ready?," she whispered. Harvey saw Mike approaching and nodded. The two men headed off down the hall, bantering and trying to keep the nervous edge out of both their voices. Donna watched them go with a sense of pride. She also watched Harvey with a sense of longing.

I love you, she thought as he turned the corner. If only it weren't so damn complicated. But once you do something, you can never go back.