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Chapter 1

"But this is ridiculous!" Harry Potter exclaimed, tucked into one of Gringotts's meeting rooms, looking incredulously at the goblin attending to him .

"I am afraid, Mr. Potter, it is perfectly legal and magically intact. You must marry the youngest Snape, in this case Mr. Severus Snape, in order to retain your wealth and your magic." The goblin looked almost smug. How Harry disliked those types of goblins.

Harry sighed and rubbed his forehead. "May I take the contract with me?"

The goblin nodded and smiled its evil, far too toothy smile.

Harry rolled his eyes while striding out of the bank, wondering what the hell he was going to do.

Harry sent Snape a letter the two days later, after Hermione, the lawyer amongst them, had read the contract and they had all run circles around any possible way to get out of it. He attempted to sound polite and intelligent even though he knew Snape would probably burn the letter before reading it.


I would like to meet you about a matter of great importance. When would you be free?

-Harry Potter

Field Auror, Ministry of Magic

The reply was swift, without a greeting and without a signature.

For you Potter? Never.

Harry sighed. That stubborn bastard. He penned another note.


If you value your wealth and your magic, which will both be in jeopardy if we don't meet, I suggest you make time for me.


The reply was swift again.

Threatening me now Potter? I always knew you were no better than your father.

Harry swore and really wanted to blast one of the vases in Grimmauld Place into pieces. Instead, he donned his Auror red robes, grabbed his wand and the contract and Apparated to Spinner's End.

Harry knocked…well banged really...on Snape's door. Snape opened the door, glared at Harry and slammed the door shut in Harry's face. Harry sighed and knocked again, yelling, "I can make a scene out here Snape! Then the neighbors will wonder—"

Snape opened the door, grabbed Harry by the collar, and wrenched him inside. "You are insufferable Potter."

Harry sighed, "Yes yes, whatever. I wasn't threatening you, you greasy bastard." Harry pulled out the contract Gringott's had given him and shoved it under Snape's incredibly large nose, right there in the hallway. Snape glared at Harry and began to read the contract. Once he was finished he swore, "Fuck."

Harry sighed again, "Yes, yes. This is why I wanted to talk to you. We have to…get married…soon, by my 25th birthday, or we lose our magic and our money."

Snape scowled, "And there's no way around it? I've never heard of this contract." Snape led Harry into the sitting room, shocking Harry.

Harry nodded, "Hermione went through all the laws. It's far too old and magically sound to circumvent."

Snape looked at Harry, "And your father?"

Harry sighed, "Basically he shifted the responsibility from himself to me since I was born before he turned 25. Apparently all the Potters and Snapes for the last 500 years have done the same thing. "

Snape sighed and opened his mouth, "Potter, we will never be able to be a happily married couple…"

Harry shook his head, "I didn't even contemplate that actually Snape. I figured we could get married, and since there's no heir or consummation required, we could simply pretend… and I mean there's no fidelity requirement either…"

Snape looked at Harry and then looked at the contract. "We would have to cohabit."

Harry nodded, "Grimmauld Place is large enough that we wouldn't have to interact that much. You could move in there if you want? And, there's already a lab, and there's lots of room, and the library, and I mean I'm not home much because of work—"

Snape nodded and looked down at the contract. "Cease Potter. I am not usually this agreeable. However, in light of this contract…"

Harry snorted, "Look Snape, I just want to live my life. If having a piece of paper that states we're married allows that, and lets me keep my magic, then I'm fine with that sacrifice. It's not like I'm not used to it." Harry mumbled the last bit, but Snape caught it anyway and he furrowed his eyebrows a little.

Shrugging it off as unimportant, Snape glared at Harry before straightening a bit, "Potter, I am currently in a committed relationship and must speak to my lover before I let you know. I should tell you though that he will be moving in too if we were to go through with this."

Harry's eyebrows rose. Snape was gay?

Snape scowled, reading Harry's expression clearly, "If my being gay is going to bother you, you should realize you're marrying a man—"

Harry shook his head interrupting Snape, "I'd be a hypocrite if it bothered me." This time Snape's eyebrows rose. "Anyway, who is it?"

Snape looked at Harry calcultingnly before saying, "Draco Malfoy."

Harry almost fainted in surprise.

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